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barbed wire

November 24th 2006 9:57 am
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The last time we went running in the forest (about 2 weeks ago) the cold hadn't started; it's much colder now. Anyway, we were just starting the walk when I saw a nice open field for me to run a few laps! and all I had to do was climb up a tiny hill! so there I go, when I was stopped by an invisible force! I sort of bounced, and I felt a prick on my head. Not a bad prick, but enough to leave me thinking "me thinks it's best if I leave the tiny hill alone".

However mom & dad got all worried and started yelling and yapping something about "barbed wire" or something and trying to look at my head. I just wanted to keep running so after a few moments they seemed to decide I was OK (of course I was! I'm a great dane!) and we resumed the run.

When we got home I got my head sprayed with purple stuff and then I remembered they did the same to Bela when she got caught in a nasty wire with teeth, once. Only that time they were REALLY worried, but Bela was fine afterwards. So now I think that's what stopped me, a wire with teeth. And they're sneaky too! I never saw it :)


fun at grandpa's

November 26th 2006 5:57 pm
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Heya'll! today mommy went out really early, she went running while we stayed home and slept with daddy who's really lazy.

Afterwards, whee! we took the long trip to grandpa's house! it's really far away (about an hour daddy says but to me it feels like forever!) but once you get there it's really fun because they have a huge yard and I get to run around and try to keep daddy from getting ahold of pillows, buckets and assorted stuff people leave lying around. I know it's my job to get all that stuff because otherwise daddy just takes it away and it's no fun.

I also got to play with my grandpa and grandma; grandpa tried to hypnotise me with his cane and grandma wanted to hug me. I let her, but just a little, so she doesn't think I'm too easy.

I ran and ran and I ended up really tired, so when mom & dad got back into the car, so did I, I fell asleep and next thing I know it was night already and we were back home.. it's like magic, the car! next mom put a t-shirt on me; I still don't get it, it's boring to have it on and I'd rather rip it off and play with it but I'm just so tired right now that I'm gonna sleep until tomorrow.. or until mom & dad serve me and Bela our doggie supper! so be reading ya'll tomorrow!


Sorry Mom, I mean it!

November 28th 2006 10:22 am
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So... yesterday was such a lousy day... Mom got so mad at me I even howled a little. I felt so bad, so guilty... but Mommy, I was just playing! You can't expect to leave an unattended pup of my size indoors and find everything OK.
I know you used to go everywhere with the shiny pink little box that had a white cable you stuck in your ears and made you start singing. You used to wear it while running and it had a leather case which I always wanted to munch in!
So I saw it there on the table and I couldn't resist! It was hard and the leather was tasty! I heard it crack under my fangs a couple of times and it even lit up. And then you came into the room and saw me, I tried to run with it downstairs but you caught me, took it and then you were so mad as I have never seen you before.
You didn't shout but instead you took me out to the garage, all the way out you were saying to me how I needed to learn to respect, to grow and be a good doggie. You left me out and then dad came and gave me odd eyes...
Sorry Mom, I really mean it!


Nasty dogs

December 1st 2006 8:23 pm
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Hey! I just woke up from a nap to enter something into my diary. You may be wondering how dogs get to have web diaries. Easy, mom & dad help me! I don't think I could use the computer thing by myself, and they wouldn't let me after I broke my mom's iPod.

Anyway, we went running in the forest today. Dad was really slow today, I don't know why he was tired or something. Bela got lost for a bit, mom & dad were really worried, I tried to help them look for her, eventually she appeared and we were all very happy to see her.

On our way back to the car, a couple were holding a chocolate lab. I approached them to see if I could play with the dog; mom was telling them I wouldn't bite or anything. But they said their dog might bite me; and sure indeed, he started barking, growling and snapping at me. I promise I just wanted to play! anyway daddy called me and I had to leave that dog alone with his owners.

The dog was nasty but maybe it wasn't his fault; mom & dad always say I was socialized very well from an early age (I even went to puppy kindergarten!) and so I'm very friendly with both dogs and humans. Not all dogs are socialized, and it's really important to do that; it can mean the difference between a nice, friendly dog and one you have to hold back all the time, lest it try to be nasty to another dog or person.

Well, since the run was pretty tiring I'm going back to sleep. See ya all!


Galacto - what?

December 3rd 2006 4:53 pm
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Hey! so yesterday we took Bela to the vet to see if he could help fix her nasty cough. I try to help her but when she coughs all I can do is sniff and I don't think it's so good for her.

The vet said she has kennel cough; he also said I'm OK because I had the shot for that when I was just a wee puppy. Bela didn't get a vaccine then because she has been getting sick and so mom & dad never got the chance, and now she caught the disease but she's going to be fine cuz the vet gave her some antibiotics and she has to wear a zebra-stripe shirt most of the time to stay warm. I used to have one of those because mom brought two when she was on a trip, but it doesn't look good on me, so when they tried to put it on, I just tore it apart. That'll teach them!

They also took me to see the vet because mom & dad think my breasts are getting too big. Sure enough, the vet checked me and said I have galacto-something; meaning I'm producing milk. Since I'm not pregnant, the vet said it's most likely due to hormonal imbalance and the problem'll sort itself out in a few weeks. And luckily I don't have to take medicine like Bela! cuz when that happens, daddy has to jam the pills down our throats and it's nasty. In the meanwhile I look a bit fat and weird, mom & dad laugh at me and say I'm like a tiny cow, and I have to constantly lick myself to get rid of secretions. Bah! this hormone business is not funny for nice doggies like me!


