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Daisy's Adventure in Diary-Keeping

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Daisy's Adventure in Sub-Zero Temperatures

December 15th 2008 1:33 pm
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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We were told we were going to get some weather system from the Arctic today and boy were they right! When I woke up this morning, I wanted to go outside and play at sunrise as I always do. I barely set a paw outside before I sprinted back inside. Woooah! I was about to freeze my little butt off.

Mom says that it was -13 degrees this morning. It's been staying between -10 and 3 degrees most of the day. It warmed up to 3 degrees a few hours ago (Ha! 3 degrees is a warm up?). I asked Mom if it was going to snow tonight, since our snow yesterday didn't even stick to the ground. Mom told me that our snow is supposed to be like yesterdays, but I'm still hoping!

I'm crossing my paws that it snows tonight and that we'll get snow for Christmas. Everypup keep your paws crossed, okay?

Barks and Wags,
Crazy Daisy


Daisy's Adventure in Meeting Santa Paws

December 14th 2008 4:33 pm
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Well, Christmas is only eleven days away and I've tried to be a very good pup. I think I've been a good girl, but Mom always reminds me of that time when I thought Grandma's phone was a chew toy... Apparently Santa Paws doesn't care!

I was super excited when Mom put my sweater on. I knew it meant I was going to go some place fun. Charlie and I hopped into the car and we went off to one of my favorite places: PetsMart!

After walking in the store with Charlie, Mom, and Grandma, I spotted him. It was Santa Paws! We all got in the line to visit with Santa. I was super excited! I spotted a Shih Tzu that reminded me a bit of Murphy. I barked at him, but he got all nervous and begged for him mommy to pick him up. What? I have a big dog bark, but I just want to play!

After a long wait, I got to sit on his lap. He picked me up and scratched my ears. He told me that I was a very good girl. I gave Mom a look that clearly said, "I told you so!" I put on a big smile when the lady with Santa took my picture. Charlie then got his picture taken and we all went shopping. I just couldn't believe I'd met THE Santa Paws!

What made it even more exciting was that when we left PetsMart, it started to snow. I hope we get tons of it so I can play out in it tomorrow!

Wags and Barks,
Crazy Daisy


Daisy's Adventure in Being Tagged

November 15th 2008 10:59 am
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I was tagged by Buddy Buckie KOOPS!

Here's how we play. You get Tagged and write 7 facts about yourself in your diary and then you Tag 7 PAWSOME furiends and send them a rosette or pmail and tell them they have been Tagged and to read your diary to see how to play.

Here's 7 facts about me!

1. I'm a big Min Pin. A lot of pups think I'm a tiny one that's less than ten pounds, but I'm actually sixteen pounds!

2. I've met up with several pups off of Dogster. I met up with Murphy, Ricky, Jovi, April, Jombie, Roxie Doxie, and Braxton at the New York City Canine Cruise in August of '07. I met up with Jovi and Murphy again in January of '08 in New York City along with meeting Gibbon and Spuds for the first time. You might think I'm close to NYC, considering the fact that all of my meet ups have been there. I actually live 1,300 miles away in Kansas!

3. I was chosen as a clothing model on Canine Cruise '07.

4. I'm scared of k-k-k-k-ki-ki-kittttieeeees!

5. The exception to the above fact is Spice. She's my kitty-baby! We always cuddle together at night and if I'm ever separated from her, when we reunite, I have to sniff her everywhere to make sure nothing is wrong with her.

6. I have bird siblings; two parrots (Yellow Naped Amazon and Orange Winged Amazon), a Goffins Cockatoo, and two budgies. The YNA, Sweet Pea, is always taunting me. She'll say, "Hiiii! Come here!" :/

7. I looove the snow. When it snows, I'll go outside, dip my nose in the snow, then start running around with my nose in the snow. I leave a path where my nose went. I'll generally have a pile of snow on my nose when I come inside.

I'm now tagging:

Bailey - 552101
Murphy - 480092
Darby - 622010
Hollywood - 210558
Madison - 417820
Tank ♥DC - 542360
BUTTERCUP - 396743


Daisy's Adventure in THANK YOUS!!!

August 1st 2008 4:48 pm
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Wow. I was in total shock at seeing my inbox today with all of the gift notifications. I'm actually receiving one again as I type this!

Thank you very much to everywoof that has given me a collar (or any gift) today. I really appreciate it! I, as well as my siblings, feel so loved seeing all of our gifts. I'm so thankful to have so many great pals here on Dogster and Catster.

