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I almost died

January 3rd 2008 9:51 pm
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Guys, I won't lie to you. I almost died! Luckily mom & dad were there to help me and, along with some good veterinarians, saved my life. It's a long story so bear with me.

I got spayed a few days ago, and there were a lot of complications; like I talk about on my previous entry. Anyway, on January 1st, something very nasty happened to me; I went out and barked, and the effort caused my stitches to burst, and my entrails to come out of my belly.

Luckily dad was right beside me, so he grabbed my belly. He called mom who came running, looking horrified, they bandaged me to keep my innards from gushing out, put me in the car and drove away like crazy. I was scared, shaking and feeling bad because I had a hole in my tummy.

Strange as it sounds, this is where my good luck began; since mom & dad were so quick to help me, I wasn't completely eviscerated (just a little, small comfort!). When they started calling our vet, she didn't answer, this being january 1st it's extremely hard to get ahold of people; so they contacted a vet we met when I was bleeding two days ago. He told us to run to a pet hospital he recommended.

It turns out this hospital is really good; they have 24/7/365 service and are very well equipped and professionally staffed. When we got there I was terrified and about to go into shock. They gave me something to make me sleep and took me straight to surgery.

I woke up 3 hours later, really scared and feeling terrible, but, at least, still alive.

I had to spend a whole day there, and the doctors seemed really worried about me. The next day mom & dad visited me, I was really happy! they told me I was very lucky; thanks to my near evisceration, the doctors had a chance to look inside me, and they discovered my first surgery had been very poorly performed; internal stitching gave me an allergic reaction, I had huge carnosities and blood clots inside (due to my bleeding for 2 days straight), I had the beginnings of a nasty peritonitis (which is usually fatal if left to advance), and the stitching, both internal and external, was very deficient; this was what caused my small belly problem. These doctors fixed these problems, stitched me up pretty good, and even ran some tests on my kidneys and my blood.

Mom & dad were very worried; although I'm a strong dog, I'd been malnourished, bleeding, and suffering from an incipient infection (not to mention almost spilling my guts in our garage!). Luckily I hung in there; and while I had to stay at the hospital for almost 3 days, alone and scared, I managed to recover.

Right now I'm back home, with a nice 12-inch cut in my belly; I have to eat and rest for a few days, and once I'm better, I can start going for walks and stuff.

I'm a lucky dog. Mom says it appears as though a higher power was directing events; from my accident bursting my stitches, to the way they *didn't* find our usual vet, to the recommendation we received for that excellent hospital from a vet we'd only known for a few days; it all fell in place, because otherwise, the bad first surgery I had would have ended up killing me from a nasty infection or other complications.

So it seems it wasn't my fate to die. Maybe I'm meant for a higher purpose? but really, what higher purpose could a dog aspire to, other than being with her family? that, for me, is the best thing about having been lucky enough to survive; not only to be alive, but to be with them.


Nasty boxing day present

December 31st 2007 8:42 am
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Hi all! sorry for not writing for so long. It's been a hectic few weeks! first the run-up to christmas, presents to buy, food to eat, christmas trees to smell. Mom & dad tried to tire us out before christmas eve and I think they succeeded; by taking us for long runs the previous days, come party time we were so tired we hardly bothered anyone.

For boxing day, mom & dad gave me a nasty present and had me spayed :( It's not that bad in itself, they say i'll feel better and live longer but I don't know; I had post-surgery complications and gave everyone a pretty good scare.

For some reason my wound refused to clot properly and I had a lot of bleeding. Our vet told us it was not life-threatening and would stop in a couple of days. For mom & dad, it was a couple of horrible days, first when I had to spend the night at the vet's, and then when I came home dripping blood. They had a second vet visit me, and called another two, just to be sure, because they weren't about to let me bleed to death! but it turns out our vet's judgment was accurate and they all agreed on waiting until the bleeding stopped.

For me, it was a sad first night, without my family and alone in a strange place. I was happy to be home, but confused, and it was gross having to sleep on a blood-soaked mattress the first day. Things became easier when mom & dad put a bandage on my wound, which also helped stop the bleeding. Aullido and Bela also helped a lot by keeping me company and protecting me from strangers (Aullido almost bit the vet, crazy dog). Their presence really lifted up my spirits.

Due to the surgery and blood loss, I'm still pretty weak; also because I started being pretty finicky about what I eat; I survived on electrolyte drinks for the first two days. Luckily I feel better now, so I can eat sausages, steaks and cereal.

