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Sully's Silly Thoughts

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A Dog's Life Survey

September 20th 2009 8:22 pm
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Saw this fun survey on a friend's page and decided to do my own! Haven't written in my diary in a LONG time, so here goes nothing!

.:About you:.

Name: George Sullivan Bailey (but most call me Sully 'cause it's shorter)

Age (in dog years): 3

Age (in human years): Um, 21? But Momma says I shall always be her baby!

Breed: Connemara Jack Russell terrier

Fur color: Tan/white

Fur Pattern: Lots of tan coloring on a white background... I also have a perfect, narrow white stripe going from my nose to my forehead! Everyone loves my stripe!

Size: Small

Weight: 15 lbs

Nuetered/Spayed: Neutered

Where are you now: Curled up on the big doggy bed with Tess and Izzy

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: In my litter, I had one brother and five sisters. I also have numerous siblings, half-siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relatives in my Connemara extended family - we all see each other once a year! Now in my house I have a JRT "sister" and a Basenji/JRT "brother."

Do you have any strange markings: No

Were you adopted from a pound: No


Food: Chicken hearts

Sleeping spot: The couch with Momma

Walking place: Blydenburgh park on the trails near the lake

Bone: Any raw meaty bone

Treat: Bully sticks

Animal to chase: Squirrels... and my brother Izzy

.:Top 3:.

Who's your #1 friend: Momma

#2 friend: Auntie

#3 friend: Tess

What's your #1 toy: Blue Man (stuffed dog; RIP)

#2 toy: Nemo (stuffed fish; RIP)

#3 toy: Anything Momma gives me that is stuffed

.:Have you ever:.

Been to the beach: Yes, a tiny strip of beach at a campground in Maine

Seen snow: Yes

Traveled out of your town: Yes

Bite a person: No way

Been bit BY a person: No

Ate a frog: No, but I've rolled on dead ones

Broke a leg or paw: No


Most annoying thing a human can do: Fart or use the vacuum cleaner

Most awesome thing a human can do: Give me bellyrubs

Boyfriend/girlfriend: My heart belongs to Momma

Do you wear a collar: Yes

If so what color: Dark green


Christmas tag!

November 25th 2007 7:38 pm
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Whoa, it's been such a very long time since any of us have written in our diaries! My friend Bailey NPC tagged me for Christmas, so here's my letter to Santa Paws!

Dear Santa Paws,

Hi there! I've been meaning to write to you and tell you that I've been a VERY good boy this year! Even better than I usually am! There are a few things that would make my tail wag extra-hard if you could kindly help me:

1. Please give Momma a teaching career so we can make more money and she can "pay the bills." I'm not sure what bills are, but she and Daddy worry a lot about the money so I want you to help her get more. I don't like to see my mommy worry about anything!

2. Please help me educate people about the no-nos associated with buying dogs from pet stores and BYBs. (If you didn't know, Santa, BYBs are backyard breeders.) Momma got banned from a puppy store in our town this year because she dared ask too many questions about the dog's background. Please make sure these doggies get great homes (without supporting puppy mills!) and do what you can to help educate people not to buy from these despicable places.

3. Please help the shelter dogs find great furever homes all their own. Momma comes home each day from her shelter job and hugs and kisses all of us extra-tight now... she says we don't know how lucky we are to be in a great home while so many dogs are withering away in shelters (or being euthanized for lack of space).

4. Please help Daddy not be allergic to us dogs anymore so I can sleep on the bed (or even just on the couch) with Momma! I like my crate but I'd much prefer snuggling with the people at night!

5. PLEASE send enough treats and Love Bones and bullysticks to last the whole year! (A new bed wouldn't be a bad idea, either! We've pulled the stuffing out of the really fluffy cloud-bed that Grandma bought us, so we'd need a new one pretty soon!)

Thanks for listening! I promise I'll always be a good boy even if I don't get everything I want!

Love and doggie kisses,

George Sullivan Bailey

Now I tag some of my pals:

1. Sunshine Sally
2. Zoe
3. Jasmine
4. Heidi
5. Wexford


I feel funny

August 24th 2007 9:09 pm
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I haven't really been feeling myself lately. There's been a LOT of stuff going on at our house and not all of it's been good. It makes my tummy feel all upset.

