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Home:Peoria, IL  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 27 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Billy Boy, Billy Boo, My Special Boy

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-mutt-dog rescue

January 14th 1990

Cheese, Treats, Fluffy Toys, Walkies, Tummy Rubs, Snuggles, Kisses, Pizza, Loves

Favorite Toy:

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Favorite Walk:
The Park

Best Tricks:
Knows how the word "cheese" is spelled

Arrival Story:
I got Billy when I was just five years old, I raised him from a tiny puppy. His mother, brothers and sisters were left abaondonded in their owner's yard. The neighbor took it upon herself to find homes for them, but was going to take them all to the shelther soon. I was very young at the time, but I remember meeting Billy's mother, she came out to the car and gave me a kiss. A few moments later, the woman brought out the runt of the litter...a tiny black and white ball of fur with a curly pig tail. On the way home, I sang him the song "Billy Boy", which is what he's named after. When the vet asked me if I spelled his name with a "y" or an "ie", I told him was spelled with a "b"! I can remember that so well. The day that he came into my life was the best, I had found my soul mate, and I will always, always love him forerver.

I've had my baby since I was five years old, I am now 21, and I lost him on October 23rd 2006 at the age of 17. I've been having a very hard time, he was and always will be my lifetime dog, my special baby. Billy was always there for me, and I feel that he still is, always will be. He was a very sweet natured, gentle dog, but what a voice he had. We could have barking/woofing conversations for hours on end, and he had the most unique "a-whoo-whoo-whoo-oof-oof". We shared everything, long walks in the forest, runs through the fields, snacks, snuggles, kisses and so much more. I named him after the song "Billy Boy", which I sang to him as we brought him home for the first time, and I sang to him after he had left, holding his paw tightly in my hand. I keep thinking of the good times, and I have many a wonderful photograph. Billy's best dog friend, Keechi, was also very close to him. They look almost like siblings, and made the perfect team. I'm doing my best to comfort her right now. Billy was unusual, I think he was a basenji/border collie/beagle mix, and he had the most adorable curly pig tail (which we once entered him in a tail wagging contest for, and he just let it droop...they had no treats for him, after all!). As I mentioned, he knew how to spell the word "cheese", all it took was the first few letters "C-H-E-", and he came running, ears perked and curly tail wagging, "-E-S-E"..."cheese!". I remember the time he accidentally found a nest of muskrats, he had so much fun startling them from the reeds (of course we never meant any harm to come to the muskrats, it was just playful fun). I was a very young child at the time and was always going off on little adventures with him like this (always been a nature person). We'd have picnics at the park, laying and rolling in the grass or just lounging under the shade of a giant pine tree. The time we saw the coyote together, if not for Billy I would've missed it altogether...he stood up on his hind legs and stared right at the river, where a coyote was trotting along the shoreline. The river is a special place I like to go now that reminds me of our times together, happy times. As he grew sick with lung and heart conditions, and was put on medications, I stayed home with him a lot. He would have fainting spells/seizures and I feared leaving him alone. Our walks were few these past few months, because too much activity could upset his condition, but I was always here with him, he was always with me. We used to have a cat that pretty much raised all our animals, dogs and cats alike, and from him I think Billy learned some odd feline like behavior. He would lounge on the back of the couch like the cats, and he grew very close to our one cat, Milo, who was always very timid and nervous. Billy was the only one of our animals who was really nice to Milo, whom we also lost recently...and who sat with Billy after he had left, just staring and snuggling with him. I think Milo knew, and I think he was telling Billy that he was coming with him soon. Billy will always be my lifetime dog, my soul mate, my special baby. I will never love another living being as much or in the same way as I love him. We grew up together, we shared so much and he was always loyal and loving. I used to sing him a little tune, "Him's my special boy, yes him is", and he is...always. I kept his tag, and we sent photographic memories, toys and pieces of each of my family's hair (human and animal alike) with him. I want to know he's always there with me, in a sense...and I want to share his story with the world. To Billy, may you run free over the rainbow, I love you always and forever. My lifetime dog.

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Billy's Barks

Let's Play Tag! I Got a Tag from Bobbie and Autumn!

May 25th 2007 7:10 pm
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The rules of the TAG Game:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats and dogs who are tagged need to write on their own journal about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats and/or dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your journal.

1. Mommy found me when she was just five years old, my birth mother's owner had abandoned us all. The neighbor was looking out for my mother, siblings and me and had ads up seeing if she could find us all homes. My birth mom came out and gave mommy a kiss before the neighbor lady brought me to her. I was the runt of my litter...but I grew up really healthy!

2. Mommy and her mother named me after the song "Billy Boy", which they sang to me as they brought me home for the first time. Only, mommy always like berry flavour pie more than she changed the line to "can you bake a berry pie?" Funny as it may seem, I grew up to actually really love fruits too!

