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Savannah Begins...

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I want to be a lap dog.

May 1st 2012 6:56 am
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It just isn't fair that, even after dieting - I am enormous. It does come in handy sometimes, like for shouldering Samoa out of the way when he is blocking the door. And for forcing Grandma to go on Lab rides by squeezing myself between her legs and walking away with her.

(This is great fun...what you do is find a short person - one where you are almost up to their waist. Then walk between their legs and stand up just as you have them centered on top of you. They LOVE it, and it is a great way to get a full body massage.)

Anyway...what I really want is to be a lap dog. Cookie and Dubs are small enough to be lap dogs, but they don't want to be. They don't like being held all that much.

I do. I would like to be hugged around the clock. Yesterday Mom was sitting in a lawn chair on the porch and I decided it was time for a hug. I pushed myself in as close as I could and then decided I really needed a big hug, so I climbed on her lap. She did hug me, but only for a minute. Seems she was too big for the chair and it started to bow. We need to get a bigger chair. Or mom could drop a few pounds.

I have already DONE my's her turn now.


No Groups...

April 28th 2012 11:55 am
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Well...just a few. I'm staying in Pawsome Pages, because I love to see the work they do and hope to develop my limited skills a bit. And in PP2, because I had the great honor of being invited...

In Paradise, with my pals Talker and Banners!

And in the last few DDPC pages, because I still want to be a part of that.

No hard feelings to anyone else. It has been fun, but I feel sort of puzzled about some things and am just going to sit it out for a time.

Visit me in the BPE in Plus, or send me pawmail anytime!

Love, Savvy...


Love your babies...

June 15th 2011 9:20 am
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Or your pals, or whatever they are to you. Mom was sitting at her desk at work the other day and helping a lady find some books. Near her she had a picture of me - one from my Fat Camp Album.

The lady glances at it and says "that is a nice looking dog." and so Mom starts in with my whole story. She loves to talk about dogs...

The lady listens and then says..."can I have the picture?" which sort of startled Mom. And then she says "my girl just died. I miss her so." and so Mom says OF COURSE she can have the picture and blubs all over her.

They both blub all over the place.

They love us, we know...


I've been a good Dog lately!

June 6th 2011 10:37 am
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Hi, I am just updating my info. here. I have been a good dog lately and listening to my Mama really well. She has often mentioned how hard headed I am and it is true.

But recently I have been listening very well. Just yesterday I made good friends with the little girl up the street who has been afraid of me. She has a tiny little dog and I went over to see it. Mama told her not to worry that I would never do anything to hurt a little dog - or her.

And the little girl laughed and laughed when her tiny dog scared me! It bit my tail!

Also, I was not good enough to stay in the car when Mom went to buy a paper. But she told me to sit down at the front door and I did and just waited for her. Even after she went in the store and disappeared! For Five Whole Minutes!

I really wanted to go in and grab all the candy bars. But I didn't. Because I am a good dog.


My Day as Dog of the Day!

March 1st 2011 12:56 pm
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Has been wonderful! Thanks for all the pawmail and presents and all the good wishes in the forums!

I really never thought I would be Dog of the Day!

It has been such an honor, thanks to Dogster and all my pals!


I kissed a rabbit…and I liked it.

December 10th 2010 9:23 am
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Is that so wrong? I understand that I am a breed and species that would generally be expected to chase rabbits, not to kiss them. But it has such a charming and fuzzy little white nose that I was quite overcome.

It lives next door. I don’t know if it is a male or a female rabbit, but it stays in a pen next to the neighbors shed. I go over there sometimes in the morning to see what is going on and to see if the neighbor kids have got my football again. I don’t mind them using it, but I do like to get it back. This morning I went over to tell Samoa to stay off the neighbor’s mop that they left out to dry. (Yesterday he carried it over to our yard and Mama had to take it back)

Dubs went with me and decided to hide under the shed, so while I was coaxing her to come back out, I noticed that the rabbit was looking at me. He looked cold. He has a hole in his pen and he stuck his little nose out. So I reached up and gave him a kiss. He kissed me back. He is a good rabbit and I mean to take him a carrot real soon.

Savvy. Lover of small furry things.


I continue my diet...

November 22nd 2010 6:53 am
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And this week my photo is in almost the same stance as my week one photo, so you can see how far I have come!

Unfortunately, it is not a very flattering photo, so you can also see that I still have quite a way to go.

BUT...we continue to walk and play football, and swimming and running some - yes! I run now!

So everyweek things get a little better.


Quite a long time...

November 15th 2010 11:52 am
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Since I have been writing here. All is well, even really good with us, but we have been posting in the forums a lot and not keeping up a diary.

But I am going to try really hard to get an entry or two a week in, maybe almost every day.

First I want to apologize to all of our neglected friends! We haven't been keeping in touch very well at all! And we are sorry, but every time we would start to, Mama would get writer's block and have to give it up again. She says her last story really burnt her out. But she is thinking about writing another one now - this one is going to be a ghost story and it is called "Bones." Not like the tv series, like the old black lab that used to live near them. But it is still "cookin'" so it might take a while.

We hope to have some fun diary entries in the next couple of days...Samoa wrote one today about a run in with a rosebush, but I have nothing funny to say. I may end up posting a lot of my Fat Camp info. on here, as I am still dieting, but will try not to be TOO boring about it.

Love, Big Savvy!


Thanks from both me and Samoa!

September 28th 2010 12:37 pm
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We have gotten so many nice treats today! Rosettes and all kinds of goodies. It has been a great birthday so far.
Samoa is recovering from his skunking and we are going to the pond tonight before dinner for a romp and swim! I love that.

I think it is Chicken for dinner, which is VERY nice!

It is so great to have such wonderful Dogster pals and we will line up our gifts and cuddle them close while we sleep tonight.

(I am now 4 and Samoa is 3!)


A Really Beautiful Walk...

September 15th 2010 12:29 pm
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Last night we decided on a walk instead of a swimmy lesson. Samoa and Dubs needed to stretch their legs and an extra walk does me almost as much good as a nice swimmy. It has been a bit cooler lately and so I enjoy the walks much more.

We went down to the school and had to go way back in the field around it to stay away from the primary voters. (they were voting in Md. yesterday)

Around the edge of the field are some kind of yellow blooming flowers and as we walked by them a cloud of monarch butterflies rose up and fluttered all around! It was like the flowers took wing! So pretty.

Then we went by the small pond, so we got to do some wading and that was nice.

I went home and dreamed about flying flowers!

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