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"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-30-10)

March 30th 2010 12:19 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Tuesday, the 30th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Tuesday, pups! Today is "Pencil Day", "Doctor's Day", and "Grass is Always Browner On The Other Side of The Fence Day."


Hiking With Your Dog

To prevent health problems when you hike with your dog, here are some tips.

Trim nails regularly (long nails can splay your dog’s foot pad and increase likelihood of injury).

Bring plenty of water and allow your dog to drink often.

Don’t expect your dog to hike like you can. An enthusiastic dog eager to please may overexert itself and get heatstroke in the process. Watch for heavy panting and take frequent breaks.

Dogs don’t do as well going up steep climbs. If it’s mountainous terrain, it’s better to leave your dog at home than risk a hip injury. Continuous injury to the hips can cause serious hip and joint problems as dogs grow older.

Don’t let your dog chase wildlife. Dogs can cause environmental havoc and are a serious concern in national parks.

Pick up after your dog (please!). Other people and dogs might step in it. Dog poop can carry disease.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Frank Sinatra is a 6-year-old neutered male Pug. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids, and is adoptable within 50 miles of Nampa, ID. Frank was surrendered to the pound because of a nasty divorce. This affectionate pup needs a loving furever home ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Dog Sings Opera


Who is this?

It's actress Sienna Miller and her pooch Bess, taking a walk along London's Edgware Road.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Humunga Mustache Toy

Price: $12.00 ($10.o0 if you purchase 2 or more)

Add some low-cost laughs to your frequent frolics with Fido! This shiny black toy is a ball on one end, and a giant cartoon mustache on the other. Dogs naturally pick up the ball...which leaves the outrageously funny mustache sticking out! Dogs also love to hold the ball in their mouth, and shake the mustache back and forth!


Gucci the Dog, Whose Brutal Burning Led to a Stronger Cruelty Law, Dies at 16

Even though Doug James had dreaded the day he would have to euthanize Gucci, 16, his beloved chow-husky mix, the college professor in Mobile, Ala., feels better than he had expected the day after it happened.

"I am doing well," James, a professor of public speaking and theater appreciation at Spring Hill College, says. "I had been putting it off but Gucci hasn't been able to walk for three weeks and his kidneys were going. He had 15 1/2 good years, and I was blessed with that. I did the right thing for Gucci."

Gucci, who James calls "a perfect dog," began his long life with tragedy. When he was just three months old, a group of four male neighbor kids in Mobile beat him, hanged him by his neck from a tree, then set him on fire by dousing him with lighter fluid.

The bullies performed this heinous act because one of the guys was rejected by the teenaged girl who owned Gucci at the time.

"This was 1994 and Gucci was ablaze from head to tail until someone sprayed him with water to put out the fire," James recalls. "His young owner lived near me and did not have the means to take him to the vet."

So James brought Gucci home and sprayed him all night with burn relief medication until morning when they went to the vet who treated the dog for free until he was strong enough to undergo some needed surgery at Auburn University's animal clinic. After a few months, the wonder dog was as good as new.

Meanwhile, three of the abusers were punished for animal cruelty with one adult serving time in prison. The others did hundreds of hours of community service, but none showed an ounce of remorse.

James was so livid over what happened to Gucci that he began to lobby for tougher animal abuse laws.

"There were many other people outraged over this, too, so for five years Gucci and I traveled all over for our cause," James says. "I even hired a real lobbyist to be sure we got something accomplished."

Alabama lawmakers passed the Pet Protection Act (aka the Gucci Law) on May 19, 2000, the sixth anniversary of the terrorizing. The law makes cruelty to animals a Class C felony punishable with up to 10 years in prison.

"This is Gucci's legacy," says James, "and I am so proud."

Mild-mannered Gucci, who had no emotional scars from the brutal incident, became a star. After appearing on many national TV shows, like Inside Edition and Maury Povich, Gucci acted in an Alabama production of the Broadway hit, Annie, playing Sandy the dog.

"Gucci was a ham and loved to go in front of the cameras or before people," James laughs. "He always thought he knew more than everyone else."

Over the years, Gucci enjoyed sitting on the floor of his owner's home to watch the colorful sights on the street, especially various trucks that had business in the area. He ignored the other rescue pets James owns: Buddy, 10, a chow-Lab mix, Daisy, 5, a poodle-terrier mix, Buster Brown, 2, a chocolate Lab, and two cats, Sparky, 15, and Stearman, 3.

"Gucci was a perfect gentleman who had a mind of his own and knew what he wanted," James says of his best friend who slept with him each night and cuddled atop him during thunderstorms. "He had nothing to do with my other pets."

Just days after Gucci passed away, a street leading to the Mobile Animal Shelter has been changed to Gucci Lane to honor the beloved dog. And he will be the main resident of the new Gucci Memorial Park being created now on Gucci Lane. He will be cremated there.

"Gucci has blessed my life," James says. "Through his gentle ways, I learned to love and be patient with others. If Gucci were a human being, he would be President."


That will be it for this edition of the news. As always, I appreciate you being a faithful reader! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-29-10)

March 29th 2010 12:22 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Monday, the 29th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Monday! Today is "Texas Loves the Children Day", "National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day" and the first day of Passover.


