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I'm home !!! 11/11/09

November 11th 2009 6:15 pm
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Thank goodness i'm finally home .. the words the vet tech used to mommy and daddy were come get your little girl she is a little agitated ! BOL !! My red blood count is holding ( GREAT NEWS) .. but i have to go back tomorrow and Friday for more blood test . I will have to be monitored very closely from now on .. did i mention that it will take me all day to get my new medication ! YUK ! well maybe not so bad .. that means extra turkey treats ! I want to Thank everyone for all the prayers , candles , rosettes .. you all can pull a sick girl through , well I'm not out of the woods .. but we are optimistic ! I'm really really tired .. so gonna catch some ZZZZZZZ'S.. i will keep you posted !!

Thanks again everyone !
A very tired and exhausted totally stressed out LILLY GIRL !


My Update evening of 11/10/09

November 10th 2009 5:21 pm
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The POTP is GREAT and very powerful !!! I can't thank everyone enough ... my latest blood test show that my red blood cells are holding ( which is GREAT ) .. they haven't dropped since my initial infusion .. I have had my whole body scanned ,.. no tumors ( GREAT) ... i have had my bone marrow tested .. and i am producing red blood cells on my own ( GREAT) ... so we are optimistic that i will be okay !. The doc's say there are three things that can cause IMHA .. a low lying infection , vaccinations , and an infected tick ( still waiting for these results, this is a special blood test ) ... please let everyone be aware that after age 4 have your vet do a tether test ( we think this is what it is called ) to check your anti-bodies.. if your anti-bodies are normal than no need for vaccinations ! I am staying at the hospital again this evening so they can check my blood every 12 hours .. but i'm hopeful to be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night ! Please keep me in your prayers again this evening ... SWEET DREAMS everyone

The much improved LILLY !


My Diagnosis 11/9/09

November 9th 2009 1:39 pm
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Well we finally know what is the matter with me .. I have an auto immune disease called IMHA body is attacking my red blood cells.. all my other blood work is normal so that is GOOD ! I'm in Emergency getting my first blood transfusion , on oxygen , and getting iv fluids along with steroids and some other meds that are going to help me feel better.. Doc says i will be there 2-4 days at least and that although i am critical 80 % of the cases can live with this although it can be fatal also ... already when Mommy and daddy came back to see me i was perky and so excited to see them .. I will miss the comforts of my own bed for the next few days.. please keep praying for me .. i am their adopted angel .. I am getting the best vet care out there .. and i am a strong littl gal , i have had a sonogram , x-rays, cat scan , all kinds of blood work ( some results won't be back for a day or two , even for tick born diseases)) my heart is good all good things in my favor !.. but Dr. Nightingale my specialist ..says she is positive that IMHA is what i have .. Dr. Nightingale says its unusual that i didn't display any symptoms before now .. usually you do with this disease... i think Dr. Nightingale is my guardian angel and we are putting our trust in her , she is extremely knowledgeable about this disease and we are Thankfu lto at least now know what it is so we can treat it ! So keep the prayers coming .. i do really need them now !!

A sick Lilly Girl


Iz not feelin good at all !

November 9th 2009 3:37 am
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My GMOM hasn't written fur me in a long while .. but i sure could use some prayers. I have been having some sort of neurological problems that the doc's can't seem to find out what is going on ... I sort of start breathing funny .. than stumble and fall down ..... it's sort of like a seizure , all my muscles just go weak , i don't get stiff and thrash like a seizure... all my blood work looks good, my heart is fine , chest x-ray good ,kidneys good. I was at the Emergency vets yesterday .. they did all these test and had no answer for me... Gmom is thinking maybe some sort of vestibular disease.. we would be happy if that is all it is .. if you could send me a few prayers to get all better .. it sure would be appreciated !!! My mommy & daddy are really worried about me .... This has been the best home i ever had ... i sure hope i feel better soon !!

Thanks everyone ,
Lilly Girl !



February 25th 2009 4:41 am
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Doin da zoomies here.. my grandma ( Buttercups mom ) woke up dis morning ..and YAHOOIIEEE !!! I was the FPOTD for STAFU !!! WOWS !! being adopted (i'm the Jersey girl in the family) .... this is a very special honor ... I send tail wags to all the great pups at STAFU !Many Thanks again for all the congrats and rosettes and great wishes !!! Lilly struttin her stuff today !!!

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