First of all, we recently had our cousin Emma come stay with us for more than a week while Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Diane went to Ireland. (That's where Tess and Spice were born... and the country that me and all of my doggy family comes from originally! I wish I could have gone with them so I could see this cool place!) Emma was very nice and all, but she never really let any of us rest and I'm a dog who relishes my naps! Not only that, but she didn't listen to the rules and so Momma ended up having to yell at her a LOT and I really hate when Momma yells. Even though she almost never yells at me it still makes me so sad and scared. When she yelled at Emma for disobeying her for the billionth time, I would just cower on the Orvis bed or run in my crate and hide. All the turmoil even interfered with my appetite!!!! (I know... I'm shocked too!) I know Momma's been pretty worried because I don't eat my treats right away anymore. She says that's not like me and I agree completely. I went to Dr. Phil (our vet) for my checkup and he gave me SHOTS which hurt my leg sooooooo much! I screamed! Momma says I'm a wimp and the needle hadn't even touched my leg yet! Whatever... I know that it hurt! No one can tell me otherwise!

ANYWAY, the vet found nothing wrong and he says I'm very healthy. I haven't had to wear my collar because I had an allergic reaction to my tags and my neck got all bald and red and itchy... so the vet told Momma I didn't have to wear it for a while. YAY! I always feel so free and light when I don't have to wear my collar... but I also feel weird because the other dogs have to wear them still and I don't want to be left out of anything.

Okay, so continuing with my gripes... Emma left yesterday night and I was so relieved because that means things should have gone back to normal... but they didn't yet! Today Tess wouldn't give Momma the bully stick she was eating when Momma told her "Give," so Momma went to take it out of Tess's mouth and she GROWLED and BIT Momma! Momma yelled a lot and grabbed Tess by the scruff of her neck and shook her and told her she was a BAD GIRL and made her go inside her crate and stay there for a long time. Then at dinner, Momma fed Tess LAST (and she's always first!) and did the same thing with the treats! She also took the food away from Tess a lot and said "Give" a lot to her. Tess listened that time. It really upset me though because Tess never acts like that and I don't like my routine being disrupted. Tess ALWAYS eats first and it really bugged me that she was last today. I waited to eat my dinner and my treats until after Momma let Tess have hers. All of this tension upsets me a lot. Momma says I'm very sensitive. I don't know what this means really but I know I don't feel too great right now. I hope Tess listens to Momma so everything can be normal again really soon!

[Whine whine]

I'm gonna go lie on the couch with Momma... that should make me feel better!


My job!

August 15th 2007 3:49 pm
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Yup, I have a job now. It's to GO TO WORK WITH MY MOMMA!

As you all know, Momma now works for a dog toy company! She brings me to work almost every day and I get to spend my time playing with Kayla, her boss's GSD mix. Kayla is about five or six years old and is waaaaaaaaay larger than me... but I'm the one who calls the shots and decides who gets what toy and what games we play! Kayla has a big backyard with fish ponds and a pool. Momma put me in the pool to go swimming one day while she was on a break and I almost drowned! My head went underneath the water and all I could do was paddle like crazy! I was sooooo scared! I will NEVER go in the pool again as long as I live! [Whine]

Momma's boss has children who hang around sometimes, but not all the time since their parents are "divorced." I don't know what that means but I guess it means that Momma's boss doesn't always have the kids living with him. They need to see their momma too I guess. I love the kids, especially the girl named Carlie. She basically lets me do whatever I want and she loves to feed me and watch me do tricks and pick me up and take me out for walks! I loooove when Carlie is around because that makes the day extra-fun for me!

Oh yeah, and did I mention it's a DOG TOY company? There are soooooo many toys around and I get confused because I'm not sure which ones I'm supposed to play with and which ones I can't touch. Yesterday I took this awesome leopard-spotted ball thingy and was squeaking it like mad... I didn't think Momma would notice it was missing but then she looked over and figured it out. Darn!! She took it away from me and told me to go play with my snowman. I love my snowman but I wanted something ELSE! Hmmmphh!

I must excuse myself now. I feel like napping on Momma's lap because it's about 90 degrees in the house and she LOVES when I do that to her! BOL! Just kidding... she hates it but I love lying on Momma so she's just gonna have to put up with it!


Super summer thrills!

July 17th 2007 12:21 pm
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I am sooooo sorry that we haven't been on Dogster lately! We've been having too much fun!

First, some not-so-great stuff: Momma does not have a job anymore. She says she quit because her boss cursed at her and called her "inappropriate" names. I don't really know what that means but I know Momma is upset about not having a job because she needs to pay for stuff and now she's scared she's not going to have enough money for the wedding in September. I usually like everyone I meet, but if I ever run into her boss, Tess and I have decided that we would both attack him for being so rude and mean to Momma! No one's allowed to be mean to MY momma!