I also feel good enough to go for a walk but dad won't take me! they say I'm still in a delicate condition and whenever I exert myself, the wound starts oozing; mom & dad are a bit concerned but they say it's probably nothing as it's not blood but a strange post-clotting fluid. Hey I wouldn't know, I'm just a doggie! all I know is I like to lick that liquid :P

All in all, I was pretty scared, and mom & dad were terrified I was going to die. But don't worry guys, I'm not about to leave you, just as I know you weren't going to let me bleed to death. Thanks for taking care of me :)


big tv!

November 27th 2007 9:56 am
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Hey all! I've never understood humans and their enjoyment of TV. Usually when mom & dad watch TV, I fall asleep on my couch or the bed and don't pay attention to it.

Aullido, however, seems to really like TV. He discovered that by lying on the floor right at the foot of mom & dad's bed, he can watch the screen. So usually when he sees the big screen coming down and the show about to start, he gets comfy in his position and watches TV with great interest.

Me and Bela, we don't like the TV so much so we just sleep. But sometimes, barks and dog noises come from the TV. So we start barking back, even though we can't see the dogs. So mom & dad usually prefer NOT to watch dog shows on TV. Except, of course, when it's the dog whisperer on! damn, I wish they didn't watch that show! they're much more strict with us since they started! but they also walk us a lot more. So I guess it's not so bad anyway. Woof, see ya later!


My birthday

November 6th 2007 9:25 am
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Hi all! I've been in heat for almost a month, and it's really making me feel bad. But guess what! it was my birthday last week! I turned two years old; it's a major milestone for a great dane because I'm now officially an adult; I can stop eating puppy food, my growth has all but stopped and I'm much better-behaved now.

Mom & dad were really busy that day so they didn't throw me a party or bake me a doggie cake like they did with Bela (a good thing, because we ate so much that day, mom & dad were worried we'd explode). But I got to sleep in until late, then went for a walk with mom & dad and Bela and Aullido.

Actually, us doggies don't care that much about birthdays and special ocasions; I got to be with my family, and that's the best for me; love and attention are the best presents for a dog and, luckily for us, it's something we get every day.

So thanks mom & dad and Bela for putting up with me for two years already! here's hoping for many more ;)


Dog in heat!

October 25th 2007 12:50 pm
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I'm not sure what has gotten into the male dogs of my 'hood. For a couple of days now they just can't get enough of me! (my humps, my humps, my lovely doggie humps!)
They bark, beg, chase, run, jump, howl, cry, whimper, smell and follow after me.
Ma & pops have been having lots of trouble keeping they away and even dear Aullido has been trying to get them off me. It's strange 'cause he's the only one who doesn't have all that strange behavior... maybe he thinks I'm fat!!!
Anyways, I have been feeling really popular, like a coke in the middle of the desert! I can't deny I like all the attention, nonetheless I feel kinda nostalgic, tired & bad tempered from time to time.
Damn hormones! Well, mom says they will wear off in a couple of weeks... I feel like chocolate, but of course! DOGS CAN'T HAVE CHOCOLATE!!!
I hate my life!
Let me go pick on Bela and Aullido, THAT would be a laugh!
Maybe better sleep for a while....
I'm not sure, I fell confused!
Mommy, Daddy I want a back rub!
Ok, bye now!


I'm sick!

September 17th 2007 3:39 pm
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Hey all! I got the flu :( on saturday we went forest-running, we had a lot of fun! it was Aullido's first time and he was beside himself with glee. When we came back home I started sneezing a lot, by evening I was coughing, having trouble breathing and had a really runny nose. Mom called the vet who said I had a flu-like infection and put me on antibiotics. So I'm taking medicine now!

Mom & dad spent all sunday moving furniture, and I was feeling so down, I didn't even mind staying home all day. It was good, they say, because now I feel better, altough I'm still sneezing a little. At least I got to go for a walk today because I'm better! but I hope mom & dad don't overdo it with me.

Also, I got the flu because during the week I went out rain-jogging with dad and I also got in some really cold rivers while in the forest :) but I can't help it, I love that stuff!


The dog park!

September 10th 2007 9:23 am
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Hey all! so Aullido finally came back last week, he was at the vet and says he got neutered, I don't know what that is. He said it hurt a bit but is now recovering fine; though he's a bit grumpy so I try to give him a lot of space. Mom & dad built a new gate in the yard and at mealtime, they keep us separate so we don't argue over food. I think they're overreacting but sometimes humans do know better and this might be one of those times.

