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The Kennel!

May 16th 2011 11:48 am
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Hey! Greetings from rainy Montreal! yep, after a long and snowy winter, we had a few sunny days. I really enjoy the sun, and taking a nap by a window with the sun warming up my tummy is one of my favorite pasttimes.

However, for the past two or three weeks, we've had almost constant rain. I remember that, in Mexico, it would rain really hard all afternoon, but it would usually clear up by night, and mornings were almost always dry (well, no rain, but all that sun meant a lot of humidity in the environment, which I don't like so much).

Here in Montreal the rain is lighter, but it rains for a long time; dad says it's because some nasty clouds come and park over the city and it just rains and rains and rains forever.

Mathias an I have nice raincoats, but since it rains so much, sometimes they get wet and there's no time for them to dry before our next walk. So either way, we get all wet!

Still I'm very happy to take walks with mom & dad, even if it's raining, because we spent all of last week holed up in a kennel while they were away!

Yep, so mom & dad took a trip together, and for the first time ever, they left us doggies in a kennel. They say it's because the trip was too long.

They walked us there one day, and we had no idea what was going to happen; they left us with this man, who put us in a couple of cages. Now, we've been left alone before; when we moved to Canada we spent one night in a kennel in Toronto, and sometimes when mom & dad have to run errands, they leave us in a pet shop where they take care of us for the day.

However, this time I waited and waited for mom & dad to come back. The night came, and Mathias told me they probably wouldn't be back that day. So we went to sleep. Luckily we were in contiguous cages, so we could keep each other company.

Next day, nothing happened. The strange guys just took us for our three daily walks and brought us back to the cages. I was bored and wondering when mom & dad would come get us. Mathias was being his usual rascally self, but I could tell he was also beginning to miss mom & dad.

I was behaving OK, and I could eat a little, but I was sad because I didn't know when mom & dad would return. Mathias was keeping me company and reassuring me, so that part wasn't so bad; I wasn't completely alone!

Then, after 7 days, the kennel guy opened the door, and I was wondering what he was up to! then I saw mom, and Mathias and I went towards her and told her "hey, get us out of here!". We were so desperate to get out that we didn't even notice dad who was also there to pick us up!

We got into this guy's van to take us home, it was small and cramped but I really didn't care because I was with mom & dad!

Eventually we got home, and after a short walk, I just went to my bed and slept for hours! now that I was home, and safe with mom & dad, I could finally relax, sleep and eat! and I was starving!

So now, all is well and we are back home, and even though it keeps raining, I'm all warm inside because I'm together again with my family :)

Only bad thing is that I banged my tail while in the cage, so the tip is now all swollen and red. I had my tail tip shaved and am getting treatment so it heals without getting infected. But I know that will heal :)

Be seeing you!


Up to my nose in snow!

February 27th 2011 10:45 am
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Hey all! I've been really busy trying to understand snow and weather here in Montreal. We've had to brave some really, really cold weather, like the day it was -27C outside. I'm well-equipped with a nice winter coat and some boots, which I hate, but mom & dad insist I should wear them when it's very cold.

Then there's also the snow. We've had a few winter storms here, and snow has piled up pretty high. I was out chasing squirrels the other day but one has to be very careful: I suddenly found myself up to my withers in snow! that means about 70 cm of snow pile-up. So to move around I have to jump like a rabbit, which mom & dad say is pretty fun for a dog my size.

Mathias, poor thing, being so small, basically just floats on the snow, and also has to jump like a hare to move around. Still he's so crazy and when playing with his ball, insists on doing the "pounce", where he runs really fast, then just before getting to the ball, jumps up in the air and lands with all his weight on the ball. This amuses mom, dad & myself to no end!

All in all it's been really fun playing in the snow, but it's also tiring and we come home ready for a cozy nap.

Winter is on its way out, I'm sure we'll miss the snow but after 4 months it'll be good to have some actual ground under my paws!

See ya soon!


Pink Eye!

December 29th 2010 3:30 pm
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Hi all! Ever since we got to Canada, mom & dad have been somewhat concerned about us doggies getting sick. First, pet health care here is a bit expensive; but for that, they got some pet health insurance for us. I don't know how that works, but they say it's good to have.

Second, we don't have a car, so we have had to choose a vet that's nearby. There's basically only one, so a few days after arriving here, we went there for him to meet us and maybe give us a general check-up.

The vet is scary! a tall guy who screams a lot and speaks only french, so we went in and we were terrified. Luckily he just gave us a look-over and sent us on our merry way, since we were both in tip-top shape.

