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My birthday party was today

March 12th 2011 6:22 pm
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Mommy made me a birthday cake today. It had peanut butter in it and I love peanut butter. I got to lick out the mixing bowl and I loved it. Do you believe that Abbie tried to counter surf my cake while it was cooling? I am so glad mommy had it push back so she could not reach it. Mommy made it extra special by putting bacon and carrots on top of the cake. I love bacon and carrots. I ate the cake in record time. My birthday is celebrated on March 15th and since the 15th falls during the workweek, mommy made the cake today instead. I get my present on my actual birthday.


I have a new toy

March 20th 2010 3:58 pm
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Mommy found a replacement toy for the one that Toto destroyed. I am so happy. I just hope that Toto does not destroy the new one too.


I am so upset

March 19th 2010 2:41 pm
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Last night Toto destroyed my new toy and I love that toy. I was playing and even sleeping with it. Mean Toto. Mommy tried to find another one like it, but they don't have any more. She is going to try to look at one of the other stores in town to find a replacement.


Wow! I had the Dogster Diary of the Day

March 16th 2010 5:53 pm
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What an honor for me. This has been a special week for me. Yesterday was my birthday too.


I am 13 today!

March 15th 2010 6:49 pm
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Mommy still remembers the day I joined the family. I was only 6 weeks old and a ball of fur. I could not get groomed until I had all my shots. I was super hyper and I stayed that way up to the last few months. I am slowing down in my old age. I know it concerns mommy some. I seem healthy and I am still the picky eater I have always been. Mommy has tried for two days to get pictures of me with my new toy and treats but I don't want any part of getting my picture taken.


My birthday party was today

March 13th 2010 9:13 pm
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I was in a really bad mood and I refuse to cooperate for any pictures. I enjoyed the treats. My birthday is on Monday, but mommy would not have time to have my party on Monday.


First time

July 5th 2009 8:07 pm
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Yesterday, I did something that I have never done before. Mommy was sitting on the floor and I sneaked up behind her and took her food off her fork. Mommy was shocked that I did that and did not know what to do. Abbie is the counter surfer, but even Abbie never stole food off her fork. From the way mommy acted, I don't think I should do that again.


My birthday party

March 14th 2009 7:12 pm
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My birthday is tomorrow, but mommy had my birthday party today. My Meany sister, Abbie, took my biscuit away from me. How mean is that. To top it off, she took my new toys and claimed them as her own. She would not let even close to my toys. At least mommy put her in her crate to chill out. While she was in her crate I got to play with my toys for a short time.

When she came out of the crate, she pranced on me and mommy had to put her back up in her crate. At least the next time she came out she was nicer to me.


I was tagged

March 10th 2009 1:20 pm
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I have been tagged by two of my friends (Toby and Reeses). I'll tell you 7 things about myself. Then I will tag 7 of my other friends!

1. My birthday is next week and I am looking forward to it. I hope I get my favorite snack (A box of Milk Bones all for me)
2. I love to sleep in the bed with mommy. I can be a bed hog.
3. I love to Milk Bones, I can eat them all day long, but I only get a couple.
4. I really wish I were an only dog. Abbie and Toto drive me crazy. Mommy tells me it is because I am an old man and it is just harder for me tolerate them as much anymore. (I don't think I like that new nick name.
5. I love carrots and mommy gives them to me often.
6. I don't like to go outside to take care of business when it is raining outside. I will use the porch instead and I get in trouble too. (I am getting old and lazy)
7. I can open dresser drawers and I have been known to help myself to treats.

I am suppose to tag 7 of my friends, but it looks like everybody I was going to tag has already been tagged. I guess I will look for somebody to tag later.


I was tagged

January 27th 2009 6:51 am
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My pal Bandit tagged me for a game of football.

All right Pal! You made it here. I see you caught my football pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touchdown. You are also supposed to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! Okā€¦Here goes the play!

1. I have a routine and I get very upset if it gets change. I give mommy the "look" if I am mad, but all she does is laugh at me.

2. I have to sleep on my spot of the bed. I will let mommy know how upset I am if she gets into my area of the bed.

3. I have to eat out of my food bowl. If she gives me another one, I will throw the bowl in the air food and all. That's serves mommy right for giving me another bowl.

4. I have to have Milk Bones everyday and get upset if I don't get one.

5. I will not go into the yard to take care of business if it is raining, I will use the walkway instead.

I really can't find 5 of my pals that have not been tagged to death. I will have to edit post later.

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