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Been watching the Dog Whisperer Hooch

December 1st 2008 3:29 pm
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Been watching the Dog Whisperer Hooch, and reading lots of books, I don't think I was much of a pack leader, and I hope you were happy even though you did have to lead .

I was just lucky to rescue you, you filled my life with such joy, and I still carry you with me everywhere, you go on always in my heart.

Splash would adore you babe, she's different but wonderful, you protected me, well I protect her, you'll be great play mates when we all meet at rainbow bridge.

Play with Grandpa my sweet boy, we will meet again and swim and play and explore together.


I love you Hooch

October 7th 2008 2:51 pm
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I think about you all the time, and I miss you so much.

I feel you sent me Splash though, she has a lot of your qualities and she helps me, I'll never stop missing you, but she helps.

Watch over her for me, in the forest and at puppy agility, she's yar Hooch, and she would love you so much.

I love you so much sweetheart.


Looking through your photos and watching videos

February 10th 2008 4:31 pm
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Not sleepy at all, just Looking through your photos and watching videos of you and living in those moments, I get lost and forget that your not here anymore, if i am making pictures or laminating or doing something about you Hoochy, I am at my best.

Spoke to Caroline who also has a sick Collie called Fly today, she's really crook and also your online friend Saybel isn't so well, I'm praying for them, and wondered if you could give them a blessing from heaven as well sweetheart.

I miss you my gorgeous boy, I just wish we had more days together, but no number would have ever been enough, I felt my heart break when you died, I think it belonged to you and went with you to heaven.


Funny old day today Hoochy boy

February 9th 2008 10:07 am
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Ramblers walk in Lymington today Hooch, got up early and made sandwiches for Mummy and I and chopped up a salad for when we came home, was sad not to put any dog biscuits in the cool box and not to have your nose nudging me when I chopped the carrots, your place by the kitchen door feels very empty.

And now I sit on the sofa, it feels weird, after so long sitting on the floor, with you treating me like another pup, making sure as much of us was touching as possible, when I get cold, I miss my furry hot water bottle, you always warmed me up, especially when we were camping.

In bed I listen for the creak of the stairs, my signal that you had decided to come up for a cuddle and if I go downstairs in the middle of the night for a drink, I remember how you used to roll over and present me with a belly to rub.

There is no tail that beats madly to welcome me each morning, which makes getting up very dull, and so I just go through the motions in a kind of robot mode, because that's what you have to do, but life just isn't living without you.

I got the forms through from the Blue Cross today and I am looking forward to meeting the homeless dogs and playing with them and helping them through any issues, so they can go on to find a new home.

Been laminating some pictures of you, and transfering over the last of the videos, you were so active and full of beans, I still can't believe your gone baby.

My volunteer shifts have come through for the theatre, I am going to go, because I know one day, I'll regret it, if I haven't got the opportunity anymore.

Not sure I'll go to The Old Vic to see Kevin Spacey now, it's a lot of money and my attention span is zero, I just can't focus on anything, so it seems a waste.

Mummy and I have even gone of Rom Com DVD's.

Anyway you would have hated today, we drove all through the forest past all your best places, which brought tears to my eyes, and then we got to the car park, and Mummy was crook, 35 ramblers and one dog set of on the walk, and we drove home, how vexed would you have been sweetheart.

Anyway gonna see If I can wake Mummy up now and tempt her with some toast, wish you were in the kitchen to help me make it.

love you baby, hipe your having fun at rainbow bridge or with Nanny and Granddad. Tell Granddad his Dad and his cinema have featured in a new book just published.


Thinking of you and wishing you were there all day yesterday

February 8th 2008 1:08 am
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Mummy and I went on a ramblers walk to Martin (SU075194) yesterday, you would have loved it Hooch, lots of streams and big hills where you could see for miles, remember how you stood on such hills, your hair blowing and you looking around like Aslan surveying your kingdom, remember how we always took a moment at Stagbury Hill.

I kept thinking oh I must take Hooch here, and then it hit me, a few tears baby. I kept telling myself though, that if your spirit is with us, then all this staying indoors crying would drive you crazy.

Nothing is the same without you, but I am trying to be there for Mummy and Daddy and they are being there for me, we all miss you so much.

I have applied to walk dogs from the rescue centre where I got you once a week, you take each dog out for twenty to thirty minutes, play with them, or do some training with them, anytbing to help them find a new home.

It breaks my heart that there are dogs, about your age, that have found themselves after all that giving, now without a family to love, it's so heart breaking, hopefully in your memory I can bring a little joy into their lives.

