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2/7/2013 My Cardiologist visit

February 7th 2013 3:50 pm
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I saw Dr. Rosenthal today for my cardiology check up .. he used to treat my fur brother Teddy ... well heres the news.. good news .. my heart is the same .. no better, no worse .. woohoo !! he is adding in a new medication to help my bronchial tubes .. and a medication to have on hand in case i need it at night with my trachea cough . Now the not so good news is my kidneys are failing.. he feels like it is a separate issue from my heart disease.. we will be speaking to Dr. T to see about seeing one of the Dr.'s in internal medicine to see if there is anything that we can do to delay the progression of the kidney disease. I also am seeing a new homeopathic vet on Wednesday next week for a consult on diet ... so mom is doing all she can to help me live out a pain free life .. one thing for sure she will never let me suffer and right now i am eating , drinking , and even sleeping good .. so any prayers you have will be greatly appreciated. We know we have asked many , many times .. probably have gone way over our limit.. LOL ! anyways.. Love you guys and we will keep you posted !

Buttercup & Momma Pat


2/6/2013 My blood report

February 6th 2013 12:39 am
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I had my blood taken in preparation for seeing my cardiologist on Thursday this week. Dr. Hickey ( one of the on staff doctors ) called mom to discuss my report. Seems my kidneys are acting up again .. my BUN is not good it has gone from 87 to 145 and my creatines are not good.. they went from 2.2 to 3.2 ... so we are all very concerned about my decrease in kidney function. Now mom says they are just numbers .. and yes she agrees they are horrible.. but honest to pete, this past week has been my best ever... i am actually sleeping and letting mommy sleep and i have had no gastritis. Looks like they may be making a change in my medication .. and looks like another diet change may be in my future... Dr. Hickey says its very hard to try to figure out , how much of this is kidney disease, how much is caused from the heart not working well, how much is caused by diet. I was eating the KD diet .. but it gave me gastritis .. so mom has been home cooking me a low protein diet .. mom says she needs more guidance in this as she isn't any nutritionalist . We will give you an update after Thursdays visit .

Buttercup & Mom

p.s. Marielle has been doing well .. she was supposed to have another spinal tap chemo procedure but her numbers were to low.. so it is rescheduled for this Friday .. thank you so much for al the support and prayers..Huggies to all !


1/23/2013 Who needs Sleep ??

January 23rd 2013 12:24 am
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They say you get all the sleep you need when you die.. mom says she would like to have a little now please! I have been driving mom crazy with my night time sleeping .. i sleep for only about 2 hours .. than go wake her up .. mom tries ignoring me , and sometimes i will go lay down for another few minutes but if my eyes are open i want someone up with me. Lately i have been having belly aches one after another .. but even if it isn't gastritis i just want someone up .. and mom always gets up with me.. by Friday evening though mom has had it with no sleep and she will get dad to take a turn and she will up upstairs and try to sleep . I am fine during the day ( most of the time ) .. but nights are terrible. Mom is trying to figure out why all of a sudden i am having such belly aches at night .. so far no real good answers.. she used to feed me a small snack before bed time with my heart meds .. but she has tried the last 3 nights not giving me a snack but just the meds and it is a little better.. i am still waking up .. but at least not sick.( not feeling really great but not in pain sick ) Mom has never had a pup with such terrible stomach issues and she says it is exhausting.. the doctors really don't have any answers either .. they say it is just gastritis .. mom says .. they should spend one week at our house and they would be singing a different tune. My diet is bland .. nothing to cause gas, i take zantac , baby gasx on a regular bases and thats about all they can suggest. Mom is thinking about getting me an appointment with a homeopathic vet to see if they may have other suggestions. Mom thinks a lot of it is probably caused from all the meds i am on for my heart , the abdominal surgery i had that no ones knows anything about , my kidneys not working 100% , old age and on and on .. well since i have finally settled down mom better go and try to get back to sleep !

Sleepless in Millersville,
Buttercup & Mom


1/8/2013 New Year updates

January 9th 2013 12:57 am
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Happy New Year to everyone.. sure hope this year will be better for everyone !

So far ours is starting off better.. Marielle is tolerating her chemo treatments. She is within the last 57 days of the second phase of treatment .. WOW ! any child that has to under go chemo treatment is my hero ! .. for that matter anyone that is battling cancer or any other depilating disease ! At the end of this phase she will move on to the maintenance phase .

Moms favorite Uncle went back for his check-up and his cancer responded very well to the isolated limb profusion. The effect of the chemo will continue to work for another 6 weeks so we will have another recheck then. Remember this isn't a curable disease.. but this treatment is to help save his arm from being eaten away from the cancer. The tumors have almost all gone away or shrunk considerably ! All very good news. In 6 weeks if nothing new pops up than we will either do another round of treatment or he will do an isolated radiation treatment to what ever tumors remain.

As for me i have been driving mom crazy with tummy issues on and off and getting her up about every 2 hours with my coughing spells.. during the day i am a happy girl but mom is exhausted , especially on her work days.. by 2:00 in the afternoon she can barley hold her eyes open.

I over heard mom talking about calling my dental specialist ... ummmm... i only have 5 teeth left .. but about 1 month ago mom found a red ulcer looking thing on the under side of my lip.. she took me right away to Dr. T and he had no idea what it was .. but since it wasn't bothering me at all he said to just watch it.. mom noticed that the redness is traveling a little so she thinks we better get it checked out.. i tell her i can't have any other anesthesia for any procedures so whats the point .. but you know how moms are ...

So Happy New Year to all my pals !

Happy tail wags,


1/1/2013 Happy New Year !

