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Life as a princess

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Its weally official

November 16th 2007 5:06 pm
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Gizz was awittle nervous but he did it .. he finally asked me daddy for my paw in marriage ....................

Ohhhhhhhhhh....I's so nervous! I hafs to ask your Daddy, that's right!


I'll do it tomorrow. I'se too skeered!

P.S. Does he hafs a shotgun?


and than he did it .....

::on my knee:::

Mr. Buttercup, may I respectfully ask your dogter's paw in marriage? I promise to love her, cherish her, and give her all the best bones out of my bowl.

Gizzy (in his bulletproof doggie vest)

and my daddy said :

Take off your vest cause you're gettin the best !!!!! Its Official !!!

and we figured out .. that Gizz is the Gizmonaut and mes is Buttercup .. so that makes us the " BUTTERNAUTS " ....... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



November 13th 2007 6:41 pm
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This will be my third Thanksgiving with my forever family . I have so many things to be thankful for , I have a wonderful home, i get to go to Kamp Archies everyday ,i neber have to be by myself, i have a warm bed , i own the sofa ( BOL ) .... i have pwenty to eat .. more toys than pet smart , a great vet to take care of me when i sick .... its my world and mom and dad wive in it wif me !!! I am one lucky gal !!! Oh .. did i mention awot of wuv and support wite here on Dogster !!! Yep, me is one of the luciest !!! Happy Thanksgiving !!


Sad Nooze

November 13th 2007 6:35 pm
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My darlin Gizz lost his companion Ezekiel last night .... He is missing Ezekiels magical song ....Ezekiel was an ambassador for parakettes with disabilities ... just like my darlin Gizz is for canines.... Gizz listen .. Ezekiel is still singin.... and watchin over us all ... fly free Ezekiel .. and we will listen for you ! Luvs, Buttercup


I said YES !!!!

November 13th 2007 6:29 pm
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OMGOSH .. Did you see my bootyful engagement ring ???.... OH !! Mes soo citited ... He finally asked the big question:

"Dear Miss mean Buttercup...


::kneels on 2 legs, wobbles a bit::

In this season of thankfulness, I am thankful for you

::nervously pants::

Um....will you be my furever girl?
With love from your Gizz

and i said YES !!!!!

Gizz is the most special pup on dogster and i 'm the happiest gal to be his forever girl !! MAWH !!! Your Buttercup ...


Howl-o-ween finally !

October 31st 2007 6:17 pm
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Wows .. its been a gweat day .. First i found out i won for Howl-o-ween page of the month in the Tiny Paws Cruise group .... yiiippppeee !! i am still in shock !! than i got all dwessed fur the big night .. when i wealized that dad was runnin interference wif my fun !!! can you pawlieve that !! hes sitting at the end of the driveway handin out the candy to the wittle ones ..... and me all dwessed stuck at the door to howl from the inside !!!! