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Life is GREAT!!!!

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C-ATE6 Doolin

October 6th 2013 7:50 pm
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This Friday up in Bar Harbor Maine, I ran a very fun game with mom and we earned our C-ATE6. It's the first one ever awarded in CPE and mom was really happy. It was her birthday weekend, so I thought I would give her a gift, all wrapped up with a bow on top (see the ribbon). We had a blast for the rest of the weekend too. The trial is held in a campground and there are chipmunks, gray and red squirrels EVERYWHERE!!!! Mom would take us for walks and my ears would go forward and I was on the hunt. I loved it! So, yes, we took a new title and it was all exciting and I had loads of chicken, but mostly it was FUN! Now on to C-ATE7!!!

Rock on,
Doolin Kingsley


C-ATE5 Doolin

November 18th 2012 7:10 pm
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On Friday we were playing agility up in Portland Maine at Happy Tails and we knew that I had a chance at taking my C-ATE (CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire) for the 5th time, which no team had ever done before. We started Friday with our most difficult game, which mom was sure we would bomb on, but I performed perfectly and we qualified. The rest of the day was pretty much the same and by the last run we took the first ever C-ATE5 in Canine Performance Events (CPE) history. YEAH ME! Then we went on to top our year end point total from 2011 on Saturday and on Sunday finished with a perfect score of 15 out of 15 runs. Mom is pretty happy with me and I'm loving all the hugs, treats and attention. I'm only 7 so I have a lot of time to make that lady shine and I intend on doing my very best. After all, I love her, she loves me and it's all good.

Peace Out,
Doolin Kingsley


Happy Gotcha Day To Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

August 5th 2012 5:26 pm
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Mom was all leaky remembering back when she and dad drove 7 hours to Pennsylvania to pick me up 6 years ago. How they almost left me there cause I was a bag of crazy and mad at everything. So this weekend we were at an agility trial in Vermont and I was crawling up in friends laps and saying hi to all sorts of people and dogs and mom was thinking how far I have come. I'm a rock star in agility, but now I'm a rock star at just being a nice dog! That is so cool! It took years, pounds of treats and some really good understanding, but I am a trustworthy, happy, lovable goofball that mom and dad are really happy they took a chance on.

Thanks to all my furiends for the pressies today. They always mean a lot to me and mom. We are keeping our paws crossed that something can be done to save Deacon. He's a good soul, but is carrying some heavy baggage. Please keep him in your hearts and hope that he can realize what a great life he can have if he finds some trust and lets go of the past.

Hugs to all of you...

Doolin Kingsley
Rock Star Extraordinaire!



January 16th 2012 8:02 pm
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Dad called mom at work today to tell her that Mom and I took the number one spot in the country for Regular CPE Agility!!!! Mom was very happy, but she knew I was pretty high up there. The best part is that Duffy is #2, Dori is #3 and Duncan is #3 Enthusiast, even after blowing his knee out in October and not competing for 2 months. Do you know how far ahead he had to have been to retain that position??? Lordy, he's my idol! Anywho, my furiend Minnie who is a very pretty chocolate Cocker p-mailed me tonight to tell me that she was happily handing the crown over to me. She was number one last year and I was number 2. It was a lot of work, a lot of trials, a lot of time spent in the mutt hut on the road, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my pack (even the new guys) and can't imagine life without them. Thank Dog I took the chance on them 5 years ago!

Peace out,
Doolin Kingsley
#1 CPE Dog 2011!!!!!!



August 4th 2011 6:55 pm
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Sooooo, we wander on over to SR tonight and notice that tomorrow is my 5th Gotcha Day! How great is that???? Since they found me on Petfinder and taught me all those great things that make me the perfect dog that I am.... OK, let's start over... 5 years ago mom saw me on Petfinder and took a chance on a flea bitten, aggressive headcase. That was me and you all know the story by now. I'm fabulous and it's cause I love these humans so much and they love me right back. It's a win win situation! Since my Gotcha Day (which should go down in history as a major holiday), they have taken the chance on THREE more! CRAZY! They should have stopped at ME! What's up with these nutso people??? Hoarders I say!!! OK, I love my pack, even the crazy new guy, but really! I'm the middle kid now and I still hang with Duncan (best bud) and I'm massively attached to Devin (little bud) and Dori is my fun time play pal, so I guess more is better. I'm going to wait until Deacon is better and has the all clear and then we can find out where he will fit in MY pack. Anywho, I'm loving life, loving my pack, loving my humans (a lot) and life is good here in NH.

