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Donovan's Days

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Moof! Moof! Hot

July 16th 2007 8:18 pm
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It's gotten hot here. In the mid-seventies. I get so hot walking to Mom's meeting that I could just melt. It's even worse walking back. The hot asphalt burns my feet.

(Editor's note: Donovan does get hot and the asphalt is hot, but Donovan is a little soft.)

I am always so happy to get home where I lay in the breeze for a while until I am cool enough for a good drink. It's tough to be a big dark, colored dog in California. It's so sunny all the time. When it's overcast... Ah! When it's overcast.

Then I can walk anywhere not too far with Mom. That makes her happy. She does worry when I drag along panting. I always wonder how big black dogs can run around and look so happy in the sun. If I was black I wouldn't go outside in the sunlight. Luckily we live in a place that's really shadey.

There are big trees and lots of pathways for me to walk down. There are lots of dog smells too, because there are lots of dogs here. I always see dogs when we walk at home, but seldom get to meet them. That's because all the bigger dogs, and some of the smaller dogs are fighters. All they want to do is bite and fight.

I have two friends, Schotzie, and Mac. Schotzie is a schnauzer. She gets so excited when she sees me it makes me wiggle. Mac is a westminster terrier. She pulls her owner over to me when she sees me. Then she runs back and forth between me and my mom. Mom gets kisses, and so do I.

I guess walking in the hot sun every day isn't too bad. It's only for a half-hour, then I get to rest for an hour before we go home. And at home I sleep most of the afternoon. Then Mom takes me for that long, shadey walk.



June 15th 2007 9:50 pm
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Mooof, Moof! Today was different. We went to Mom's meeting like usual, but then it stopped being usual. Mom put a muzzle on me! I was a good boy. I just asked nicely for her to take it off, and when she told me she couldn't, I laid down.

Mom was good. She pushed bits of cookie into my mouth. So I got as much cookie as I would have ordinarily. I tried to get cookie bits from this one cookie hog, but he ignored me. Big cookie hog!

When the meeting was over, and we went outside, one of my favorite people took my muzzle off. I was glad to have it off.


Long Walks

May 30th 2007 8:44 pm
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I had a sore foot the last couple of days. Mom took me on a really long walk, and my foot that gets sore got sore again. Mom says that she isn't going to take me for such a long walk anymore. We are going to take a bus from now on. I sure hope the bus isn't crowded. I'd almost rather have a sore foot than ride a crowded bus.


Lotsa People...Lotsa Coooookies!

May 5th 2007 9:48 pm
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Woof, woof, woof. Mom has started going to what she calls meetings. There are usually quite a few people there. They pet me, and feed me cookies if Mom lets them. Usually I only get one whole cookie. Mom says I'm spoiled, and enough is enough.

I lay down and listen while people talk. Sometimes Mom talks. After everybody who wants to talks, everybody stands up and holds hands. Then they say a couple of things. One of them all the people say together. Sometimes when they say this one I woof. I figure they should hear my voice too. A lot of people say this for me. Gee, these people are smart!

We went to two of these meetings today. At the second one there were only a few people and I didn't get any cookies. I did get patted, even by my favorite girl. There was a guy there that I needed to bite at the first meeting because he stared at me. The guys that patted me told him not to stare. That helped and I didn't feel like biting him any more.

It was a good day. I got a long walk with lots to smell and mark. I got cookies and patted by lots of people. It was a good day.



April 23rd 2007 10:39 pm
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I almost forgot! Last night Kalani came over to our house! I thought that she was there just for me to make puppies with. I was wrong. Karen and Mom got kind of mad at me because I kept trying to make puppies with Kalani. Well, who wouldn't want to? She's a beautiful dark chocolate lab with beautiful manners.

Mom finally put my leash on and kept me near her. Kalani came over to tell me she was sorry and Mom had to chase her away 'cause I got all excited again.

Kalani's mom finally came home. She was all upset because her roommate was supposed to be watching Kalani. Evidently the roommate doesn't know enough about dogs. She left the patio door open enough that Kalani could wiggle out and run around. I would have done it. Especially if I needed to find my Mom.

Karen took Kalani back to Patty and reassured her it was all right that we had to watch Kalani. Patty met Karen right in front of our apartment. All was well.


