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Dogster community NOT going away?

February 17th 2014 10:01 am
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Hello friends! I just read this:


It looks like Dogster is not going away after all! Anyway, as they say in the article, it's not all set in stone yet, but let's see what happens.



Goodbye dogster!

January 27th 2014 9:22 am
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We were really sad to learn that Dogster's community section, where we've kept our blogs for a long time (Tallulah is 8, and started her page when she was less than a year old) is closing down. Now, as dogs, we can only speculate as to the reasons. Dogster was a place where we could express ourselves to like-minded doggies (and their humans), and that was an important part of our dog-lives.

Hugely important events, such as the adoption of Aullido and Mathias, as well as devastating ones, like the passing of Aullido and Bela, as well as Talluhah's near-death experiences, were much better when shared with our friends, who gave us tremendous support and were always there to share our joy and ease our burdens.

We now "scramble" to collect contact information for our friends, knowing that friendships will endure and we will keep in touch. So let's leave it at that; social networks may come and go, but friendships will last, so let this be a "see you over there", rather than a "goodbye"!. Be seeing you!

P.S. We'll still check our paw mail in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to stay in touch with us, let us know so we can share contact details.

- Tallulah & Mathias & Family


Cozy Christmas!

December 25th 2013 11:52 am
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Hello! Winter finally came and we've been having a lot of fun playing in the snow and dealing with seasonal storms. I'm a big dog, but when I step in a snow bank and sink to the chest, I know it's really been snowing a lot.

Another thing that's happening is that I'm finding it harder to deal with the snow, the exercise and the cold. My humans have noticed I get really cranky when it's very cold and I have to go out (hey, you'd be cranky too if you had to go out on -20 degree cold!). Also, when I come back home I am very tired and sleep a lot. But hey, it's just that I'm not that young anymore; I'm doing my best to keep up. At least the humans realize that and try to keep my walks short. Still, it's so nice outside that I forget about the cold sometimes and want to stay there playing with snow and chasing squirrels!

Anyway, have a great holiday season and a good new year, hope to be reading about y'all here soon! Cheers!


Tallulah's new clothes

June 21st 2013 1:07 pm
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Hey all! So the months of April and May are usually quite rainy; so are the autumn months, September and October. Since us doggies need to go out rain or shine (or snow!), it's always a challenge for the humans to find ways to keep us comfortable and dry on those rainy walks.

I used to not mind the rain, when I was younger I liked going out on the rain and running in puddles. I don't think my humans liked it very much! But now I'm older and I'm not so fond of the rain anymore. I get all wet and cold and I just want to go back home.

Due to my size, it's usually hard to find good rainwear for me. I've been made to wear a human jacket, but since it has the arms at the sides (not both pointing down, who designed these crazy humans?) it wasn't a good fit. I've also been known to wear (oh the shame) a giant plastic trash bag, which my humans affectionately call my "derelicte". I don't like it because it's very noisy and gets in my way while walking.

Luckily for me, my humans decided to splurge and bought spiffy new rain slickers from Chilly Dogs for Mathias and myself.

After a gruesome measurement-taking session, these were ordered online and promptly arrived via mail. I got an orange one that looks great! They have good coverage of our backs, sides and belly, though our paws, legs and heads still get a bit wet. Still, mom & dad say it's easier to dry 25% of a dog than an entire, wet dog! and we're much happier since we don't get so wet and cold.

And of course, as a girl, I always like getting and showing off my new clothes :)

See ya'll!



November 8th 2012 8:45 am
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First I want to thank all my friends who left me birthday presents. I really appreciate it, thanks!

Let me tell you how I spent my birthday. All alone :( haha!

So a few days before my birthday, mom & dad started making sneaky travel preparations. They were going away! They've done this before a few times, and it's usually for a couple of days.

So as usual they prepared some bags (for them and us), then a car came do pick us up, and they took us to the dog hotel. After they said goodbye, Mathias and I prepared to spend a few days in the dog hotel.

But this time it was longer than we thought! it turns out they went to this far-away place called Europe, so instead of a few days they were gone for almost a whole week. And unfortunately that meant that both Mathias and I spent our birthdays in the dog hotel! But hey, it wasn't bad, we kept each other company and other doggies staying in the hotel did give us best wishes those days.