Peace Out,
Doolin Kingsley
Adopted 8/5/06 from Bradford County Humane Society, Ulster PA through


C-ATE3 Dog!!!

July 11th 2011 3:30 pm
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Hey pups, I'm a day late on this entry cause I was pooped last night and just couldn't make my brain talk to my paws long enough to type. I took my C-ATE3 (CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire 3) title on my first run Friday down in Connecticut. Mom wasn't sure we could do it because it was a real distance challenge, but I showed her. Dad also helped when he showed her where she could practice the distance before the buzzer sounded and we really had to do it. The buzzer finally sounded after we had accumulated a bazzion (OK, 40) points and off I went over the jump, through the tunnel on the other side of the dogwalk, out the tunnel barreling towards mom and turned just in time to take another jump and land neatly on the table. Mom about needed clean-up in the ring! They brought her that obnoxiously HUGE ribbon and we took a joy lap around the equipment while everyone clapped. When the score was posted we found that I had a higher point total (60 overall) than any other dog running in all heights. It was pretty cool, but as I have said many, many, many times before... It's all about the chicken! Love you mom and have some faith in the punk rock star! I can do amazing things!

Peace out,
C-ATE3 Doolin Kingsley


I'm a bit concerned...

December 29th 2010 7:00 pm
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The new pup, the humans call him Devin, has attached himself to my side and is not going away!!!! Every time I turn around he's there! A few nights ago mom caught us napping and she snapped photos of us and it's down right embarrassing!!!! Geez, short of biting him I can't think of any way to tell him to back off and he is sort of warm and fun and I love chasing him and he loves chasing me... OK, so I sorta like him. I'm still sorting through this in my mind. Mom always called me PUNK and she has said that Devin is outpunking me, whatever that means. All I know is that she is calling him punk now and I'm not sure if I'm happy to give up the name or if I should be offended...

Peace out,


C-ATE2 Dog

September 14th 2010 7:11 pm
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Yes pups, I'm going to talk all that agility stuff again. Last week I posted that mom and I took our Masters Agility Dog title in a group called USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association). Well this weekend we took our C-ATE2, which means CPE (the group that runs these trials) Agility Team Extraordinaire "2". This is the highest award given in this group and mom and I have done it twice in approximately 3 years total time. There are only a handful of teams that have achieved this so far in the country so it's kinda cool. Mom was really happy with our run and we had all sorts of celebration after. Then I went on to run clean for the whole day, which just added to the points that we need for C-ATE3. Anywho, it's an honor and I just LOVE to run with mom. The days were crisp and cool and it was wonderful being out in the sunshine and not being HOT.

Peace out,
Doolin Kingsley


MAD Dog!!!!!

September 4th 2010 4:38 pm
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I'm MAD I tell you!!! Mom said that we accomplished my Masters Agility Dog (MAD) title today on a great Masters Standard run. It was fun and she was ridiculously happy after! I received loads and loads of chicken and she received a very nice ribbon and that's how we started the day. Then after all that, I Qd every last run and Duncan Qd his too! Mom is very happy about that whole stinkin day. Me, I just like the chicken part...

Peace Out,
Doolin Kingsley


D Dog for a week!

April 6th 2010 7:12 pm
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My furiend Mulligan (678501) came to our house tonight and when his hoomans left, they left him behind!!!!! OMD!!!!!! Mullyman is staying with us for 6 whole days!!!!! We went ZOOMING around the back yard tonight and had a blast. He's so FAST! This is going to be incredible! Just think, we met here on Dogster two years ago and now he's staying at our house. How cool is that?

I'll keep you posted on all the fun stuff we are going to be doing this week.

Peace out,

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