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May 14th 2008 10:47 pm
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We received one of those free Shutterfly photobooks, starring *ME* and my sister *Annie*. It is SO pawsome. What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. I hope that everyone gets one for themselves. You'll love it like we do.



Happy Mother's Day

May 10th 2008 6:37 pm
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In Celebration of Mother's Day

I love my mom because...
1. She loves me no matter what
2. She will always love me furever
3. She hugs me and kisses me every day
4. She has nursed me through many illnesses staying up all night and even sitting in the cage with me at the veterinary hospital
5. She always knows what I need and provides for me every day
6. She has always made me feel safe and protected
7. She takes me everywhere she can or has someone to care for me.
8. She makes all the pups in our family feel special in our own special way.
9. She tries to help new angels make the transition over the Rainbow Bridge.
10. She like to be there for all my dogster pals and their pawrents.

Thanks mom for loving me! Happy Mother's Day.



Spring is Sprung!!!

May 1st 2008 5:50 pm
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I never met a Spring I didn't like, but I don't know if I ever met a Sprung! Anyway,
it's SO pretty outside. The temperatures are perfect in the high 70s. We had a week in the 90s, and we thought we were gonna miss our lovely spring flowers. But nope!!! We get to walk on green grassy meadows and sniff all of the flowers!

I think California is called the Golden State because during the summer most of the hillsides turn a golden yellow color when they dry out. Dog day afternoons. But then it's time for swimming and more beach trips. So it's not so bad.

Right now, I think I'll take time to smell the roses....



Do you remember love?

April 30th 2008 7:56 pm
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Today has been a tough one with the loss of our dear friend Scarlet! This is a wonderful slide show of a love poem from a dog by James Jacobson. I'm sure many of you have seen it. It's a great reminder to cherish the moments we have with our families and each other. Take a few moments and watch it again.

much love,



April 14th 2008 8:46 pm
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I was tagged by my friend Sasha and Rocky. I guess I have to answer five questions with four answers, then tag four more furiends to do the same. Here I go...................

Four Jobs I have had in my life:

1. Chasing the squirrels wherever I go.
2. Big sister to Annie, Molly, Finnegan and Winston.
3. Perimeter guard
4. Mom's snuggler

Four places I have lived:

1. My Breeders House. in Ft. Myers, FL
2. My Breeders house in Daytona after she moved
3. My mom's house in Florida
4. My mom's house in California after SHE moved!

Four place I have been:

1. Portland, Oregon
2. Sedona, Arizona
3. New Orleans, LA
4.Morro Bay, CA

Four Favorite Foods:

1. Any treats
2. Carrots.
3. Fruit
4. Green beans

Four places I would rather be:

1. On a walk
2. Sleeping away from the boys
3. Sunning outside
4. Going to the beach

The four friends I'm tagging are:
1. Oscar
2. Thunder
3. Kaci
4. Miley


Nice weekend

April 13th 2008 11:04 pm
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The temperature has been in the high 80s all weekends. It feels like summer! We have to take our walks early which lets us get early sniffs in the neighborhood before everyone else stomps all over it. The squirrels and raccoons have been active. I love sniffing them! We get really long walks on the weekends too. Mom is way more patient then - BOL!!!

Mom went to a Dog Specialty show today. She spent a lot of time with some very well known mini schnauzer breeders. Dad got a lot of photos for them. One of mom's friends dogs won a Major in puppy class. They also watched the Giant Schnauzers. They said they were big and beautiful. There were also about a half dozen standards showing. Dad wants to buy a big ranch and get LOTS of dogs. Hmmpf...I think we have too many as is! Mom saw this one breeder we were going to get a female mini from last fall, but we ended up with Winston instead. I'm not sure which is better!!! Mom said she waited in line behind a rottweiler to get a hot dog for lunch - BOL!!! Dad should've gotten a photo of that. Of course they had to check out Molly's breed - shihtzus. Wierd little chinese princesses BOL!

Mom brought home some super homemade treats from the show. YUMMY. They come from a specialty bakery here in town. The owner helped mom choose the perfect low fat no wheat ones just for me!! And of course she brought some new toys home for my bratty brothers. But they chase each other with their toys instead of bothering me so that's ok.

The bad part of mom & dad going to the show is they saw all these beautiful well groomed schnauzers, so we all ended up getting baths tonight!!! But then we get lots of hugs, kisses and sniffs from mom & we get told how pretty we are and how good we smell. I guess it makes it alright.

