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I am so proud of myself!

June 7th 2011 7:05 pm
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I treed a squirrel today. I was guarding the trunk of the tree so the squirrel could not get down that way. The squirrel try to jump from one tree to the other, but I only moved to the other tree. Mommy had to ruin my fun and made me come into the house, but I did not want to budge from my position. When mommy saw what was happening, she tricked me into the house-the nerve!

When I came back outside the squirrel was gone and I gave mommy one of my looks!

Mean mommy!


I am in trouble now!

May 3rd 2011 6:40 pm
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Tonight I ate all the roses off the rose plant mommy bought on Sunday. Mommy put them on the desk and she went back into the house. When she came back inside, all the roses were gone!


I tried my lucky at pantry surfing today.

March 13th 2011 6:35 pm
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I don't recommend doing when somebody can see you. Mommy panic when she saw me in the pantry; she stopped me from opening a package of something. I had my mouth on it and was trying to rip it open. How mean!


Failed counter surfing attempt

March 12th 2011 6:27 pm
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Today mommy made Charlie and birthday cake and while it was cooling I attempted on several occasions to counter surf it. Mommy had it pushed back on the counter. I gave her one of my "looks" and I tried again. Mommy made me go outside for a while since it was nice outside. When I came back inside the cake had icing and I got my slice of the cake. I noticed the cake was still on the counter and I tried one more time, but mommy was too closer and she grabbed it right before I could snatch it. Mean mommy!


Yay! I am one of the Diary Picks of the Day!

March 12th 2011 6:55 am
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How exciting. Thanks HQ for the honor of picking my diary.


More rolling in the good smelling stuff!

March 7th 2011 5:47 pm
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I had to have another waterless bath tonight since it is too cold for a bath. I am so mad at mommy that I am giving her "the look". Do you believe mommy is laughing at me! Mean mommy!


Oh no!

March 6th 2011 8:01 pm
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I already got my new bandanna dirty. I rolled in the good smelling stuff! Mommy is so upset with me. After she gets it clean, I am only get to wear my new bandanna on special occasions.


My new bandanna

March 5th 2011 6:22 am
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Yesterday I received my new bandanna from Pepper. Pepper is making bandanna to help pay for some medical bills for my pal Dayzee. When mommy opened the envelope I became very excited and I ran over to her. I just knew that the bandanna just had to be mine. I did not wait for her to call me to her. I could hardly wait for her to put it on me. After mommy put it on me, I strutted around with it. I think Charlie and Toto are jealous.

Thank you Pepper, I love it.


Today is my gotcha day

February 15th 2011 5:20 pm
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I was adopted on February 15, 2003, a few days after mommy lost Maggie. One of mommy's friends had a litter of puppies and she let mommy pick a puppy and I was the luck one. Mommy thinks I was the cutest one of the bunch. Who could resist my brown eyes?


I was the Valentine's Queen

February 10th 2011 7:08 pm
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Last night at the Tiny Paws Valentine's Dance I was honor of being the Valentine's Queen. I am so excited. Alabaster is the Valentine's King. I love the pictures too. Thank s Tiny Paws admin.

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