Kate Gosselin brings her dogs home

Shoka and Nala, two German Shepherd Dogs that were returned to their trainer by Jon Gosselin, the dad in the reality TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," have returned home to Kate Gosselin and her kids.

The Gosselins, of course, endured a well-publicized divorce and have been tracked by paparazzi since their split. The dogs were simply victims amid the drama, and I, like many others, wondered if they had been adopted simply as characters in the family's television show.

But Kate Gosselin apparently realized it was best to bring back the dogs.

"My kids' lives have been changed and compromised and altered enough over the past year," she told "I realized if I had two difficult kids I wouldn't send them away and ask for new kids."

Jon Gosselin originally returned the dogs to their trainer and blamed it on his ex-wife. He told E! Online, "It's not fair to the dog to not be wanted in their own home."

In the end, it doesn't really matter. If Shoka and Nala are back with Kate and her kids and are a loved and treated well, it's a happy ending.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Sheba is a 4-year-old female Flat-coated Retriever mix. There isn't much information about Sheba, but she is in need of a loving furever home. Let's hope that she finds one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Puppy Battles a Swiffer Sweeper!


Who is this?

It's model Miranda Kerr and dog Frankie, arriving at LAX airport.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

Price: $27.00

Pets love fresh, flowing water. Petmate’s ultra-quiet Fresh Flow purifying pet fountain for multiple cat households and small dogs provides naturally cool, flowing water your pet will love. This gentle fountain sends water down a smooth sloping ramp into the bowl with no splash or bubbles. The 108 oz. capacity of the unit will satisfy a lot of thirsty dogs and cats before needing to be refilled.

Flows with Safe, Filtered Water
Petmate’s Fresh Flow features include a reservoir that adds water automatically as the pet drinks and two replaceable charcoal filters that remove impurities and debris. Each filter will last 30 days, depending on how many pets are using the Fresh Flow. Water is moved through the unit by a whisper-quiet AC submersible pump.


Do Pet Owners Prefer Their Pups to Their Partners?

When traveling, it's natural to miss everyone at home, including your pets. But a recent nationwide survey by Pup-Peroni indicates that a significant portion of the pet parent population (33 percent) actually miss their pets more than their significant others! And it's not that these people just aren't feeling the romance; 60 percent find their pooches to be more dependable than their human pals.

Why do you suppose this is? Probably it has something to do with the connection dog owners feel to their pups. More than a third have had wordless "conversations" with their dogs, 70 percent have "shared a look" with their dogs, and nearly three-quarters of those surveyed felt confident that they could accurately read their dogs' expressions and body language, with almost half saying they can tell what their pups are thinking.

A vast majority (89 percent) claimed that their dogs have attempted to comfort them on a bad day. Not hard to believe, as just about anyone with a dog has experienced cuddling during a good cry. But maybe that's because owners spend so much time together with their pets instead of with humans. Seventy two per cent preferred blowing off steam by taking a walk with their four-legged friend rather than with a biped buddy.

The survey results showed that that:

89 percent say their pooches are more excited to greet them when they come home than their significant others
89 percent believe there have been moments when their dogs tried to comfort them in times of need
74 percent think their dog's body language or facial expressions let them know how their pet is feeling
72 percent prefer to blow off steam by taking a walk with their dogs than with a close companion
70 percent believe they have "shared a look" with their dogs on at least one occasion
69 percent believe their pooches know when they are feeling happy
67 percent believe their pups sense anger
67 percent confess that when they travel, they're more likely to feel guilty about leaving their dogs behind than family and friends
62 percent believe that their dogs are more dependable than their human best friends
58 percent thing their dogs know when they're sad
41 percent say that their furry friend is more likely to "notice" they've had a bad day than their best human friend
34 percent report that at least once, they've had an entire "conversation" with their dogs without saying a word
9 percent say they know exactly what their pooch is thinking

What do you think? Is this survey indicative of how you and your dog-devoted friends feel?


That's it for today, pups. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-26-10)

March 26th 2010 1:33 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Friday, the 26th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


TGIF!! Today is "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day", so I say we call it "National Dogster Day!!"


Landlords and Pets: What to know before you sign a lease

Pet owners searching for an apartment know it can sometimes be difficult finding a landlord willing to rent to you and your dog or cat. But once you find the perfect place, there are certain precautions you should take before signing your name to a lease and moving in.

Landlords are not necessarily skeptical of people with dogs or cats. Responsible pet owners are usually responsible tenants, and landlords who permit pets know they have a larger pool of prospective tenants to draw from--especially ones who are likely to stay longer if they feel their pets are welcomed.
But renters have their own burden. If a landlord is reluctant to rent for any reason, you may have to prove that you and your pet can live within set guidelines and be good tenants.

You should also read and understand the fine print regarding pets--size and weight restrictions, policies about barking, the number of dogs or cats you're permitted to own--plus security and cleaning deposits you'll have to pay. In recent years, some landlords have even begun charging pet rent; it's possible you may be charged $30 a month for your pet, in addition to deposits.

Your ability to prove that you care for your dog may be what gets you through the front door--and it could be what keeps you there.

First, read the lease thoroughly, especially the parts that relate to your pet. Make sure your dog or cat (or parakeet or snake, for that matter) fits within the limits established in the lease. If the apartment only allows small dogs and you own a Golden Retriever or a larger mixed breed, ask for an allowance--and then make sure it's written into the lease and initialed by you and the landlord.

