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every day is BOXER day

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after the storm

February 28th 2007 4:23 am
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Ok, the weather sucked last night. Momma made us go out in it too. It was hailing, snowing, blowing, and raining like mad all day. So then mom gets home from work, she puts our raincoats on and makes us go out in it. *sigh* I hate the wind the most, but being put in bright yellow rubber sucks too.... hmmmm.... But she took us to the big park, and we got to walk around out there. That was cool. Cause there was a little Shibu who wanted to play. Then we found Walt and his dog Shadow..... Brigid LOVES Shadow. And we got to walk in the woods.... Sambo!! Sam Gonzo, a fellow dogster! that was fun cause he and his daddy walked with us around the park. He's a sweet little hound! I like him alot. And so does Brigid. She used to play with him when she was little, but she plays too hard for a gentle spirited basset now. She still wants to, but Sam's kinda scared when her feet start flying! Then mom bought herself a burrito, and didnt get us anything! Somebody tell her its ok for us to eat a burrito too! She wont believe me!

Oh, and the guy who stole our leaves last week, well we got them all back, so there! PTtttttttt. My leaves! HAH HAAHAHAHAHA. *runs off to bounce in the leaves*



February 25th 2007 1:44 pm
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OK, man we've been busy lately! Mom has been working all the time. And when she's home, we are out running in the fields and going for walks! ALOT. My paws are getting tired!

Yesterday we got to go hang out with Ashley... So mom took us for a walk first. We went the first mile and a half on leash, then we met Ashley and ran adn played alot for the next mile and a half. Then we all got to visit with humans out by starbucks. Momma still hates their coffee, but its great for us so she suffers with it. BOL. We love the attention. So many people came to talk to us.... We feel bad for teh rottie though cause people come see us all the time, but only a few says anything to her, and she's flat gorgeous (even if I do say so myself, I got good taste in girlie tail!) *sigh* But momma talked to people who like boxers or want to know about them. We had one guy think we were small bull mastiff! BOL. That was funny. Momma got a weird look on her face and auntie was trying not to laugh. But mom was nice to the guy, cause lets face it, Brigid and I kinda DO look like mini mastiff's, and we are related! BOL.

Mom said that she might take us out hiking in a couple of weeks. Way out in the middle of nowhere! I cant wait. She said it depends on work, so everybody keep their paws crossed that she's off that weekend.

Oh, and mom bought boots too small for me, so we put them on Brigid.... teeeeheeeeeeee. OMD! Too funny.... I was laughing at her. Mom told me to be nice cause I'm next. hmmmm


Pawty time

February 15th 2007 6:43 am
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Stella got me rawhide flowers for valentines day! *sheepish look* I know its not very manly, but I loved it! WOOF! And best of all, I got to play with her for a really long time! Brigid was being kept busy, so she didnt even get grumpy at us. WOOHOOO. And Stella really seemed to like the stuff I got her too. It was SO fun. Spent about 2 hours over there cuddling and playing. :) She was even letting me pin her with no fuss. BOL. She laid there looking at me with a smile! so much fun. Loved it!

Now I just have to get together with Ashley and find out if she really liked my gifts or not. Momma said that autie called and told her that Ashley loved it, but I wanna hear it from my rotti! I spent a long time in the store sniffing toys and chewies, knowing they weren't for me. (mom got some very strange looks and had people stop and watch us shop. It seems they had never seen a guy shop for his girlfriends! SHeesh. Mom just told me who I was looking for and I sniffed around till i found what I wanted to give her! Isnt that pretty much what humans do too?!)

NOw dont over do it on the treats pups! Dont want any upset tummies in the health forums~


Pre Valentine

February 14th 2007 4:21 am
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Ok, so I went shopping with momma. We wanted to burn time while we waited to see Ashley. So we got lots of extra stuff for the girls! WOOF. Ashley got home late, so I didnt get to SEE her *cries and whines* But momma ran the big bag of yummy stuff up to her and gave her a kiss for me. I had to stay in the car cause momma and auntie where both way too tired by then to have two happy boxers and a rotti in her house..... Plus Ashley has kitties and Brigid hasnt met them yet. (Not to mention that rabid squirrel that lurks in there someplace.... my lips still quiver when I go in there.... And I still dont like it when momma pets the fluffy one!)

And big news! I'm sure Brigid told you about it in her diary, so I wont go back over it, but she was a good girl. Seriously. She was good in two different stores, and there was even loose dogs in there! She even let a couple loose Collie and Corgi pups come close and didnt do anything about it. (mom had her pulled back and was talking to her the whole time during that one. ) Way to go Brigid. Keep that up, and momma might let you play with other dogs again SOMEDAY. I liked that Corgi pup alot... I bet he'd make a great playmate. *GRINS*

Well, off to get Stella's bag packed for our big date tonight. Got my big bow tie in the ready. WOOO WOOOOOO Chocolate girl, be ready! :)



February 13th 2007 8:09 am
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wiggle wiggle.... Wiggle wiggle wiggle..... KIDNEY BEAN.... Wiggle wiggle.... wiggle wiggle wiggle... and dance and dance.............. wiggle wiggle


I wuv my pals!