However, this morning mom & dad noticed I had some green ooze coming out of my left eye. I was kinda trying to hide it, because it's happened before and it means a visit to the vet, and Mathias had been helping me by licking the yucky stuff from my eye. But they caught us red-handed and, seeing my eye, they scheduled a vet visit.

So I had to go again to the vet. It was a nice enough walk on the snow, but once there I was trying to scurry away, and the vet was just like he always is, yelling and booming all the time. He gave me some drops, and I'll have to follow the treatment for 10 days. Hopefully it'll be enough, because, even though the vet is not mean or anything, I still am terrified every time I go there!

Here's to staying healthy!


Happy holidays!

December 24th 2010 3:59 pm
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Hey all! just here quickly to wish you all a happy holiday season and a lot of success and tail wags for next year.

I've been helping mom & dad prepare our christmas eve dinner, this time they managed to get a half-turkey, they say it's because it's just them and us doggies, so there's no need for a bigger bird. I'm personally more interested in the stuffing which has lots of yummy things!

And this time it's up to us doggies to keep the humans company, since they'll be so far away from the rest of the family. But so far we're doing OK!

So best wishes to all our friends! Keep in touch!


Below Zero

November 26th 2010 11:43 am
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Hi all! We're being enveloped by winter here in Montreal. It's something entirely new to me, and also to my humans, who sometimes have NO idea what to do. But mostly they've done their best to keep us happy and warm even when the temperatures go below zero (whatever that means, all Mathias and I know is that it gets really really cold and water turns into ice). Luckily our pal Riley has shared a few winter tips with us, thanks Riley!

However mom & dad are mad at me sometimes, because of my thing with squirrels. See, whenever I spot a squirrel I just stand there, like a statue, staring at the squirrel (I'm just hoping to mind-control one of them some day). Dad says it's bad for me, because when it's cold and windy, I'm all motionless and get very, very cold, I start shivering, but I refuse to move because of the squirrels. Well, it's my obsession, don't judge me!

At least dad found a way to make the best of it: yesterday I was hypnotized by a rather plump squirrel, and next thing I know, I'd had an entire manicure done! Yeah, dad took advantage of my distraction and trimmed all my nails really short. Said I was long overdue for a clipping, too. I don't like getting my nails trimmed, but this time I didn't really notice so it was OK.

Well I gotta go, because I think it's snowing and I want to watch! see ya!!


Remembering Bela

November 15th 2010 12:24 pm
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The sun is different here, way up north. But it still reminds me of the autumn sun that sneaked into the room, the last rays of sun Bela, my friend since I was a puppy, ever felt warming up her fur.

Bela passed away exactly a year ago. I still miss her, and whenever I see a dalmatian in the distance I wag my tail, thinking it's her.

A lot has changed in our lives in this time, but still I've done as she taught me: i've been stubborn, sneaky, but also sweet, loving and I've done my best to become a gentler, calmer dog. I remember mom & dad liked that about Bela! and now it's for me to fulfill the role of the older and wiser dog.

It's strange how humans place meaning in particular dates, and today, one year later, I can feel a sadness and longing in mom & dad.

However I know in time it won't be as painful, and will be part of memories to be cherished, of loved ones to be remembered and thanked for that little bit of themselves they left in our lives.

In the meanwhile I hope my humans take comfort in knowing that I will be here for them, as Bela always was, as she taught me to do.

See ya'll soon!


I'm five years old!

November 1st 2010 1:50 pm
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Hey all! so it's my birthday today! I'm five years old, which is well into maturity for a giant-breed doggie such as myself. Indeed, I'm much calmer than before, and I enjoy sleeping most of the day. Still, I'm all for a good run in the park whenever I have the chance to do it.

Five is a nice round number, and I think this past year has been one of the most eventful in my life.

Not all our adventures were nice, but together we've managed to get through the bad times. Things are of course much better now, and the adventures continue, what with our crazy move to Canada, all the raccoons and squirrels, my having to learn to live in an apartment, and of course, snow! it's white, cold and fluffy, and so much fun for us doggies!

Still, I hope to still have many years left with my humans, my pack, and friends! thanks for reading me and be seeing you around here!


The cold!

October 30th 2010 5:34 pm
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Hey all! So here I am, after a few weeks in Montreal, I can say I like the place; there's plenty of squirrels for me to watch, even though mom & dad hate it when I just stand there staring at them for hours. There's also these new critters called "raccoons", they only come out at night but look a lot bumblier than squirrels and I think they'd be easier to catch. Mom & dad don't let me anywhere near them, though.

