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I was tagged

January 6th 2009 6:35 pm
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I was tagged by my pals Dandi, JAKE and SweetCaroline. This is a game to help us all get to know each other.

The rules are simple, just state 7 facts about yourself and post them in your diary so we can all learn more about you and then tag 7 pals, who have not yet been tagged, to continue the fun. Copy and send this note to let them know they've been tagged and to come and read our diary. Post the names of the pups you tagged in your diary so everyone will know. That’s it.

So come and read my seven facts, okay?

1. I love to counter surf; actually, I will get things off all surfaces that I can get too. I am always searching for food.

2. I think I am still a lap dog, ok, I weigh over 60 pounds but I am still lovable.

3. I love to hog the bed, being a large dog it is easy to do. Mommy just has to learn to sleep around me after all the bed is mine.

4. I hate going to the vet and taking medicine. If I discover a pill in my food I spit it out.

5. I love brushing. I will let mommy brush me for hours.

6. I don't like baths in the tub, but I love mud baths. I am trying to teach mommy not to give me a bath after my mud baths.

7. I love rolling in things in the yard, anything dead that smells good is perfect. Of course that usually means another bath.

OK now you know more stuff about me.

I'm going to tag
1. Jackson
2. ♥ Missy ♥
3. Reeses
4. Daisy
5. Honey
6. Dylan
7. Buster




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