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The bike ride

August 6th 2007 8:43 am
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Howdy! I'm just waking up! yesterday we had a really tiring day.

Mom and dad got ready to go cycling but this time was weird; instead of getting into the car and driving to a place where we can use the bikes, we got right out on the streets! our city organizes a "bicycling sunday" and this weekend the route went right by our street! so on we went!

Mom started running with me on a leash and Bela on the loose, while dad trailed us on the cargo tricycle lugging mom's mountain bike. Truly a sight to behold. Mayhem started pretty early when, less than 200 meters from home, Bela ran into a car and hurt her hind leg. Mom freaked out because she thought Bela had been run over, but luckily it turned out to be a minor scratch, since the car was moving very slowly.

Since Bela was still a bit hurt, they put her inside the trike, while mom began riding her bike and dad pedalled the trike, with me leashed to it. It's fun jogging along the trike but I don't like being leashed because I can't run like crazy.

We were riding along when out of a house came a dog, Bela started barking at him and trying to jump off the trike. I wondered what was going on with Bela, so I tried to get inside the trike to check on her, but when I came in front of it, I realized it was a very bad idea to get in front of a moving vehicle. Dad swerved and slammed on the brakes and BAM, the trike flipped over, Bela went flying to one side, I was very scared and tried to run away but couldn't because I was tied to the trike, all while mom rushed to help us, they finally untied me and Bela and all was well. I got a minor scrape on my front paw and dad twisted his ankle, but the funniest thing was when the trike flipped over!

After that they decided that the best thing to do was for mom to run with Bela on-leash, while dad moved the trike with me still tied to it, and mom's bike on the trike. It was a very odd arrangement; but since we all kept a very relaxed pace, we managed to complete the 14-km circuit in about 2 hours. After 10 km Bela got tired and did ride the trike without incidents for a while. Then they tried to put me inside but I got nervous. What if the thing flips over again? so I got off pretty quickly. We got home OK but really tired; me and Bela slept the whole day and night. All in all it was a bumpy ride but safe in the end and well worth it. I look forward to doing it again, though dad says that (luckily) it only happens once a month!

be seeing ya on wheels!


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