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What can I say!

March 13th 2007 5:41 pm
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More counter surfing and this time I almost got very lucky. I did a mouth full of something tasty, oops I think it was mommy’s dinner. She let me finish the mouthful I got, but she would not let have anymore, bummer. It rain today and mommy would not let play in that glorious mud. Mud is good for you and it is so much fun to play in.


Today I thought was a cleaver girl, hehehe.

March 11th 2007 6:38 pm
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While doing my favorite thing, counter surfing. I did not know the bowl that I grab was full of water. Let me tell you I got all wet. Mommy was not too happy about cleaning the mess.


More digging today.

March 10th 2007 4:50 pm
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I think mommy is thinking about changing my name to Digger, hehehe. I dug a masterpiece today. I am so proud of myself. I was still standing inside the hole when mommy came outside to check on me. Mommy was horrified to see the pit I dug. I was only outside for 20 minutes and she does not understand how I can dig such a big hole in a short time. She put me inside the house. Lately when we were let back outside I noticed that my hole was covered up. I took one dig at the dirt and mommy yelled at me to stop. I guess she does not trust me, since the whole time we were outside she was standing on the porch. I started to dig a hole, but every time mommy told me to stop, mean mommy.


I am so happy, I got a present today.

March 9th 2007 6:51 pm
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Today I got a present in the mail from Duncan and his mom. It is a cute bandanna. I love it. Mommy took a picture of me wearing it and posted it on my page.

Toto and I dug some new holes in the yard and mommy was so mad at us. She put us in the house while she filled all the holes. She does not know what to do with our hole digging.


Today I got in trouble for barking too much.

March 8th 2007 4:41 pm
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Mommy was sick today and Toto and I stayed outside a long time. There was a lot activity going on across the street and Toto and I were barking are heads off. I guess we were too loud and we had to go into the house. We all got on the bed and tried to snuggle with mommy. Charlie did not like the idea that Toto and I were on the be bed too.


More holes!

March 7th 2007 7:16 pm
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What can I say? Mommy left us outside while she went to the doctor. While she was gone we were very busy digging in the yard. Mommy told us that from now on, that we will not get to stay outside when she is gone. I love playing outside, but I guess mommy does not like the holes we are digging.


I am a good teacher!

March 6th 2007 5:55 pm
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I taught Toto one of my fun games tonight, hehehe. First I dig a hole in the yard and I wait until mommy comes outside and while mommy is filling that hole, I go to the other side of the yard start digging another hole. With two dogs digging holes, mommy was very busy. Well she finally put both of us in the house. I guess she did not like our game, bummer.


I love digging holes in the yard!

March 5th 2007 5:46 pm
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Mommy did not fill in the hole from Sunday and Toto and I made the hole a “little” bigger, hehehe. Mommy saw the hole and just said get in the house now. I guess she is made, she told me now treats tonight for the bad dogs. Oops! I guess I should have been a good dog if I want a snack.


I am a little hole digger, hehehe

March 4th 2007 3:05 pm
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Today, mommy let Toto and I stay outside to play. Once again a big hole just showed up in the yard. I acted innocent and pretended that I did not know how that hole got in the yard. I tried to blame Toto, but we both got in trouble. I guess mommy would not be so upset if she did not have to fill in all the holes that showed up on Saturday, hehehe.

At least I did not counter surf tonight. I guess mommy has figured us out, by the time we came into the house mommy had finished cooking and our bowls were ready for us.


What a day I am having.

March 3rd 2007 7:06 pm
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Today Toto and I had a good time playing it the yard. Mommy was not feeling good so she let us play outside a long time. When mommy got up to let us in, she became kind of upset at both of us. Both of us dug a big hole in the yard. I wonder how she knew it was both of us.

I tried to counter surf again, but the food was too far back on the counter. Toto tried to jump on the counter, but he could not make it. I guess mommy heard the commotion and came running into the kitchen, busted again.

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