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The bike ride

August 6th 2007 8:43 am
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Howdy! I'm just waking up! yesterday we had a really tiring day.

Mom and dad got ready to go cycling but this time was weird; instead of getting into the car and driving to a place where we can use the bikes, we got right out on the streets! our city organizes a "bicycling sunday" and this weekend the route went right by our street! so on we went!

Mom started running with me on a leash and Bela on the loose, while dad trailed us on the cargo tricycle lugging mom's mountain bike. Truly a sight to behold. Mayhem started pretty early when, less than 200 meters from home, Bela ran into a car and hurt her hind leg. Mom freaked out because she thought Bela had been run over, but luckily it turned out to be a minor scratch, since the car was moving very slowly.

Since Bela was still a bit hurt, they put her inside the trike, while mom began riding her bike and dad pedalled the trike, with me leashed to it. It's fun jogging along the trike but I don't like being leashed because I can't run like crazy.

We were riding along when out of a house came a dog, Bela started barking at him and trying to jump off the trike. I wondered what was going on with Bela, so I tried to get inside the trike to check on her, but when I came in front of it, I realized it was a very bad idea to get in front of a moving vehicle. Dad swerved and slammed on the brakes and BAM, the trike flipped over, Bela went flying to one side, I was very scared and tried to run away but couldn't because I was tied to the trike, all while mom rushed to help us, they finally untied me and Bela and all was well. I got a minor scrape on my front paw and dad twisted his ankle, but the funniest thing was when the trike flipped over!

After that they decided that the best thing to do was for mom to run with Bela on-leash, while dad moved the trike with me still tied to it, and mom's bike on the trike. It was a very odd arrangement; but since we all kept a very relaxed pace, we managed to complete the 14-km circuit in about 2 hours. After 10 km Bela got tired and did ride the trike without incidents for a while. Then they tried to put me inside but I got nervous. What if the thing flips over again? so I got off pretty quickly. We got home OK but really tired; me and Bela slept the whole day and night. All in all it was a bumpy ride but safe in the end and well worth it. I look forward to doing it again, though dad says that (luckily) it only happens once a month!

be seeing ya on wheels!


We're adopting!

August 3rd 2007 3:56 pm
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Hey! so, Mom & Dad usually bring stray dogs into our home. They like to help dogs in need, find them new homes, and generally keeping them off the streets which are really nasty for a dog.

So far they've rescued and found homes for: a yellow lab named Rocky; a poodle, Daisy (who we were lucky enough to reunite with her family); a labrador mix, Nutella; and a wirehair mix, Moka. I've also enjoyed having those dogs as guests in our house; I play with them and reassure them that they're safe and things will change for the better for them.

Mom & dad have always struggled with choosing to give the dogs away rather than keeping them; they've reasoned that, while we have room for another dog (I'd love it! and Bela doesn't care too much), it's better to keep that slot "open" by finding appropriate homes for those dogs and still having the chance to have a guest dog-in-need every once in a while.

However, it seems that mom found a dog that would be hard to place anywhere else; and so she's strongly considering adopting him. Turns out our vet found a Bouvier wandering the streets and took him in; but she needs to find a home for him. Being an old and large dog, the vet says it's usually hard to place those.

So mom was considering adopting this dog; she went to take a look at him and that was it, now she's in love with the Bouvier and so there's a real chance we'll be having a third dog in the house.

The only question remains, will Bela and I get along with him? Maybe! we'll probably meet the Bouv on sunday; I'm reserving my opinion until I meet him.

Until then, be seeing ya!


Dad's vacation

July 28th 2007 9:08 pm
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Hey all! so I haven't been writing lately because! my dad had a 3-week vacation and he spent it all here at home! it's been awsome for me, because dad has to be with me all the time; if we're home, I can stay with him; if he has to go out, he takes me along!

so I've been very active; every morning I go for a short walk, then squirrel-sighting, later we come home and I get to sleep on the couch or bed while dad does stuff on the computer, later we go meet mom and walk home with her from work, and finally at night we go for our usual walk. I've been so tired but happy! Dad even took me to some nice places, like the hardware store and a couple new parks. I could get used to this.

Sadly, dad's vacation is almost over and he won't be able to stay with me as much. However he told me they're going to try and still take the afternoon walk to meet mom on her way from work. I'll like that! Dad will too, because in the past 3 weeks I've improved my heeling skills so I'm a pretty comfortable dog to walk.

The only nasty part is when people on the street get scared with me and start yelling! that scares me a bit! they crazy! be seeing you all soon, woof!


Battle for the door

July 10th 2007 11:02 am
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Something wired is happening at home, every morning 2 smelly guys come home, pull down the garage door and start breaking it, tearing every inch of it, making lots of noise and pounding, only to have it re-ensemble by the end of the day. Next day the same happens...
I have to say 2 things about this.
First, humans are so crazy!!! I really don't get them from time to time, such strange behavior!
Second, they are good! I have been living with Mom & Dad for a year and a half and have worked hard at tearing that door since I arrived and I was only able to tear and munch on small pieces, maybe they have better fangs than me, but truth be told they are much more noisier than me!
I asked Bela what she thought about the whole matter, she explained doors are not to be broken that they keep us safe and that those men were actually covering up all the holes I have so carefully made during all those months... Well they better finish it good or in a couple months time they will have to come back!


Chicken infraganti!

