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It was a sad day!

January 11th 2007 9:19 pm
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Today I did not get to spend much time with mommy. After work, mommy let us outside and feed Charlie and I. After we ate, mommy left us again. She got home late and she is too tired to play with us. Mommy promised to play with us tomorrow night.


Busted again!

January 10th 2007 6:35 pm
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Today I tried to do some more counter surfing, but mommy caught me in the act again. What I am suppose to do. I guess I make too much noise and mommy hears me. If anybody has in ideas to keep me from being caught I would love to hear any ideas, please!


That old vacuum cleaner monster

January 9th 2007 8:20 pm
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Tonight, mommy cleaned the carpet again and that means that I get to chase the vacuum cleaner monster again. That monster just keeps coming out of the closet. Tonight mommy made me some more homemade goodies, yummy. I love home cooking.


I got a surprise today

January 8th 2007 8:49 pm
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Today, I got a surprise from my pal, Griffen. He sent me a really cool toy and mommy took a picture of it and posted it on my page. Mommy got a little something special too. We got a little candle and we are going to keep it for the memory of my pal.

I really had a great time tonight playing with my new toy.

Hey can you believe it, I did not counter surf today. Mommy is in shock.


I was a good girl today.

January 7th 2007 5:45 pm
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Today mommy got out the vacuum monster gain today. I had so much fun chasing it. I did not do any counter surfing yet today, can you believe it? Well, at least not yet, the day is not over yet! Mommy was mean to me today. She did not feed me on time and I kept giving her my sad look. She finally realized what time it was and she fed me.


My second entry for the day, wow!

January 6th 2007 6:43 pm
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I did some more counter surfing and boy did I make a big mess in the kitchen. Mommy is really mad at me. She is so mad she made a wanted poster of me. I don’t know if that is bad or good.


Counter Surfing again

January 6th 2007 2:33 pm
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I was counter surfing again. I really am not keeping my New Year’s Resolutions at all. Well I don’t know what I was thinking today when I counter surfing. While mommy was making lunch I just jumped up and tried to snatch some food with mommy in the kitchen. Was that stupid or what? Mommy knocked me off the counter, bummer.


Charlie got me in trouble.

January 5th 2007 8:17 pm
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Today mommy went out of town and she did not take us with her. Charlie opened the bedroom door with his teeth and we had the run of the house while mommy was gone. I found some of mommies stuff animals on the book shelf and I claimed them as mine. At least I did not tear them up. Mommy was kind of upset that her collection was all on the floor when she got home from her trip. I don’t’ know how mommy knew that it was me that got into her collection. It was Charlie's fault. He opened the door.


A Bad Day

January 4th 2007 8:33 pm
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Today, mommy made me some good home cooking my dinner. As normal I was trying to counter surf, hehehe. I would have succeeded, but mommy put the bowl out of my reach, bummer. Mommy came around the corner and saw me and she laughed at me.

After dinner, she tried to play with me for awhile, but I was mad at her so I play with her back. I just let the ball go by me without trying to catch it, hehehe. I gave her my sulky look and she knows that means that I am mad. Do you know she just kept laughing at me! Well! I am just going to my bed and sulk some more.


I got busted again.

January 3rd 2007 6:49 pm
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Today was counter surfing again and I almost got a whole pound of bacon. Mommy came into the kitchen and she caught me in the act, busted. Well at least she did not take a picture and post it on Dogster, hehehe. Other than that I was a really good girl.

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