I love weekends with mom & dad.



Every day is a celebration

March 29th 2008 7:19 pm
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From Bella's words of wisdom:

Dogs demonstrate that we don’t have to wait for a special day, the annual company retreat, or the occasional retirement party in order to celebrate. Dogs are ready every moment of their lives – in an instant – to throw a celebration. For a dog, no event in life is too small to celebrate. My dogs, for example, eat the same meal at approximately the same time every night. The way my dogs celebrate this impending meal would make one think that it was the greatest feast day of the year!
---from Lesson 17, Dogs Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate

Yeah - we're celebrating today because mom & dad came home after a week away visiting the new grandbaby. We're so happy to see them!



New Baby

March 15th 2008 8:03 pm
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Aaaarrrrroooooo!!! We have a new baby boy in the family. My human sister had a very cute little one yesterday. We think he's gorgeous of course. Everyone is doing ok. He's about 1/2 my weight - BOL!!!



Life changes and there you are!

March 13th 2008 9:39 pm
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Lots has changed since my last diary entry. On 3/9 we announced that we would once again be Schnauzers Rule admin. The other admin invited Mom to rejoin. She has been working less and increasing her amount of time on dogster, and my health was great. Lots of members were really supportive. I'm really happy to help again.

Then on 3/10 I had my 13th birthday. It started out a sunny warm day. Mom had big plans so that I would have a day that was all about me! We were going to the dog park, then to our favorite dog store for a new collar & treat and then to go get some food. While she was getting ready to walk us, I had this wierd episode where my legs went out from under me, my eyes were bouncing side to side and I was shaking. After being held for a couple of minutes it went away! Oh boy, now I had to go to the vet!!! So mom grabbed me and we were on our way. We stopped at the big church yard with trees, grasses, flowers and I walked around off leash like we always do there. Mom thought I looked ok although I wouldn't let her out of my view. We saw Dr. Arnold again, and even a neurologist. Everything was back to normal so they decided I didn't need to do anything differently other than go back if it reocurred. The differential for what I had was either a mini stroke, vestibular disease or worse something like a tumor. So the rest of my birthday turned to be low key with a short walk on my block!

Then the next morning, Dad found me shaking, unable to walk, my eyes bouncing back & forth again. I had gotten sick all over the house during the night. So back to the vet - sheesh! Dr. Arnold saw me again and wanted me to stay there all day so that could observe me for a while. Mom reluctantly left me but promised she'd be back right after work. We did get to visit with some of our favorite vets Dr. Kim & Farkus who took care of me before. When mom got back, Dr. Arnold said she wanted me to stay overnight because I wasn't any better and I wasn't eating or drinking. She said my symptoms pointed to vestibular disease (also called old dog's disease - can you believe that!!!) so that's how they were treating me. Mom crawled into my cage and held me for close to 4 hrs before she left. I saw a few tears in her eyes when I raised my head and tried to focus my eyes on her but I could barely hold my head & eyes still. She told me she'd be back tomorrow. Next day, Dr Arnold reported that I was better on medicine, I was eating and walking!!! So mom could pick me up in the afternoon.

So yesterday I came home. Whoopee!!! Mom took me out to the backyard with Finn, Winston & Molly. They were racing around and I was getting so dizzy!!! I was walking with my head tilted and stumbling toward one side. Finn kept bringing me a toy and dropping it for me to play with him. He watched me for a minute, then stuck his nose under my chin and walked next to me, trying to help me walk. He's a pretty good brother!!! After stumbling around the yard we got to eat dinner. Mom took me for a walk 3 houses away with me weaving all over the place, but I sure loved it.

Today I'm walking a little straighter, but still with the head tilt and stumble. I fell once but didn't get hurt since I'm pretty close to the ground. I got 2 walks today! I made it 4 houses down this morning and tonight all the way to the end & back!!! It's a struggle and takes a long time but mom is patient. I even walked up & down the 2 steps to our back yard but mom didn't like that because the others were rushing past me & I was practically falling! But mom, dad and I are all happy about my progress. Dr. Arnold is going to be happy! Now I'm resting on the couch next to mom, dictating my story. I can't really focus on the computer screen so she's helping me out.

My pals on Schnauzers Rule have been really awesome! I got lots of pmails, rosettes, special gifts and candles. They are the best friends. I can't wait to get back & play with all of them.