February 12th 2007 7:48 am
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I wuv my pals! You guys are all so great. I mean, I get so much luv from you guys. Here I am having a bad bad weekend for dog stuff, and i get pawmail's and rosettes and lots of support. WOOOOOWOOOOOOOO For the long winded version of the rest of my adventures the weekend, check Brigid's diary. ME, i am goign back to bed! BOL


I was bad dog yesterday

February 11th 2007 3:32 pm
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But hey, what can they expect from an ultra social boy like myself when they dont take me to see my public for a while?! But mom was SO mad at us. :( We started out ok. We went out, we went for a ride... all was good. So when Aunti called we came running to play. We went for a nice run and got to play with our favorite Rotti. And then we got to ride with them to the coffee play. So far so good. But then the minute I get close, I started kissing total strangers. And I do mean KISSING them. The guy liked me and encouraged me, and I refused to leave him alone no matter how many times mom called me off, I crept back for more. And then other guys came, and we had to be fair and compete for attention. More kisses all around. Boxer lovers unite! Mom finally couldnt take it anymore, so we all decided to go to this little pet store a couple towns up.

Well, we get to the store, and not one of the three of us would listen. Even Ashley was being naughty to the core. We were total madness in there. We wanted treats, we wanted chewies, we wanted bunnies.... and no amount of momma disipline was going to make us behave. Aunti was buying a new "Queen Bee" collar for Brigid, so hey me and Ash didnt need to be there right?! So we were trying to entertain ourselves. Uh, YEAH. So mom's get us to kinda behave, but not till after I give a guy that is with a blond Frenchie some kisses and paw shakes. Totally winning him over I might add. Though mom didnt see it that way. And then mom goes to check out with the duck fillets and venision melties, and Brigid and I just go nuts with trying to go seperate ways, hurting mom's hand, three times in a row. Mom blew up. She was tired of telling us to knock it off and making us listen..... She tossed her bag to the floor, dropped the leashes and roared at us. She held my chin so I had to listen to her.... it was aweful! I was crying and she still embarrassed me in front of the whole store! And Brigid, she got held and yelled at there too. Poor Ashley was already out front by then.

Then they did the unthinkable. They made us go through sit stays and lectures and wouldnt let us have no treats or nothing! Right in front of the whole store! Momma and Aunti were so dissapointed in us, we were so SAD! I pouted the whole way home...... It was horrible! Even late last night after we had gone for more walks, I was not pushing my luck! We all pushed her too far, who knows what she might have done to us next??!


Mom stayed home yesterday

February 8th 2007 2:11 pm
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ok, so mom stayed home with us yesterday.... And we got SO much cuddle time! WOOF! It was great! She stayed out late the night before with my Gramma ( still don't know why she wouldn't let us go back to where they were! ) and decided to stay home and sleep with us all day. She's at work today though. I really wish she'd get that business going so we could stay together all day.... I don't like it when she goes to work. I have dad, he gets home shortly after mom leaves and we get to play with him most of the day... But its not the same! I miss her.

Hmmm, Brigid's starting the Boxer Conga over there..... mom must be do home soon! That means daddy's going to let us out and then we only have about 45minutes to KIDNEY BEAN.......

*wiggles the butt till it leaves the ground* I cant wait! Mommmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Hey ladies

February 5th 2007 4:00 pm
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Hey ladies..... I am the Gwydi Bean.... Casanova Boxer extrodinaire.... And I have come for your bones...... *boxer kisses* .... Look into my bronze eyes and tell me I am not the best Gwydion Boxer you have ever met?! New chewies are a great way to say I love you!

Dont Tell Ashley..... Or Brigid..... Or Stella... Hmmm maybe I better delete this!



February 4th 2007 3:23 pm
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So momma took me to the bark friday night.... that was really cool! And I showed mom just how much I need to go in more, cause I was really worked up. So now she is trying to figure out how to do this! BOL.

GUess what! Daddy just got a motorcycle! Yup, I spent from 10 am till 3 pm in the car while he did it. But thats ok, cause mom took us to a pet store to try and find a muzzle for Brigid so she can play with her friends (in case someone comes in ). The bad news is that nobody in portland seems to carry the stupid nose cage for boxers! But we got new chewies and treats outta the trip! And then while daddy was in the store for so so long we got to play with momma in the car and say hi to new people. I like to meet new people!

Maybe when mom orders the muzzles from online, I can get some new stuff too! BOL. Mom always buys us extra stuff!

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