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Cherokee's Story

2 years ago!!

February 11th 2009 8:34 am
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"Teach Me How To Breathe Again"

By: Lindsay Eckert, Copyright 2000

Constricting pain,
Blackness, Death.
Two years now to the day,
And I still haven't exhaled that breath.
The breath I took when I knew it would be the last time
The last time I ever smelled your fur.
I simply cannot let that go,
The last memory I have of you.
The last living part of you on earth.
To exhale would mean vanquishing a soul.
Sitting, blue in the face, eyes rolling back into my head, thinking
"Really? Two whole years?"
Two years is quite some time.
730 days
17,520 hours
1,051,200 minutes
3,784,320,000 seconds.
But compared to it all..
how long is that really?
Two years is a split second in the history of the forever,
Yet those two years are a long time when you cant breathe
When you want to die
When you want to cease existence.
But I will keep holding that breath,
If I let it go, we both die.
A person can forget a lot in those short simple two years.
The sound of your tags hitting the metal bowl,
How utterly amazing your ears felt every single time
The wet doggy smell that would remain
no matter how much shampoo we used
Two years it's a long time.

Dear Sweet Cherry,

It is almost hard to believe it has been 2 years since I last petted your fuzzy ears. I miss you every day!



Cherokee Forever Loved Cherry


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