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I'm healthy!

June 20th 2008 1:59 am
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I went to see Dr. Porte today! When I came in, everyone was worried that I was sick, but mom got to say nope, just here for her checkup. Everyone was so excited to see me, I got lots of hugs and I gave lots of kisses. Now I don't give kisses to anyone, but these people have saved me life, afterall! I even gave Dr. Porte one on the face ~ and those are reserved for mom only. She was really proud of me.

It took a long time to go through my chart just to find out what was due - BOL! It was time for my annual blood tests and a rabies shot - yuck. We talked about not doing the shot because of the studies that say immunity probably lasts up to 7 years. But we have lots of raccoons, skunks and squirrels in our yard and decided this will be my last one, and we're not going to do any of the others. I was good and mom gave me 2 treats while I was there. Dr. Porte said I'm doing really well and to keep doing what I'm doing. Don't change a thing! I was hoping he'd say to give me more treats, but alas he didn't. He said my weight and nutritional status look good, I'm getting plenty of exercise, I'm alert, maybe my vision is a little fuzzy but I can still find those squirrels so I'm not worried. So far so good! Not bad for an old gal.



I love a parade!

June 23rd 2008 9:37 am
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I keep hearing mom & dad talk about vacation. Two people came over yesterday and mom was telling them how to take care of us - uh oh I don't like the sound of that! They aren't Elizabeth our usual housesitter so I don't know what to think. But mom told me not to tell the rest of the pack yet, but I'm going on vacation with her & dad. We're going to visit my uncle in Oregon. She said we have a room on the ocean and we'll go for walks every day! How divine ~ I don't have to be part of a pack! Except when I go to my uncle & aunt's house who have 2 big dogs and 5 cats!!! But we have our own place to stay so I'm not with them all of the time. I love getting all of the attention. Dad is going to tow his motorcycle behind the car, and he & my uncle are going to go riding. So that means lots of beach time with mom!

And one of the coolest things that is happening is that Dad & Uncle will ride their motorcycles in the 4th of July parade ~ and I get to ride in it too!!! Mom, don't forget to pack my doggles. Woo hoo, this sounds like fun.



Off on vacation - a PINK one!

June 28th 2008 8:00 am
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Well Mom & Dad are all packed up. We're ready to start our vacation. Yesterday Mom took me to my favorite store and bought me a new halter to wear in the car. It's PINK!!! I've never worn pink stuff, I'm not so much a girly girl. But everyone kept telling me how adorable I looked, so I think I like it now. They didn't have any pink collars, so we then went to Petsmart and I now have a PINK collar. I can't believe it. But I do look cute. So, as we ride into the sunset, you will see a pink glow emitting from our car - that's ME!



Finally out of smoke!

June 29th 2008 5:00 pm
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We finally made it to Oregon last night. Just dad, mom & me!!! It's fun to get all of the attention again just like when I was the ONLY pup in the family. I do love my family but it's still nice to occasionally get some one on one time with the pawrents!

Northern California still had many, many fires burning yesterday. We did not see a blue sky that wasn't smoke filled until we crossed the Oregon border!!! I feel so sorry for all the pups and people affected by this. I know it hasn't been fun breathing smoke for a week but at least our town is intact. I'm saying a prayer tonight for all the people affected by the fires.

We're staying at the ocean in Oregon. The air is SO good. Mom & dad are still coughing, but with each breath we're energized. We have a great view of the ocean too! I love going for walks and smelling all the new smells. And last night I slept in the bed with mom & dad - something I never do at home! It was pretty special to cuddle. Just don't tell those brothers of mine I have such a soft side!

Today we went to my uncle's house, and I met my 2 fur cousins Sparky & Annie. They are BIG dogs but very friendly & playful. After we did the obligatory sniffs, they chased each other around and I ran around the yard. We all took a nap while the people did their talking, then we went outside to play and walk in the neighborhood. It was really fun. One thing everyone hid from me, is that there are also 5 cats in that house!!! FIVE!!! Woo hoo, I can't wait to chase them all....oh mom says don't bother, they all outweigh me. Yeah they may outweigh me but I'm smarter than all of them I bet. I'll manage to get a chase in before the week is over.

Right now is dinner time, then I get another walk. We're going to walk along the harbor and look at all of the boats & seagulls. How fun!!!

We heard that Winston & Finnegan are holding the new housesitter hostage with their soccer ball - BOL!!! Molly of course is being sweet and gets lots of loving that way - she's a smart one! So I don't think they're missing us too much right now.

Well, dinner time!



Beach time

July 1st 2008 3:25 pm
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Today started great like every day with a long walk along the water front. It's crisp and clear today although it's in the 60s. I love this cooler weather, especially with the clean air. After mom & dad came back from breakfast, mom & I took the car up to uncle's house and dad took his motorcycle with sidecar. He's going riding today with my uncle. My aunt is hanging an art show. She's an artist and teaches classes too. So mom & dad will be spending some time in the art galleries. I prefer the smell of the sea and the interesting scents left by who knows! Leaving my mark behind is my art.

