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♥ Lola's Diary ♥

Little Sister

June 26th 2007 5:31 pm
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Lola's gotta Lil' Sis now!!!Yep it's true we've added another baby to our family, and we could'nt be happier. It all started because we noticed a change in Lola, she seemed calmer, and sort of lazy, not her usual crazy hyper energetic self. We thought it was just a faze since she was perfectly healthy. She's always gotten excited when she sees other dogs on t.v. and jumps after them (lol) but now she wasn't really jumping just sort of sighing (crying?). Well anywho, we decided that all she wanted was a friend to play with. We had been thinking it was unfair when none of us could play with her and had to stay at home all alone. So the search for her little sister began. We did find her a sister and after a bath we introduced them. Lola was the happiest I had seen her in weeks! she seemed so thankfull for her sis. I knew then and there that Zsa Zsa had been the right decision and Lola would finally have some pet company and playtime.


Lola's Birthday Party!

December 6th 2006 8:56 am
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Yesterday (12/05/06) was Lolas first birthday, and her first party ever! I could honestly say that I could'nt have asked for anything more special for my beba. That day started when we woke up earlier than Lola, big surprise because she usually is awake before us. We sang the birthday song, and Lolas day began very happily, her walk was longer than usual. Around 2:30pm her party started, I put on her skirt (because she was the birthday girl) and her human friends came, luckily they were mostly kids and Lola loves little kids, well she is one! She and her little sister Leela (a chihuahua) were the life of the party, everybody wanted to be with them. After playing and partying, it was time for her presents! We showed Lola the gift bag, and I know that she knew it was for her, she became so happy! It's kind of surreal how Lola is, I couldn't believe that she understood that this day was for her and how that present was hers. She started playing with her new toy, and for a cake she had gotten a specialty dog food and she had one for herself and shared another with her sis.

Since yesterday her dog buddies couldn't come, they are coming today. Her best friend Guera (blondie) is coming! She is such a sweetheart and I can't wait to see her again. I'm sure Lola is going to be very happy to see her.

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