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hazels life

tag im it!

August 26th 2007 7:44 pm
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i remember georgie (i think) tagging me once so here is 7 facts
1 i howl like the hound of the baskervilles
2 i get a marshmellow alot of days
3 my fave walk is any walk were i can PUUUUULL!
4 i have 2 loofas (counting the one i bit in half)
5 i like to howl most at 5:00 6:00 and once momma leaves (7:00)
6 feed me! feed meeeeeeeee! (please?)
7 i eat dry food and have a towel under my water bowl

and i am tagging:
hope (NPC)
mai tai (NPC)


the loofas plot

August 19th 2007 10:52 pm
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the LDWDC has told us in the group forums the evl plot of the loofas they will soon be the supreme squekey! the will counqeur ty squekies wubbas and nylabones loofas will rule the world! they have selected us dogsters to help! the LDWDC needs more members firefly the admijn qwas told by the oofa leader ceaser


happy birthday to me........

August 8th 2007 2:05 pm
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well my birthday is coing up soon! i'll be four and it comes on the sixteenth they dont know my birth date but thats when they adopted me!


what is that?!

April 7th 2007 11:05 am
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okay today something strange happend at 10:00 granny woke mommy up and then mommy woke up emmy so i woke up and they put me outside just like any other day but it was not i went out and it was chilly in the spring not only that but strange white flakes were falling from the sky! i got cold so i wanted in they let me in but put me back out agin then i was put on a leash and i was took out front the flakes landed on me and when they touch the ground they dissapear and i just see water then they fall some more and i got REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY cold then i really started to enjoy it but then they put me in and i was still cold but warming up but WHAT IS THAT STUFF


hazels life

March 18th 2007 12:52 am
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hazel a beagle our dog is she a good dog ?is she happy?are WE happy?has granny learned to live live with this troublemaking (yet AMAZINGly cute) beagle???????????! find out in the story of our life with the haze-beag.........hazel aka hazoo-wazoo-beagoo my dog a member of the family she is the best beagle the world can offer i think of her as ''the godess of cute" :) i just cant resest baby-talking her(high piched shouting of the words beagey- weagey! da beagoo!etc.)getting involved with her(hugging her touching her nose lifting up her long furry ears) and just plain loving her! and she is a really good dog just today mommy tried to take a bone from hazel and she just lied there and stayed calm! with most dogs you would draw back a nub if you tried that! and she will always hound out(pardon the expression ) anything we drop on the floor(and eat it) and she loves human food more than she likes dog food ........maybe because we feed it to her alot! she is the perfect beagle and she is real cute and smart too sometimes i think she forgets she is a dog and thinks she is a human! and she is a very nosey beagle she has to be sniffing 24/7 and hazel is 100 times better than toto ever could be she a doggy friend to me and she likeswalks or as we call them"walkies" i am glad i helped a dog in need when i adopted her from the shelter and i am even more glad now that i khow what a good dog she is we put her out on a chain so she does not dig out but somtimes she gets hung around trees even our shrubs she has made life great for me and my family granny has learend to live with hazel but still does not like it if she gets on the beds so i got her a baby gate to gate off the hall where all the bedrooms are im trying hard to train hazel but it is not going well so far she knows sit and up (up is when we hold a treat over her head and she stands up to eat it) hazel does NOT like when we give her a bath at all we think hazel hates cats and she chases and barks at the kitty who lives next door some tips on baby talk use high piches most of the time and make it fit your dogs breed examples beagle: wook at da beagoo wook at da pwettey beag lab: de doggyda wab instead of l use w now back to the story we are very happy with her and she seems happy to be with us too for something to get her atteinton it has to be either:edible noise making or strongly scented she is very tolerent with me she almost never barks she is more of a howl dog good thing we think its cute and she is a member of the family now bye! p.s. the party hat pic is from new years eve p.s.s. she is the cutest dog ever p.s.s.s. the smartest too p.s.s.s.+we love her p.s.s.s.++ she is the perfect beag and a real good dog.


how she was put into our lives

November 6th 2006 7:49 pm
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you have read about hazel and her life wanna see how we got her? just keep reading. one day september2nd after 9 months of pregnancy in mother jill my owner emily was born and seemingley in the blink of an eye she was 6 and still begging her grany jodie for a dog -but she never gave in then one day on kltv on pet profile there was a terrier named toto we fell in love we called daddy at work and told him:first thing in the morning go to the shelter and if hes still there get us that dog so he did and he got there nobody had adopted toto toto tried to bite daddy and we found out toto snaps the problem with that is we want a dog that DOSENT bite so we coudnent get him i was so sad i really wanted that dog i was hooked 5 minutes after hearing about him and mom said that there was a beagle at the shelter our family has always been a big beagle fan but i didint care i wanted TOTO! but it was my choice i could: a take the beagle b get another dog c stand clear of all issues and get the one that snaps or d stay empty-handed and i dont think any other dogs are afordable and i CERTINLY dont want to get toto after what he does and i also dont want to be left emty handed after all the work it took to try and get toto being disopointed and evryone trying to convince me to get another dog so i took the beagle grama and grampa were visiting from boumot at the time so we drove there minivan to the shelter and there we found harriet the beagle and adopted her when i met her i dident even mind that i couldent get toto i had fallen in love with harriet i even walked her arond the outside of the shelter and we had to wait to adopt her then wensday was finnaly here we got herbut it was not a love at first sight thing i scooted away in the car when she came near afraid of a bite then we went to petsmart got some flea meds and went home and thats how she arrived hope she stays a good dog!

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