June 25th 2007 3:23 pm
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Bleh! So there I was, minding my own business while mom & dad cooked, when I wandered over to the dining table and there it was! all by itself, on a plate, this amazingly exquisite slice of chicken, grilled to perfection and smelling like heaven! I looked around and it seemed like nobody was paying attention so BAM! I grabbed the chicken. However it was burning hot! when the feeling hit my tongue I immediately dropped it, however I did it exactly when mom was walking in and she caught me red-handed (or red-mouthed in this case). So not only did I NOT get to eat the chicken, I also got kicked out of the kitchen for being sneaky.

Bleh I say! because hell, if they're going to leave food up there for me to easily reach, at least it should be dog-edible!

See ya'll!



June 9th 2007 9:54 pm
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Hey all! so today I had a really exciting day! First we all went for a run in the forest! we had very nice weather and a really good time, we came home and I slept all day while mom & dad did some house chores, boring!

Later at night mom & dad took us for a walk, we went to the supermarket to fetch supper supplies (hot dog night!). Mom went to buy stuff while dad stayed outside the store to take care of me and Bela. Later mom came out with a few bags. Then out of dad's backpack came a nice yellow backpack, they put some stuff inside it and then the backpack on me!

It turns out it was a doggie backpack, with a bag on each side. It felt weird at first but soon I realized it was not a problem so I walked very nicely with my pack. The best part is mom & dad were very happy because I helped them carry groceries back home! so we all enjoyed a nice walk and I felt good doing some dog-work for my humans.

Till next time, see ya'll!


The door

June 7th 2007 7:36 am
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hey all! something exciting happened! yesterday my grandpa came home and he left the front door open! so whee, I took to the streets to see what was up! I felt soo sneaky! because neither mom nor dad were home! I walked all the way to the corner sniffing and greeting people, who for some reason were all "AAAAH! a DOG!!". Mom & dad say that people get scared by my being so big and black, but I'm just a puppy at heart. After a little while someone from the house came to fetch me and bring me inside.

When mom & dad learned about my escapade they flipped! they gave me a really hard time about it because they were afraid I'd get lost or run over by a car. But it really wasn't my fault! Dad says he fixed the door so it will close properly. Hopefully, because hey, it's not like going out on the street by myself is such a big deal; I'd rather go with mom or dad ;)


Be well Nutella!!!

May 30th 2007 12:36 pm
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So dear smallNuetlla found a home.
Mom printed some adds for her and placed them at work, a collegue decided to keep her. He told us that he has 2 small daughters who were asking for a pup, so it was a golden opportunity.
Yesterday Mom & Dad drove Nutella to her new home, we all are missing her but we also know she will be loved and well-kept and as her new owner lives close to us we are confident we will meet her again.
I hope the next puppy Mom & Dad decide to rescue is a Dane, that way it would be easier for me to play with him... no more neck pain!
Miss u Nutella!


The bridge

May 28th 2007 8:05 am
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Hey all! We've been quite busy with a small puppy we found the other day, but Bela is telling that story in her diary so I'm going to tell you about the time I went with dad to get the car serviced.

He took me to the car dealership to get the car serviced with the idea of leaving the car there andwalking back home with me. I was delighted with the idea. At the dealership everybody was looking at me, they seemed really happy and some people even gave me a pat on the head.

After we left the car we started walking, it turns out the dealership is across this huge avenue and the only way to cross and get home is using a pedestrian bridge.

I absolutely hate those bridges; I'm terrified by the fact that you can see ahead through the steps, and to the sides. I hate them! I refuse to go near them!

Daddy tried to make me climb the bridge but I didn't want to. We tried two different bridges but they were all the same for me, I refused to do it. Somehow dad convinced me to go halfway up one of those but then I looked down and there was the street! full of cars and a train and OOH! I just froze up and refused to move.

Dad tried to convince me to go up the last half of the stairs but I was paralyzed with fear by then. I hung on for dear life, clawed the concrete, pulled daddy, everything to get off the bridge.

In the end, after a while dad decided it wasn't worth risking my getting an injury due to my pulling on the leash and collar so hard, and took me down the stairs. I was so happy when we touched the ground again. I was feeling bad because of the scare and the heat and all. So dad bought me a bottle of water, and had to call mom to come and rescue us in a borrowed car.

All in all it was a nice walk, but I really hope mom & dad understand that I don't like those bridges and never try to make me go across one again.

Later, woof!


My cousin is in jail!

April 3rd 2007 12:55 pm
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Hey everyone! this just in!

Tosca is my cousin; she belongs to my dad's uncle; so technically she also qualifies as my dad's cousin but hey, dog-human relativeness is very tricky! she's a smart and obedient black lab who lives with her owners in Los Angeles.

Anyway, while uncle was away on business, she went with aunt and this other dog they adopted (smallish chihuahua type I think) to San Diego. While aunt was running some errand, she left both dogs in the car with a window cracked open. This in itself is a bad thing to do but at least this time it wasn't so much the problem.

It turns out some guy tried to steal the car; he tried to open the window and while he was doing this, Tosca of course got very nervous and decided it was her job to defend the car. So she did what any dog would do: she bit the stranger right in the nose.

All hell broke loose and eventually after the incident Tosca got taken to the pound for biting a stranger. Even though she saved the car, herself and the other dog!

what's worse, the would-be burglar sued her family for his injuries. Only in America!

So poor Tosca spent 10 days in the pound waiting for uncle to come get her. Despite all her trouble I'm sure she would do the same thing again; that's us dogs, we'll do what we think is good for our humans no matter what the consequences to us! so there you have it,dog saves car from getting stolen, gets jail time and a lawsuit! woof!

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