But negotiating might not always work. For instance, if a landlord does not allow a specific breed of dog because it can be known to be dangerous, don't expect him to stretch the rules.

"If you set a policy, as a rental owner you have to apply that policy to everybody," says Eric Wiegers, deputy director of the California Apartment Association, a trade group that represents owners. "If you treat one applicant one way, you have to treat every applicant the same way."

Be sure that you understand any required deposits (Wiegers said it's unlawful to charge more than twice the monthly rent for an unfurnished apartment; check your state's regulations). Before moving in, do a walk-through with the landlord to identify existing marks on carpeting or walls. Take photos and attach those to the lease. When you leave, they may help you get back your deposit if you have kept your apartment clean.

The best way to convince your prospective landlord that you and your dog will make good tenants is to bring your dog for a visit when you find the right apartment. Bring along vet records showing that your pet has been spayed or neutered, is in good health, and is up to date on all vaccinations. Show proof that you apply flea medication on a monthly basis. Be willing to put in writing that you'll keep your dog on a leash when he's on property and that you'll pick up and dispose of his droppings; also, that you'll prevent him from relieving himself in flower beds.

Some of these suggestions come from the San Francisco SPCA, which has had an Open Door Program in place for several years promoting policies and agreements between landlords and tenants. Prospective renters are shown how to write a pet resume and show their dog in the best light. Apartment owners are provided sample pet policies and checklists for screening and recognizing responsible pet people.

"It benefits people who have pets because it means they don't have to give them up, which benefits shelters, too," says Christine Rosenblat, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco SPCA.

Check with your local shelter to see if they have a similar program, including a list of pet-friendly apartments.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Tiny is a 4-year-old neutered male Shih Tzu mix. He is good with other dogs and cats, and is adoptable within 50 miles of Lebanon, NJ. Tiny is a very friendly and affectionate pup who just wants a loving furever home. Let's keep our paws crossed that he finds one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Small Dog Snow Plow


Who is this?

It's singer Jewel and her pooch at an outdoor mall in Los Angeles.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Bow Wow Bag

Price: $9.95 - $10.95

For the Modern busy dog owner... just grab and walk
Convenient: enables dog owners to conveniently stow their plastic clean-up bag of choice, from recycled plastic grocery bags, sandwich bags, to a whole roll of purchased bags
Tote "doggie Necessities": treats, ball/toys, nylon travel water bowl
Discreet: Scoop, bag and knot, drop in Bow Wow Bag™, until you reach the next trash recepticle
Interior zippered pocket for keys, handy wipes, etc.


Nursing Siamese Cat Takes On Six Orphaned Puppies

Six orphaned puppies in Beaver, Pa., are being nursed and nurtured by their doting new mom—a 5-year-old Siamese cat named Amanda, who stepped in when her canine roommate passed away shortly after giving birth.

On March 7, Amanda welcomed three kittens of her own. That same day, owner Debbie Girting's 5-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu, Lucy, had her own litter of seven puppies. Four days after giving birth, Lucy suffered a seizure, leaving her hungry puppies to latch onto Amanda and rival for milk among feline siblings.

"I don't know if they even realize that their mother is not the same thing as they are," Girting says. "But Amanda cleans them and nurses them."

Although one smaller puppy and one undersized kitten didn't survive, the remaining animals are doing just fine. Girting is supplementing their meals with a milk substitute, and each of the puppies is developing a bond with their rather unusual new caretaker.

"I'll get up in the middle of the night, and they'll all be sleeping around her," Girting says. "She'll have her paw around a couple of them. I'm just amazed. She's a good little mother. She's just mothering these guys like they're a part of her."

According to Dr. Doug Knueven, a veterinarian at the nearby Beaver Animal Clinic, the cat's milk poses no risk to the puppies, but he suggests monitoring the nursing to make sure Amanda and her new family maintain their health.

"I worry that the puppies, even though they're nursing, may not be getting enough nutrition," says Dr. Knueven. Girting will have to keep a close eye on both mother and babies for the next few months. "The puppies could be stronger than the kittens, and possibly injure the nipples and maybe cause a skin infection," he adds.

In the meantime, the mixed bunch are causing quite a stir. Girting, a nursing assistant and owner of four other dogs, has already taken the puppies to visit her patients, who've cheekily asked, "What are you going to do when it meows?"

The Maltese Pomeranian litter will soon be available for adoption, but Girting plans to keep one for herself, a girl that she will name Lacy to carry on the memory of her mother Lucy, a dog that Girting considered one of her own children.

"They're my miracle dogs," she says. "Who would have thought that they would have survived?"


That's going to wrap things up for today. "60 Seconds" will be back on Monday. Have a furtastic weekend, pups! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-25-10)

March 25th 2010 12:10 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Thursday, the 25th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Thursday, pups! Today is "Letting Go Of Stuff Day", "Old New Year's Day", and "Pecan Day."