It's also starting to get cold! Luckily mom & dad got some really nice winter coats for Mathias and I. And there's this thing at our house where it's really warm and toasty even though it's cold outside. So when I'm really cold I can just cuddle on the couch!

Well, I'm off to celebrate Mathias' Birthday! See ya!


The move to Canada!

September 29th 2010 10:17 am
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Hey folks! guess what, I'm in Canada now!

Let me tell you how it happened. First, dad disappeared! one day he packed a couple of suitcases, said goodbye and got in the car with mom, like they have done many times before. Only this time, dad didn't come back. We waited for him but he didn't return. I was with mom & Mathias but I was missing dad very much and wondered what'd happened to him.

In the meanwhile, mom was very busy preparing stuff, packing things around the house, running errands and such. We wondered what she was up to.

Then one day, a nice lady came to pick up our kennels. We thought nothing of it at the time. The very next day, mom got us doggies in the car, drove us to the airport and delivered us to this lady. Thus began a couple of very tough days for us! this lady led us through a strange process, ending up with us getting in our kennels, we felt so abandoned and defenseless. The kennels got transported and put inside an airplane, which is basically a huge tube with wings. I've seen airplanes in the air, like huge birds, so we thought one of these birds had eaten us.

Then a lot of strange noises and motion began; we were scared, barked and howled but nothing changed. We eventually resigned as things quieted down a bit. A few hours passed but they felt eternal to us!

After a few hours the plane landed in a city called Toronto (overheard it from some humans). Someone came and got our kennels out of the belly of the beast. We got out of the cages, some people checked we were healthy, did some paperwork and drove us to a boarding facility; I've been in those before but I don't like them. This time it wasn't different. Mom & dad were nowhere to be seen, so, still scared, we decided to sleep a little bit. At least I had Mathias and we kept each other company.

A few hours later, someone came, put us in the kennels again and drove us to the airport, where, as we feared, we went inside another airplane. I feared we'd have to do this every day! This time the flight was a bit shorter and after about an hour we landed again. This time they just got us off the plane and left us inside the kennels, in a big warehouse.

About 20 minutes later they started moving us again. I feared the worst! But this time they left us outside and I noticed some people talking and trying to get us out of the kennels.

One of them was dad!!! We were ecstatic to see him, after 26 hours spent alone and in terror. When we got out of the kennels we kissed the hell out of dad.

He got us in a pet taxi with some very nice people who spoke a weird language. Dad told us we were now in a place called Montreal, way up north, and that we could relax now. So we did and fell fast asleep in the car while those nice people drove us home.

Eventually we arrived at a building dad said was our new home. It's an apartment, a bit smaller than what we're used to, but still nice.

I was wondering what'd happened to mom; it turns out she boarded a plane too, a bit after dropping us off, so once we got home with dad, we got to have our first walk in Montreal, going to pick up mom a bit farther down the street where a nasty cab driver had abandoned her.

The entire family reunited, we were all very happy, and we set to get to know our new town.

So here we are, a couple of weeks after arriving, and already getting settled in. Life in Canada is hard for a doggie; we're supposed to live indoors and behave, no barking! and when going out for a walk, we can rarely be off-leash. This drives me crazy as there are so many squirrels to chase! But mom & dad are doing their best to make us feel comfortable, and I'm starting to like the place. I guess we'll have many more adventures, and hopefully I'll get to tell you all about it.

See ya for the time being!


At the vet!

August 17th 2010 3:15 pm
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Hey all! I've been at the vet's a bit more than I would have liked. But it's all going to be OK!

First, I was there last week for my first-ever teeth cleanup. Mom & dad dropped me off in the morning, then the doctors made me sleep a bit, they cleaned my teeth and removed a nasty growth I had near my fang, and I went home later that day. It was easy, and I even got to go for a walk that same afternoon! so now I have a shiny smile, and I'm getting my teeth brushed daily too, so it should stay that way.

However, a couple days after that, mom & dad noticed a nasty red ball in my chest. So I went to the vet's for a tissue sampling, that hurt a bit because they poked the ball with a needle. Results came back today and it's a benign tumor; that means it's good but it still has to get removed. So dad tells me I'll have to spend the day at the vet's again tomorrow. Luckily I also get to come back home tomorrow, so it won't be that bad.

As for the mystery box and surprise mom & dad have for me, I still don't know any details! I guess it'll have to wait until after I've recovered from my (minor) surgery. Keep you posted and thanks for reading me!

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