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"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-30-10)

April 30th 2010 1:03 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Friday, the 30th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


TGIF! Today is "National Hairball Awareness Day", "Hairstylists Appreciation Day", and "National Honesty Day."


Firefighters Free Trapped Pup from Under a Recliner

Ken Makris was going about his regular routine, preparing to settle into his electric recliner for the night with terrier pup Ebonyzer near his feet. But when he pushed a button to adjust the footrest, the 88-year-old, a resident at the Sunrise assisted living center in Naperville, Ill., knew something wasn't right.

"Suddenly I heard little whimpers, looked under the chair, and there he was," Makris says. Somehow, Ebonyzer had become lodged below the base of the chair. Makris tried to pull his 5-year-old pooch out from under the recliner, but his leg was caught behind a metal bar. "There was nothing I could do — I felt worthless," Makris says. When staffers failed to free Ebonyzer, they called the fire department for help.

After five minutes of sawing an arm off the chair to gain access ("the jaws of life didn't work," Makris shares), firefighters released Ebonyzer. "He didn't bark or whine or anything," Makris recalls. Though the brave pup suffered some nerve damage as a result of the incident, he escaped without any broken bones.

Sadly, the recliner didn't fare as well. "It was a comfy chair," Makris says. "Since I have a bad shoulder, I always slept in it." But it's a small price to pay for his pup's good health. "He seems to be fine now, but if I push the button on the new chair he takes off," Makris laughs. "He doesn't want any part of it. He learned his lesson."

60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Tara is a 6-month-old female Miniature Pinscher mix. She recently arrived in Calgary from Texas and is very shy. This sweet girl needs a loving furever home. Let's hope she finds it ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Statue Dogs


Who is this?

It's actress Penelope Cruz with her injured pooch outside an animal hospital in Los Angeles.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Seat Belt Spider Dog Toy

Price: $5.99

The world's only soft dog toy that features real seat belt material (nylon) and Tuffut Technology lining! Seat Belt Spider's legs are actually constructed of 3 long pieces of seat belt material (strong nylon) that is used in the manufacturing of a vehicle's seat belts…super strong and tightly woven. Squeaker inside for added interest.


The Next Governor of Texas Could Be a Dog

In the annals of Texas political candidates, surely all of them have been human. Until now.

A 5-year-old rescue mutt from Austin is running as a write-in candidate for governor of Texas.

His name is Woodrow, as in Wilson.

His owner, Lorri Michel, says that Woodrow is a political independent, so he couldn't run in the Democratic or Republican primaries that happened in March. But, the Nov. 2 general election is open to all, and Michel wants Woodrow's name to be written-in on ballots.

It all started when 43-year-old Michel, an Austin attorney, watched her pooch frolicking off-leash one day in nearby Pease Park last summer. She watched in amusement as Woodrow would stride purposefully from one park visitor to another.

“He would go up to every dog, child and adult, and it was as if he was saying, 'Hi, how are you? Don’t you look so nice today?'” Michel says. “And then he would just move on.”

A friend, who was also watching, remarked at the time, “Oh, my God, Woodrow is mayor.”

And so a campaign was born. It was partly Michel's way of expressing frustration over Texas politics, but knowing that Woodrow's votes would be statistically insignificant, Michel is using the Woodrow bandwagon to publicize the many thousands of sick or unwanted dogs that are being euthanized in Texas.

The Woodrow groundswell caught the eye of the Austin American-Statesman, the local newspaper, and the publicity is also helping to raise money for Austin Pets Alive, which takes animals to be euthanized and places them up for adoption. Woodrow has raised — through the sale of T-shirts alone — $2,000 so far.

All the campaigning is a surprise given that Woodrow started out as a timid little puppy. When Michel adopted him in 2006, he was found curled up in a fearful ball, even though he wasn't sick. She had to carry him to her car.

When she took him for walks, Woodrow would dash for bushes and hide. Time and the company of Ms. Michel’s other pets — the dogs, Remy and Francis, as well as the cats, Orangy, Purlie Stars, and Cornelius — have helped, Michel says.

Woodrow, about 70 lbs. and the size of a suitcase, may be an unconventional candidate, but in some ways, he is qualified to be one. According to Article 4, section 4 of the Texas Constitution, a candidate must have been a state resident for at least five years. Check. And he must be at least 35. Double check. (In dog years, anyway.)

Still, voters expect their governor to be able to write as well as speak, if not belong to the same species as that of his constituents.

Whatever the case, Texans can see Woodrow at his first campaign stop Saturday, May 1, at the Canine Hilton in Austin. As his slogan goes, How ruff could it be?


That will be all for today! '60 Seconds' will be back on Monday. Have a pawsome weekend! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-28-10)

April 28th 2010 1:07 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Wednesday, the 28th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Hump day! Today is "31 Cent Scoop Night" and "Workers Memorial Day." %:D%


First Dog Bo Sneaks Past a Security Guard!

Even though his tail was in full wag and his chest was way up high, First Dog Bo managed to sneak past the watchful eye of a White House guard as he made his way from playing outside with his toy back into his big house.