I sent a special gift to every single pup on of my pup pals, as well as my sibling's pup pals. Please let me know if you didn't receive one. I love you all so much and just wanted to express it to you all today.

Again, thank you soooo much!!

With wuff,
Craaaazy Daisy


Daisy's Adventure in Christmas!

December 26th 2007 2:26 pm
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Yesterday was my favorite howliday of all...CHRISTMAS! When I got up in the morning, there were lots of presents under the tree. I immediately rushed over to the tree with Charlie to find out which presents were ours. Mom laughed and called Charlie and I the "babies" of the family. I dun care if I'm a baby! I just want my presents.

Mom gave us some bully sticks and new toys. I also got to play with the toys that I got from Chloe through the holiday gift exchange. It was lots of fun. I wish that Mom had let me have some of the beef brisket, but that's life, I guess.

Later in the evening Mom and Grandma took me out to go see Christmas lights. We just had a blizzard on Saturday, so there was still snow on the ground. A white Christmas, oh boy! The lights were sure pretty with all the snow around them.

When the day was over, Mom put my nighty on and put me to bed. Of course, I wouldn't have any of that. I immediately rushed into Mom's room, snuck on the bed, and slept with her for the night.

New Years is coming up. On December 31, it will have officially been one year since Murphy and I got together. At midnight January 1, 2007 for Murphy and eleven PM December 31, 2006 for me, Murphy and I shared our first kiss. It was amazing. I'll never forget that night. Murphy and I plan to tie the knot again on December 31. I hope to see all of my pals there.

Well, that's it for this diary entry, I guess.


Daisy's Adventure in Thanksgiving

November 22nd 2007 2:11 pm
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Judging by how Mommy was baking pie yesterday, I got the idea that today was a special day. My Dogster pals informed me that it was "Thanksgiving." I remember that from last year. It's that time of the year when the humans make all that wonderful smelling food and don't give me any! :/

Regardless, I was excited. After all, there was going to be a dog show on TV today! As soon as I saw the sun on the horizon, I ran up to Mommy's bed, jumped on it, and tackled her. She woke up to having a Min Pin on her stomach licking her face. Hehe. Mom hates my wake-up calls.

I smelled the turkey again this year. I just hoped and hoped and hoped that I could get some. The whole time I was watching the dog show with Mom, turkey was on my mind.

...Aaand, of course, I didn't get any. :'( Mommy kept going on about how it would give me a tummy ache. I did get quite a few treats that Mom bought for the pack yesterday. They were pawsome.

Overall, today was fun. I gave Grandpa one of my trademark "Daisy tackles." He just talked about how I was too "lickey," then went on about Chii's hair. Mom is growing her hair out for the winter. Since her hair was getting long around her eyes, she put it up in a little mini-topknot with a bow. I was jealous 'cause I didn't get a bow! I know it wouldn't have stayed on me, but stiiiiiiill...

Only a little over a month until Christmas! I can't wait. :D


Daisy's Adventure in Woofstock

October 6th 2007 5:13 pm
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:D Today was Woofstock! It was so much fun. Mom dressed Chico up in his tuxedo and me up in my wedding dress and veil and we went as "bride and groom" for the Best Dressed Contest. Shhhh! Don't let Murphy know! =x Taz came with us, too, but he's not too fond of dressing up, so he went in the nude. BOL.

We had a blast! Mom bought lots of new clothes for us, received lots of free dog treats, and we got to eat pieces of the Woofstock 10th birthday cake! Everyone seemed amazed with my dress. I kept hearing, "LOOK AT THE BRIDE," every five seconds, which was then followed by, "AAAW! AND THERE'S THE GROOM! WE NEED A PICTURE *NOW*!" Needless to say, I was stuck posing for pictures every place I went. It's exhausting being so glamorous. *sigh*

By the time the fashion show had rolled around, I was lying down on my back in my nice dress on the grass. ;_; Mom got me up and told me that the fashion show was starting and I shouldn't get my dress all grass-stained. Poo!

The fashion show made up for it though. :) When we were waiting for them to call our name, the channel 10 news station kept the camera on Chico and I for quite a while! The Wichita Eagle also took some pictures of us. Mom's going to be keeping an eye out on the news tonight and on the paper in the morning.

