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Happy Birthday Georgie

March 10th 2014 11:38 am
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Happy Birthday to you! You would've been 19 years old today, wouldn't that have been something! I had you up until about 2 months until your 15th, and you never lost your spirit. You were such a treasure and I'm thankful you shared your life with me.

Hope there is lots of cake & ice cream at your party! Give your sisters & boomer some hugs from me. Still missing you!

You are my heart, Georgie!

love mom


Quotes from my diary about our Dogster experiences.

January 18th 2014 3:32 am
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Mom has been reviewing my diary today, and wanted to share a few things we learned along the way.

After the unexpected loss of a pup friend: "It's overwhelming although these are people & dogs I have never met, but have dealt with so often through dogster. When I can step back from the pain, it's amazing to look at what has just occurred. We've created a network of love & support & strength across the world around a little pup. We're all helping each other through this. I'm sure there are not a lot of us who have ever personally met, but we feel as if we have a huge group of friends out there. This is a very powerful lesson."

Mom's thoughts on why she participates in some of the pups helping pups groups: "Mom feels that dogster gives her & us a lot. She feels a sense of community in learning to care for us, and feels it's our responsibility to give back to that community. She's not a know-it-all, just wants to help & learn. So she's got me working through what are supposed to be my "retirement" years. But she still lets us have fun in groups too!!! My favorite thing of course.... So I don't mind, if we can help 1 other pup or family, we're happy to do it!!!!"

About our friends in Schnauzer's Rule: "No matter what, we are always here for each other. To celebrate accomplishments & milestones, to welcome our new pups, to problem solve issues, to share a laugh, to support one another through illness, to grieve when one of us crosses the rainbow bridge. I've never "met" a better group of pups & parents! No competition, no judgment. Just here. Thank you to everyone!"

After Milly, the Schnauzer's Rule founder, crossed the Rainbow Bridge: "Dogster and Schnauzers Rule has brought a sense of community into our lives. We experience births and deaths, joy and pain, happiness and fear, laughter and tears. We share much with other parents about how to raise our dogs, how to care for them, how to keep them healthy. We share our triumphs, our mistakes. It's such a microcosm of the rest of our world. But there is something a little different about this place. These people are really nice people. Everyone that's here is a bit dog crazy & sees life from a positive perspective. At least that's our experience. We love giving what we can to others, and feel that it's returned 10 times more. We are blessed. We are thankful."

After being chosen diary of the day: "We love dogster for the community it provides, the opportunity to meet and to share with others. Today exemplified that - everyone was so generous with messages, gifts and invitations to become friends. I met some great pups today, and some of my old friends came out to say hi even though they haven't been around much, and of course my daily yappy pals! It just goes to show that we continue to be here for each other in good times, hard times and fun times. Thank you dogster for providing this place for all of us to be together! And thank you to all my furiends! You're the best!"

Thank you Dogster! It's been a great experience!



An end of an era!

January 18th 2014 1:55 am
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Mom says that pretty soon our profiles are going away, including photos & diaries. And there will be no more groups. She is sad about it because there was a time she was on Dogster every day! Life has changed so much for & on Dogster, and for our family.

Mom started on Dogster right after Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006. We joined Schnauzers Rule and met lots of other schnauzers from all over the world. They even accepted our shih tzu sister Molly as an honorary schnauzer. We made so many friends! We helped the group's founder Milly, and she made us admin. We had a lot of fun doing that and bringing lots of other schnauzers together with news, games, events, parties, and every day stories. All of the schnauzers had boyfriends and girlfriends even BOL! We all helped each others parents with the ups and downs of life.

Annie became an admin in Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies. It really helped mom to cope with loss. Over the years since then, our family lost our human brother & uncle, our sister Molly, our cats Tigger, Socks & Prissy, and finally me. RBAB continued to be our place to grieve.

Schnauzers Rule remained our place to live! Our family expanded to include 2 more schnauzers, Finnegan & Winston, and 2 more shih tzus NeeNee & Lily. And 2 human grandsons! As we continued through training, illnesses, moving from urban California to rural Oregon, we still had all of our friends to share the experiences. Mom has even met several other dogster moms, and we even got NeeNee from one of their rescues! But many parents started not visiting Dogster as often. Even mom needed a break due to so much loss and change. So some of the parents found each other on Facebook and share more human life experiences now.

If there is anything we have all learned from our dogs and our shared experiences through dogster, is to STAY IN THE MOMENT, SHARE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and HAVE FUN! So although it is sad to see something end that held such a big place in our lives and hearts, we will go forward and continue to be present, to have fun, and share our love unconditionally!

Thank you to those who worked so hard at keeping a unique community open to us for so many years. We all really appreciate it. There was nothing like it, and we doubt there will again!

