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A Journal of my Life

What just happened!?!

August 14th 2007 8:40 pm
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Rocco's mommy here:

I was out walking Rocco on his daily walk. It was 8 pm and we were half way through the normal walk when he started like tripping. He then crashed to the ground and had what appeared to be a really bad seizure. For a second I thought I had lost him. This is a first for him. I called my dad to come pick us up with the car. Rocco regained consciousness but was really out of it. Basically dazed and couldn't do anything. I carried him to the spot where I told my dad to meet me. He couldn't stand and so I told him to lay down. We got him home and just let him regain himself. It took awhile but he finally got up and drank some water. He seems to be back to himself to a degree. He skinned his chin. I'm suprised he didn't hit his head or break something.

He was even keeping up better than usual on his walk today. And today for his dinner I did this hide and go seek thing (keep his mind active) and he acted like a spring puppy. So today for such a thing to happen is a shock. I called a vet who suggested for his age heart failure. I told him he was coming back to himself and the vet said he would probably get better. So I will take him to the vet in the morning. I still feel it is a seizure but I don't know what caused this sudden attack.

He rescently had surgery a couple months back to remove a sebacious adenoma. They did a good blood test on him and the vet said everything looked good. I just don't know.



Tag Your it!!

May 23rd 2007 1:09 pm
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Here are the rules:

I was tagged by Shiloh

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me!

1. I was born in a litter of seven.

2. I really hate swimming

3. At my fattest I weighed 110 lbs.

4. I love pig ears.

5. I was never registered with the AKC. I still have my blue slips to turn in.

6. I've lived in three different states (CO, UT, and TX)

7. When my sis was alive and she had a chewie I wanted I would pretend to growl at something to make her get up and leave the chewie open for attack.

I Tag:

1. Diesel
2. Sampson
3. Tucker
4. Stella
5. Taco
6. Josh
7. Bandit

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