Give Your Dog a Break — Raise Their Food Bowl Up from the Floor

Dogs that are aging will suffer joint pain that will cause discomfort in getting up and down. Arthritis will start to set in causing pet joint pain and if your dog is overweight, will cause even worse discomfort for them in their ability in moving around. Your dog should have visits to their veterinarian at least once a year. Large dogs start to slow down with noticeable change in their behavior as they age. Joint pain affects some smaller breeds if aging starts to progress rapidly. This may not always be the case, but it is certainly important in maintaining their health as best as you possibly can. They are part of your family and no one wants to experience conditions that take away some of their mobility. Dog’s joints deteriorate just like humans, and comfort is necessary to reduce pressure by having a soft orthopedic bed for them to sleep on. Raising their food bowl and water bowl up from the floor, relieves the pressure in having to stoop down to the floor to eat and drink.

Seasons change and when cold weather starts in early fall, try to maintain your walks with your dog. Understanding that they are getting old, does not mean exercise should stop. Walking helps to reduce stress on their joints, but be aware of when they become tired and start slowing down in their stride. Cold weather is hard on dogs with having pet joint pain, and you, as their pet parent will be particular in what they are allowed to do. Swimming is excellent if there is some place available for your dog to swim. This is wonderful on their joints and relieves a good deal of their pain as they exercise. Your dog will love you even more for being considerate in taking care of them. Be Happy!


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Cameron is a 5-month-old neutered male Australian Cattle Dog. He is good with other dogs and kids, and is adoptable within 250 miles of Langhorne, Philadelphia. Since the young age of 12-weeks-old, Cameron and his four brothers have lived at the shelter. This sweet pup is now ready to find a loving furever home. Let's hope he finds one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

The Real Truth About Cats And Dogs


Who is this?

It's actress Jessica Biel and her pup Tina walking through L.A.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Zogoflex - Bumi

Price: $6.99

Būmi is so much more than a tug toy - pull, flex, throw, float, and repeat! Guaranteed to last, even against those “destructive dogs” we love! Since Būmi is 100% recyclable, this dog toy will never need to be thrown away... except during a game of fetch!


Gracie the Dog Helps Paralyzed Owner Escape Fire

Jake Vernon, 32, was lying in bed in his house in Spokane, Wash. It was the morning of St. Patrick’s Day and he was in pain, his eyes closed. Both his legs had been paralyzed in a car accident a decade ago, and his right leg had been broken in a recent hospital mishap. So he took some medication and that's when his dog, Gracie Bean, saved his life.

Gracie, an American pit bull terrier, had begun yapping at Jake. She ran to the back door, barking, then ran back to a groggy Jake —who yelled at her.

"I even swatted her a few times and told her to lay down and be good," he said in a recent telephone interview. Finally, he opened his eyes and was horrified to find the bed's headboard on fire, along with the pillows, blankets and even the bedside table. The smoke alarm was blaring, warning of the blaze that would soon destroy his home.

Wearing only a sweatshirt, Jake grabbed a Snuggie to cover his legs and crawled across the bed. "I dove head first into the wheelchair and landed on the ground and then I had to crawl into the wheelchair," he says. Next he faced getting out of his house's back door, the only one with a wheelchair ramp. With his legs sticking out at odd angles, Jake had trouble navigating the narrow exit. He recalls thinking, "You’d better move your butt right now or you're not going to have a butt to move."

So Jake, who plays wheelchair basketball professionally, banged his chair and his unbent legs into walls to straighten himself out. All the while Gracie was calm. "What was so crazy was my dog was not afraid of the fire," he says. "My dog walked right between me and the fire and stayed right there." After he wheeled out with a few minor burns — and gashes on his legs — Jake summoned the fire department (his wife, Michelle, 33, was out that morning). That's when he saw something else that he'd never witnessed before: People smiling and cooing over his 2-year-old hero pit bull.

"I was seeing a big firefighter, 6-foot-6, and he got down on his hands and knees and hugged that dog with everything he had and he kept saying, 'This is the best animal in the world.' "

Jake first met Gracie Bean as a puppy. His wife had found her on Craigslist and gave the dog to her husband as a Christmas gift. Gracie had no special training, but Jake later taught her how to push open doors. Little did she know she'd become a rescue dog. "She is the most spoiled-rottenest dog in the world," says Jake. "She's gotten the biggest cheeseburgers, French dip au jus sandwiches, and ice cream!"


That will be all for today. Thanks for reading! Be good and enjoy your day. This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-24-10)

March 24th 2010 1:20 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Wednesday, the 24th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Hump day! Today is "National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day!"


How to take pictures of your dog

If you're the average dog lover, you think your pooch could out-pose even those silky Weimaraners in the picture books. But if you're the average amateur dog photographer, your photos never match the athleticism, humor, or outrageous cuteness of the real thing.

We asked pet photographer Mark Rogers, for his best tricks for taking high-quality dog pictures--without getting into stuff like f-stops and shutter speed. Here are our favorites:

Time it well. If you're looking for action shots, have your photo shoot before the daily three-mile run. If you want a serene portrait, make it after.

Let your dog get used to the camera. The click and flash of a camera can rattle dogs at first, says Rogers. Let your dog give the camera a good sniff, then start casually shooting the surroundings (if you've got a film camera, you can do this before you load the film). Once your dog's gotten used to the camera and starts doing his own thing, begin taking pictures.

The idea is to keep things natural and relaxed. What not to do: Grab a ton of treats, abruptly shove the camera in your dog's face, and repeat, "Mommy's gonna take your picture!" at high pitch.