Thank you to our friends & parents for being there for us through all life's experience. We love you and hope that if there are some we don't get to see again, that life is still full of love and fun for you! Grieve, keep what is important in your heart and be present wherever you may be.

Love & hugs,


Thank you for remembering my Rainbow Bridge Day and for a- Diary Pick!

January 4th 2014 9:57 pm
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Wow, I am so happy that so many remembered my Rainbow Bridge Day! Thank you for all of the presents, p-mails and my beautiful picture from Forrest. When I became a diary pick, everyone could read the wonderful message I received from Crystal.

Mom & I feel loved.

T H A N K Y O U to my friends. Much love to you all.

Georgie & mom


On My Rainbow Bridge Day

December 31st 2013 12:52 am
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I received this nice remembrance from Crystal! Thank you so much. And thank you to my friends who also remembered my rainbow bridge day.

I Am Your Angel

Now that I'm in the other world
where souls find a resting place
among the rainbow colored waterfalls
I will be your guardian angel
your sweet angel watching over you.

I will dry your tears
and hold you in a tight embrace
and your heart will remember
I am only a tender breath away.

You can call me when your heart is breaking
you can call me when you want to feel my love
you can call me and I'll be by your side
even if I am now I'm dancing in the Light of God.

I may seem to be gone
but I am still with you
while we fulfill God's higher plan
I am a tender breath away
always loving you…

Thank you! And I will always remember what mom always used to say to me "Georgie, you are my heart".

xxooxx Georgie


Thank you for the birthday greetings and presents!!!

March 10th 2013 11:36 pm
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It is so wonderful to be remembered by new & old friends on my birthday!!! And how about the cool photo that Cooper made for me. Thank you everyone for the warm heartfelt greetings and presents. It is very appreciated by me and mom.



Happy Birthday Georgie!!!

March 10th 2013 1:33 am
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Happy Birthday to my special angel Georgie. You would've been 18 today. Wow, wouldn't that have been something. But the quality of our life together was what mattered. We had you up to age 14 and they were wonderful years!

Hey, have you been teaching Winston about seagull poop??? BOL!!! He seems to have discovered it and he loves walking on the boardwalk just like you did. I guess you do give some of your secrets to your brothers and sisters.

We miss you every day, and me most of all. You are my heart Georgie Girl and will always be with me. Have a great party today and eat all of the things I wouldn't let you have!

Happy Birthday & love,


Diary Pick Yesterday!

January 3rd 2013 2:11 am
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Thank you Dogster for making me a diary pick yesterday!!!



Three Years at the Rainbow Bridge on 12/30!!!

December 29th 2012 4:53 pm
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I can't believe tomorrow on 12/30 that it's been three years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge!.. You are my heart Georgie, even now that you are an angel. My heart is filled with lots of love for all of your sisters and brothers, and our family, but you still hold a special place in it. I can look up at the clouds and see you often, occasionally I can hear a sound only you would make, and sometimes, I swear that you are jumping on me just to let me know you're here. Whether it's just me wishing for it, or it's real, I know you're always with me. Just like when you were still here, you were always with me.

Thank you for looking out for your brothers and sisters, they sure need it. I still say "if Georgie was here she sure would teach you about that". You were so good about teaching the others about appropriate behaviors. I sure miss your help. But I just use the lessons I learned from you. Finnegan, Winston & NeeNee remember some of your lessons. I sure could use you with Lily BOL!

We had a special time together in our lives, and I'll never forget it! I learned so much from it, and I carry it forward in my life as well as the lives of your fur siblings. Thank you for the unconditional love, little one. You ARE my heart, and always will be.

Give some kisses to all our other angels - Annie, Molly, Boomer, Socks, Tigger & Prissy. Go easy on the kitties! You always did like to chase them.

Love you,
mom xxooxx


What a Happy Thanksgiving ~ I'm Dogster's Dog of the Day!!!

November 22nd 2012 1:13 am
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This list is from one of my earlier diary entries. I wanted to share some of my life lessons with all my younger pup pals. Since I lived 14 years, I've learned a few things that might help them to have a good life! These beliefs have been instrumental to me in living with humor, grace, compassion, and love.


Love is as important as the air we breathe.

Moms are a pup's best friend. They love you when you're naughty or nice and take care of you when you're sick or well.

Family is the treasure we all get for free in life.

Treat your friends well because life changes and we need each other to get through it.

Bad people don't deserve the unlimited love of a pet.

Squirrels are good to chase, cats too if mom doesn't see you.

Beaches can restore your health and spirits.

Treats are essential for a happy pup.

Clothes are something that I don't like wearing!

Brothers can be a pain but they look out for you.

Play is life!

Happy moments don't seem to run out.

The power of the paw is awesome.

Life is good.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks for the love & care you share with your family and friends!

love Georgie

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