It's a far cry from the big noise he made last week when First Lady Michelle Obama brought him along to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day — only to put him on a timeout for barking too much! Perhaps Bo has learned that it's better to speak softly and carry a big toy?


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Sonny is a 6-month-old neutered male Beagle/Labrador Retriever mix. He is good with other dogs and is adoptable within 100 miles of Granby, CT. This sweet pup needs a loving furever home. Let's hope that he finds one in the very near future! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Moonwalking Dog |$|


Who is this?

It's actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his pup Atticus wandering the Source Code set in Montreal.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Chow Chair Dog Bowl Feeder

Price: $45.00

Chair Color: Dark Brown
Style: Aqua Blossom
Bowl Size: 2-quart
Feeding Height: 16" (good for large breeds)
Personalization: Wood cutout of your pup's name available for an additional


Thief Extorts Dog Owner After Finding Her Chihuahua

It all began late Saturday night when Britney Parkerton stopped to get gas at the 76 gas station at 191 Iron Point Road in Folsom. Parkerton’s 7 month old Chihuahua, Roo, escaped from her car unbeknownst to her and took a self guided tour of the parking lot. Roo found trouble in a friendly stranger who stopped to help. Thus began a long morning for Roo and Parkerton.

Parkerton took comfort in knowing her lost pet was micro-chipped and had an identification collar. She was excited when a man called to say he would be happy to return her dog. Then came the caveat, the man demanded $200 or Parkerton would never see Roo again. Parkerton did the smart thing and notified the Folsom Police Department.

The police officer and his partners devised a plan to recover Roo without placing Parkerton or officers at risk. They offered the stranger $600 if he brought the dog back to Folsom. Driven by greed, the suspect agreed. With 3 ½ hours elapsed since Roo went missing, a black Chevrolet Camero returned to the gas station. A subject placed Roo back into Parkerton’s car and removed an envelope containing the requested ransom. Roo was safe.

A block away from the exchange officers’ stopped the Camero and arrested Adonison Gunther, 31, of Oakland and Marisa Jackson, 21, of Elk Grove. While the suspects claimed to be helpful citizens, their text messages and phone messages to officers and Parkerton betrayed their true intentions. Gunther and Jackson were booked into the Sacramento County Jail charged with Extortion, Possession of Stolen Property, and Conspiracy.

Roo was proud Parkerton had not put herself at risk by meeting these extortionists alone. Parkerton’s preventive care of ensuring Roo was tagged and micro-chipped helped lead to Roo’s recovery.


That will do it for today's edition of the news. Thanks for reading! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is. :-h


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-27-10)

April 27th 2010 12:31 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Tuesday, the 27th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Tuesday! Today is "Morse Code Day" and "Teach Your Children To Save Day."


Nightclub For Pooches

The woof, the woof, the woof is on fire.

Manhattan mutts will soon have a place to shake their tails on a Friday night -- the Fetch Club.

The 3,000-foot indoor dog park/canine club slated to open next month in the heart of the Financial District will be tricked out with sybaritic amenities synonymous with Wall Street: special spa baths, holistic mud masks and facials, homemade meals, manicures -- and even a doggie disco.

"If an owner wants to go out one night, they can drop their dog off at our nightclub," said owner Peter Balestrieri, who hopes to even outfit the doggie dance club with a disco ball.

"We're serious about the well-being of animals, but we also want them to have fun," said co-owner Jenna Lee, a former finance worker now taking veterinary courses.

The more sedate canines can swing by Fetch Club during the day for playtime (chasing tennis balls), movie hour (classics like "101 Dalmatians" and "Lassie"), trot on a tiny treadmill (that has a TV), or just play on the 3,000-foot dog run in the back of the massive space -- for $35 a day.

Inside the renovated space at 85 John St. -- a 200-year-old former tobacco factory -- will be a high-end boutique with doggie clothes and toys, plus a "human lounge" where owners can grab a coffee, use an iPad to check e-mail, and watch their pampered pooches play.

"The dogs are our clients, so all our services are geared to them," said Lee, who plans to offer daily homemade entrées to owners who don't want their dogs eating commercial pet food.

Building resident Sean Daly told The Post his main concern was noise. "The space between our floors is really thin -- we hear everything from neighboring apartments," he said.

Balestrieri invested $50,000 in additional noise insulation for Fetch Club -- adding about 8 inches of padding to his walls and ceiling.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Diamond is a four-month-old female Rottweiler/Boxer mix. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. This adorable pup needs a loving furever home now. Let's hope that she gets one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Amazing Dog Tricks


Who is this?

It's actress Anne Hathaway (with boyfriend Adam Shulman) and her chocolate Lab Esmeralda, strolling through L.A.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Wool Squeaky Ball

Price: $5.49 to $17.99 (four different sizes)

Hand-knit and felted wool dog balls are all-natural and hand-knit with care in the USA. These are the antidote to mass-produced toys from China and dogs are crazy for them, the combination of natural materials, no chemicals, and the squishy yet firm mouth feel appeals to a wide variety of dogs. Some dog toys just have "it" and this is one of those toys.. Each one is a unique mini work-of-art that you'll actually enjoy seeing around the house!