After a few days mom & dad came back to pick us up. When they arrived we were ecstatic! we barked, ran around and generally were very happy to see them. Then we rushed outside and as soon as the car arrived to pick us up, we jumped inside. Then we got home and slept until the following day! it's so good to be home.

Now winter is coming, we're all waiting for some snowfall and I'm already growing my winter coat! here's to many winter adventures. See ya'll!


A bath!

August 20th 2012 11:30 am
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Hi all! I'm all clean and shiny now! let me tell you how it happened.

Back in Mexico we always had a walk-in shower, so it was as easy as getting me in there and giving me a bath. I learned to do it pretty easily.

However here in Montreal we only have a bathtub, and it's really scary for me to get into; I'm afraid to slip and hurt myself. So mom & dad's first idea, to get me into the bathtub, failed miserably. Also, because of my back problems, they can't just lift me into the tub.

So last year, I only had one bath, at a pet store where they were able to give me a bath since they had a drain on the floor. Seems pretty simple but not a lot of places are able to bathe a big dog like me! However, this pet store closed down and so they were unable to take me there again. It's a big city and I'm sure other places could accomodate me, but since we don't have a car, it would have to be within walking distance.

As you can imagine, bathing once a year means I was already somewhat dirty. So mom & dad started looking at ways to give me a bath. First they asked in other nearby pet stores. Some refused, and one of them said they could accomodate me, but when dad looked at their bathing facility, it turned out to be just a large sink about 4 feet above the ground. Ideal for bathing small dogs, but I would have been hysterical if they'd tried to put me there.

Next they tried to coerce me into the bathtub again. This also failed because I refused to go in there; it's too scary for me.

So they were pretty worried by now. Then they had a weird idea! They bought a small kiddie pool, it's basically a large but shallow pan (4 feet in diameter, about 8 inches high). They put this over a large plastic sheet to collect any splashing water, put *me* in the kiddie pool (something I had no problems with, as it's really shallow!) and gave me a bath with warm water from a bucket!

It worked like a charm, I obviously stayed very still and they were able to really soap me up and give me a good scrubbing. I came out all clean and shiny, and I don't smell of dirty dog anymore!

We're all very happy and we can now recommend a way to give baths to large dogs if you don't have a shower or a patio where you can just let the water go down a drain: use a kiddie pool!

Well I'm off to enjoy my cleanliness! See ya!


Raccoon Season!

August 3rd 2012 7:32 am
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Hello! I've been having several interesting encounters with raccoons. We live near a large park with an artificial lake, and raccoons live in the trees surrounding the lake, to scavenge food from humans who picnic there.

Now, the lake was in need of maintenance so they fenced it off, emptied it, and rolled in some construction equipment to basically tear it apart and rebuild it. It's long overdue since, from what I hear, it hasn't had maintenance in over 70 years! (an eternity in dog years).

However, because of this, all the raccoons decided it wasn't such a nice place to live anymore and moved to a small neighboring park where we usually go for walks. So I've had a chance to see a lot of raccoons up close! yesterday I saw a family of three scurry up a tree as I approached. I naturally spent 10 minutes contemplating them, which is fascinating. They're so cute!

Luckily they're smart enough to go up trees when they sense a threat (me!). And since it's crazy hot, I get tired very easily, and because of my age the heat really affects me. Hey, who knew summer was so hot this far up north? I don't really like it, and neither do my humans, so we're hoping for the fall to hurry up and arrive.

OK, so I'll go look at some more raccoons and hopefully bring back some interesting stories! See ya!


Fall is here!

October 3rd 2011 8:13 am
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Hey! Yes, so fall has arrived in town, with a noticeable drop in temperatures and three days of uninterrupted rain.

Since it got cold so suddenly, we've really felt it! mom & dad noticed it because the hair on my back was standing, and yes, I was cold! Even Mathias who has slightly longer hair was shivering and curling up into a ball. Mom & dad are wearing sweaters and scarves inside the house!