A new friend!

December 7th 2006 7:43 am
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Woo-Hoo!! so yesterday we went out for a walk at the HUGE explanada at the university; it's one of my favorite places to go because it's humongous and I have a lot of space to run. Also, I can usually find some nasty garbage: plastic bottles, used napkins and leftover food from picnics; then I pick it up and run like mad while dad & mom yell at me and try to get the toys from me. But I'm too fast! You should see just how upset they get when I find chicken remains! Bela and I go ga-ga over chicken bones.

Yesterday there was this guy with a big dog. When we approached it turned out to be another great dane! I love to play with other dogs of my breed because they do a lot of the stuff I can do, like play tackle and stand on two feet (mom says it's quite a sight). It's good for us too, since we're so big it's often difficult to find playing partners; most dogs south of a labrador retriever just can't handle a great dane ;)

I had a lot of fun playing with Shaka, who is a 9-month-old, male merlequin; already he's taller than me, even though 4 months younger; but he was really skinny and was no match for me. His dad should take him out more often, needs exercising! anyway I had a lot of fun and mom & dad did too, they say they like watching me play with other dogs, specially great danes.


More friends!

December 10th 2006 8:37 pm
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Hey! I'm very happy today because I met two new friends: Mitch, a miniature schnauzer, and Camilo, a bassethound. I like bassets because they're like short bloodhounds and have a really nice bark, it's even deeper than mine! These two dogs were really friendly and they both liked to play with me. I chased Mitch a bit, he runs like a rabbit! while Bela engaged in a gazing battle with Camilo, who won and then came to play with me. He likes to play rough, started jumping and nibbling at me and is really heavy for such a short dog, so even I had trouble keeping up with him.

Eventually I decided to just go play with Mitch. I'm very good at playing with smaller dogs, I'm very gentle and try to get down to their level so they don't get scared. Of course it only works if the tiny dog is not afraid of the big black dog (me!) and luckily for me that's the case with Mitch.

We had a great time before we had to leave, and then, because I ate some nasty dirt, I threw up in the car on the way home :( mom & dad were worried; but I'll be OK, I just have a small tummy-ache and I'm really tired from all that running around so once again, off I go to get some sleep! good night !


Tallulah's thoughts for the day

December 13th 2006 10:26 am
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Pork chops! pork chops! pork chops!!!!


Ready for christmas!

December 22nd 2006 9:01 pm
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Hey all! so I've been quite busy because christmas is around the corner and mom & dad have been crazy with shopping and preparations while Bela and I help any way we can! I'm thrilled! last christmas I was only a month old so I don't remember much, but since I was still with my breeder I guess I was in a room with all my puppy siblings and didn't get to enjoy the party.

Bela has told me how things go, and because I've seen mom & dad bring presents and wrap them up in nice, crunchy paper and I've been busy investigating everything they bring for wrapping, I guess things are like this: all the humans gather near a small tree where all the presents will be. I get to pick a present with my mouth and run like crazy while all the humans chase me into the yard. When I'm running I get to tear off the shiny, crunchy paper and then I get to chew on whatever's inside the package. I hope I can do it right!

From what I've heard it's exactly what humans do, except they don't run, they just tear the paper away and look at the presents and that's it. I like my version better!

The best part is, we get to spend a few days at grandpa's, with the big yard! so tomorrow we'll leave and we'll be back on christmas day. So I guess I'll be seeing you then! And Merry Christmas to all, dogs and humans alike!



January 2nd 2007 8:44 pm
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Hey all! so I'm really excited as I begin this year, because I had a really fun christmas and holiday season!

First we spent christmas weekend at grandpa's with the big yard and there were a lot of interesting things happening! everyone was happy, cooking lots of yummy food and there was this huge mountain of presents! though mom & dad had to teach me not to grab them because I really wanted to munch some crunchy paper. Then on the second day there (christmas eve), a lot of people started coming in and there was a party! the group did the mexican "posada" traditional procession, I'd never seen it and it was a lot of fun trying to grab dad's candle, it was one of those glowsticks they use for camping and stuff. We doggies got to eat a lot of leftovers and there were even presents for us! but I was really tired from runninng around all day so I went to sleep pretty early, although they gave me and Bela a nice mat to lie on so we could be close to mom & dad and the party.

On christmas day we woke up to a beautiful day and after breakfast we came back home. I was really tired from all the excitement and basically slept all through the day. Overall christmas was nice and I got a nice flying squirrel frisbee!

Then a few days later we went running in the forest and there were the weirdest creatures! cows! they're like dogs only really really fat and they're huge! I wanted to play with them but they were too slow for me! hah! while in the forest we even came across a group of cows who were lying down on the floor resting, so I got to get really close and smell them. They seemed to fear me and Bela because they got all defensive and tried to scare us away. And I only wanted to play with them!

It's been a pretty exciting time for me, and it's now a new year (or so mom & dad say, to me it feels the same except dad who is on vacation spends afternoons with us, which he usually can't) and though mom & dad would like me to have a resolution to be better behaved, I think my new year's resolution will be to play more. I love to play and run around! so happy new year to all my friends!

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