Take lots of pictures. This is the first rule of photography, no matter what the subject. The more you take, the better your chances of getting a few amazing shots. "Always bring an extra battery," warns Rogers.

Turn off the flash. Most amateur photographers do best with warm, natural sunlight. To avoid washed-out pictures, shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day.

For indoor shots, you'll probably need a flash. You'll get a more natural-looking shot if you use an off-camera flash and swivel it upward so the light's bouncing off the ceiling.

Get down on your dog's level. "If you stand over your dog and look down, every shot you take is going to look like everyone else's," says Rogers.

Pay attention to background. Simple backgrounds, like a white sandy beach or green trees, make your dog stand out. If you've got a point-and-shoot camera, have your dog at least a dozen feet in front of the background so he'll be more in focus than whatever's behind him, and of course, watch for the tree branches growing out of his head. Pay attention to color, too: No black backgrounds for black dogs, brown backgrounds for brown dogs, and so on.

Enlist help. A friend with a squeaky toy will come in handy if you want a head-on shot or a regal profile. However, keep your dog's personality in mind with this tip. "Some dogs get amped up really fast when their toys are around, so it can have the opposite effect of what you intended," says Rogers.

Get creative and playful. Lots of full-body shots taken from ten feet away can get mighty dull. Get up close so your dog fills the entire frame. Get even closer so you get the full effect of that long, wet nose. Photograph your dog head on, in profile, at 45-degree angles. And don't get hung up on perfection; sometimes that shot with your dog's tail out of the frame is the one you'll have hanging on your wall for years. "With pet photography, serendipity is the name of the game," says Rogers. "The best shots are often the spontaneous ones."


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Shirley is a one-year-old spayed female Beagle. She is good with other dogs and kids. No real information is given about Shirley, but one thing is clear... she needs a loving furever home. Let's hope that she finds one ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Surfing Goes to the Dogs


Who is this?

It's The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel walking through Manhattan with dog Cookie (and fiance Jason).


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Greener Pup Dog Bed

Price: $47.99 - $104.99

Greener Pup dog beds are made in the U.S. and the filling is made from 100% recycled plastic--and a single pound of filling is made from 10 plastic water/soda bottles. Depending on the size of each of the dog beds, which have 7-12 pounds of filling each, we're saving 70-120 plastic bottles from being dumped into our landfills! These soft, durable fillers in our pet dog beds are breathable, hypo-allergenic and won’t attract insects.

100% of the proceeds from your order will benefit non-profit dog rescue Ace of Hearts ( Ace of Hearts is dedicated to rescuing dogs the day they are scheduled to be euthanized and finding them permanent, loving homes. They have saved over 2,000 dogs to date and with your help, they will continue on their mission to save the lives of at-risk, abused and abandoned dogs. Rescue dogs receive 25% off purchases at Greener Pup! (You must provide a copy of the rescue agreement/adoption papers)


New Record: World's Loudest Bark Came from Colorado

Guinness World Records has just released a deafening new canine record: the time and place of the world's loudest bark. It occurred on Nov. 7, 2009, and measured a whopping 124 decibels — the average chain saw emits 100 decibels — ouch! So, who were the loud mouths? The 76 pooches who showed up for an event organized by Petmate in Washington Park, Colo. We wonder if dogs in Washington Square Park in New York City could hear it?


That's it for today's news. Thanks for reading! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-23-10)

March 23rd 2010 1:25 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Tuesday, the 23rd of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Tuesday! Today is "National Puppy Day", "Near Miss Day", "Cuddly Kitten Day" and "World Meteorological Day."


The Doggie Gaga Project Goes Worldwide

Like everyone else in the world, we can't take our eyes off Lady Gaga. Whether or not you like Gaga's music, her approach to costuming is positively captivating, and, in the case of pet photographer Jesse Freidin, artistically inspiring as well.

The San-Francisco-based Freidin has become an Internet sensation thanks to his recent work, "The Doggie Gaga Project." With the help of The Impossible Project, which provided him with two packs of discontinued Polaroid film, Freidin and a small team created Gaga-esque clothing for a variety of pooches and proceeded to photograph them. The result? Images as popular as the songstress herself. (Well, almost.)

Of course, the real stars of the shoot were a Boston terrier (named Pancake, pictured here ), a Mexican hairless chihuahua, a shiba inu and two pit bulls. Pictures of these clothed canines (which, according to the press release, were neither harmed nor even irritated during the shoot) have found there way to Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, China and beyond. Want to get the latest news? You can become one of more than 700 Facebook fans of the Doggie Gaga Project or join the mailing list.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Cheif is a 9-month-old male Alaskan Malamute/American Indian Dog. He is good with other dogs and kids, and is adoptable within 100 miles of Tuscola, IL. This handsome pup needs a furever home. Let's hope that he gets one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Burrito The Golfing Dog


Who is this?

It's reality star Kelly Osbourne out and about with her pooch Sid in Malibu, CA.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Calming Collar

Price: $32.00

The beauty of these products is not only that they work, but that they work using NATURAL methods. You just clip our collars on your pet and let the herbal blends work naturally to calm your pet. Stress relief is just minutes away for your loved one. Reduce dog anxiety and or cat stress!

