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Today I have been a bad girl.

February 9th 2007 7:40 pm
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I dugged some holes in the yard. I wonder how mommy can tell it was me. Oops, I guess my muddy paws are a give away. Mommy had to wash my paws. I gave her some puppy kisses and told her I am sorry. I got some more yummy home cooking today. It was so good that I begged for more. Mommy said that I could not have any more. I tried to sneak into the kitchen to help myself to some goodies, hehehe. Mommy must have heard my counter surfing and she came running into the kitchen. She really need to learn how to be carefully not to make so much noise trying to counter surf.


I almost got caught.

February 8th 2007 5:46 pm
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Today, I was a good girl. I was trying to do some counter surfing, but just in the nick of time I heard Toto jumping excitedly and I knew mommy must be close by. I quickly jumped down. I think mommy saw me jumping down. Boy, was that a close call. At least she did not have her camera to take a picture of the evidence, hehehe


I got to go on a long walk.

February 7th 2007 7:34 pm
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Today after mommy got home from work, I got to go on another long walk. It was so much fun. Toto went with us and I and I wore them both out, hehehe. It is suppose to turn cold tomorrow so mommy wanted to take us for a good walk tonight. I also got some more home cooking. My gave me something new and I love it.


Wow I am so happy.

February 7th 2007 3:34 am
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I have one of the Diary Picks of the Day. That is so cool.


Today I have been bad.

February 6th 2007 6:34 pm
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I did some more counter surfing in the bedroom. I found mommy’s dinner, hehehe. Boy did I get in trouble. I sort of mad a big mess on the floor. Mommy told me that had to clean the mess up. I hope she was kidding. I guess I could use my tail to clean up the mess.


I took mommy for a walk tonight.

February 5th 2007 8:11 pm
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Tonight after dinner mommy took us all for a long walk or should I said that I took mommy for a long walk, hehehe. I kind of pull her a little hard sometimes. She is trying to make me go slower, but I am not being very good about it. She even brought snacks as bribes to go slower.


Today was in another bad mood.

February 4th 2007 4:29 pm
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Mommy does not know what is wrong with me. She told me that I needed to behave myself. Every time that both Charlie and Toto got near me I would growl at them and it was a bad growl. Mommy put me in my bad girl position until I got into a better mood each time I did it. You think I would learn from the first time.


Today I did not do very much.

February 3rd 2007 9:05 pm
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Mommy took Toto someplace this morning and she did not take Charlie and me. I tried to bag, but mommy did not take us. When mommy got home with Toto we all took a long nap. Mommy tried to get me to play, but I did not feel like it. Most of the day all I have done is laid around. I even did not want to take a walk. Mommy got out the leashes and I just laid there. Mommy told me that I will have to take a walk tomorrow, not excuses.


Today I was kind of bad.

February 2nd 2007 9:07 pm
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I kind took over Toto’s bed. He spends a lot of time on my bed with me and I kind of wanted my own space and I lay down on his bed. Toto kept trying to share his bed with me and I kind of tried to show Toto who was top dog, but mommy made me move to my bed, bummer. At least I got to spend a lot of time outside today. Mommy was off and we had fun playing.


Today, I kept getting in trouble.

February 1st 2007 10:03 pm
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What a day, some days it does not seem like I can do anything right.

I was playing with Toto and mommy told me not to play too rough. Ok, I admit that I was sitting on top of Toto, but he was only yapping just a little bit for me to get off of him, bummer.

Later, I got busted trying to counter surf. I was not the only one doing it. Charlie and Toto were right there trying to get to the food too. Who does mommy get onto, it is me. Well maybe it is because I can stretch farther onto the counter and actually grab stuff, hehehe.

Tonight, I was trying to jump into mommy’s lap. I don’t understand why she will not let me onto her lap. Earlier she was holding Charlie and then she was holding Toto. I felt left out and I wanted my turn. I mean I only weigh 58 pounds.

I hope Friday is a better day.

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