Yesterday mom & dad took me and Bela to the university campus for a walk, while Aullido stayed home, because he's not very friendly with other dogs. So off we went and since it rained a lot the night before, the place was wet and muddy. So instead of lots of families on picnics, there were a lot of dogs running around and playing in the mud! I went crazy and ran everywhere, meeting new friends, playing in the fountains, chasing squirrels, and a lot of stuff. It was really fun! I even met a couple of great danes and even a few dogs who were larger than me; a trio of english mastiffs who weren't that much fun because they're heavy and can't run as well as I can.

There I was chasing a belgian shepherd who was really fast, when he took a turn and went under a sign; I tried to chase him, thinking I could knock the sign over, but it was made of metal, so instead of going through, I hit my head, neck and back. It really hurt! so mom & dad rushed to see if I was ok. I walked it off with them, and after 15 minutes I was pretty much OK, but I'm still a bit sore. After all the fun and adventures, I slept all day, which was nice.

I'm only sorry Aullido couldn't come with us; he's so funny when he goes all shepherd mode and starts patrolling around us!


The fight

August 29th 2007 4:35 pm
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So! I got bit :(

Yesterday Aullido tried to eat my food, so I tried to move him away from my plate, he growled at me, I growled back, next thing I know we're fighting. Mom threw some water at us, that really distracted me and then she separated us. Mom & dad were angry at us for fighting but it was just a bit of growling and teeth-baring.

Today after we had finished eating I was trying to play with Aullido while dad watched Bela who was still munching on something. Aullido was in no mood to play and tried to bite me! the nerve! so I tried to bite back and we were fighting again. Dad splashed us with water and when we separated he got right between us and sent Aullido upstairs while I remained in the garage. I felt a bit of pain on my ear. It turns out the rascal got my ear! so dad took me to the vet, who gave me some local anesthetics and sutured me right there. Now I have three stitches on my right ear and I'm all upset because after all of this happened, dad took Aullido away and I didn't get to finish showing him who's the boss around these parts!

Still I'm puzzled because he's supposed to be a pretty quiet dog. But we fought twice in the last two days! I guess mom & dad are worried! and I wonder where Aullido went? because he's not home anymore... hmm..

I'll let you know when I find out more! see ya!


I'm barking in the rain!

August 23rd 2007 10:27 am
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Howdy all! things have been pretty exciting lately for us! exactly one week ago, mom & dad adopted Aullido; first thing he did was create a dogster page. Second thing he did was take over my couch. I'm a very nice doggie so I let him, though of course I got a super nice couch from Bela, who had to sleep on a stool for one night before mom & dad gave her my old-old couch.

When dad comes home from work in the afternoon he usually takes us for a short walk. However, due to hurricane Dean, far away in the gulf, yesterday was a rainy day; it rained all night and all day and all night again. Why does the hurricane so far away make it rain here? hey, don't ask me; I'm just a dog!

Anyway; since it was rainy and nasty it looked like we weren't going to walk; so Aullido and me got really nasty, started running around like crazy, slipping on the garage floor and threatening to hurt ourselves. So dad decided to take me for a rain-walk. Off we went with some really hard rain, running, crossing puddles (I love it!), visiting the park which was pretty much a mudfield, then running back home again. It was great! but I got really wet. I think dad got wet too but he can just change clothes and be done with it! Since I was tired when we got home, I slept all afternoon, along with Aullido and Bela, who are very lazy dogs and sleep most of the day anyway. How can they, when there's so much to do out there?

I'll go wait for my afternoon walk! see ya!



August 9th 2007 3:37 pm
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Hey! so we've always wanted to play tag here in Dogster and today we finally got tagged! thanks Maya!

To play tagg, you have to be tagged by another dog first. When you get tagged, you will write in your diary the rules to tagg, 7 facts about yourself, and 7 dogs you will tagg! When you tagg a dog, send them a paw mail or rossette telling them that you've tagged them!! Have fun!!! :)

Here are my 7 facts:

1. I sometimes sleep flat on my back. A thing we Danes do, mom says it's fun!
2. I've eaten two ipods; a Mini and a Nano.
3. Me and my family usually go for a walk at night.
4. Most people cross the street when they see me coming on the sidewalk :)
5. My dogster-friend Conan is my secret love :P
6. I can't resist puddles; the nastier, the better. They make for a soothing paw-bath.
7. I have a thing for kitchen rags; whenever I can, I sneak into the kitchen, take the rag, and then run like crazy ;)

Now i'm tagging Truman, Conan, Sherman, Keira Trelawney, Strom, Maximus and Jake.

Play on! this is fun!

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