What a week it's been!!! Must be due to daylight savings time - we lost an hour and my world turned upside down. Well, tomorrow is another day.



Looking back

March 6th 2008 11:53 am
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I'll be 13 years old this next week. That's a long time in dog years!!! It's been a good life. I'll have to start my autobiography one of these days, although those that matter have me in their hearts furever. Instead, I think I'll just look back on and reminisce about life so far.

My early life, I lived with a wonderful show breeder in Florida, Virginia Rice of Liebestraum's kennel. She was one of the kindest, warmest people mom ever met in the show dog world. Not only did she have amazing dogs, she truly loved every one of her pups, and was always there for every one of their owners. Mom used to love to watch Ginny giggle as she watched the pups play. Mom & Ginny shared a spiritual bond. We were really sorry we couldn't see her anymore after we left Florida. Ginny crossed the Rainbow Bridge about a year after we moved. We still miss her.

I used to live in a great place in Florida, on a golf course. So there was a lot of open land to chase the birds that would land on the water behind our house. We had a solarium on the back of our house, so I could watch them all of the time. Our neighbors were really nice. Everyone had dogs so I had a lot of friends. We really liked playing in Starbuck's back yard, and chasing Habba's cat! It was a great place to grow up. Also we had some great human friends.

My sister Annie came to live with me about 3 months after I moved in with mom. At first I beat her up a lot showing her who was boss. I wasn't happy that I had to share attention. But after a week, we were the best of friends. We were inseparable. Wherever I went, Annie would follow. Wherever Annie went, I was right next to here. We went to day care for a while together. I always watched out for her because she was a little shy. But we both learned quickly that the best person to play with was the staff!!! They hugged you, scratched just the right spot on your neck, and slipped you extra treats.

Mom moved to a condo eventually to be closer to her work. We had our best friends Barbara & Lexie right next door. There were a lot of other pups in the condos too, and great parks surrounding us. We had fun every day going for walks.

We traveled everywhere with mom. We really liked running on the beach & hiking in the woods and canoeing on lakes!!! The only time we didn't go was when she'd fly back to California to see her family. Eventually mom decided to move back to California to be with her family. And that started another new adventure.

We drove from Florida to California and made lots of visits along the way. We stayed in hotels where mom would get 2 double beds, and Annie & I would get our own!!! When we got to California we moved to a house with a fenced in back yard. That was the first time we ever had that, and could chase squirrels. We LOVED it. We ran, we chased, we barked, we basked in the sun. We met lots and lots of family and were adored by everyone. We like this family!!!

Then mom met dad and they got married. We moved to dad's house which was twice the size of our old house. We have many more squirrels to chase!!! We lived with Boomer, a golden retriever and Molly, a shih tzu. We had so much fun with them. We also started taking family vacations at the beach. We'd get a big house to explore, bring all our beds and some toys so we'd be comfortable, and we'd get to run on the beach during the day. Recently, we found a great place where we'll go back again and again where the owner has 2 schnauzers, so we can play with them!

Over the last few years both Boomer and Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was a sad time for our family. I really miss Annie, and so does mom. But we were there for each other and still are! At least Ginny is taking care of Annie again!

Mom joined dogster some time after that and has had a lot of friends. She's found a lot of friends who helped her with her grieving. And she found some friends that have stuff in common with her because of schnauzers or shih tzus or just loving dogs. I was very very sick a few times recently, but mom's friends helped her through it, and lots of pups were praying for me.

Now we've added 2 new schnauzers to the family. They're pretty rambunctious boys who take a lot of mom's attention. But they're alright. And mom still says I'm her #1 and gives me extra attention.

So what have I learned so far???

Love is as important as the air we breathe.
Moms are a pups best friend. They love you when you're naughty or nice and take care of you when you're sick or well.
Family is the treasure we all get for free in life.
Treat your friends well because life changes and we need each other to get through it.
Bad people don't deserve the unlimited love of a pet.
Squirrels are good to chase, cats too if mom doesn't see you.
Beaches can restore your health and spirits.
Treats are essential for a happy pup.
Clothes are something that I don't like wearing!
Brothers can be a pain but they look out for you.
Play is life!
Happy moments don't seem to run out.
The power of the paw is awesome.
Life is good.

So to all you pups and people who have contributed to my well being, thank you. Hope to hear from you on my birthday. My birthday wish to you is that you live a long and as happy a life like I have.


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