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My day today

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April 17th 2010 1:13 pm
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What is adoption? -Well thats simple.. its when a furkid is given a home and a family of their own.

What is rescue? -Its when a dog or cat or other animal is shown compassion, its when they are helped, its when they are taken from the horrible enviorment rather it be an adusive home, or a neglectied back yard, or from the streets, or from a place that can no long care for them, mostly its from going from one place that we should have never been in the first place to going to the next step towards our future.

I was rescued by my mom. I was thrown out of a moving automobile with my litter mom and 2 siblings.. I was terrified, I was only 4 months old. I would scream if anyone even thought of coming near me. My mom slept on the floor with me even though I didnt want anything to do with her, she wasnt going to give up of me! I made her work for it, hehehe. But I gave her the best reward at the end of my rehabilitation! Puppy kisses! Whats better then puppy kisses? Uhm, nothing! Just ask my mom she'll tell ya!

I was also adopted by my mom, the rescue she worked with that paid to have me neutered and up to date on medical stuff told her not to worry about an adoption fee or paper work since she was my rescuer, but mom told them she wanted to make sure it was offical, hehehe she wanted to take NO chances that I wouldnt be hers. She says the day she signed my offical adoption papers was the happiest day of her life *looks over at mom all teary eyed* oops gotta do my duety as a rescued child! hehehehe *licks his mommas face* All better no more tears! Shes only tearing up because I mean a lot to her... I'm already 7 years old! Gosh I dont know what shes gonna do when I'm 8 years old! She's had me since I was 4 months.. man has time flown!

To me rescue and adoption is the future every furkid should have. Its ashame that people do the things they do to us, but people like my mom and you reading this are the ones that make up for the bad people. Those are the people that can make a difference in furkids like me's lifes. The more YOUS we have, the less BADS we have.. So please incourage your kids to LOVE animals! Teach them compassion, they are the future to all shelter dogs.

Well thats my story, I gotta follow mom into the kitchen now, shes gotta make supper. One thing about being adopted she just cant say no to this face! I had gooooood looking parents hehehehehehehe!

Oh and hey, thanks for reading this. You're a good person and I'd give ya a lick if I could *licks computer screen* eh, not really the same as in person..

*giggles* -Walli


A day in the life of MOM... on her day OFF BOL!

August 26th 2008 8:40 am
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Well today was moms day off... She only had 1 stop to make and she would be home with us all day! Well at 8am she got a call from one of her clients and her client was on her way to work in about an hour so mom need to go by there as it would be the only time mom could get paid. Well it had been storming the past three days and when mom pet sit for her client it was only for 1 day and she had noticed that their neighbor had two small dogs in a small pen outside.. It made mom upset because it had been raining and the two dogs were full breed one yorkie and one rat terrier.. Not that the breed matters.. anyway mom thought maybe it was because they had company and thats why the dogs were outside. So today she was talking with her client and she asked about the dogs... heres their story..

Moms client said: They had the dogs for about 2 years they never pay any attention to them they hardly remember to feed or give them water. They stayed out in the FREEZEing winter, the HOT summer, and the rain.

anyway long story short these dogs "got out" of their pen and mom picked them up called her vet and said "Make room we got two more coming in, The rat terrier has red mange(sP?) and the yorkie has an infection in his eyes. They have no meat on their bones they are nothing but fur, skin, & bones. Fleas eating them alive the yorkie would have died if he was in this condition for another week because the fleas were eating him alive, draining all his blood. Same for the rat terrier but hes a bit bigger then the yorkie." Their pen was covered in poop and grass and BUGS oh my gosh BUGS galore!!!!

anyway these puppers will be my new foster sibs and will be adopted out once they get the ok from the vet.


Seceret SNOWMAN!!!

December 23rd 2006 4:11 pm
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Thanks to whom ever game me a seceret snowman!!! I JUST LOVE HIM!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

Love WALLI!!


Christmas is tomorrow!!!

December 23rd 2006 8:47 am
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Oh Rustee was a naughty boy!!! He pee peed on the presents!! I told him not to do it but he didnt listen to me! Mom thought he would do that so she wrapped the presents really good over and over and over again with wrapping paper! & Its a good thing cuz she would have had to run out and buy new stuff!! But nothing got wet just the paper. so now our presents are on the big coffee table at grandmas

We are so happy we love our grandma we get to stay the night tonight and for a long time mommy says cuz we just finished the move early early this morning mom had these men come over to our house and they took our stuff!! and then they brought it over to grandmas house and set it up. I tried to bite them twice cuz they were really big guys but mommy stopped me and told me they were gonna help us so i stopped tring to bite them BUT i kept my eyes on them!!!


My Tail of Devotion for Prince Wallis Watson

December 19th 2006 1:00 pm
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To my Walli! I love you so much! I wouldnt be able to live with out you! You are the prefect dog! You are so poliet and sweet! I love the way you get along with every kind of dog! I love your sweet kisses and hugs! I love you with ALL my heart! I knew we were gonna be best friends when I saw you laying in the small patch of grass when i rescued you. I never gave up on you! It took me two days to get you to trust me but I did it! and Im so glad I did!

I love you Walli! *Mauh* -Mommy

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Mommy thought this was to cute!

December 6th 2006 7:01 am
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When I was rescued................long story short the only think i would let my momm do is put her hand under my head which i sleeped she said her hand was like a craddle for my head. & now 3 years old I still sleep with my head craddled but instead of her hand I do it with my paw. shes gonna have to get a picture and post it she said.



November 22nd 2006 6:26 pm
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Wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGINING! Just incase Im not able to get online tomorrow. Mommy has to work in the morning (she helps rehabilitate dogs mentally) Like a doggie psychologist so she has to be with doggies all the time. Then she is going to have thanksgiving lunch with her human family but she will stay for a while then she might have to go to work alittle more then she will come home to us and we will have Thanksgiving dinner together with all us dogs, Grandma, Her dogs will come over too! and my human uncle might come by too.

Us dogs get to eat at the same time as the humans (well like always) but because its thanksgiving we will get the Turkey can food and some real turkey in our dinners. Moms gonna try to take some thanksgiving photos so we will see how it works out. If she can get good ones I will put them on my dogster page so keep a look out!




my family!

November 15th 2006 6:53 am
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Hey everyone! I have three uncles that also have dogster say hello to Buster Boomer and Buddy Rufus! We are family! They are my grandma's doggie kids! to see where they are click on "see all my pup pals" they are at the bottom.


Bath night......... Yest"ur"day

November 10th 2006 3:53 pm
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Last night I got a bath with my uncle Boomer. We all came over to Grandma's house and mom put me and Uncle Boomer in the tub. I was okay with it but Uncle Boomer wasn't thrilled. But the cool news was that me Rustee Madison got to stay the night at Grandmas. I love staying at Grandmas! But any way Madison wants to play so I am going to go play. Bye!




November 8th 2006 9:31 am
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Hello hello! Woof woof! I am in a very playful mood! I just got done chasing my brother and sister around the house and then we went out side to play cuz mommy said we were gonna hurt our selves in the house. now I am thristy but Madison played in the water so it was dirty and I had to wait till mommy made me a fresh bowl. She put ice in it! I love to play with the ice. Madison gets in the bowl and paws at the ice and then they get stuck to her feet and its funny! but any way I am going to go take a nap cuz I am tired!

- Walli!

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