Easy to clean, machine wash and dry.

5% of sales is donated to Pet Finders.


Do You Want Your Dog to Star in a TV Commercial?

DogPedic is currently on a national search for a canine spokesdog to star in their next commercial. Dogs (and their owners) who are craving the limelight can upload a photo at The winner will get $10,000 and be the dog star of the next commercial and print advertising campaign. The contest ends on December 31, 2010.

The winning pet will promote the orthopedic sleep system made with memory foam and support foam, which, the company says, is designed to gently cradle your pooch in all the right places as she slumbers away.

So what is DogPedic looking for in their next dog star? They assure us that absolutely any dog has a shot. Be your pet the bluest of bloods or the most mixed of mutts, "dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages are equally eligible," DogPedic says. What counts here is personality, that undefinable je ne sais quoi we call "star power." If your dog has it, it could be a winner.

Your pooch may have to share the limelight however. Montel Williams is currently the company's celebrity spokesperson.

"Anybody who shares their life with a pet wants to make sure that pet has an equally comfortable life as we have," said the Emmy-award winning talk-show host.

"I have MS and I'm in pain 24 hours a day, mostly in my lower extremities and spots on my face," says Williams. "I sleep on a memory foam bed and it works for me. Most people's pets lay on the floor or on carpet. When you think about that, if you or I laid on the floor for four or five hours a day, you'd have bruises on every single joint that you have."

DogPedic says its beds will help pets suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or morning muscle stiffness. "We all know different breeds of dogs have different joint issues," concurs Williams, whose own poodle, Max, sleeps on one.

But they're dogs! They don't need a fancy schmancy bed, some might say. "Excuse me, but anybody who says that doesn't own a dog," says Williams, adding thoughtfully. "And we don't really own dogs; we have an opportunity to share our lives with them."


That's it for today, pups. Be good and be sure to enjoy your day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-26-10)

April 26th 2010 12:19 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Monday, the 26th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Monday! Today is "Hug An Australian Day", "Richter Scale Day" and "International Marconi Day."


'The Back-Up Plan' Required One J.Lo, Several Dogs

If you intend to see The Back-Up Plan, you'll likely fall in love with Nuts, the film's furry scene-stealer. But if you look closely, you'll notice Nuts was actually played by several different dogs, all Boston Terriers who were monitored closely by American Humane.

"A lot of times you'll have back-ups that look similar, so you can interchange them," American Humane senior safety representative Beth Langhorst says. "They're like stunt doubles. Some dogs like to run a little more, some like to be held. So directors can work with each dog's natural abilities."

Though Nuts is portrayed as a special-needs dog in the movie, Langhorst says none of the pups that played him required assistance. "The wheelchair isn't for real. It was specially-made, and had a back panel platform for the dogs' back legs to rest on," she explains. Dogs were taught to walk with the contraption before filming began, and rewarded with plenty of treats for their efforts.

Langhorst, whose job was to monitor the treatment of the furry stars, says everyone on set was "dog-oriented. They'd make sure not to call the dogs to set unless they were ready to go with the shoot." And the movie's star, Jennifer Lopez, took good care of her little castmates, as well. "She spent a lot of time with them and really got them to bond with her," Langhorst shares. "She wanted the audience to believe Nuts was really her dog."

To further promote that dog-friendly vibe, organizers from American Humane and The Back-Up Plan teamed up to sponsor adoption drives around the country earlier this month, with adopters receiving discounts on pets, and free gear from the movie. At the Denver Dumb Friends League alone, 306 needy pets were placed with loving families. Twelve other shelters also reported great success with the drive.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Wally is a five-year-old neutered male Jack Russell Terrier. He is good with other dogs and kids. He loves other people, dogs and tennis balls! Not a lot of information is given about Wally. He does need a loving furever home, so let's hope that he finds one ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Sleeping Boxer


Who is this?

It's actor Michael Douglas and pooch Figaro, going for a walk through New York.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Mighty Toy Farm Cow

Price: $18.99

Veterinarian Recommended and Approved

Mighty Toy Construction: Durability is created for each toy with multiple layers of flexible materials. Compared to other toys, Mighty Dog Toys have no hard edges. The result is that these toys do not promote chewing - great when you're trying to discourage chewing habits. These toys may seem plush on the outside, but all the durability features are internal making these toys soft, yet MIGHTY strong. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.


Your Dog Will Love Dog Scouts. Scout's Honor!

If you're looking to increase the bond you share with your dog, and experience new activities together, consider checking out the Dog Scouts of America.

With the goal of educating the public about responsible dog ownership, supporting the community, and strengthening the bond between dogs and dog owners, this terrific non-profit organization offers local Dog Scouts of America membership programs across the country.

With the motto "Let us learn new things, so that we may become more helpful," troop members and their dogs work together to master new skills to earn any of over 70 available Dog Scout merit badges. The badges -- which your dog can wear on his red scout vest or neckerchief -- can be earned for backpacking, water sports, community service, tracking, weight pull, search and rescue, sledding, even painting by paw.

