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Happy B-day to me

November 1st 2008 7:27 pm
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Its my 7th Birthday today!! Wow. I was just a puppy not to long ago. I still act like a puppy. Mommy and Daddy bought me a bone filled with stuff in the middle. I demolished the bone just to get into the meaty middle. Mmmm it was good. Well its time for me to take a other nap. Goodnight to all!


Somebody tired to steal me today!

December 21st 2004 9:05 pm
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Mommy and Daddy where looking for me all over.. There was a strange car out side our alley tonight that was being pushed by a other, shorty was barking so mommy went outside, but there was nothing that looked weird to her so she went inside. She came a few seconds later and called our names. The 2 pugs ran up but I didn't, she didn't think of anything because we like to hide in corners and poop or do other business over there. So she went back in. Daddy came back out to let us back in and I was no where's to be found. Daddy and mommy freaked out, they called and called for me.. but I didn't come out. Mommy called the police and they where going to send someone out to investigate. Daddy was a wreck, he was screaming and crying. Mommy was crying to. I am one of there children. She got pictures of me, daddy called grandma. Everyone went outside and kept calling for me. Finally after a little while grandma suggested that daddy look under the tarp that is the back yard. I like to go there sometimes. SURE enough that is where I was!! But I was freaked out like heck, I didn't want to move so mommy and daddy knew that something had happened to scare me. They can only guess what happened to me to scare me soo much that I hid like that and didn't want to come out, not even for them! SO I guess that it will be my secret for all days, seeing that I can't talk. Boy did I cause a comotion. I guess mommy and daddy really love ALOT!!


Bath ewwee

October 22nd 2004 9:56 pm
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I hate bath time, but today my daddy tricked me by saying that he had a treat. So I got a bath. I got a lot of treats when I got out!! I liked that! I can't wait to go outside later and roll in the mud and rain!!

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