These Calming Collars are filled with a blend of natural herbs. These blends were specifically developed to help with certain conditions, like excessive barking, hyper-activity, stress, anxiety and fear due to loud noises, storms and thunder (thunderphobia), separation anxiety and more!


Hollywood's Animal Lovers Step Up and Out for Humane Society

She may play a desperate housewife on TV, but there's something else Teri Hatcher is exceedingly desperate about: helping animals in need. "I remember rescuing a wild kitty when I was in seventh grade," the animal lover said at the 24th annual Genesis Awards on Saturday. "There was somebody sitting outside the summer school with a cardboard box of kitties that they were giving away that needed homes."

"I came home and I yelled to my mom who was in the kitchen and said, 'Mom, you're gonna kill me!' " laughed Hatcher. "And she said, 'The only reason I'd kill you is if you brought home a live animal' and I was like, 'Well…' And that was the beginning of my rescuing."

Hatcher and a slew of other Hollywood stars turned the spotlight over to the animals they adore at the awards show held in Los Angeles, where the Humane Society of the United States honored outstanding works in the media that raised awareness of animal issues.

Ginnifer Goodwin's taken a hands-on, off-screen role in protecting animals beyond her own pets. "I go to Washington D.C. with the Humane Society and lobby and meet with the Senate. I write letters and make phone calls and do what I can to help make change," she says.

Goodwin presented the feature film award, a surprise tie for winners Up and Hotel For Dogs. Other honorees throughout the evening included the documentary The Cove, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Family Guy and CNN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Committed vegan Emily Deschanel was over the moon for Bones' win for an episode involving chicken farm factories.

"They're really the forgotten animals that people don't want to know about or don't hear about," she said. "The creator of the show, has promised me that we'll do an animal episode at least once a year. I never in a million years would think that they would go for a chicken factory farm episode, so I didn't even pitch it! But our writer did it and I couldn't be more proud!"

Legendary actress Tippi Hedren, one of Hollywood's pioneering animal rights activists, received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her decades-long efforts to provide sanctuary for lions, tigers and other big cats through her Roar Foundation and the Shambala Preserve.

Hedren's daughter Melanie Griffith presented the award, knowing firsthand the commitment her mom has shown. "I was 13 when we got our first lion, because Mom was taken with the plight of the animals way back in 1970," Griffith told the crowd. Hedren famously starred in Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds, where she was menaced by avians gone amok, and Griffith noted, "Isn't it ironic that after that film she went on to become such a dedicated animal advocate?"

"Getting up those stairs after getting tackled by so many lions and tigers for 30 years, I'm kind of like an old football player," chuckled Hedren, 80, as she took the stage to accept her award, cheered by Griffith’s husband Antonio Banderas (sporting a furry look himself with a bushy beard for an upcoming role!).

Other stars on hand included Kristin Bell, Pierce and Keely Brosnan, Michael Vartan, and community member Tricia Helfer.

But the biggest applause of the night was reserved for Los Angeles firefighter Joe St. Georges – who made TV newscasts around the country when rescuing the German shepherd Spikey from a flooding river in January – and for Nubs, a formerly wild dog who famously bonded with Marine Maj. Brian Dennis in Iraq, tracking the pilot 70 miles across the desert to find him after he was transferred away.


That will wrap things up for today, pups. Have a good rest of the day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-22-10)

March 22nd 2010 12:11 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Monday, the 22nd of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Monday, pups! Today is "As Young As You Feel Day", "International Day Of The Seal", "International Goof-Off Day" and "World Water Day."


How To Open Bottles AND Help Animals

X-Boyfriend, the Baltimore-based apparel and accessory company that regularly donates 5 percent of its profits to area animal welfare groups, is hoping to pour more money into the cause in the month ahead.

Until April 17, the company will be donating 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of its line of keychain/bottle openers to local shelters and rescue organizations.

Ex-Boyfriend established the Sadie Fund after the death of company owner Matt Snow’s cat in 2008, donating 5 percent of net profits to animal advocacy groups.

In honor of April being Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, Snow says, the company will donate 100% of the profits generated by the sale of its new keychain bottle openers. The openers feature a selection of our designs, cost $6.50 and will be shipped for free through April 17th.

Ex-Boyfriend also offers a Cute Critters line of T-shirts (human and doggie), featuring Groucho Barks, Neil Arfstrong, Chow Guevara, Fuzz Aldrin, Pirate Kitty, DJ Kitty (pictured above).


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Whiskers is a three-month-old female Rat Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids; and is adoptable within 100 miles of Tuscola, IL. This sweet girls deserves a loving furever home - let's hope that she finds one ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Dog Plays Frisbee All By Himself


Who is this?

It's New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his pup in L.A.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Coleman Water Sport Octopus Dog Toy

Price: $9.39

Your dog will enjoy hours of retrieving fun with Coleman's Water Sport Octopus Dog Toy. Made of durable neoprene, the Dog Toy is double-stitched at stress points to withstand lots of rugged play. An internal squeaker adds to the fun for your dog. Great for tug-of-war and retrieving games.


Dog's Cancer Scare Turns Out to Be a Soccer Ball

When John Grant found his black Labrador having trouble coughing something up last year, he became alarmed and immediately took the ailing pooch to the vet. There, doctors took X-rays of the dog, named Bracken, and found that a strange, dark object was lodged next to his heart.

