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Keep Your Paws Off Unless I Say

Grrr.. my mom is so annoying!

November 2nd 2006 10:45 am
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My mom is so annoying! I want new pictures of me on her and she is taking forever to get them up. Supposibly she is supposed to take more pictures of me this weekend (ones where I am actually looking normal.. the first one I was so scared because it was my new home and I had no clue where I was). She better get on the ball because my bratty little sisters have tons of pictures on their pages and mine is plain! NO FAIR! I want all the pictures to be of me! Only me & my ball! Mom thinks that I do not listen good now, imagine what I will do if she does not put new, cute pictures of me up! hehehe Well everyone be ready because on Sunday I am going to have pretty pictures of me up and I will write back to ya'll when I am more happy! (I will not talk to mom if she doesn't do it.. hehehe)


Please VOTE for my sister, Reeces Pieces

October 20th 2006 7:19 am
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Please VOTE for my sister. She is a really sweet girl and she is in her FIRST picture contest ever!! It is the "Dogster's 2006 World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show!" If you go to her picture, listed under my "family" (Reeces Pieces.. we have a big family), click on the link to the top right and you can vote for her. All of us in the Blythe family would really appreciate it. Thank you soooo much!! WOOFFFFFF Love, Abigail


Throw My Ball

October 12th 2006 9:20 am
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I'm spoiled and that is the way life is. I want all my friends to be spoiled too. SO, I am just letting everyone know, I love my friends and family, so be nice to them. If you are not nice to them, I'm not nice to you! Be afraid, very afraid! (does that sounds scary? hehehe) Well, for all of you handsome boys out there who love me (I know you all think I'm cute), I will have new pictures up this weekend. My dorky mom wanted to make my website but she didn't have any pictures of me. That one at the top was taken over a year ago within the first five minutes I ever got to my house (right when they adopted me). The other two are pictures my mom had to take when she was trying to get my other sister, Gretel. They had to make sure our yard was closed in and I just happend to be in the picture. My mom better get off her tail end and get to snapping. I will pose really cute for you boys ;) And.. I know I sound mean, hehehe.. I just try to act it, but really I'm sweet (don't tell anyone, though). Thank you to all the friends I have and thank you for wanting to be my friend. I appreciate it and will be very sweet to you! Have a good day.. WOOF

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