Who knows maybe I can win the lotto and buy a big house and adopt loads of dogs, none could be like you though, we are soul mates, take care sweetheart, have fun with Nanny and Granddad, and explore all the walks, so you can take me on adventures when I join you.


Without you to make happy life feels so empty

February 4th 2008 4:30 am
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I keep looking at photo's of you, there were so many up all ready, but I have put them over the furniture in my room as well, because the pain of not seeing your gorgeous face, all the time is killing me, I just can't believe your not here, if I sit on the sofa, I just wait for you to come over, and lay on your back for your tummy to be rubbed. I come in the house and there is no tail beating the daylights out of the washing machine, and when I am out, I find myself saying just popping in have to get back for Hooch, and then I remember and I cry.

There were non doggy things I wanted to do, but I limited them and I said no, because even though you were never on your own, and Mummy and Daddy looked after you, I knew how much you missed me, and to be honest I just spent the time longing to be back with you.

When I went to the Globe or the Old Vic, I met people and talked about you, and on the journey home, I smiled thinking that Daddy would be driving you down to meet the coach and I would see you again, we had so few days apart, and now nothing has any meaning for me, every moment I spent without you, seems like a moment I wasted, and I don't want to do anything but look at your photo's and transport myself back to those happy times.

I remember watching you play in the stream, and saying to Mummy this is the life, this is complete contentment, you laugh panted, and when I saw that it made me feel like nothing else in the world mattered, your joy, twinkled over to me, and it filled my heart with a complete sense of belonging to the moment, to you.

I hope your happy baby, I remember that Xmas when Granddad was in hospital dying, all he could talk about was you, and how much he missed you, How's my dog, he'd say as soon as we came to visit, I hope your not thinking about us and missing us to much and your able to throw your heart into the joy, of being with Granddad again and meeting Nanny.

Don't be sad sweetheart one day, my time to join you all will come, I'll have no fear, because a big part of my heart has already passed with all the ones I love that have been taken from me.

You enjoy every moment and take every opportunity and know that I love you more than anything in the world. PBSSIntro.asp

February 1st 2008 11:12 pm
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In 1999 my Dad picked Kango aged 2/3 from the Blue cross in Southampton, I was a bit wary of a big dog but as I got to know him, he seemed so lovely.

Infact Kango who became Hooch was so gentle, he kissed my Holland lop rabbit Shilo through the cage, I kept them apart for a year for safety, but one day came out in the garden to find them cuddled up on Hooches bed together.

Then they were inseperable, if Shilo got scared he thumped and Hooch went, when Shilo was ill before he died, he just wanted to be with Hooch.

An injured crow came into our garden and I found him sat on Hooches back, he would just walk around with Hooch.

He kissed sheep through a fence while we were out walking and Lamas, they weren't scared of him.

I had to protect him because he let puppies beat him up and chew his ears.

All the local children formed a fan club, kids would literally knock our door asking for Hooch.

Elderley neighbours and friends said he was a Gentleman and their friend and came to see him and brought him presents.

And to me he was the best friend I've ever had or will have. We explored forests and beaches and camped together, he showed me such love and loyalty. While watching Hooch play in a stream, his happiness just made me feel completely content.

I'm so sad god wanted one of his angels back, I miss him so much and cannot imagine how life can ever be right again without him, but know I was so privalleged to have such a wonderful soul mate for almost 9 years.


I can't believ I will have to live without Hooch

January 31st 2008 3:11 am
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Hooch died sadly, and it's such a shock as he was well, just before Xmas, and he was fine, infact he had a check up just two weeks ago and apart from his kidneys they said he seemed very healthy.

I'm just lost and just can't stop crying, he was in the forest on Sunday, playing stick running fast Monday morning, but I think he just loved it so, he made the effort, as he did just lie on his bed a lot the rest of the time. I'm at home all the time, and while I tried to tell myself, he was enjoying his walks if a bit slower, that he was okay, and just having there to hold and cuddle was wonderful for us, but because I am always with him, my head told me how different he was really.

Monday afternoon he stopped eating he'd only drank through a little syringe that I put to his tongue and pushed in, he really liked that, and I think it made things easier for him, I think maybe the lap takes in so much water it makes them feel ill, but if you keep doing this, when they are really bad, sometimes it gets them through the times when they can't drink and they start again.

Hooch kept looking at me

as if to say, I don't want to leave you, but I haven't got the energy to stay

the vet suspected cancer, due to calcium levels

and the lumps under his legs, made it difficult to walk

although he ran, I think he just saw a ball or stick and just pushed through it, caus he loved it so

the last day, he was really sick, and he struggled to go out to wee, I wouldn't have cared if he had messed or wet himself, but Hooch had such pride, when he was in the vets he wouldn't wet his kennel, so when I picked him up we got outside the door and it was just like a river, he came and got me if he needed to be sick, really sad as he quivered if he was sick as he was rescue and had obviously been told off, so I stood in the garden telling him he was a goodboy whenever he was sick.