"I was afraid, because [the vets] thought it was a cancerous growth," Grant, 70, says.

But after moving Bracken to a larger facility at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School for surgery, Grant was surprised to discover that the object wasn't cancer after all — it was a 5-in. soccer ball.

"We very commonly see dogs eating strange things like balls, clothing or pantyhose," says surgeon Damian Chase. "But what was really strange was how the ball ended up next to his heart."

What the veterinarians discovered was that young Bracken was born with a birth defect — a hole in his diaphragm. And after eating the small ball, the stomach had unnaturally moved next to the heart.

"Most definitely, if he didn't have this surgery, he would have died," Chase says. "It's good that he came in, though, because this way we found out about his disorder. He's very lucky."

And after another surgery this year to replace the diaphragm patch that Bracken outgrew, the pooch is back in top shape, and as hungry as ever.

"He's a boisterous one, that's for sure," says Grant. "And he eats everything. Just today he was trying to eat a golf ball!"


That will do it for today's edition of the news. As always, thanks for reading! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-19-10)

March 19th 2010 12:39 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Friday, the 19th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


TGIF! Today is "Let's Laugh Day", "The Great American Meat Out Day", and "Act Happy Day."


Mama Dog Feeds Baby Lion Cub!

Something strange yet beautiful is happening in Siberia at the Royev Ruchey Zoo: A 2-day-old lion cub has beenadopted by a mutt !

The pooch, herself a new mother to a litter of puppies, took in the lion cub after its mother and three siblings died during the delivery. The surrogate sniffed the cub, licked its head and generously fed the baby, who shared a bed with his two tiny puppy siblings.

What do you see out there, little lion? Tell your new mommy what you see!


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Harry Hazel is a seven-year-old neutered male Australian Shepherd. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Harry is very intelligent and energetic. He would make a great companion to someone who is very active (i.e. camping, hiking, running, etc). Harry deserves a loving furever home, let's hope he gets one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Adorable video of dog and baby


Who is this?

It's singer/actress Ashley Tisdale and her maltipoo, Maui, making their way through Los Angeles International Airport together.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Premier Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

Price: $11.00

When your dog sees treats, smells treats, and hears treats, he’ll have a great time figuring out how to get at them. Winner of the 2007 Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award, the Premier Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone is extremely durable and designed to hold up well against even the toughest chewers. Unscrew the toy to load the included Gnawhide treats. Your dog will be stimulated to keep chewing the Bouncy Bone long after he has eaten the tasty treat. 3 sets of Gnawhide treat rings are included, and more are sold separately. Ideal for dogs 10 to 30 pounds, including beagles and small terriers. Easy to clean.


Look Out Below! Dog Parachutes from Plane

One dog took the ride of his life recently when he parachuted from a plane cruising at 10,000 ft. But this wasn't just any pup — he's a super-smart explosive-sniffing dog, working with the Austrian government on a training mission.

The specialized pup participated in Norway's Operation Cold Response, a three-week exercise that ran from Feb. 17 to March 4, bringing together 8,500 soldiers from 14 countries. Strapped to his handler — and with a muzzle to prevent jaw injuries on landing — the Belgian shepherd plummeted over Narvik, Norway, and made a safe landing.

"It's something he does a lot and he's very comfortable with," one special operations trooper told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "He has a much cooler head than most recruits." The soldier went on to say that dogs in general are actually more likely to be frightened by the plane's engine noise than the jump, since pups "don't perceive height difference the same way humans do. Once we're on the way down … they just enjoy the view."

He was quick to point out that four-legged team members are valued just as highly as their human counterparts, and are never put in situations that are unnecessarily dangerous.


That will be it for today, pups. "60 Seconds" will be back on Monday. Have a furtastic weekend! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-18-10)

March 18th 2010 12:57 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Thursday, the 18th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Thursday! Today is "Awkward Moments Day", "Companies That Care Day", and "Forgive Mom And Dad Day."


My pet camera: Fujifilm releases special camera for dog and cat lovers

The fine folks at Fujifilm in Japan must have some frustrated pet owners on their development team because they've launched a 12 mega-pixel camera, the FinePix Z700 EXR, that recognizes when it's being pointed at a dog or cat (using the "Auto Dog / Cat Detection" function) and instantly optimizes the focus and exposure. In fact, you can actually program it to store the parameters for up to 10 dog and cat faces. There is also an auto-release function that will automatically get the shot when the pet is looking directly at the camera. These nifty options should really come in handy for animal rescue groups posting to looking to amp up that "Please adopt me!" appeal.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Midnight is a 10-month-old spayed female Plott Hound/Labrador Retriever. She is good with other dogs and kids. Midnight was found by the shelter along with her litter mates. This sweet girl needs a loving furever home. Let's hope that she gets one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Buster The Boxer Doesn’t Like To Be Told To Be Quiet


Who is this?

It's reality star Brooke Hogan turning around to face the photogs while walking her pooch through Miami.

Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Buster Cubes

Price: From $15 to $20 depending on size purchased.

