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Not doing so well

October 25th 2007 11:38 pm
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I'm in the hospital right now, since yesterday. I woke up sick and by mid-afternoon, Dad had me at the emergency hospital. They hoped it would be an infection. Today I'm not doing so well. The differential for my illness has become more grave. Mom decided today that we won't do the exploratory laparotomy they proposed because outcome wouldn't be good. My quality of life is more important to her. She chose to do aggressive medical support instead. I'm trying to get better because I feel really yucky. And I know mom would be very sad if I couldn't come home again. All of our schnauzer pals have been really supportive, saying prayers for us. Mom wishes she could do something to make it better, she just wants me home. We'll see tomorrow.



Still in the hospital

October 26th 2007 5:08 pm
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Mom is a little bit encouraged that today I had better pain control. I actually was alert and my belly didn't hurt. I walked out to the yard with mom to go potty. I gave mom the look that says "you better be petting me!" and she was really good at petting me, rubbing my belly, giving me a massage and generally treating me like the princess I am. I get one more visit tonight!



Keeping the faith!!!

October 27th 2007 10:40 pm
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Mom came to see me early this afternoon, and the doctor said if I tolerated my food and water that I could go home tonight. I was so excited that I played with mom in the hospital yard! Mom held me for a long time giving me a massage & giving me lots of kisses - I was so happy. Then she left, but said she'd be back. She hasn't missed one visit since I've been here, and always comes back so I trusted that she would.

Then tonight mom & dad came to the hospital. They came in with one of my blankets and Dr. Kim said go get your little girl. He said that at this point mom & dad could monitor me as well as they could at the hospital. They just have to keep an eye on me, give me some yucky medicines and I don't have to go back for a week if everything is ok. I was SO excited when we went out into the waiting room, and then out the front door. Mom let me walk around on the grass, I was ready to go for a walk. But dad scooped me and put me in the car and off we went.

When I got home, all the dogs were happy to see me, and smell all my new wierd smells. We went out in the backyard with mom monitoring everything. It felt so good to have freedom again. I got to eat a little snack, then explored the house and backyard several times. I got my evening belly rub from dad and immediately fell asleep in his arms. All is well with the world.

Kiki & Tot sent me a new photo of me as Wonder Woman!!! The vets said that I am the Miracle Dog - they were really worried that I wouldn't make it from peritonitis and ascites. Then I recovered and they don't know why. It's like Murphy says - you just have to keep the faith.


Doing well...

October 29th 2007 11:04 am
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I'm doing really well since I've been home. I'm doing all those things you're supposed to do - eating, drinking, (ins/outs if you know what I mean), napping, exploring the yard. Yesterday mom took me for a short walk with Molly just up & down our block. It was great picking up the peemail from all the other critters that roam the neighborhood, I was getting behind. Mom has to play referee with the boy dogs at home so they don't get too rambunctious (is that long a word really necessary, mom???) around me. But I just go in the bedroom & nap. I still have to take yucky medicine, but mom uses those pill pockets which are great! It's like getting a treat. Mom is really happy that my belly seems to be soft & pain free - me too! All signs are pointing to the positive so far.

Oh, and mom bought one of those pretty pendants from Maddie's mom (for her rescue foundation). Mom loves it and calls it her "Georgie necklace". She wears it all of the time, kind of like if she takes it off her head would fall off. Don't worry mom, it won't!

Again, thanks to all our pals for their love & support. I hope to send a message to every one of you once we're caught up with our sleep here. HUGS to all. And Happy Halloween!



On my own for a few hours...

October 30th 2007 9:14 pm
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Today I was on my own for a few hours, that's if you don't count the other furry 4 legged critters in our house. Mom was going to work at home, but had to go in. When she left she said "The last time I left you at home to go in to work, you ended up in the hospital!" Dad was off but he left us for 3 whole hours while he did errands. Mom got home first and found me barking & wiggling & happy to see her. You could see the relief on her face. She said I'm doing really well.

She read the note from our dog walker, Paula, that said I had a good walk today. It was SO good to see her! Paula was the one who found me sick at home last week, and called mom & dad. Dad had to come home early and take me to the hospital. We're so glad that is all behind us.

Tomorrow both mom & dad have to go in to work in the morning. Paula will check on me. And dad will be home early. So no scary treat or treaters at the door without a pawrent here!!! I don't think Winston has ever lived in a house for Halloween - he's going to go crazy with the door bell ringing!!! It should be funny to watch.

Well, off to bed again. Sweet dreams everyone.




October 31st 2007 12:57 am
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Can you believe that after all I've been through, mom AND dad pulled out the brush and comb!!! They said I was matted and had shaved hair on both legs & my belly. I call it an expression of my individuality!!! After all, I think dreadlocks are quite interesting, don't you? And they're talking about a B-A-T-H!!! I know how to spell mom, you can't fool me. I've heard that one spelled a lot of times over the years. How did the Princess part get lost in the shuffle of me returning home from the hospital??? I have to go to the vet at the end of the week and mom wants them to see I'm actually a very beautiful schnauzer since I wasn't at my best last week. At least she tells me that to make me think a B-A-T-H is ok. We'll have to see about all of this! Hmmmph...



Very pretty now!

November 1st 2007 6:07 pm
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Well, Jackie our groomer came over today to bathe & groom me. Apparently, both front legs had been shaved all the way around for the IVs. So I had a puff of hair on my feet and below my chest which made it look so overgrown!. My belly was shaved too - kinda looked like a toupe on my chest. Dad said it looked like a Catholic schoolgirl's skirt blowing in the wind!!! So Jackie evened it all out and Mom says I look very beautiful. I go to see Dr. Kim tomorrow for my 1 week check up. Mom is so excited to hear what he has to say. Unfortunately, the vampire people will probably want some bloooood again, but no shaving. And they can do another ultrasound since my belly is already shaved.

I smell so good, mom keeps sniffing me. I'm feeling like a princess again!




November 2nd 2007 5:57 pm
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Well, we went to see Dr. Kim and Dr. Porte today. They gave me my walking papers, said don't do anything different than what we're doing now, and don't come back for 6 months!!! No medicines, no vampira visits, no ultrasounds. They still call me the Miracle Dog. The lymph node biopsy came back negative meaning no signs of cancer in my enlarged lymph node. I was so happy that I even gave one of the receptionists a kiss! Now to get home to dinner and back to my routines.

Oh and everyone said I looked cute and smelled good. I guess it wasn't so bad getting groomed yesterday! Mom is sure proud of me.




November 4th 2007 8:11 pm
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Today mom took me on a walk by myself. We went on my long walk since she knows it's my favorite. She worried about me getting into anything that could make me sick, and about me being tired. She did give me a break for a short while, something I don't usually need. But mom keeps remarking I'm like a different dog - I'm so energetic, I'm actually involved with the other dogs in the house, I'm bright eyed, and I'm not grumpy anymore. We don't know what happened but I'm doing really well! Do you think an alien took over my body or they did some implant in me when mom wasn't looking? Afterall, all this illness stuff took place right before Halloween. That's a great time for the aliens to come out. BWAH HAH HAH! Just kidding. Another thing - I've gained a sense of humor. It's good to feel good.



Weight watchers

November 5th 2007 6:24 pm
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I've lost 3 pounds this year! I was slowly losing weight from a change in my diet - lower fat, no treats except veggies. Then they starved me for 2-3 days at the hospital. When I went back to the vet, I had lost a total of 3 lbs. I'm sure some of it was from whatever was going on in my belly and some of it is muscle loss. Guess I better get back to the gym....


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