But now for the coolest thing: WE HAD OUR DIRT DOG REUNION ON SATURDAY! We had LOTS of dogs come from all over the country to our house and we had sooooo much fun! Momma bought us these huge peanut butter bones with our names on them as party favors, and we ran around the yard and played fetch and just hung out with each other all day! I was so happy because there were a ton of treats and some little kids to play with! My tail never stopped wagging! And everywhere I went there were friendly humans and laps to sit on and hands full of treats! Momma made another Kool Dog treat with water and two whole boxes of gravy Milk Bone biscuits... such a nummy yummy frozen treat! It was extremely refreshing! I love being a host because I'm very very social and I love everybody... people AND dogs! Dogs who came included:

OLLIE (and his humans Debbie and Noah, who's seven years old and REALLY FUN!)
OLIVE & MERLIN (and their humans Karena, John, and Mariah; they slept over!)
FIONNLAGH, MADAGAIN, & KEEVA (and their humans Leslie and Tom; Fionn is my half-brother, Maddie is my aunt, and Keeva is my cousin!)
SCOUT (and her humans Kathy and Debbie)
FIONNUALA (and her humans Liz, Jim, Mary, and Katie; she's my half-sister and lives here on LI!)
CORSA & ELVIS (and their humans Lisa, Caroline, Kathleen, Mili, and Ivy; Corsa is my cousin and Elvis is my half-brother and only eight weeks old!)
OLIVE (and her humans, Aunt Missy and Uncle Yanni; she's a West Highland white terrier and fluffy!)
HEIDI (and her humans, Uncle Timmy and Aunt April; she's a French bulldog and waaaaay fun!)

My half-sister Gracie and cousin Max were supposed to come too, but they couldn't make it because one of their humans was very sick. We were sad and missed them a lot, but we're also glad that Joe is feeling better now. Hopefully they'll make it to our next reunion!

Everyone had a pawsome time and said that Momma was a great hostess! (Well, DUH, she's my momma and she's the best!) I wish I could give you more details but I have to go and play with my new stuffed sea turtle toy. He is so cool! I picked him out at the pet store yesterday when I went with Momma to go get more kibble! The lady said I was so cute with it and she gave it to Momma for free! How nice of her!

I will try to get Momma to post some pictures. She definitely has the time now that she doesn't have a job!


I met my sister yesterday!

June 27th 2007 5:01 am
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Okay, so technically she's a HALF-sister... we have the same dog daddy, Seamus... but seriously, we are family! (Uh-huh, I had my big sister with me! Hee hee, that silly song makes me giggle!) Her human momma brought her over yesterday for a playdate at our house! Her name is Fionnuala (pronounced Fin-oo-lah), but they call her Finny for short. She is super-duper cute! She's got a heavily broken coat (honestly, she looks rough to me) and is really nice... she was kind of shy at first and kept rolling on her back and peeing. I get it, Finny! You're nice and you won't hurt me! :)

Finny's momma, Liz, brought us two pawsome things: BIG cookies made just for doggies AND her human children! Their names were Katie and Mary and I LOVED THEM! Momma was so happy that I was so nice to the kids because she says when she and Daddy have kids then I will be their best friend. She's right about that... although I can't picture Momma having kids right now, I bet it will be so cool once it happens! I love everything about kids... the way they talk (it's so high-pitched!), move (they're clumsy like puppies), handle me (they poke! prod! pinch! grab! snuggle! love!), and just ARE. They are fun and I love them all! Nothing gets my tail wagging quite as hard as seeing a human kid or baby and I get very upset and insulted if they don't come over and say hi to me. Liz's girls loved me though so everything was good. Momma took lots of pictures and I'm going to bug her until she puts them up on Dogster! Finny and I had fun together all day long even though it was HOT outside! We all drank a ton of water and Katie and Mary kept giving us lots of biscuits and holding me! I fell asleep in Katie's lap a couple of times... hey, it was warm and I was full of food and sleepy!! Momma says she's very proud of how good all of us were and how calm and nice we were to Finny. I was so sad when Momma carried me to the front yard to say goodbye to Finny and her humans... I hope they come back to visit soon!

Lately I've been going to Momma's work a lot. I am so popular there and I basically can do no wrong. I go to see Aunt Jill a lot and I LOVE her! She gives me so many treats even if I don't do my tricks right away, and she snuggles me and kisses me and I just love her to pieces! Momma says that Aunt Jill doesn't normally like dogs but she adores me (yes, and even the others!). I cannot say I'm surprised... I am a pretty cool little guy if I do say so myself!


