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The Adventures of Jack

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My script came, my script came!!!

October 7th 2009 5:42 pm
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Woof woof...this is such exciting news! My script for the movie I am going to be in came today in the mail. Mommy could hardly wait to open it and start marking my lines. Mom says I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the movie filming and will have to learn a bunch more new tricks if I am to be in many scenes. The part of the dog in the movie will be played by me and another Golden. What one of us won't or can't do, the other one will step in and do the job. The movie is scheduled to begin filming at the end of January. I will keep you posted. Oh boy!! This is going to be fun.


I am in week 5 of the million dollar cutest dog contest

August 30th 2009 8:39 am
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Woof woof all my Dogster pals....The voting started today in week 5 of the cutest dog contest. I hope you will vote for my itty bitty baby puppy picture. This picture was taken on my first day home with my family when I was only 8 weeks old. Mommy thinks it is an adorable picture, but you know how mommy's can be about their baby boys. Anyway, here is the voting link that goes directly to my picture. If you have time, you are allowed to vote everyday and tell you friends to vote too. Thank you so much for voting in the other 4 weeks.
Just click on the link below or type it into your browser window to vote. 36757A769586171DAECFB6E45D


Cutest Dog Contest

August 20th 2009 4:06 pm
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Woof woof pup puppy picture is doing pretty good in the Cutest Dog Contest, but I think I need A LOT more votes from my pals. Please vote for me. You can vote everyday if you think about it and I would be soooo happy.
Jack m?h=3A646D36757A769586171DAECFB6E45D


Please vote for my puppy picture!

August 6th 2009 5:51 am
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Woof put one of my puppy pictures in a photo contest. Could you please vote for me? Here is the direct link. You can vote every day if you would like. It would be great if you would tell your friends too. Mom is trying to win some cash so she can buy be more toys and stuff. BOL
Jack te.cfm?h=3A646D36757A769586171DAECFB6E45D



June 27th 2009 5:21 am
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Woof woof....I hope you all will stop by my new Nephew's page here on Dogster. His people are my human big sister and her mate. Oscar is living in their house with them and my niece GiGi who most of you have met. Please go by and welcome this cute little guy to Dogster. He came over on Wed. and I got to play with both Oscar and GiGi. It was lots of fun. Oscar's ID # is 1000517 He is listed as Oscar from Plano, Texas.
Thanks pals,


Ducks and More Ducks!

May 4th 2009 4:48 pm
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You Don’t Know Jack!

Ducks and More Ducks

Woof Woof……..My daddy has done something that he calls retired. Mom explained it to me and told me that daddy doesn’t have to go to work day and night anymore and can even be home with us on holidays. This is great I am thinking, but ARF! where will my yummy prime beef steak bones come from now? Okay, I can deal with that just to have more time at home with my daddy and doing guy things with him. One day last week, daddy said to me, “Let’s go for a ride Jack, I want to show you something.” So off we went in our crate on wheels. Soon I saw that we were heading toward the exact place where daddy doesn’t work anymore, and that is the place that has such good smells coming out of it. My mouth started watering for one of those bones. When we got there, daddy told me to be really quite and careful and he would show me something very neat. Walking toward a big barrel type container, I could hear a strange noise coming from inside. I have heard that noise before and it sounded like “quack quack”. I had a very hard time keeping my backside from wiggling, but daddy kept saying “shhhh, shhhh”, so I was very quiet. When I looked inside the barrel I couldn’t believe my puppy eyes. There was a mother duck and lots of baby ducklings just sitting there looking back at me. They didn’t seem afraid of me and they were so cute. Daddy told me that same mother duck has been coming to the restaurant for 2 or 3 years and laying her eggs. I think the mom knew that I was a gentle guy and would rather play with them than put one in my mouth like we retrievers are supposed to do. Soon the mother and ducklings walked down a ramp from the barrel and started their walk toward the lake where they would soon live. Daddy and I watched them go and said our goodbyes to the mother hen until next year. I hope they all made it safely and will have a wonderful life. Maybe it won’t get around to my retriever pals that I let a whole bunch of ducks get away because I do have an image to maintain. Oh……I did get a big delicious bone after all for being such a good boy.
Here’s quacking at ya’,


You Don't Know Jack!

April 27th 2009 3:23 pm
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Handsome Yard Ornament

Woof Woof……Saturday was a new adventure for me. I knew something was amiss; cause mommy and daddy got up really early and were scurrying around. While I was busy running “zoomies” around the backyard, my humans were putting all kinds of stuff from our garage into their crate on wheels. Then to my surprise, they put me in there too and we took off. We didn’t go far and stopped at the guard gate of our neighborhood. A bunch of other crates on wheels were there with their junk too, and they were putting it all out on tables. Mom took me out of our crate and tethered me to a swivel stake in the ground. It was so cool. I was the center of attention and soon a whole bunch of people started to come to look at all of what we had brought. Mommy was actually taking some green paper and giving the people our stuff. Ahrooooo…it makes my doggie head hurt trying to figure out human behavior. Mom told me they were buying our junk to become their treasure. Everyone wanted to buy ME! I was worried at first, but soon knew that mom was saying I was priceless.(scratching myself) Mom started calling me a handsome yard ornament, cause all the humans came right over to pet me and ooooed and ahhhed over me. The mini humans were the most fun and daddy was pleased at how gentle I was with them. We even had lunch there and I got half of my mom’s turkey sandwich. She was so nice to share it with me. Other pups were there too, but none of them got as much attention as I did, and thanks to me my humans sold all of our old junk and now our garage is nice and clean and our crate on wheels fits in there perfectly. Since my adventure, I have learned that you call what we did a neighborhood yard sale. Maybe I can get a job next year as the official Yard Ornament for our little community. Arf Arf….then I could buy lots of toys and treats.


Dallas Dog Life Magazine

April 23rd 2009 3:34 pm
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Woof woof.....My mommy is proud of me again. I was chosen as Dog of the Week in Dog Life Magazine. Mommy says I am becoming "The man about town". Here is the link if you want to see the article.



I Won Today!

April 17th 2009 2:33 pm
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Woof woof...I am so excited....I won at the Shreveport show. I won first in the Open class, then I won Winner's Dog and got some more points toward my championship title. My mommy is so proud of me. I will try to do it again tomorrow and Sun., so please keep your paws crossed for me.


Sad News About My Doggie Relative

April 16th 2009 5:00 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] mom told me some sad news today. My human big sister's black Lab named Chilli is in very bad shape. Mom said that Chilli has cancer of the spine and will only have a couple of weeks to say his goodbyes before he travels to the Rainbow Bridge. Poor old Chilli. He is my pal and part of my family. Chilli would be turning 11 soon. I sure am going to miss him. ....sniff sniff. Chilli's Dogster ID # is 28300 if you want to visit him. Mom says to not send any messages though, cause my human sister is very upset and sad right now. Chilli will be joining my big brother Jake and big sister Murphy at the bridge. They will make him welcome and show him around. Please keep Chilli dog and his mom in your prayers. Chilli is a very good boy.

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