Buster Cubes are hard plastic cubes that trap dog treats inside. Dogs extract the treats by rolling the cube around the room with their noses and paws, or by picking it up with their teeth and tossing it down. Buster Cubes are often recommended by animal behaviorists because they are ideal for destructive dogs who may be bored in addition to having a strong need to chew. This is also a great toy to break out when company comes over. Fido will be so absorbed with the buster cube, he'll forget to jump on the guests.


Buy Stamps and Help Shelter Pets with Ellen Degeneres

The following things are guaranteed to make you feel good about life: Getting a letter in the mail with cute stamps on it, adopting a pet from a shelter, feeding shelter animals. Now, thanks to the U.S. Postal Service, Ellen Degeneres and Halo pet food, you can do all three!

Starting April 30, the USPS will be offering special commemorative stamps around the theme of adopting shelter pets as part of their annual social awareness campaign.

"This is a subject that I am extremely passionate about. By working together, we can find good homes for millions of adoptable, homeless and abandoned pets," DeGeneres said in a press release. "And until they get adopted, I'm happy to say that Halo and I are giving one million meals to shelter pets that are waiting for you."

The 44-cent stamps feature portraits by photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce of five cats and five dogs, all of whom have been adopted.

They include gray kitten Peaches, who was born under a porch; golden retriever Buddy, who was a pet-store puppy with really bad hips; Australian terrier Bindu Su, who now visits a local nursing home every week; and Frankie, a kitten that lost his mother and two kitten siblings, but who's now thriving at his new forever home.

The stamps, in panes of 20, are available for pre-order at


That'll wrap things up for this edition of the news. Remember you can pmail me anytime if you think you might have something for "60 Seconds." This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (3-17-10)

March 17th 2010 1:39 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Wednesday, the 17th of March. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy hump day, and Happy St. Patrick's day!

May your blessings outnumber The Shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

Dogs recognized for their acts of valor

The Humane Society of the United States has announced the Valor Dog of the Year” – Kenai, a Bernese mountain dog mix from Erie, Colo.,who awakened her owner to alert him to a carbon monoxide leak in the vacation home where he, six other adults, two children, and three dogs were sleeping.

The awards celebrate the human-animal bond by honoring dogs who have exhibited an extraordinary sense of courage or resolve by heroically helping a person in need.

“Dogs are our friends, but they can also be our saviors,” said HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle, “and the list of 100 nominees provides plenty of support for that proposition.”

The Valor Dog of the Year was chosen by a panel of celebrities including: film and television actor Kristin Bell, from the TV show “Heroes;” Sally Pressman, whose character on Lifetime’s “Army Wives” adopted a stray dog who saved a soldier’s life in Iraq; and Jay Kopelman, a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who brought a puppy back from Iraq and wrote “From Bagdad With Love” recalling the experience.

First runner up and winner of the “People’s Hero” award, chosen by online voting, went to Calamity Jane, a golden retriever mix from Aledo, Texas who scared away intruders by barking and growling outside a home where a family and their guests had been held at gunpoint for nearly an hour.

Benson, a golden retriever from Binghamton, N.Y. was named Second Runner Up for barking and alerting his owners to a fire across the street, giving them time to run to their neighbor’s and awaken the family before the house was consumed by flames.

The winners will receive prizes from Bella Tocca Tags, Custom Glass Etching, and The HSUS’ online store, Humane Domain.

To read the complete stories of this year’s Dogs of Valor, visit:


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Chico is a six-month-old neutered male Chihuahua mix. Chico is currently being fostered through Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois. This sweet little guy is looking for a loving furever home. Let's hope that he finds one ASAP! ♥


Dog Quote Of The Day

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’
~Dave Barry


Who is this?

It's singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus and his pooches taking a break during a stroll around Toluca Lake, Calif.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Squeaky Squiggler Dog Toy

Price: $9.49

Squeaky Squigglers dog toys from Kyjen are described as "having flapping tentacles and squeaky heads, along with an inner layer of nylon for durability."

There are four versions to choose from (pictured above is Squeaky Squiggler Sea Monster Squiddy) and come with a tennis ball double-stitched into the middle for extra imperishably and a squeaker which provides a thrill for Fido when he shakes the poor thing back and forth. In fact, the Squeaky Squiggler designer refers to that feature as the "flappability factor."

Jake The Hero

A judge has praised a hero dog after he chased off an attacker who indecently assaulted a woman in a park.

Two-year-old Rottweiler Jake was on his usual evening walk with owner when he heard screaming from a dense woodland and ran to investigate.

He found a man attacking a woman he had dragged into the undergrowth.

The fearless hound lunged at the man and chased him away - and then circled the sobbing victim 'like a guard dog' until the police arrived.

Jake, a former rescue dog, has now been commended for his actions by a judge who jailed the man for four years after he was convicted of sexual assault.

Sentencing at Warwick Crown Court, Judge Christopher Hodson said: 'I have not the slightest doubt that if that dog had not come bounding up, worse would have happened to that lady.'

Dog owner Mrs Maxted-Bluck, a professional musician, said: 'Jake was just incredible and probably saved the woman from being raped.

'He has always hated conflict so when he heard her screaming he must have known someone was in trouble.

'After he ran back to the woman I rang the police and he circled us like he was guarding us. The woman was very grateful.'


That's all for today, pups. I hope that you enjoyed the news! Have a great day. This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.

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