I'm so excited!

April 23rd 2007 10:32 pm
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Woof! Woof! Wooooof!

Mom has started going to this room everyday. A lot of people come and sit in the room with us. Everybody takes turns talking. There are a lot of people outside, and I have to bark at them because they might be dangerous. In fact, tonight I had to bark at a couple of men in the room because they were not right. They kept staring at me. I smelled them and they were ok, but they kept staring. I had to bark.

We got a ride to the room tonight. From a really nice woman and man. They made sure that Mom didn't fall. They drove us home, too. I hope we don't go to the room all the time at night, though. I get tired, and so does Mom.

Going to the room in the daytime is nice, though. There are lots of people and they all pet me.


Don't Trust Cats

April 13th 2007 6:58 pm
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Woooof! I'm all better now, but my buddy, Luna the cat, scratched my right eye and it all swelled up and hurt! Mom took me to the vet. I love them there they are so nice to me. They gave my mom some goopy stuff to put in my eye. She did that for a week. Then she took me back like they told her to, to recheck my eye. It wasn't healed all the way yet! So they gave Mom another medicine, an antibiotic drop, to put in my eye. I was really good. I let Mom put all the ointment and drops in my eye without any fuss. She told me what a good doggie I was.

Two days ago we went in to have my eye checked again, and it was all healed! I am so glad. It was getting difficult to sit still while Mom put drops and ointment in my eye.

Like I said in the title... Don't trust cats! They can be your best friend one minute and scratch your eye the next!


Rainy Day turns Sunny!

February 11th 2007 10:18 pm
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My Mom is wonderful. It was raining this morning, and first she got it to let up enough so that I could go toilet. Then she pretended to sleep while she got rid of all the rain! We went for a long walk, including to my favorite pet store where they feed me lots of treats. Mom also ate lunch, which meant that I got to eat some of her chicken sandwich. Then we walked home a different way, a way we used to go a lot. I got to smell all the old places, and leave my mark at a prominent one. We didn't see any of our old friends, but then it was starting to get dark, and they all go inside then.

Oh, yeah! I turned six yesterday. Mom and the guys from my favorite pet store got me venison dog food to eat for three days... The day before my birthday, my birthday when I got a can of venison food!, and today I finished the last of it, sigh. It sure was good. I wonder if Mom will switch to that kind? I will eat whatever she gives me because she gives it to me with love.



January 26th 2007 8:03 pm
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Wooooof! I'm so bored. Mom's power wheelchair isn't working again. It's been a week. She was sizzling today because they hadn't gotten back to her yet. Then, "they" called. It'll be almost another week before they can fix her wheelchair.

Bored, I am soooo bored. We have gone to the lady doctor, and to Robert's office, but I didn't get to smell a lot like I do when Mom and I go and her wheelchair's working.

I know Mom's bored. She keeps making this huffing noise and looking out the door. I feel bad for her because she can't walk very far. She can't do whatever it is she does instead of smell everything. I guess that'd be talking to all the people she knows.

I got to play with a half-grown boxer puppy named Jack today. He was out when we went out. Poor Mom, we almost knocked her down! But it was so fun! Finally, Jack's owner got my leash and Jack's leash and we all went our seperate ways.

Bored, I am still mostly bored.


A Strange Day

January 18th 2007 8:24 pm
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Yesterday was a little strange. Mom got me ready and we started up the street to get her prescription. Her power wheelchair kept going slower and slower. I kept looking at her and thinking there was something wrong, but she just kept going.

Finally, in back of Target, the wheelchair quit altogether. I thought, "Great, now we'll be here forever." But a nice man came over and pushed Mom to the bus stop. When the bus came, two nice men put the wheelchair on the bus. They took the wheelchair off the bus when we got to our home bus stop.

Then my mom tried pushing the wheelchair herself. It took her forever, and she only got to the corner. Then, our neighbor lady, the one with the two boston terriers, came and made Mom let her push the wheelchair. Or rather let the lady, Kate, and her daughter, push the wheelchair. Along came my mom's other friend, and she unlocked the gate and held it open while they got the wheelchair through it. The lady and her daughter pushed the wheelchair all the way into our apartment. My mom thanked the lady, and they hugged.

Woooooof! What a strange day.

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