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More holes!

March 7th 2007 7:16 pm
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What can I say? Mommy left us outside while she went to the doctor. While she was gone we were very busy digging in the yard. Mommy told us that from now on, that we will not get to stay outside when she is gone. I love playing outside, but I guess mommy does not like the holes we are digging.


I am a good teacher!

March 6th 2007 5:55 pm
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I taught Toto one of my fun games tonight, hehehe. First I dig a hole in the yard and I wait until mommy comes outside and while mommy is filling that hole, I go to the other side of the yard start digging another hole. With two dogs digging holes, mommy was very busy. Well she finally put both of us in the house. I guess she did not like our game, bummer.


I love digging holes in the yard!

March 5th 2007 5:46 pm
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Mommy did not fill in the hole from Sunday and Toto and I made the hole a “little” bigger, hehehe. Mommy saw the hole and just said get in the house now. I guess she is made, she told me now treats tonight for the bad dogs. Oops! I guess I should have been a good dog if I want a snack.


I am a little hole digger, hehehe

March 4th 2007 3:05 pm
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Today, mommy let Toto and I stay outside to play. Once again a big hole just showed up in the yard. I acted innocent and pretended that I did not know how that hole got in the yard. I tried to blame Toto, but we both got in trouble. I guess mommy would not be so upset if she did not have to fill in all the holes that showed up on Saturday, hehehe.

At least I did not counter surf tonight. I guess mommy has figured us out, by the time we came into the house mommy had finished cooking and our bowls were ready for us.


What a day I am having.

March 3rd 2007 7:06 pm
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Today Toto and I had a good time playing it the yard. Mommy was not feeling good so she let us play outside a long time. When mommy got up to let us in, she became kind of upset at both of us. Both of us dug a big hole in the yard. I wonder how she knew it was both of us.

I tried to counter surf again, but the food was too far back on the counter. Toto tried to jump on the counter, but he could not make it. I guess mommy heard the commotion and came running into the kitchen, busted again.


I got groomed today

March 2nd 2007 6:56 pm
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The groomer put some cute bows on me. When I got home Toto removed one of them before mommy could take some pictures. Mommy took the picture with me with only one bow. She posted the picture and made it my main picture. Well later tonight Toto removed the other one. I don’t have any cute bows anymore.


I am a counter surfer!

March 1st 2007 7:07 pm
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Ok, I admit it I am addicted to counter surfing. I do it almost every night! Lately I have been doing my counter surfing with mommy in the kitchen. Let me tell you, if you want to be successful with counter surfing, do it when nobody is in the kitchen. That way you can get away with stealing food, hehehe. I need to follow my own advice.


Busted again!

February 27th 2007 6:22 pm
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Tonight I was not the only busted for counter surfing, hehehe. Charlie tried to do it too. We both got busted.

After dinner, mommy let us play outside since it was so nice outside. Toto and I were playing chase again. It was so fun.


Busted Again!

February 26th 2007 6:03 pm
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When am I going to learn not to counter surf when mommy is in the kitchen? I got in real trouble for trying to help myself to food.

Toto and I got to play for a long time in the yard with mommy. Mommy took a short video with her digital camera with us chasing each other. We were having so much fun. She posted the video on our pages. You can hear Charlie barking in the background. Charlie still does not feel like running much.


I was bad today.

February 25th 2007 5:44 pm
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Today Toto and I got to stay outside a long time while mommy went to church and she went shopping. One of us dug a big hole in the yard and we are not telling which one of us did it, hehehe. Mommy thinks it is me, but both of us have muddy paws. I think that we both had a part in digging the hole.

Mommy made a big pot of home cooking and I tried to help. I tried to help myself to the bowls she was filling, hehehe. Mommy kept telling me to get down, but I kept trying to help her. I don’t think mommy appreciated my efforts.

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