Anyhow, I was talking about the fashion show. I got really excited when I heard the announcer call up Chico and I's name! Chico and I raced out on to the main stage, but made sure to walk together to impress the audience. Mom then stopped in the middle so the judges could get a nice look at us, while she did a minor adjustment to my veil. Mom then let us rest out in the audience with Grandma, where I plomped down and went to sleep for a few minutes. Mom was really impressed with the other competitors. Her personal favorite was the Great Dane that was dressed up in a shirt that said, "Michael Vick Patrol." He was dragging a cardboard thing shaped and drawn to be Michael Vick's jersey, and his mom was dressed up in a cop outfit that said, "Idiot Patrol." It was funny! She was actually kind of disappointed they didn't win anything.

After everyone showed off their outfits, the lady on stage started announcing the winners. Imagine my shock when they announced that Chico and I had won third place! Chico and I were so happy to go up and get our prize. It was wonderful!

Other than the fashion show and dressing up, we had a lot of fun elsewhere, too. Mom and Grandma took Taz, Chico, and I on the one-mile Mutt Strut. It's a really nice walk through the Sedgewick County Park. We also saw a lot of people that we know. We saw a lot of people that mom volunteers with at the Humane Society, people from the vet's office, people from restaurants where Mom and Grandma eat, people from Chisolm Creek, which is where Mom has boarded some of us before when she had to go on trips where she couldn't take us, and some vendors that she knew from last year. So many people, so little time!

Taz, Chico, and I all slept the whole way home and have been dead tired since. :D We all had such a great day and can't wait until Woofstock 11!


Daisy's Adventure in Professional Photography

August 7th 2007 2:57 pm
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This whole week, Chico has been telling me about this horrifying place with bright lights where I'd get my picture taken. I was really scared, since he said he hated it...but boy, I don't understand why he does The instant I walked in and was put in my sundress, I jumped right up on this chair and the pictures started! It was soooo much fun! Mom and the lady taking pictures gave me lots of treats! The lady said that she's sure the pictures will come out awesome.

One time when I was in my pink poncho, right before the lady took a picture, Murphy's mom mobile instant messaged Mom, so I looked right over at Mom and the camera, since I was trying to figure out what that loud beep was. Mom says it was the cutest pose of the day.

I didn't even want to leave the photo room when the pictures were done. It was too much fun!

My proofs will be done sometime later this week. :D I can't wait!


Daisy's Adventure in Modeling

July 31st 2007 12:18 pm
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Some of you might remember my brother, Chico (or, if you want his full "papers" name, Chico Rio Mario), posting in Plus Fun and Other Barks & Woofs only a few days ago saying that he was going to be a model at the Canine Cruise in New York City next month. Now, I was a bit upset. I mean, why did they pick Chico and not me? :( Maybe it has something to do with Chihuahuas...since I noticed pretty much all the modeling pictures were of Chis.

Anyway, yesterday, Mommy got an email from another modeling bunch saying that her "special companion" was chosen to model. Mom wasn't sure what she meant. After all, she's bringing three of her furbabies! She called up the lady today and Grace told her that I'd been selected to model. She told Mom that I have a "model figure." Mom sent her my measurement a moment ago.

I'm so excited!! Mom can't wait to walk Chico and I down the "dogwalk." She's actually getting little "pawfolios" together for Chico and me for when we go to NYC.

Mom's a bit dissapointed that Chii didn't get chosen? Maybe they were just looking for smooth coated dogs??

Wish me luck!


Daisy's Adventure in Training

July 19th 2007 7:09 pm
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I realize I haven't posted for a while here. Sorry about that! Mom's been super buzy (in other words, she was just being lazy.... BOL!).

Anyhow, I've lately started doing something that Mommy and Grandma hate: chasing ducks. I would chase my two duck siblings all around the yard. It was fun!! We'd run here, there, and everywhere! ...I really don't understand why Mom hates it so much. I mean, I think Rain was enjoying it! Chasing ducks is SOOOOOO much FUN!

Mom berated me and berated me until she finally decided to ask some Dogsters what they suggested she do about me chasing ducks. Uh oh... Within a few hours, she'd gotten the suggestion of purchasing a pronged collar for me...which was exactly what she did.

I HATE that thing! When I try to jump and drag Mom on the lead with me places, I get poked with these thingies! It's annoying. I guess I'll just have to behave for Mom... Poo-ey! Mom's been telling me that if I chase the ducks, I'll have to wear it more often. One thing is for sure, I'm not going to chase the ducks...unless it's obvious she isn't looking, of course. >:)

Just you wait, Mommy! I'm gonna get you back for that one! I don't really know what I'm going to do at the moment...but it's gonna be something bad!

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