Now, I have a nice sweater for this kind of day, but since it's also been raining, dad made the mistake of leaving my sweater on during a walk and it got wet :( so I had nothing to wear and I was freezing! I kept nudging them with my nose to see if they could help me or something. Finally mom lent me one of her sweatshirts, and it's so cozy! it even has sleeves so my legs stay warmer! now she's saying it's only while the heat gets turned on in our building, but I think I'd like to keep the sweater :)

Anyway, temperatures will only keep going down from here, so it's just a matter of getting used to it, in the meanwhile I'll be wearing this cozy sweater and sending you my greetings from under the covers :)

See ya'll!


Crazy summer!

August 25th 2011 8:09 am
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Hey all! so last I posted, spring was in full swing, and it was really nice and beautiful after the long winter.

But then summer came! and what a crazy summer it has been. Starting with the crazy heat and humidity, unlike anything we'd ever experienced in Mexico. Some days I thought I was going to have a heat stroke!

Then I got a tick! nasty little creature sucking on my blood! We'd never seen one so mom & dad didn't realize until after it was engorged and fat. Luckily it came off without problems, and now we get tick checks every few days. Mathias also got one but his was much smaller, mine looked like a bean and was so disgusting! yuck!

Then I got attacked :( a nasty doggie got loose and came at me, luckily nothing major happened, we just got tangled for a couple of seconds and I came out of it with a scratch to my face, but I was really scared :(

Also, my "grandparents" (dad's parents) came to visit, they spent a week in town. Mathias and I weren't expecting them, so when we came out of the house to meet them on the street, we recognized them and we were so happy, wagging tails and all! We hadn't seen them in over a year. We had a few nice walks with them and were glad to welcome them in our house. Only thing I didn't like is, they took my room and my bed. But it's OK, I'm a nice doggie so I let them have it.

The last day they were here, it was cool and rainy, my favorite kind of weather! so obviously when they let me off-leash for a moment I started jumping around and running like crazy. Big mistake :( I hurt my spine, and when we started walking back home I started feeling some nasty pain. I couldn't walk, so I had to sit down and rest for a bit. I was scared because I didn't know what was happening to me. Mom & dad explained I'd probably hurt my back and were patient with me. I eventually made it back home and wanted to lie down and rest, but it hurt too much, even for that.

After a short while since the pain was not receding, mom & dad decided to take me to a pet hospital. This being a Sunday, only a big hospital far away from home was open, so they had to hire a pet ambulance to drive me there. I like driving in cars but I was in too much pain and didn't really enjoy the ride.

At the hospital I got checked over, got some x-rays, and the doctor didn't find anything obvious like fractured or displaced vertebrae, so she gave me some pain medication and anti-inflammatories, and sent me back home with orders to rest for a couple of weeks.

For the ride back home, we called a pet taxi, which is identical to the car we had in Mexico! so that ride was a lot more fun as I feel really comfortable in that car.

My meds are really powerful, I was able to sleep and rest very well and by now, 4 days later, I'm feeling almost like new again! and I want to go running and jumping again! Sadly, mom & dad say I can no longer do that :( I guess old age is catching up with me. Oh well, I'll settle for our usual, long walks in the park and a long nap afterwards :)

So those are my summer adventures! Looking forward to the fall season here!

See ya'll soon!


Spring time!

June 14th 2011 9:57 am
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Sun, green everywhere, flowers, neat refreshing tree shades & warm evenings.

Ah! I can finally take walks without my coat, get down in the grass and scratch my back against it. So comfy, so relaxing and such a welcomed change.

I have never experienced this "seasons" thing. Mexico City is almost always warm and sunny. It will get cold and rainy but you would never get these extreme changes.

Oh! and all that fauna -which mans feral animals running around, I'm a big girl now so I use big words!- that I never knew before. I knew squirrels but NOW I know ducks, raccoons, skunks, gofers, woodpeckers, seagulls, crows and the smaller chipmunks. Of course I love chasing after each and every one of them!

Mom tells me I should be careful with the skunks thou, as they may very well spray me with urine. Wait a sec, URINE? what kind of nasty beast would do such a thing? Where are its manners? In any case, I think I will let skunks alone.

How is your Spring coming alone for you?

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