January 1st 2013 7:19 pm
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WOW ! what a year 2012 was... and you all helped us through it everyday ! You know who you are ,,, all the support , love , compassion , and caring was felt across this internet and we so appreciate it. We sure hope 2013 isn't as eventful as 2012! We send our love to everyone .. and look forward to fun and friendship in 2013 ! Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year !

Pat & Buttercup


12/25/12 Merry Christmas

December 25th 2012 1:13 am
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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope Santa brought you everything and more !
Updates.. Uncle is home with us for a few days and we are happy he got home in time for Christmas.. He is doing well , just pretty exhausted . Mom has to bandage his arm everyday and the tumors are shrinking.. we hope this treatment really works ! We see the doctor in 10 days !
We were with Marielle last night and i can tell you first hand that this cancer isn't keeping her down.. she is very pale .. but has a very Beautiful smile and seemed to have lots of energy, but after about 2 hours she did crash so they had to go home early .. well they needed to get to bed so Santa could come! Mom has been off for 4 days and honestly is seems like she hasn't been off for a day.. we hope to lay very low today ,as tomorrow mom has to take her uncle back for a blood check , than take him home to get him settled in which means going to the crazy grocery store again , and getting his house back in order as he had out of town guest stay at his house while he was in the hospital.. we hope they left things like they found them .. so if you don't see us here .. mom is on her roller skates once again and she will be back to work on Thursday !

Love you all,
Buttercup & Pat


12/24/2012 Guess what i got for Christmas ..* humpf *

December 24th 2012 7:40 pm
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I got to go to the vet for Christmas.. * HUMPF* .. i had to get my ummmmm.. anals emptied and i had been scratching my ear.. and yep ... i have a little ear infection in both ears ... but the good news is that my weight is up .. today i weighed in at 9.9 .. woohooo for me ! i was down to 8.3 at one time and mom has been working really hard at getting more calories into me without upsetting my tummy ! .. We want to wish everyone a very blessed Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year. Thank you all for the amazing support all year long ! We love you !

Merry Christmas ,
Buttercup & Pat


12/21/12 Moms Uncle Update

December 21st 2012 12:03 am
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It was a very long 13 1/2 hour day at Mercy hospital with my favorite widowed uncle. His procedure was supposed to be 3 to 4 hours long .. it turned into a 10 1/2 hour long procedure to treat him for merkel cell carcinoma. It was a very technical procedure to treat this extremly rare condition and it took a huge team of specialist . They could not get the cath lines in through the groin to administer the chemo .. so they had to run the caths through the opposite arm to the arm that they were treating. Sounds horrible right .. and it was.. they only give you a light sedative during this phase of the treatment and numb the area.. horrible.. but once they had the caths in place , they than had lost their line up for the OR room so they had to wait and be moved to another operating room.. once there they were able to knock him totally out and the procedure went great . !!! Now he spends 4 to 5 days in the hospital waiting to make sure the treatment hasn't affected the muscle in his arm .. hopefully he will make it here with us by Christmas eve .. if not than we will take Christmas to him at the hospital ! His spirit is good and he is doing well .. now we wait and pray the chemo starts shrinking these tumors! We thank you all for the prayers !

Merry Christmas,
Momma Pat & Buttercup


12/17/12 Prayers please

December 17th 2012 7:26 pm
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Our dear Uncle is being admitted tomorrow for treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma that has taken over his right forearm. This skin cancer is extremely rare . Mom and he have seen 5 specialist and he has a choice of 3 types of treatment. He finally decided on an isolated limb profusion . They put the chemo in the forearm , but it is a very complicated procedure that requires general anesthesia .. of course none of this is easy especially at age 83. He had 1/2 of his upper left lung removed due to an unrelated cancer 3 years ago. We are hoping for a 3-5 day hospital stay and hoping that within 2 weeks these horrible tumors will shrink and go away. We pray he doesn't have any complications and that he will be home in time for Christmas with us ! This cancer is very aggressive and unpredictable.. it is a fatal skin cancer.. but right now he has a 50/50 chance of it matastizing in 1 to 3 years .... so before you go to bed .. would you add him to your prayer chain ! We will keep you posted..

Merry hugs and Kisses,
Buttercup & Momma Pat

p.s. Marielle is doing good right now.. hopefully she will stay the course in time for Santa !


12/10/12 ... Tis the season !

December 9th 2012 7:19 pm
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Oh Boy .. we are behind in writing in our diary ... My secretary has been very busy and had very little sleep .. so heres an update. Marielle had been about month with out any hospital stays .. but she has recently spent 10 days in patient for treatment and another UTI infection. She was home 2 days and is again back in the hospital with another fever . She is supposed to be getting treatment again tomorrow but we think it will depend on the fever. This Christmas it will be one year since she was first diagnosed and i can't start to tell you what a long year it has been for our family not to mention how it has changed everyones lifes. Next.. moms favorite uncle has been diagnosed with merkel cell carcinoma . It is extremely rare form of skin cancer and the tumors are growing daily all over his forearm. After he and mom have made many trips to specialist he will be admitted on the 18th for treatment . This cancer is deadly and there is no cure.. Right now he has a 50/50 chance of making it 1 to 3 years .. so we pray daily that it is the later time as long as it is quality time. .. add in work, my hubrother not well , and the holiday .. and geeze louise.. life is CRAZY ! For the most part i have been really good except i am totally nocturnal and get mommy up all night as i don't like to be awake by myself. Today i did start to cough almost non-stop ever time i am up .. but if i am a sleep than i don't cough .. if this continues .. than a trip to the vet is in store for me ! Just in case we don't get back to dairy writing .. we want to thank everyone for your continued support , love and friendship .. and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah !

Love and Kisses,
Buttercup & Mommy

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