To get your dog started on becoming a certified Dog Scout, complete an application to join the national Dog Scouts of America organization, then contact the troop leader in your area. If you can't find a troop in your area, you can start your own, or take advantage of Dog Scouts' "worldwide certification program" that offers certification with the use of video equipment.


That will be it for today. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-23-10)

April 23rd 2010 12:43 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Friday, the 23rd of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


TGIF! Today is "World Book & Copyright Day" and "Talk Like Shakespeare Day."


FDA: Don’t give the dog a bone, ever

Giving your dog a bone — any bone — is a dangerous practice that can cause serious injury to your pet, the Food and Drug Administration says.

It’s not like they’re recalling bones, but the agency has issued a warning in an article appearing on the FDA’s online Consumer Updates page.

However popular the idea may be that it’s natural for dogs to chew on bones, the tradition – knick-knack paddy-whack aside — falls into the danger zone, in the FDA’s view.

“Some people think it’s safe to give dogs large bones, like those from a ham or a roast,” says Carmela Stamper, D.V.M., a veterinarian in the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food and Drug Administration. “Bones are unsafe no matter what their size. Giving your dog a bone may make your pet a candidate for a trip to your veterinarian’s office later, possible emergency surgery, or even death.”

The FDA lists 10 reasons why bones are a bad idea:

1. Broken teeth. This may call for expensive veterinary dentistry.
2. Mouth or tongue injuries. These can be very bloody and messy and may require a trip to see your veterinarian.
3. Bone gets looped around your dog’s lower jaw. This can be frightening or painful for your dog and potentially costly to you, as it usually means a trip to see your veterinarian.
4. Bone gets stuck in esophagus, the tube that food travels through to reach the stomach. Your dog may gag, trying to bring the bone back up, and will need to see your veterinarian.
5. Bone gets stuck in windpipe. This may happen if your dog accidentally inhales a small enough piece of bone. This is an emergency because your dog will have trouble breathing. Get your pet to your veterinarian immediately!
6. Bone gets stuck in stomach. It went down just fine, but the bone may be too big to pass out of the stomach and into the intestines. Depending on the bone’s size, your dog may need surgery or upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, a procedure in which your veterinarian uses a long tube with a built-in camera and grabbing tools to try to remove the stuck bone from the stomach.
7. Bone gets stuck in intestines and causes a blockage. It may be time for surgery.
8. Constipation due to bone fragments. Your dog may have a hard time passing the bone fragments because they’re very sharp and they scrape the inside of the large intestine or rectum as they move along. This causes severe pain and may require a visit to your veterinarian.
9. Severe bleeding from the rectum. This is very messy and can be dangerous. It’s time for a trip to see your veterinarian.
10. Peritonitis. This nasty, difficult-to-treat bacterial infection of the abdomen is caused when bone fragments poke holes in your dog’s stomach or intestines. Your dog needs an emergency visit to your veterinarian because peritonitis can kill your dog.

“Always supervise your dog with any chew product, especially one your dog hasn’t had before,” adds Stamper. “And always, if your dog ‘just isn’t acting right,’ call your veterinarian right away!”

Most bones are bad — chicken bones, as we all know, in particular. But there are those that, with supervision, I don’t hesitate to give my particular dog, like marrow bones. They can help clean teeth, massage gums and, in my dog’s experience, seem quite safe.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Pandy is a two-month-old female Shetland Sheepdog. She is good with other dogs and kids. Pandy loves to play with toys and give kisses. This sweet pup needs a loving furever home. Let's hope that she can find one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Dog Hates Roomba


Who is this?

It's director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) taking her dog to a Beverly Hills animal hospital.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Screamin' Squirrel

Price: $15.95

The Screamin' Squirrel is a sole-shaped tug toy embellished with a humorous picture of its namesake and cleverly designed with a bite missing. It features a sturdy mountaineering rope lanyard for tugging and throwing.


Dogs Experience REM Sleep And, Hence, Dreams

Dreams are subjective experiences, and while we can't get our canine companions to tell us whether or not they have them, there is good evidence to suggest they do.

In humans, dreams are directly linked to a part of the sleep cycle called REM (rapid eye movement) or active sleep. Changes in the electrical activity of the brain can be measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG) during this phase. People awakened while in this sleep pattern often recall very vivid experiences, while people awakened in other phases of EEG activity rarely recall any dreams.

The pattern of brain activity during REM sleep in humans is also found very consistently in dogs. Outward indications of dreaming in dogs can include "paddling" of the paws, twitching of the facial muscles, whining, growling and rapid movement of the eyes. Many people describe their dog's motions as "chasing rabbits." In some instances, owners have described their dogs as being aggressive, fearful or confused if awakened during this type of sleep behavior. Most of the time these events last less than one or two minutes, though the physical activity may be much shorter than the actual EEG changes.

On average, 25 percent of the sleep cycle in dogs is spent in REM sleep. I have seen my own dogs showing this type of behavior, and there is no doubt in my mind that they are dreaming. I can only hope they are dreams of chasing balls in the field and not of chewing up my shoes!

