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My brothers don't share!

January 15th 2008 12:03 am
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Today we finally got the cozy cave bed that mom ordered for Christmas. It was backordered, and then when they shipped we received a dart board by mistake!!! Since we don't have opposable thumbs, we thought we'd return it for the bed. Well, I tried the bed but I jumped off when mom brought the top over me. When I got off, Winston jumped inside. He liked it a LOT!!! So he settled in for a while. When he got out, Finnegan got on it. But he didn't like the top at all, so Winston got back inside. He's been in there all night!!! Mom thinks it's great because maybe he won't need to sleep in the bed any more! For such a little guy he sure takes up a lot of room. Anyway, I guess he's going to claim this one. If I show any interest in it, mom will get another for me since I get cold at night now. It's big enough for 2 of us, but the boys have cooties and I won't sleep with them! Those stinky boys can sleep together for all I care.

Today was another good day. I'm eating some kibble with my chicken & rice now. All seems to be well with my tummy. Actually my appetite has increased, but so has my activity. Had a pretty good long walk today. The weather was almost 60 degrees so it was good to be outside of the yard catching up on my peemail. All is good in the world.



Valentine Tag!!!

January 18th 2008 8:17 pm
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I was Valentines Tagged by Yukiko! (
I am going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette.
They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pmail or rosette, and so on and so on ;}

1. I wish I would get more treats.
2. I wish we lived at the beach.
3. I wish all rescues could get homes for Valentine's day.
4. I wish mom would stay home with me every day.
5. I wish all my doggie pals a beautiful day filled with love!

I'm tagging these pals of mine:



Mom's worried again

January 19th 2008 3:58 am
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It's almost 4am and mom has been sitting up with me all night. I'm having some terrible stomach problems tonight. I'm having a little bit of distention, discomfort, and dinner came up. She's hoping it will pass soon and that it's not pancreatitis or a bowel obstruction. I'd been doing so well until tonight. Guess I won't be getting any breakfast again. I hope I don't have to go to the vets again.

Don't cry mommy, it's not my time yet. I know this makes you think about and miss Annie again and you worry I'm going to go to be with her. I don't think so. You know I'm a tough little dog. And I know you take good care of me and love me!



Another day

January 19th 2008 5:56 pm
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This is from her mom:

Last night was rough with Georgie. About 10pm I found her sitting up in her crate looking wierd. So I pulled her out and her belly was swollen & tender & she was shivering. We took her outside for a short walk & she had a poop (other dog owners can forgive my graphicness here, can't you?) Then her dinner came up partially undigested. Her stomach then was a lot smaller and nontender. But then for the rest of the night she would lay down for a while, then sit up & breathe hard (like from discomfort, I could hear her lung & bowel sounds were ok), then lay down. I stayed right next to her all night. About 4:30am she seemed to calm down so we finally fell asleep with me next to her. At 8 am everyone else had been up for a while, so I took care of the rest of the family. Then Georgie and I went to bed. She wasn't eating or drinking at that time but she was resting comfortably.

We woke up about 3:30 this afternoon & she took a few laps of water, got up and walked outside. Since it was almost 24 hrs since she ate I gave her 2 tbsp of chicken and rice which she gobbled down. She did ok with it. She just got a little more now at 5:30. So we'll see how she is tonight.

We think she's getting a partial bowel obstruction probably from the adhesions. If that's true we may have some episodes like this occ. They don't want to do surgery if not absolutely necessary. She'd just form more adhesions! I'm waiting to see how she is today before taking her back to the vet.

I'm off until Tuesday so I'll be with her every minute. I'll write updates as anything changes. Thank you all for your prayers. They really help!

Nancy, Georgie's mom


Yet another day...

January 20th 2008 11:43 pm
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Well, today was slightly better than yesterday. Dinner didn't stay down again last night. So mom decided to give me several small meals today. It seems that it worked, although I didn't like it! After every meal, I kept sitting in mom's line of sight and gave her mean looks. It didn't get me any more food but I did get cuddled a lot. She kept checking my belly all day - no privacy around here when you're sick. But her tactics worked and so far I've kept it all down. I did go for a great walk today and even ran a couple of times. Mom was amazed I had so much energy. I also had a formed poop so she says something got digested and that's a good sign. Tomorrow I go to the vet for an xray to see if I have a partial bowel obstruction. Wish me luck!



Same old, same old...

January 21st 2008 9:15 pm
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Mom is still starving me...this must be abuse, doncha think??? I had meals every 3 hrs today but they're small...sigh! But I did keep them down. I went for a walk with mom this am and she was happy about that. She talked to Dr. Kim today. We're going to try some anti-nausea medicine to see if I can eat some more - YAY - we love Dr. Kim's way of thinking. But if it comes back, then I have to go for an endoscopy. We hope that doesn't happen!

