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I feel funny

August 24th 2007 9:09 pm
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I haven't really been feeling myself lately. There's been a LOT of stuff going on at our house and not all of it's been good. It makes my tummy feel all upset.

First of all, we recently had our cousin Emma come stay with us for more than a week while Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Diane went to Ireland. (That's where Tess and Spice were born... and the country that me and all of my doggy family comes from originally! I wish I could have gone with them so I could see this cool place!) Emma was very nice and all, but she never really let any of us rest and I'm a dog who relishes my naps! Not only that, but she didn't listen to the rules and so Momma ended up having to yell at her a LOT and I really hate when Momma yells. Even though she almost never yells at me it still makes me so sad and scared. When she yelled at Emma for disobeying her for the billionth time, I would just cower on the Orvis bed or run in my crate and hide. All the turmoil even interfered with my appetite!!!! (I know... I'm shocked too!) I know Momma's been pretty worried because I don't eat my treats right away anymore. She says that's not like me and I agree completely. I went to Dr. Phil (our vet) for my checkup and he gave me SHOTS which hurt my leg sooooooo much! I screamed! Momma says I'm a wimp and the needle hadn't even touched my leg yet! Whatever... I know that it hurt! No one can tell me otherwise!

ANYWAY, the vet found nothing wrong and he says I'm very healthy. I haven't had to wear my collar because I had an allergic reaction to my tags and my neck got all bald and red and itchy... so the vet told Momma I didn't have to wear it for a while. YAY! I always feel so free and light when I don't have to wear my collar... but I also feel weird because the other dogs have to wear them still and I don't want to be left out of anything.

Okay, so continuing with my gripes... Emma left yesterday night and I was so relieved because that means things should have gone back to normal... but they didn't yet! Today Tess wouldn't give Momma the bully stick she was eating when Momma told her "Give," so Momma went to take it out of Tess's mouth and she GROWLED and BIT Momma! Momma yelled a lot and grabbed Tess by the scruff of her neck and shook her and told her she was a BAD GIRL and made her go inside her crate and stay there for a long time. Then at dinner, Momma fed Tess LAST (and she's always first!) and did the same thing with the treats! She also took the food away from Tess a lot and said "Give" a lot to her. Tess listened that time. It really upset me though because Tess never acts like that and I don't like my routine being disrupted. Tess ALWAYS eats first and it really bugged me that she was last today. I waited to eat my dinner and my treats until after Momma let Tess have hers. All of this tension upsets me a lot. Momma says I'm very sensitive. I don't know what this means really but I know I don't feel too great right now. I hope Tess listens to Momma so everything can be normal again really soon!

[Whine whine]

I'm gonna go lie on the couch with Momma... that should make me feel better!


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