~Keith Farquhar, D.V.M., Sonoma Humane Society,


T hat will be all for today, pups. "60 Seconds" will return on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-20-10)

April 20th 2010 1:19 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Tuesday, the 20th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Tuesday! No silly holidays, and no serious holidays. Just another Tuesday in the month of April!


Dog stayed with her master until the end

STARK COUNTY -- A golden retriever named "Lady" was a good and loyal dog until the end.

Police and an investigator with the Stark County Coroner's Office believe that Lady stayed by her owner's side in a field just outside of Hartville for almost a week.

Parley Nichols, 81, was found dead there Wednesday night, about a mile from his home.

Nichols had dementia and was reported missing on April 8.

Even though family members passed out fliers and searched for Nichols, his body was only discovered after Lady barked at a passerby.

"This dog would not leave his side," said Stark County Coroner's Investigator Harry Campbell. "No question, she stayed out there on her own volition.

"(Lady) saw another human and started barking and wailing," said Campbell.

The preliminary findings of an autopsy lead the Stark County Coroner to believe that Nichols suffered a natural death due to heart and lung disease.

Campbell said the dog likely drank water from a nearby drainage ditch. But there were no signs of food near Nichols.

Campbell also said that a local newspaper dated April 7 was found with Nichols.

Family members are now caring for Lady.

Mary Nichols believes that Lady was with her relative the whole time he was missing.

When asked if her family takes comfort in knowing that Parley Nichols was not alone when he died, Mary Nichols responded, "Yes."


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Skippy is an 11-month-old neutered male Blue Heeler/Beagle mix. He is good with other dogs and kids. Skippy was rescued from a kill shelter and is now waiting for a new loving home. Let's hope that this sweet pup finds one ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Piano Playing Dog


Who is this?

It's Ashley Olsen (with boyfriend) and her new Frenchie pup, leaving sister Mary-Kate's New York City apartment.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Vibram Ball

Price: $12.50

At My Good Dog, they take a pet's well being seriously. These 3" and 4" diameter balls are molded in the USA by Vibram using clean rubber. They are tough, and hollow to fill with rewards or training aids. These pet friendly balls incorporate the Vibram Performance Proven Lug Design for crazy bounces and long lasting fun.


Does Your Dog Hate Car Rides?

Does your dog go into automatic panic when you put him in your car? Does he whine, cry, drool, vomit, or try to crawl underneath the seat?

Many dogs are afraid of the car. Motion sickness is a possible culprit, but not a likely one. It's more likely that their anxiety is based in negative association or the unknown. The car becomes scary when it is not a common every day occurrence. What makes the joyride even worse is when t it can only be associated with going to the groomer, kennel, or vet. In a dog's mind those may not happy places.

Starting early is best but even an older dog can learn a new love of mobility. All you have to do is make the car a pleasant and routine thing in your dog's life.

To break your dog's habit of thinking every car ride ends in vaccines or baths is not hard and won't take more than a couple minutes a day. As often as you can, try to take the dog into the car. And start by not going anywhere.

Find a few moments here and there that you normally spend at your kitchen table or on the couch that you can just as easily spend in your car. The next time you have a shopping list to write or some calls to return on your cell phone, try sitting in the car to do it and bring the dog with you. Writing out a few bills, balancing your check book, and reading the newspaper or a magazine are just a few examples of things you could do sitting in your car for just a couple minutes with the dog.

Start slow. One minute. Then two minutes. In a week maybe you could try five minutes.

Once your dog is better about being in the car, the next step is to try to ease his fear of the car actually moving.

If you have the time, just drive around the block once or twice. That's it. Then go back home and take your dog back into the house. Try to take your dog on short trips, especially ones where you don't have to get out of the car. A quick drive to pick up your kids at school or scouts is a great start. The positive reinforcement is doubled when they see the rest of the family getting into the car with them.

Anyplace you go where you utilize the drive-thru window like the bank, pharmacy, or fast food joints are all great doggie day trips, too.

This idea is making sense now, isn't it. Slowly build an association for your dog with the car that is positive and simple. Once you can make it through Dunkin Donuts without your dog having any issues you're ready to take him along on some short errands. These starter trips should be short, like the dry cleaner, Blockbuster, or the post office. These should be trips where you aren't leaving him alone in the car, please ask a family member or friend to join you.

If you don't want to leave him alone in the car even for just a few minutes that's fine. Bring a friend or family member. You can run into Pizza Hut for your to-go order, do some quick grocery shopping or run into Annie Sez and leave your dog with the dog sitter in the car. The exercise of the car being shut down and your leaving him briefly is a useful step in nurturing the Dog - Car Relationship.

Don't forget that positive reinforcement is always the best way to teach a dog anything. This is no different. Lots of pats and praise for his good behavior will go a long way. He wants to please you, he will repeat the behavior once he understands what it is you liked. A dog treat he can associate with having had some "good car time" might help if used correctly.

Punishing his less than stellar behavior is only going to reinforce the anxiety.