Daddy's car

June 14th 2007 9:55 pm
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Today something scary happened right outside our house. Us dogs were outside in the backyard digging lots of holes when all of a sudden we heard a HUGE BANG and crunching glass and tires screeching. We started barking like crazy but we couldn't see anything from the yard cause the gates were closed. Daddy went outside to see what happened... and he says his car is "totaled." I don't have the first clue what that means but I don't think it's a good thing because his tone of voice was not a happy one. I heard him talking on the phone with Momma and he said that an old human lady passed out behind the wheel and she smashed into his car, then hit the lamppost out front, and finally hit the tree that's in our front yard. Police cars and an ambulance showed up to take the lady away (maybe to a vet's office? I forget what human vets are called... something different I think) and Daddy had to get on the phone with lots of people. Grandpa came over and looked at the car, but he played with us too so that was cool. I don't think Daddy's too thrilled right now. He says that he was one payment away from having the whole car paid off. Once again, I have no idea what all of this means. I'm just repeating it because I like to gossip and maybe someone on Dogster knows more about this stuff than I do and can explain it so I understand.

Godmommy and my goddaddy and Zoe and Jasmine stopped over today to meet Izzy. Zoe attacked him right away and I think Izzy got scared. She just kept attacking him (phew, I was relieved because Zoe went after me last time and I didn't like that at all) and finally they got into a big fight. After the humans broke it up, Momma told Godmommy that Zoe can't come to the Dirt Dog reunion next month because she will get into fights and Momma doesn't think it's safe. I'm glad Momma told Zoe not to come because I don't think I'd have a good time with my friends if Zoe was constantly attacking them. Plus if the humans are busy breaking up fights, they're not giving us treats... and I have a HUGE problem with that!

I tried new treats today... they were made of whitefish and tasted super-good! Momma and her friend Carly fed them to me at Mommy's job. They said that I'm the official mascot of the Ultimate Dance Zone (that's the whole name of Momma's store) and they put a business card on my harness so I can advertise! It's fun to walk around the shopping center and attract people's attention! (I tried to go inside the pizza place because it smelled sooooo nummy, but Momma pulled me out of there before I could get near the food. Darn it, Momma!) Oh yeah, I also got to sit in the big leather computer chair at Momma's job, too. Hee hee, I was so comfy!

My dog mommy, Poppy, had a new litter of babies today. They all have the same dog daddy as me too, so now I have four new brothers and two new sisters! Hooray! I hope I get to meet them someday! Momma said that one of her DD friends is getting one of my brothers soon because she really loves me and she hopes my brother will be just like me! I'm so flattered! (Personally, I know no one's as good as me, but we'll keep that a secret just between us. No one will ever be able to call ME a snob! BOL!)

Sleepy time now... good night, friendly Dogsters!


Bobbing for hot dogs!

June 4th 2007 2:57 pm
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Sometimes my life is so pawsome that even I can't believe it! On Sunday Momma took me to Hounds on the Sound, a fundraiser for Save-A-Pet in Port Jefferson. Auntie went with Spice too (yes, Auntie's back from her road trip! Woo-hoo!) and we both had a lot of fun! There were lots of doggy vendors set up selling toys and clothes and OH YEAH... FOOD! Tons of healthy home-baked treats! Momma and Auntie bought us a bunch to take home. I also got petted by this nice lady and she told me how handsome I was and that I could pick a stuffed toy from the basket at her booth! I grabbed a blue puppy stuffie that squeaked! It made me so happy so Momma had no choice but to buy it for me! (Momma says that the woman operating the booth is an awesome marketer. Wonder what that means?) I also got a bag of free yogurt-dipped biscuits from one lady at a treat booth. They are really yummy! Another lady gave me a couple of French fries from Mickey D's (yay!) and said that she LOVED Jack Russells and she'd have to call Momma and get together with her sometime. I hope she brings her dogs over so we can all play!

Wow, there's so much else to tell... oh yeah, we watched an agility demonstration. The English springer spaniel that was doing it was pretty good. I don't know whether I'd like to run through that big tube or up the ramp, but I guess if Momma gave me treats I'd do it okay. We saw lots of other doggies; I made friends with a big fox terrier and Momma commented on how handsome HE was (ahem, what about moi?). His owner asked if I was a JRT, and when Momma said yes, she replied, "Oh, yeah, JRTs come from fox terriers!" What a moron! I certainly don't come from anybody's idea of a fox terrier; Sheila has worked very hard to keep our bloodlines purely JRT, with NO fox or Fell terrier infusion whatsoever. So that lady can shove it. I hate it when people think they know everything! (Of course, I hope no one thinks that I don't like fox terriers... or mixes... or any breed for that matter! I love all dog breeds equally as long as they like me back!)