3. I had a curly "pig tail" as mommy said, which really made me stand out from all the other animals! I would wag it all the time, but when mommy entered me in a tail wagging contest as a kid I simply wouldn't wag it, those contest people were giving everyone baths...that's nothing to wag your tail about, bol!

4. I knew how to spell the word "cheese", mommy could say each letter and I'd come running after "C...H...E...", sometimes sooner!

5. When I visited the vet for the first time and he asked mommy if she spelled my name with a "y" or an "ie", she said "Nethier! It's spelled with a "B"!"

6. Mommy and me had lots of adventures together, I found a nest of muskrats one time, and another we saw a coyote together! We were walking by the river and all of a sudden I stood up on my hind legs...which made mommy look up just in time to see the coyote! We also used to have "doggy day" at the park with me, mommy, her mom and my packmate/sister Keechi.

7. Mommy and me would snuggle all the time, since the time she was only a little kid, I would snuggle up next to her and she'd wrap her arm around me. Sometimes she would sing a special song to me that went "Him's my special boy, yes him is". We'd have "kissing sessions" and play "fluffins" together...I loved fluffy toys, we'd play tug o' war with them! I've made a ton of friends since joining the rainbow community and hammock talk, and I love them all so much! They've really been wonderful and mommy, me and my kitty brother who came to bridge only a few days after me all look forward to each hammock talk. It makes mommy feel closer to us again. I'll always and forever be mommy's "special boy", always. She thinks about me every single day and still draws my picture a lot and thinks about things to do to keep my memory strong. We miss each other in the physical every second of every day, I know we'll be together again though...and we're always together in a sense. "Some things you see with your eyes...others, you see with your heart."

Now I get to tag seven dogs and cats! I tag...

Bear dog

I'd have tagged Gato and a few others, but looks like you guys already got tagged...Mommy's gonna help send out these to everyone, have fun guys! This is a cool game, it's great.


Happy Birthday, My Special Boy

January 14th 2007 1:55 am
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It's now January 14th, 3:30 am in the birthday, but also your birthday too. Since we didn't know any of you furkid's official birthdays, we always celebrated certain ones on certain days. You are my special baby, my soul mate and my brother, and so for the past 17 years you and I have celebrated out birthdays together. I'll be 22 today, and you would've been 17. Remember last year, you got a special happy birthday bone with "Woof!" frosting on it, made just for you at the doggie bakery. We blew out our candles together and as always you had a wonderful time opening your gifts, the toys and treats alike.

It's been almost three months now since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I still find myself looking around the house for you, I still walk to the cabinet to get your medications out a certain times. It just doesn't feel real, and I think a good part of me is still in firm denial of reality. It seems so unnatural to not see you there snuggled with your sister Keechi like you always were. She misses you a lot, we all do...and I just want you to know I love you, always always always and forever forever forever. I left little treats outside for you and Milo on Thanksgiving and on Christmas, and while I know the raccoons and other animals are likely eatting them, I'll continue to bring treats out there.

I can't stop thinking about've taken on a major role in my artwork, and many of my drawings center on you and how I know you are now: happy and pain free, reunited with all our furry friends there at the Bridge and making new Bridge friends, but always always here too. Every other song I listen to brings memories of you to my mind, and I dream about you every night. I know it's really you in those dreams, letting me know you're alright and happy. I just miss hugging you so very much, and I miss our kissy sessions and chickenee times, and so so much more. I'm sorry for anything I ever did to upset you, was I there enough? I never, ever meant to sound angry at you...I never was, I couldn't ever have been. I loved, still love and always will love you with every single ounce of my soul, and you will always be the most important being in the universe to me.

I'm sure I'll add more here throughout today, but right now I have two songs for you. First is one I know you'll know right away, because I sang it to you a lot. It was just a simple little tune, but it meant a lot to us.

"Him's my special boy, yes him is...him's my special boy, yes him is...him's my special boy, him's my special boy, him's my special boy, yes him is!" Always, always always...

The other song I sang to you more when I was younger, the song you were named after..."Billy Boy"...but we had our own special version of it, didn't we?

"Can him bake a berry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy...can him bake a berry pie, charming Billy. Him can bake a berry pie quick as I can blink my eye, him's a small thing and should not leave him's mother...him's a small thing and should not leave him's mother."

You were very small, the runt of your litter when we first brought you home...but you grew up to be a healthy and happy boy! Later on your sister became the smallest dog in the family, didn't she? I'm trying really hard to find some of your puppy know how we are at keeping things together, and it's been so many years ago. Once I find them I've got a very special music video in mind that I'm making for you too. I know these kinds of gifts aren't as fun or yummy as the ones you got last year...but I know you're getting lots of yummy treats and fun fluffins toys at the bridge too.

I love you, my special Billy baby boy,
always and forever always and forever always and forever,

Lots and lots of hugs and kissies and tummy rubs, because all doggies like tummy rubs, all doggies do!

Autumn/Mom, and also Gloria-mom, Bruce-dad, and your brother and sisters!

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