It may take some months of newspaper reading in the driveway, short jaunts around the block, and then quick errand running around town, but eventually you really will be able to see an improvement in your dog's car anxiety.


That's all for today, pups. As always, thanks for reading! Be good and enjoy your day. This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-19-10)

April 19th 2010 12:26 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Monday, the 19th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Monday! Today is "Boston Marathon Day", "National Hanging Out Day", and it's also Peanutty Crankite's 12th birthday! Yep, I am another year older. Woohoo!!


Leave a Facebook Message, Save Shelter Pets!

Want to help shelter pets, but don't have the extra cash to spare? Well, after visiting to donate food to animals in need (for free!), head over to, where Walmart and the ASPCA have joined forces to help adoptable animals everywhere in honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

Once you log on to Facebook, post a message on the Lend a Paw campaign page, and Walmart will automatically donate $1 to the ASPCA — up to $100,000 total. It's an easy way to lend a hand (or paw) to our furry friends who need it most.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Willow is a 10-month-old spayed female Dachshund/Shetland Sheepdog. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Willow found her way to a shelter in rural Kentucky where she was a terrified little girl and needed to be housed in foster care. She made her rescue voyage north to her true foster home on April 10th. This loving pup is looking for her furever home. Let's hope that she finds it ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Pug Puppy Party


Who is this?

It's actress January Jones (Mad Men) and her pooch on a stroll in Los Angeles.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Snake Dog Toy

Price: $10.95

What set's Kong dog toys apart from the plush toy pack? Compare and you will see the quality difference. As a bonus, all of these toys come with a FREE replacement squeaker! Simply pull the "hidden" inner tabs on the outside of the toy, remove the fleece squeaker pouch and replace squeaker.


Could Your Dog Become a Therapy Dog?

You don't need to refer to the countless research studies that have proven the mental and physical benefits that animal companionship can give. You live it. So why not consider sharing your pup's friendly charm and companionship with those who would appreciate it? Consider getting your dog certified to become a Therapy Dog. Opportunities for certification are offered year-round across the country, and once certified, you and your dog can volunteer for rewarding work that helps others. Here's what you need to know:

What do Therapy Dogs Do?

Therapy Dogs and their owners work to help children feel comfortable reading aloud, to assist veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, to simply help brighten the day for those in nursing homes and hospitals, and more. Once your dog is certified as a Therapy Dog, you'll volunteer together at hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, and other places to provide comfort and companionship.

What kinds of dogs can become Therapy Dogs?

Dogs of any breed, size and shape can become Therapy Dogs as long as they have one important characteristic: An excellent temperament. They must be patient, gentle, calm and well mannered, and like all kinds of people. Since they'll be petted and handled, they also must enjoy human contact. Dogs must also be healthy and at least one year old.

What's involved in Therapy Dog certification and training?

Certification and training varies by organization, but typically requires behavioral and obedience tests. Therapy Dogs International (TDI), the oldest and largest therapy dog organization in the U.S., requires a therapy-dog evaluation for suitability, which includes the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test, among other tests that assess the dog's behavior around people.

What are the kinds of programs that my dog may participate in?

Here are a few examples of animal activity and therapy dog opportunities found in's state-by-state guide to local therapy organizations :

Alabama: Hand-in-Paw in Birmingham has many programs including "Sit, Stay, Read! which helps reluctant young readers who are performing below grade level to overcome embarrassment and improve skills by reading aloud to a non-judgmental therapy animal."

Minnesota: Bark Avenue On Parade in Minneapolis focuses on pet-assisted therapy with people who may be isolated due to age, illness or disability. Bark Avenue's regular visit schedule includes four monthly visits at three area hospitals.

Oklahoma: Creatures and Kids in Edmond, used pets and their handlers to teach "kindness and compassion toward all living things." They offer 37 programs including a "Kind Kids" class for kindergarten and elementary students, "The Power of Empathy" for high school students and an array of adult classes.

How do I find a local Therapy Dog certification program?

In addition to visitng you can also contact one of the national organizations, such as such as Therapy Dogs International or the Delta Society, both of which list upcoming test dates by state.


That will do it for this edition of Monday's news. Thanks for reading. Have a furtastic day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-16-10)

April 16th 2010 12:44 am
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*Mom isn't feeling very good, so this will be a shorter than usual news report. Maybe more like 40 Seconds.

Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Friday, the 16th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


TGIF! Today is "High Five Day", "National Stress Awareness Day" and "Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day."


Neil Patrick Harris is narrating the new PBS documentary, Through a Dog's Eyes, airing on April 21st! The documentary focuses on service dogs and the life-changing affect they've had on their owners' lives. Check the video below for a preview of the doc featuring some absolutely adorable pups!



60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Hana is a one-year-old spayed female Chihuahua. She is good with other dogs and kids. Hana was found as a stray and needs to find her furever home. Let's hope that she does so ASAP! ♥


Who is this?

It's burlesque star Dita Von Teese and her furry friend leaving a nail salon in L.A.


