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Today I was kind of bad.

February 2nd 2007 9:07 pm
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I kind took over Toto’s bed. He spends a lot of time on my bed with me and I kind of wanted my own space and I lay down on his bed. Toto kept trying to share his bed with me and I kind of tried to show Toto who was top dog, but mommy made me move to my bed, bummer. At least I got to spend a lot of time outside today. Mommy was off and we had fun playing.


Today, I kept getting in trouble.

February 1st 2007 10:03 pm
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What a day, some days it does not seem like I can do anything right.

I was playing with Toto and mommy told me not to play too rough. Ok, I admit that I was sitting on top of Toto, but he was only yapping just a little bit for me to get off of him, bummer.

Later, I got busted trying to counter surf. I was not the only one doing it. Charlie and Toto were right there trying to get to the food too. Who does mommy get onto, it is me. Well maybe it is because I can stretch farther onto the counter and actually grab stuff, hehehe.

Tonight, I was trying to jump into mommy’s lap. I don’t understand why she will not let me onto her lap. Earlier she was holding Charlie and then she was holding Toto. I felt left out and I wanted my turn. I mean I only weigh 58 pounds.

I hope Friday is a better day.


I had fun tonight.

January 31st 2007 7:40 pm
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Today, Toto and I got to play for a long time. We did not get a walk tonight, so we got to play outside for an extra long time. We were chasing each other all over the yard. We came back into the house really exhausted. I think that was mommy’s plan.


Another walk

January 30th 2007 6:15 pm
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Tonight mommy tried to take Toto and me out for another walk. I guess I need to do better with walking, because I still drag my mommy and Toto. It is getting colder outside. I think the snow is coming this way.


I got to go on a walk today.

January 29th 2007 7:00 pm
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Today mommy took Toto and I for a walk and I did not do a good job. I was dragging her behind me. Mommy kept trying to slow me down, but I was too excited. Mommy had to cut the walk short because her back started to hurt, bummer. It is suppose to snow Tuesday and it may snow for the rest of the week so I may not get to walk for the rest of the week.


I had fun today.

January 28th 2007 5:15 pm
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Toto and I got to play outside today for a long time today, since it was so nice outside. We both chased birds and squirrels today. The squirrels kept drinking our water and we were trying to chase them away from our water bow. I think they were playing games with us. I tried to steal mommy’s dinner from her, but she caught me at the last minute, bummer.


I have been a little devil today.

January 27th 2007 6:43 pm
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I have been a little devil today; mommy has had to put me in my place more then once today. I sometimes think I am the boss, but she has to let me know that she is the boss.


I got some new toys today.

January 26th 2007 10:56 pm
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Today, mommy bought us all some new toys, but I claimed as mine. I am the toy keeper, hehehe. Mommy tried to give Toto and Charlie back their toys, but I kept taking them back. Mommy is mad at me.


Counter surfing gone wrong again

January 25th 2007 6:16 pm
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I tried to be a pig today. After I ate my dinner, I tried to get my siblings food. Mommy stepped in and she had to take the bowls away from me. I wanted more food, but mommy would not let me have any. Mommy would not even let me lick out the bowls after Toto and Charlie were done eating. I was so upset that I sneaked back into the kitchen and tried to steal the bowls off the counter, but I could not reach them. I did get another bowl off the counter, but it made a loud noise when it hit the floor. Nothing was in the bowl. It has been one of those days.

My secret admirer has not left any new clues, I hope I get some more clues soon.


I was in a bad mood today.

January 24th 2007 7:36 pm
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Today I tried to hog all the food from Charlie and Toto. Mommy had to put me in room by myself so Charlie and Toto could eat. I am usually not such a bully, but today I was really throwing my weight around. I guess I am in a bad mood.

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