The best part of the whole day for me was when I went bobbing for hot dogs!! That's right... the humans had set up two big kiddie pools full of water so us dogs could play "bobbing for tennis balls" and "bobbing for hot dogs!" I must admit that I was a little hesitant to go into the water at first... but once Momma fed me a piece of hot dog and showed me that there was an entire POOL full of them, IT WAS ON! I jumped inside the pool and started gobbling up hot dogs and water as fast as I possibly could! Everyone was laughing and taking pictures of me and the volunteer from Save-A-Pet kept dumping more hot dogs into the pool for me! Momma had to lift me out of the pool and drag me away because I was NOT gonna leave that pool of yummies if I could help it! Boo to Momma for not letting me finish all the hot dogs!

I had a tummyache for the rest of the day... and I threw up the next morning... but it was SO worth it and if I could do it all over again... I'd eat much FASTER! :)


Horses at the dog park?

May 27th 2007 11:38 am
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Yesterday Momma and Daddy went out for a long time in the morning and when they came back they smelled AMAZING! I never thought Momma would let herself get that "stinky" (as she would call it)! Tess and I smelled her clothes forever until she finally took them off. They said they went horseback riding in a park! I used to live with horses when I was a teeny puppy but I don't remember them much since I wasn't allowed anywhere near them (I was too little and I think everyone was afraid I'd be stepped on by the horses' enormous hooves). They give off this pawsome smell... like dirt and dust and poopie and straw and leather and HORSE all at once! Gosh, I wish someone would bottle up the smell for me so I could indulge every day!

Momma and Daddy are also excited because in the park where they rode the horses, there's a DOG RUN! Dogs are actually allowed to run around FREE with no leashes or anything! Of course we all love this idea but Momma says she'll only take two of us at a time because she can't handle all four by herself. That's okay with me because I know Momma would NEVER leave me home on a trip to the dog park... I'm too charismatic and friendly for that! I feel like Izzy should stay home because he truly lacks manners still and doesn't understand what "stop it" means if he's really excited (which is most of the time). I'm really excited about this park because we've been hoping for Momma and Daddy to find one for a really long time; there aren't many on the Island. I wonder if the horses walk through the park and if we'll get to play with them? Momma didn't say that the horses couldn't play with us; she just never mentioned anything of the sort. Perhaps I will finally get to play with a horse... I know I could outrun one if Momma just gave me a chance!

Speaking of playing and running, I went to a barbeque with Momma today and I met the nicest pit bull ever! His name is Tony and he had the biggest head I've ever seen in my life! I wasn't scared though because I like every dog (unless they give me a REALLY good reason not to like them!) so I went right up to him and smelled him over. I could tell he was a good guy because he didn't give off any funky vibes. We played and ran around together and everyone was amazed that Tony didn't eat me... not because he's usually mean but just because of the size difference. Tony is pawsome! He has a baby human to play with and the baby human gave me a couple of biscuits! Ooo I was very happy about that! I made sure to take it very gently from the baby's hand because Momma says that human babies are very sensitive. Everyone loved me (as usual) and I even got to steal some food off of an unattended plate! Daddy didn't like that but HEY, a dog's gotta eat and I didn't see DADDY offering me any hamburgers!

[Yawn] Today's been a long day. I think I'll go lay down with Tess. Good night Dogsters!


Game o' tag

May 24th 2007 10:22 am
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My friend Lola Bella tagged me with this cool game of Dogster tag! Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post in their diary the rules and their seven pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don't forget to send a p-mail or a friendly Rosette telling them they've been tagged and to read your diary for more info!

Here are seven fun facts about me:

1. I am afraid of people farts. Dog farts I'm okay with... in fact, I've been known to sniff my own butt after I've farted. Momma thinks this is hilarious but honestly, I just enjoy the aroma!

2. When Spice first came to live with us, I tried to nurse from her since she'd just come off of weaning her puppies. (Keep in mind that I was about nine months old at this time.)

3. I like to chew the tags off my squeaky stuffed toys, but leave them intact to snuggle with.

4. My favorite things in the world (it's a tie) are FOOD and MY MOMMA!

5. I've been to Shea Stadium in New York and walked on the actual ballfield!

6. I can do lots of different tricks and will try anything at least once (if there's a treat involved).

7. I sound vicious when I play with Izzy and Tess, but I'm really a big softy and not afraid to admit it!

Pass on the fun...


Now I tag my favorite pals (in no particular order):

1. Dallas
2. Heidi
3. Kiona
4. Chloe
5. Daisy
6. Scrappy Jack
7. Buddy of Corolla

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