XXS and XXL Pups Become Fast Friends Thanks to Therapy Work

They say opposites attract, and in the case of Rocky the Yorkshire terrier and Bronx the English Mastiff, truer words have never been spoken. The two met in Australia as part of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital's Pets As Loving Support (PALS) pet therapy program, and took to each other immediately.

"Rocky let Bronx know who was the top dog," media liaison Joni Tooth says. "He had to give Bronx a bit of telling off!"

The PALS pet therapy program consists of 350 volunteer dogs who travel with their owners to nursing homes and hospitals. "The dogs have an amazing effect on residents and patients," Tooth says. "We have had dogs sit with people in their final hours, dogs that have got people to talk and smile again … many wonderful stories."

Weighing in at 2 lbs. and about 400 lbs., respectively, the two are cute — and they're making a difference through PALS, as well. Bronx currently visits dialysis patients in one of Melbourne's major hospitals, and Rocky is awaiting his certification assessment, so that he can begin volunteering, too.

Though similar in that they have big, helping hearts, the two pups couldn't be more different — obviously. Bronx, described as "gentle," loves a good pat and always entrances people with his size. "He helped us out on one of our raffle stands at a major Melbourne shopping center and nearly caused a riot," Tooth says.

Rocky has a little more spunk, and was actually tiny enough to fit into a wine glass when he was younger!

Founded nearly 80 years ago by Louisa Lort Smith, the animal hospital was created to care for the animals of people of limited means. While many of its pet patients still fall into that category, the organization's purpose has expanded over the years, as it now shelters and places pets, provides animal ambulance services and runs many community programs, including PALS and bush fire animal rescue teams. The Lort Smith Animal Hospital is the largest animal hospital in the Southern Hemisphere.


That's it for today, pups! "60 Seconds" will be back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-15-10)

April 15th 2010 12:41 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Thursday, the 15th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Thursday! Today is "Income Tax Day", "McDonald's Day", "Take A Wild Guess Day", "That Sucks Day", and "Equal Pay Day."


Dog Storms Baseball Field — and Poops!

This week's Iams Adoptable Dog of the Game loves sprinting all over the baseball diamond at a Arkansas Naturals game, running away while being chased. He's spunky, with a beautiful caramel-and-cream coat, but the best part about him is how he totally lacks in self-consciousness. Zero performance anxiety with this guy. Well, you know what they say — when they have to go, they have to go. See video just below.



60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Donovan is a 4-month-old neutered male Border Collie. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. He is a high energy pup that will need an active family who will provide him with plenty of mental and physical exercise every day. Donovan needs a loving furever home. Let's hope that he finds one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Dog Eating Funny


Who is it?

It's singer John Legend (with girlfriend) and his pup Puddy in New York.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Kong Platy Duck Dog Toy

Price: $4.50

The Kong Platy Duck will provide your pet with hours of tail-wagging fun. The safe, non-toxic Platy Duck contains an entertaining squeaker within an inner fleece pouch that will have your dog jumping. A replacement squeaker is included. Just pull the inner tabs on the outside of the Platy Duck, remove the fleece pouch, and pop the new squeaker in. Great for dogs 10 to 25 pounds. No messy filling keeps your home clean too.


'Doggie Underground Railroad' Spares Pups from Death

With the help of the Internet, some kind drivers and a lot of gasoline, shelter dogs are getting a new start. Spared from being euthanized at a kill shelter, thousands of dogs have gone from death row to safe havens by traveling hundreds of miles in a journey that starts in the South and the Midwest and usually ends in Canada.

Called the Doggie Underground Railroad, it works thanks to the efforts of Open Arms Pound Rescue and its network of volunteers, pounds, foster homes and e-mail lists that an average of 15 dogs per week have been rescued since 2007.

One steady volunteer that has been there since the start is Bill Bretz, a retired history teacher who drives the 100-mile leg from Cincinnati to Columbus almost every weekend along with his wife Karen. He dubbed the transport effort the Doggie Underground Railroad after seeing a rather uncanny resemblance to the Underground Railroad of the 18th century.

"It follows almost the same routes as the Underground Railroad, and we're moving dogs from death to freedom," Bretz tells says.

Debra Farrell, one of Open Arms Pound Rescue's co-founders, started working in animal rescue in 1998. She and her partner, Lucy Moy, realized that the lack of funding for transportation necessitated a large network of volunteers, which now numbers in the thousands.

"There's not government grants available to purchase vehicles or hire drivers," Farrell says. "When you are moving that many dogs to various locations, you need volunteer transporters who devote their time to moving these dogs from where their lives are soon to be non-existent."

Farrell and Moy started an e-mail listserv, and each week, they promote the dogs that needed rescue. They describe the routes that the dogs needed to take to get to safety, and members of the network respond when and if they can help with various legs of the journey. Some trips can involve as many as 20 dogs, traveling in convoys of three or four cars.

At the end of the trip, when the dogs arrive safely, the trip coordinator e-mails the list with a recap.

"On Sunday, the last day of the runs, our e-mail is clogged with stuff," Bretz says. "It makes you feel good to see the dog you helped get to his new home."


