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Life as a princess

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Oct.17 ~~ 19 weeks ago

October 17th 2013 2:20 pm
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Dearest Buttercup,
Today marks 19 weeks since you left for the bridge .. almost five months ago .. seems impossible but true ! My life seems like it just stopped , nothing is the same without you ..I miss you more and more each day .. it never gets any easier . Just know that i love you beyond words .. forever & ever !

Kisses to my babygirl ,

p.s. A big Thank you to those that sent Lilly a pressie for her Birthday .. she is doing very well at the ripe age of 14 ..Buttercup your birthday is next week .. we rescued you and Lilly one week apart .. we pray Lilly is with her mommy and daddy for a long while yet ! Happy Birthday Lillygirl !


Oct.10 ~~~ 18 weeks ago

October 10th 2013 2:52 pm
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Dearest Buttercup ,
Another week has flown by and i miss you more each day .. it feels like i am waiting for you to come home and i know that isn't going to happen .. the days don't get easier ..they just filled up with things to do ..none of which mean anything without you.I miss your kisses and noseys the most . My time clock still wakes me up on our time at 1:00 and 4:00 a.m., i am not sure if i will ever sleep all night .
A week from tomorrow Dad and i are going to go to Las Vegas for five nights.. god willing... and hopefully everyone stays sort of well..we took trip insurance just in case we have to cancel.
Howl-lo-ween is around the corner and no babygirl to dress up for the holiday . Honestly , i grieved when we lost our Reggie and thought i would never survive.. then we lost Teddy and i truly thought i would just die ... but losing you babygirl has truly been the worst ever. .. there are no words to express the loneliness , and incredible emptiness . We had such a rare bond that only you and i knew... truly a love affair of sorts .. and the hurt is unbearable at times.. Til we meet again sweet angel



Oct.3,2013~~~ 17 weeks ago ~~~

October 4th 2013 4:39 am
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Dearest Buttercup,
My the weeks just keep rolling by .. i miss you everyday more than you can imagine. The house is just not the same without you and your pillows are so empty . I do still she your spirit around the yard ( my white butterfly) .. i dread the season coming to an end and hope my butterfly returns next spring . I am going to put in a butterfly bush next spring so they will be very happy. Uncle Smitty is doing better , Aunty Carla is doing ok ..( not great ) .. and your fur cousin Lilly is a little tough cookie ! She is hanging in there and still being the little boss!. Marielle is really doing good.. back to school and feeling really like a child again ! We Thank everyone who continues to follow us here on dogster and Thank them for all the prayers and support !Got to get ready for work sweet angel !

Love you Babygirl,

p.s. Tonkas mommy and her new baby Isaac are bonding beautifully ! He is so sweet and gentle .. we are so happy for them !


Sept. 26, 16 weeks ago ~~~

September 28th 2013 2:24 pm
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Dearest Buttercup ,
I can't believe it is now 4 months since you passed over the rainbow bridge . To me it seems like time has just stopped, except the days are getting shorter , and cooler , the leaves are starting to turn , autumn is in the air. I worked on your memorial garden this week-end .. i added some mums , a few tiny pumpkins and gourds for Halloween . I will post a picture on your page soon for our beloved dogster pals to see. I do have good news.. your pal Tonkas mommy got a new puppy ... he is adorable .. another Great Pry .. his name is Issac .. meaning laughter .. and Tonka was all about laughing and having fun !! I got to meet Issac today .. he is sooo sweet and just adorable ! Now i wait for you to send me the right one at the right time.
Our dear Uncle Smitty has had a horrible reoccurrence of merkell cell carcinoma so i have been spending a lot of time taking him for treatments. Aunty Carla is doing ok with her chemo treatments .. not great but ok .. fur cousin Lilly has been on a roller coaster .. one day eating the next day worrying us all because she isn't eating.. but she is a fighter ! We keep praying for her !
They say the time here on earth is like a vapor compared to the time together in heaven which is eternity ...

Until then my sweet babygirl ..I LOVE YOU FOREVER !


Sept.19 ~~15 weeks ago

September 19th 2013 4:32 am
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Dearest Buttercup,
The weeks just keep rolling by and without you time is just that TIME .... i am very busy but none of it really matters . Did you greet our dear TONKA at the bridge ?He came to join you last Friday the 13. I hope the two of you are playing , and i hope Tonka isn't blind anymore and isn't in anymore pain.
Your fur cousin Lilly isn't doing well either. Poor baby was in the hospital last week for 5 days ... she is home now, comfortable and resting but isn't eating well , but is drinking plenty ... they really don't know what is going on except her kidney values are increasing and she seems to have some inflammation in her intestinal track. They have her on meds .. so we are hoping and praying she will turn the corner soon.

