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Sad Day

June 24th 2010 12:37 pm
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I'm afraid that today we had our sweet Boo Girl go on to the Rainbow Bridge. She had an amazing 16 and 11/12ths years on Earth, and we are so lucky that we got to share them with her.

We know that she's with her brother, Smokey, now and is happily chasing him around.


New Brother

January 8th 2008 8:53 am
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Mom and Dad left this morning and told me that they were going to come home with a new little brother - another black lab puppy. They told me that I had to try and like him eventhough they know I probably won't.

Another puppy to train? I've already had to train two, and now do it again? At 14 and 1/2? These people don't know when to quit! LOL

Keep your fingers crossed that this one is easily broken.

Princess Boo



May 25th 2007 6:46 am
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Well, Benny, Riley and I have, collectively, been tagged by 13 pups! They are:

Atticus Finch, Petey (2x), Daisy, Cooper the Westie, Cooper the Lab, Benoni, Wesley Boo Radley Mueller, Meg, Toby, Furby, Benny's girlfriend Nola and Albert! Whew!

So here is how the game will go!
Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary about 7 random facts and the rules! You need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list there names. Don't forget to leave them a a comment that they have been tagged and to read your dairy! So here is 7 things you may know or don't know about littlt me :o)

1. I am the alpha of my house - dogs and humans both!
2. I am currently constructing a series of interconnected tunnels under my parent's house.
3. If you ask me if I've been digging, I will FIRMLY deny it.
4. I love to lay in the sun and get a tan.
5. I will give kisses on command.
6. I like to drag my dad's socks out into the living room.
7. I once hid chocolate chip cookies all over the be eaten at a later date.

Rather than do this to 21 dogs, we chose to tag 7 for all 3 of us.
1. Finn
2. Kelsie
3. Al
4. Cosmo
5. Duncan Tryon
6. Roxi
7. Gwendolyn of the Highlands

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