That will do it for this edition of the news. Be good, and enjoy your day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-14-10)

April 14th 2010 1:03 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Wednesday, the 14th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Hump day! Today is "Tamil New Year", "Pan American Day" and "National Be Kind To Lawyers Day."


ASPCA Donates $1,000,000 To NYC Homeless Pets

Through the nonprofit Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, a coalition of animal rescue groups, the ASPCA will funnel a million bucks to help the city's needy animals. While the NY Daily News reports that it's not yet clear whether any of those funds will aid the recently slashed budget of New York City Animal Care and Control (the nonprofit currently contracted to run the shelters in the city), it is certain that some of the money will go toward transferring animals from shelters to rescues and aid low-cost spay-and-neuter programs.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Cindy is a 14-year-old spayed female Beagle mix. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. Her family is forced to move and cannot take their sweet pup with them, so must now find her a new home. The owners are also willing to financially provide for Cindy, as long as she has a new loving home to reside in. Let's hope that this senior pup will find a new loving furever home ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Toilet Pug


Who is this?

It's actor Michael Douglas and dog Figaro going for a walk in N.Y.C.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy For Dogs

Price: $9.45

Prevent your dog from becoming bored with the Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel. It helps develop your pet’s intelligence and puzzle-solving skills too. Just hide the 3 included soft plush squeaker squirrels inside the plush tree trunk. Your pet will have a blast poking around the trunk figuring out how to remove the squirrels. After your dog removes the squirrels, just place them back inside the trunk for more deductive fun. No assembly required. Great for dogs of all ages and breeds. The plush material is durable enough to withstand many hours of rough play.


Little Dogs Live Large in Their $22,000 Doggie Mansion

Tammy Kassis's three little dogs are so happy in their 11-ft.-tall, designer-decorated, French Victorian mansion that she says her $20,000-plus purchase was worth it.

Nothing is more important to Kassis then the health and happiness of her 4-lb. Yorkies, Chelsea, 15, and Coco Puff, 10, and Pomeranian Darla, 14.

"When we first bought a Victorian home in a rural area of Temecula, Calif., I took my dogs out onto our five-acre property to potty and an owl almost got them," Kassis, 47, a real estate agent, says. "I feared they would be prisoners in their own yard, and I wanted a little house for them that would replicate ours. So I did some research."

Kassis discovered Alan Mowrer and Michelle Pollak, partners in a building and design company that creates mansions for dogs. Mowrer, whose Denver-based company is called La Petite Maison, builds the houses, and Pollak, who owns The Lollipop Tree, Inc., in Charleston, S.C., designs them.

Together, they built Kassis a gray and white, 8-ft.-by-10-ft. doggie manse with a turret, vaulted ceiling, fan, air conditioning, heat, television, hardwood floors, white picket fence, porch and doorbell.

"Ten people can stand in Tammy's doggie mansion," Pollak says. "It is elaborate and fancy, just like Tammy wanted. She even asked for designer doggie beds."

Pollak loves designing handcrafted homes for pampered dogs. They can range from $6,000--$35,000 for French chateaux for French poodles, Mission styles with stained glass for Chihuahuas, and Swiss chalets for Bernese mountain dogs.

"I designed Rachel Hunter a Spanish hacienda that matched her house for her chocolate Lab, German shepherd and doberman," says Pollak. "It has turrets and a light in each tower, lots of wrought iron and much Spanish influence."

Some mansions have crystal chandeliers, wallpaper, expensive molding, white marble or granite floors, hand-painted bricks and enclosed patios.

Pollak especially likes those clients who rescue dogs from shelters then build them little homes on their properties. One family in southern California asked Pollack and Mowrer to add to a Victorian dog mansion they had created because of the needs of a new rescue.

"The new dog was disabled and had special needs for getting around so we remodeled to make it work," Pollak says. "It was very rewarding."

Although the sluggish economy has slowed down their business, Pollak is pleased that she has been getting calls from as far away as Asia, inquiring about building doggie mansions.

"Our clients are not really affected by the recession but out of respect to their friends who were, they had curtailed spending on some things," Pollak says.

The slow economy even pushed Donald Gorbach of West Palm Beach, Fla., out of the business for a while. His Doggie Mansions company, started in 2006, with prices ranging from $10,500 to $100,000, had been put on hold. But Gorbach is charged about recent requests.

"Things are looking up, and we are hoping to relaunch the business," says Gorbach, a Palm Beach real estate broker. "Requests are coming by phone and email."

His team has designed Key West style cottages with white wood trim and porcelain tile floors covered in a herringbone pattern; country estates painted in light yellow with cherry wood details and Saturnia tumbled stone floors highlighted by an Oriental rug; Tuscany mansions with barrel tiled roofs, stone, and archways with white columns; and urban brownstones designed with chocolate brown leather sofas and framed family portraits on the walls.

"If owners live in a beautiful home, why shouldn't their dogs?" Gorbach said in 2006. "In an era where dogs travel via private jet in Louis Vuitton carry-ons, dine on gourmet cuisine and spend weekends at posh country camps, why not build them a beautiful custom home on your property?"

That is it for today, pups! Thanks for reading the news. Be good and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.

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