Good news is that Molly was one of the dogster diary picks of the day!!! YAY!!! Not bad for a shih tzu, huh? Actually, she's a real sweetie and funny too. We love you Molly.



I like being taken care of....

January 22nd 2008 8:36 pm
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It's not bad when you have one of your parents home all day, and they feed you 4 times!!!! That is really cool. And they take you on extra walks cuz they're so focused on you doing your duty. My portions are a little bigger now, and I'm tolerating them and I'm less hungry. I didn't have to take the anti-nausea medicine. How long do you think I can string this sympathy out???



Daddy's girl

January 24th 2008 10:36 pm
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Do I have Daddy wrapped around my little paw!!! I've been home with Dad all week. He's been giving me my carefully proportioned meals that mom has placed in baggies, giving me my extra walks to make sure I'm doing my duty, and giving me lots of belly rubs. All I have to do is the loving brown eyed girl lowering of the eyelids, and I can get him to give me a few extra kibble for a snack!!! Woo hoo!!! Mom better not find out. My human sister was home last week and showed me how it's done. Just call Daddeeeeee!!!! and he comes to see what his little girl needs. Thanks for the tip sis!

Today I had two regular sized meals of chicken, rice & kibble. It's the first time in a week. Mom thinks I'm almost back to normal. She's keeping her fingers crossed that I make it through the weekend without any more problems. So far so good.



Valentine tagged again!!!

January 24th 2008 11:06 pm
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I was Valentine Tagged again by Skeeter & T-Bone!
I am going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette.
They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pmail or rosette, and so on and so on ;}

1. I wish that I remain healthy all of the time.
2. I wish mom and dad could be home all of the time.
3. I wish all rescues could get homes for Valentine's day.
4. I wish that all doggies could get a family as great as mine.
5. I wish all my doggie pals a beautiful day filled with love!

I'm tagging these pals of mine:




January 27th 2008 6:10 pm
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Yesterday we announced that we're stepping down from being administrators for the Schnauzers Rule group. Our family has a lot going on right now and mom doesn't have time to get the job done. So after thinking about it and talking with Milly, we've decided to just be members in the group. It's with mixed feelings that we do that. We've really enjoyed helping all of the other members of the group. But we've made some very good friends and that has made it all worthwhile - you know who you are!!!!

My health is stable right now. Mom has been watching me and caring for me every day. Last weekend she missed 3 nights of sleep in a row. She has pretty much caught up now so that she has the energy to keep up with everyone besides me! She has worked really hard to help me recover. We're going to see Dr. Porte soon to discuss where we go from here.

We worry about Murphy every day. His health is up and down too. I guess we're becoming senior citizens now. We certainly talk about our health & poops every day - BOL!!! Who would've thought that's how it would be. Big smooches to you Murphy, my man. I love you just the way you are.

Tot has seemed to recover nicely. We're really thankful for that. Maybe she won't have to talk about poop anymore - BOL!!!


This was the message about stepping down. Everyone has been really nice about it. I've received a lot of great pmails and presents and messages in the group.

Hi to all members of Schnauzers Rule,

I have decided to step down from my position as admin in our group. I had shared with Milly last December that it was my intention to do this after the beginning of the year. Although she and others encouraged me to hang in, life is too busy to make the time commitment it takes to do this job.

I've had some wonderful times with this group. I joined Dogster right after my Annie had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was a really difficult time for me. I couldn't talk about it for a while, so I decided to find some fun with fellow schnauzers with Georgie. And boy have I had fun. This group has brought laughter, tears, friendship and eventually a lot of work!!! It helped me work through my grief and opened my heart fully again, so Finnegan & now Winston could join our family. Thank you all for that! I've enjoyed sharing the fun and information everyone had to offer. As far as admin duties, I started out by asking Milly's mom if I could add our birthdays to the events calendar since the group wanted that. I thought it would be a one time assignment then I would be done. But as our dear Milly had to spend less time with the group due to her own illness, I tried to step in and help her mother, maintaining her remarkable way of offering friendliness & helpfulness. The group has grown, admin has grown, there is so much going on now. What a wonderful sight and site!!! I've been dealing alot with my own Georgie's health issues in the last few months and it's led me to step back and reprioritize my activities. And on the human side, I'm about to be a grandmother for the first time! So our family has a lot going on and to look forward to in the future.

Thank you for your support and ideas along the way. Thank you Milly for letting me help you. Thanks to our other admin Samson & Maddie. It has been wonderful providing some of the leadership for the group, but it's time to step back! I'll still participate in the group though. I couldn't do without Schnauzers Rule!

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