I can't believe he's gone, I was attacked and completely agrophobic, and responded to nothing, and then Hooch, and he rebuilt my life for me, and rescued me.

I feel like he is the only person in the world, that took me for exactly what I am and loved me, and wanted to spend time with me, he was so happy being with me, and I could sense that, and just felt complete to be loved and wanted in that way.

I slept downstairs and was just with him 24/7 since Sunday, when we got him from the vets after she suggested it was time to put him to sleep, I am grateful for that, extra week, he just had a boost and was wellish for such a sick dog, we got to do a lot of fun things in that last week, and I got to cook him, lots of treats when he refused the k/d

in the end though, on the last day, he didn't want chicken, mince, sausages, anything at all, this was the last day, when we knew, feeding him badly could do him no more harm, he started lapping water though, just a bit, the smell from his breath was just like burning acid sometimes, and that taste for him must have been awful

I wanted to keep him, whatever state he was in cleaned up after him, I would have sacraficed anything for him, even a limb, my worse fear if it would have been a bargain to make him better, and I prayed for that swap.

But I couldn't after the vet said he should be put to sleep last sunday, do nothing when he went downhill again, I couldn't take the risk of him hurting and it being my fault he gave me to much, 100 % 120 % and so what could I do, the vet said although a bun level of 30 in the USA measurements is not that bad, in the UK 30 is through the roof, this was the specialist, and he said that the levels didn't change with the fluids, so his wee was still so diluted because his kidneys were not filtering the toxins out of his body.

He said that although the day before he had quality of life, he was really sick that day for the first time since we brought him home, and he just went instantly downhill, and the vet said he had no quality of life now, and no hope of improving.

I couldn't see him suffer so I let them put my baby to sleep, you ask yourself if this was right and hope they know, you would have fought for them forever, I think he did, I hope he did, and knew how much i I loved him and was grateful to him.

Thank you for all your support and the links to the yahoo kidney groups,, I think it gave me that last so special week, the tips I managed to skim from the site, which was so wonderful, as I could manage the symptoms and keep him able to have some real quality times. i didn't come online much at all, only when he was really crashed, I spent 24/7 with him, and hope he knows how much I loved him.


Vets results - liver function normal - and playing hide and seek with my toy like a puppy

January 10th 2008 6:43 am
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Well pups, the vets just called, and the test I had where they took blood, gave me sausages and then 2 hours later took more blood to test my liver function, came back normal, we are all so happy.

And I just have to have a check up in a month, unless any more symptoms present.

I've gone back to normal water intake, and normal pee habit, and the reeching has stopped. And my nose and eye looks better, guess It could have been a virus.

It's raining today and cold in the UK

So we are playing games in the house

I sit in the kitchen, and AJ hudes treats under cushions and things and then I go find them, I am pretty fast at this game.

en we played hide my new Xmas squeeky toy, I wait in the kitchen till it squeaks and then I run round the house looking for it, again I am pretty fast at this.

Hopefully the rain will ease soon though, and they'll take me out, they are worried I'll get crook again in the cold, so

cold n wet rain,
go away,
warm and friendly sun,
come out to play.

Daddies also cooked me a breast of chicken for tea, that's chicken or turkey every day since Xmas.

Hope all you other dogsters are well and enjoying life, and thank you to everyone who prayed for me, big woofs and sloppy face licks to u all




thanks pups and owners for all your support, Hooch is- feeling much better

January 10th 2008 3:25 am
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thanks pups and owners for all your support, Hooch is feeling much better

I've bounced back now, touch wood, and we are making the most of it, playing, walking and cuddling, I was so sleepy head, feeling groggy, thank you for talking to AJ for me, she was so worried, and really needed your support, and I'm sure your prayers helped me.

Had, Two blood draws Tuesday and my eye n nose was still swollen n I was just crashed, n sorry for myself

then Mummy n Daddy went shopping in the car and I decided I was bored, I got AJ, to play hide the little bones and sniffed them out, then I dropped major hints for my walk.

I had my walk, and since then, touch wood, eyes heeled and nose looks better, so was just a virus I think.

Obviously this has caused tests to be done which show a long term problems, results tommorrow or Monday, which will have to be dealt with.

But AJ was shocked that I could be fine, get these test results and then be sickly, but touch wood I've bounced back now, and and like I say we are making the most of it, playing, walking and cuddling.

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