Mom & I went to the beach today. I ran and ran and ran...something I seem to do only at the beach. I ran up to greet other dogs and people. Everyone was so nice to me. I chased more seagulls and sniffed the stinky seaweed. It was heaven. Mom had her digital and video cameras today ~ you would've thought I was a movie start the way she kept filming and shooting! But she says it is a very important memory that she will keep furever. She only has 1 video of my sister Annie who is an angel now, and she wishes she had more. She thinks everyone needs to take lots of photos and videos of their pups!

Anyway, I had a ball at the beach. When we got back to the car, hawks were circling overhead so mom picked me up the last few feet...just in case. And then mom gave me a treat and a big blackbird tried to take it away. So I had to get in the back of our car to finish it!!!

Then mom did a surprising thing...we went to uncle's and I had a BATH!!! I don't like baths but I get a lot of hugs & kisses afterwards so I guess it balances out. Then after saying goodbye to my furcousins, mom took me to a doggie boutique!!! I got some special treats, and something special that I'll wear in the 4th of July parade!!! And of course mom bought some toys for Finn, Winston and Molly ~ just don't tell them.

Now I'm resting. I am 13 and need to rest up for my evening meal and walk. This is the life!!!



Art is in the eye of the beholder...

July 2nd 2008 5:10 pm
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Today I went to my first art gallery. My aunt Susan was finishing up hanging a show. It was a "mail art" show where artists mail things in from all over the world. There was stuff from Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Belarus, and lots of other places. In my house there are usually "male farts" from those stinky brothers! This is certainly a step up in the right direction ~ befitting the princess I am! Mom has certainly treated me like a princess on this trip. There is a chihuahua at the gallery named Bunny. Mom wouldn't let me near him because he always wants to get to know you, in the biblical sense, if you know what I mean. My goodness!

Then we took a long walk and ended up at my aunt and uncle's house. I hung out with my furcousins Sparky & Annie. It's kind of confusing to me when mom calls Annie. That's my angel sister's name and I always look at mom when she says her name. The rest of the day I rested while mom read. She said I need to rest these old bones since we've been very active on this trip.

Time for dinner & my nighttime walk! See ya. We may go to the beach again tomorrow!



Beach Day

July 3rd 2008 9:18 pm
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Today was another beach day. What can I say ~ heavenly! Lots of rest this afternoon. Tonight I had a walk through town with mom, my aunt & her best friend. It's nice to be one of the girls.



4th of July

July 5th 2008 11:13 pm
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We sure had fun on the 4th of July. Mom had a red, white & blue collar with stars on it for me to wear. I had to try on the doggles but I didn't like them! They were only on long enough to take a photo! We went to the parade in dad's motorcycle. Mom & I rode in the sidecar. Uncle rode his too! And Aunt & her best friend came too. There was a group of dogs in the parade from the local Kennel Club. There is a dog show this weekend so they were walking for the show. That was so cool to see all the different breeds. They noticed me in the motorcycle too.

After the parade we went to a picnic. There were lots of other dogs there, some of them show dogs and lots of pets. We all had so much fun. I even got a bite of mom's hamburger. People I didn't know were taking photos of me. Some asked mom if I was a show dog!!! I also saw some of the people I met at the beach ~ they recognized me and remembered my name. Dad was surprised how many people knew me.

In the late afternoon we moved over to our house on the beach!!! Right away I got to go to the beach with mom. I loved it. Then aunt & uncle & friends came over for dinner. I had lots of laps to snooze on.

Mom & dad stayed home with me so I wouldn't be scared of the fireworks or a new place. I was glad because I had such a good day, I wanted to be with them.

What a great day of celebration!



Every day is a beach day!

July 6th 2008 8:08 pm
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I've been going to the beach every day. I run off leash the entire time. I've been really minding my mom and when I'm out of hearing range, I follow hand commands. This morning I got really excited though so mom had to put me on a leash. A dozen horses were walking by! My aunt & her friend were on them so mom videotaped them. It was really cool, they were saying hi to me. They also came by again when we were walking back. I walked non stop today! Not bad for an old gal.

I just got back from my evening walk to the beach. I met up with a king charles cavalier spaniel and a cocker spaniel. They were a lot of fun, so were the kids with them. Now I'm resting up for tomorrow's walk...I have mom pretty well trained at this- BOL.

Today mom went to a dog show and brought back a carved schnauzer made from myrtlewood, some kind of wood they have here in Oregon. It's really pretty. We'll have to put it on a high shelf so those brothers of mine don't chew on it. She bought a lot of toys for them. Also she found a cooling collar for Molly who gets so hot when she walks. Mom is starting to miss the rest of our pack. She knows everyone is doing ok though. I'll be happy to see everyone and tell them all of my stories!



Our baby is coming to visit!

July 16th 2008 6:51 pm
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My human sis, her husband and baby are coming to visit for a week. We've never met the baby. I bet there will be a lot of strange noises and smells with him here. Molly was human sis's puppy so this should be interesting how she reacts. And Finnegan was raised with twins and we know he always responds to kids. He always wants to go over and visit them. We don't know about Winston but he tends to not trust anything or anyone new. I personally just sniff and leave! Too bad he's so little and won't have treats in his little fists yet!!!


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