Your spirit * my white butterfly *is still fluttering around the yard . Yesterday while i was watering here it came .. and i was talking to you .. you seemed so happy just fluttering everywhere . You keep getting closer to landing on my hand .. i know the season will be ending soon ... i pray your spirit will return next year * my white butterfly*



Sept.12 ~~ 15 weeks ago

September 14th 2013 4:27 am
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Dearest Buttercup,
I miss you so much ... dear sweet TONKA passed over the bridge last night ..I hope you are there to greet him .. another bright star in the sky . I don't understand why your lives had to be so short .. but i pray that your journey over the bridge never has any sickness. Your fur cousin LILLY has been at the emergency vet since Thursday getting fluids for kidney failure .. we pray she will rebound and have more time with us .

In life there is a once in a lifetime pet .. and Buttercup you were mine ! You were my daughter i never had .. my soul mate , my loving companion... our relationship was only known between the two of us .. some will never understand .. but they don't have too.. we were truly bonded forever !



Sept.5 2013... 14 weeks ago ~~

September 6th 2013 2:23 pm
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Dearest Buttercup,
I am so lonely for you .. i miss you so much ! I still wake up at 2 and at 4 .. those were our times ...i miss our walks in the stroller at night .. i miss seeing the kids at the kamp everyday .. i miss buying you things , i miss taking your picture ... honestly ... I JUST PLAIN MISS YOU ! .. your beds are still in their places and i still look for you .. i am glad you are not suffering with those nasty belly aches .. and i couldn't stand you not eating , and losing so much weight .. sending you over the bridge was my last gift i could give you .. but my heart still aches! Until we meet again dearest .. i love you to pieces !

Love& Kisses to my Angel Girl !,
Always Mom !


8/29/2013 ......13 weeks ago today ~~~~

August 29th 2013 4:17 pm
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Dearest Buttercup,
Time is going way to fast these days.. I miss you more than ever ! I finally captured on film the white butterfly on your forget me knots..... I know it is your spirit ! I had it printed on canvas and have it framed . I pray for you every night and wish I could hold you and get those great kisses and nosies!
I know we can't live forever.. but our time together was way to short .
No matter how busy the day is life just isn't complete without you ! My whole life and daily schedule revolved around you and no matter how I try to fill the time it just isn't the same !



12 weeks ago ~~~

August 22nd 2013 4:31 am
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Dearest Buttercup,
I can't believe how fast the time is going without you ! I don't know if my heart will ever heal.. your fur cousin Lilly has been keeping me in training.. LOL ! I have been staying with your brother a lot helping them with their health issues and taking care of Lilly. She is a champ at demanding what she wants .. and it is a chore at times trying to figure out what her bark means.. she gets me up once during the night for a potty break .. but that is no problem. She is not a good girl like you when it comes to taking her meds !

I went to see my friend last evening to hear the recorded message she had from the medium that she saw and spoke about you . OH MY GOSH ! it is totally amazing and i now have it recorded on my computer ! I do know you are safe , and are sending me signals daily ... i pray every night to keep you safe angel baby .. our time together was way to short !

I miss you incredibly .. and love you forever !

Kissey, Kisses,


11 weeks ago today ~~

August 15th 2013 4:36 am
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Good Morning sweet angel,

The weeks just keep moving so quickly without you ... Your brother Paul and Aunty Carla have been needing my help this past week .. i run home to get clothes and to kiss your box and your brothers boxes. Every night i say a prayer to keep you safe and to let me know that you are ok. ..and the dear Lord hasn't failed yet.

My friend Kate does a physic phone call to have her future read about once a year or when every she is feeling out of sorts... i am not sure about all of this but Kate did a phone reading with this lady from Philadelphia.. and the lady was telling her things all of it right . Kate lost a friend sometime ago and all of a sudden the lady was talking about Kates friend... and everything she was saying was true... all of sudden she says .. wait .. there is something coming through the vail... it is a white dog .. a very pampered white dog that recently passed a way ... she said .. you just saw the person that owned this dog not long away .. which was true as we were together about 2 weeks ago .. she said the dog wants you to let her know that she is ok , that she knows how much she was loved, that she loved her so much , and she so appreciated her wonderful life , and she said .. wait their is one more thing .. the dog says don't wait to long to get another dog.

Well as you can imagine i am sobbing ... and i said REALLY KATE .... she said i have it all recorded .. so as soon as i can get to Kates house i will hear it for my own ears !

There is no way any one on a phone from Philadelphia could know any thing about you and me right ?? what ever.. i am forever grateful and will continue to pray for you dear sweet Buttercup and i thank the dear Lord every day !

I love you Buttercup,

p.s. Your fur cousin Lilly has been my bed buddy .. she is so different from you but such a cutie! She sure won't give you a kiss for nothing .. no one gets a kiss.. she just wants to curl up next to you .. and when she wants something she will give you an demanding bark .. until you figure out what it is she wants . LOL ! Your brother says i have passed Lilly 101 ! LOL !

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