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Mojo JoJo Tells It Like It Is!

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I have a press release!!!

April 4th 2007 1:42 pm
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Hey...lookit! Go to this link:
and you can see my article about being included in the Firehouse Dog movie credits! Maybe someone who was going to buy a puppy will adopt a needy dog after reading this...d'ya think? Hooray for rescue dogs!!!


I'm a Winner!

August 12th 2006 9:30 am
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Hey...I'm not even on Earth anymore and I still won a contest!!! How 'bout that?! Mama entered me in the Firehouse Dogs Sweepstakes and we won! I'm gonna be in the credits of the movie! Mama said it'll be like I never even left to be able to see me there! She's so very sad without me and I don't know what to do to help her. I miss my mama too but I don't have to have any insulin shots anymore and I get to chase butterfies all's great! Maybe this movie will make her feel better. She doesn't know it but the new rescue doggie that is coming to her...well, I sent her! She's a diabetic and I knew mama would help her. So...I used my Heavenly powers, since I'm an angel-dog now, to send her to mama so she would get taken care of reeeeeeal good! Mama cooked special food for me and she'll do so for this girl too. Diabetes doesn't have to be a death sentence for a pet. If people love their pets, they will give them their insulin's no big deal! 'Course I always made a big deal out of it because I would get a lot of kisses and get held afterwards if I did! Thinkin' all the time! Ooooo...bunch of butterfies just swept by...gotta run!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

May 3rd 2006 9:55 am
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Saturday, April the 29th, my sweet boy departed for the Rainbow Bridge. After struggling for 2 years with diabetes, he inexplicably developed lung cancer (non-smoking home) and his tiny lungs labored fiercely for breath. Every day with JoJo was a gift. No matter how rotten the day had been at work, when quitting time came, I rushed home to my "fluffy piece of cake" my godson called him! I loved him dearly and miss him more than I can possibly say. To never hold his precious "baby" body in my arms again is a knife in the heart. But I know he is happy and well and waiting for me. Now he is truly my angel.

On his last day, I took JoJo to the Krystal and bought him 2 hamburgers and an order of fries and he lit into them like all get out! I let him eat anything he wanted...even a bite of cheesecake. The diabetes didn't matter anymore. And no matter how sick my little one was, nothing affected his appetite! JoJo loved his chow! I hope he has all the great things to eat that he could possibly desire. When I adopted my baby, he was 12 years old and needed 2 insulin shots a day. I found out later that nobody but me had applied for him. All those who saw his precious grin and passed him by will never know what they missed. He was a blessing from the moment I laid eyes on him and I would not have missed these last 2 years for all the gold in Fort Knox! Rest well, my baby.


I'm Sick!

April 25th 2006 10:28 am
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I need all my pup pals to send me lots of good energy and happy thoughts! I'm one sick old-timer...can't stop coughing. Got this mass in my lungs and it feels like bronchitis and all I want is my mama. The vet says because I'm a diabetic, surgery isn't possible. Well, who wants to be cut on anyway?! Mama is giving me all kinds of other stuff...essential oils (ewwww, smeeeelllllly!) and some drops called Natural Cellular Defense and a really nasty tasting stuff called Essiac Tea! Barf! But it's supposed to help me 'cause it doesn't look like anything else can. Mama says it's up to the angels now.


More Snakes Alive!

July 26th 2005 5:11 am
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Last night when we went for our walk (well...Bones, Butterfly and Bestoink took at walk - I get to ride in a tote bag because I'm so uncooperative!), at the bottom of the driveway was a long twisty stick. Mama thought it was just another tree branch and was going to kick it out of the way when something told her not to. She didn't have her contacts in and couldn't see real she bent down to look closer because it sure was twisty looking fer a stick! Sure enough, there was a leetle bitty head with beady eyes on the end of it! A snake! I sure was glad I was in my tote bag! Not even Bestoink tried to mess with that! Nobody wanted any part! When we got back, he was gone! Musta moved pretty fast! An' he was a big 'un too! 'Bout 30 inches long! Wonder where he went? Someone said recently that snakes poop! I never thought of that before! Wonder where the poop hole is on a snake!


Soggy Dog!

May 13th 2005 6:47 am
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Peed all over myself last bed, Jordy's bed, the playpen. It was a whiz fest! Mom didn't say a word...just snatched me up and gave me a bath first thing! Poor thing...her hair needed washing real bad but she went to work all greasy haired. Hey! When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!


She Means Business!

May 11th 2005 5:19 am
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Got in trouble last what else is new?! I can always charm my way out of it...uh, well...I always have BEFORE! I got stuck in the playpen while all the other dogs got heaping bowls of food with gravy! I had already gobbled my supper...SO?! So I got mad and hiked my leg...I'll show you, you mean old witch! Well, now I understand why Stoink calls her "She Who Must Be Obeyed"! She never spoke to me like that before...hurt my feelings. She even whacked my bottom! Well...not really...just a little pat but I wanna blow it out of proportion! I'm just a little guy after all. And to make it worse, nobody paid any attention to me at all! 'Cept maybe Stoink who whispered, "Told ye not t' do that agin!" Why, I'm not the center of the Universe after all! Waaaaaaaaa!

P.S. I was good this morning and I got cheese! She loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Love at first sight!

March 18th 2005 11:09 am
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It's not me...I only have eyes for Mama! But she's gone and done it again...brought home another refugee! This one's a teensy leetle Maltese girl...much smaller than me and I can't get a minute's peace! At first it was kinda flattering...but what's a fella gotta do to get a decent night's sleep?! She wants to get right up next to me and it's MY snuggle ball! I suppose when it starts to get a bit chilly in the wee hours that it's nice to have someone warm right next to me. But that doesn't mean we're engaged or anything! There's no ring on anybody's toe! And I'm not having one in my nose, that's for sure! I'm Mama's my Mama. I gotta admit though, I rather like our foster girl...she's real cute and let's me make all the noise. And when she's looking at me with those adoring eyes like I was a Beatle or even Elvis, it makes me want to show just how loud I can bark! Arf...Arf, Arf, ARF! See? When girls make moon eyes to guys, do all guys wanna show off? Or is it just me?! Heck, I'm 91 in dog'd think I'd be over that by now! Bet guys wish they could be like me and not need Viagra!


I'm a Teenager!

March 7th 2005 6:57 pm
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Hey, everybody, look at me...I'm 13! Or I wuz yesterday! I got a salmon cake for my was neat! I never had a salmon cake before! Mostly I just laid around and snoozed and got adored a lot. So I guess it wuz a pretty swell birthday. And tonight I got extra treats because I didn't mess in the floor! I guess being neat has some advantages. I gotta remember that next time the urge hits. I sure love my carrots! I even like my dry food...course Mom puts extra stuff on it. She read that cinnamon lowers blood sugar so now I get cinnamon on my food. I guess that's ok...hey, anything edible is ok with me! I don't like my shots except I get a piece of cheese afterwards so, hey, bring it on!


Little does she know!

February 9th 2005 12:14 pm
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Heh, heh,'s are so easy to train! All this needle sticking makes her feel guilty so it's a perfect opportunity to hitch a ride. I just look pityful and reach my front paws up and it's Easy Street for JoJo! I'm ridin' high looking down on Stoink and everybody having to hoof it for themselves! I've got her trained to rock me too...every evening before bedtime when the poor soul gets a few minutes to rest, I climb back up on that comfy shoulder and just sack out while she rocks me back and forth. I may be one of the oldest critters in our pack but I'm the baby...gotta love me!

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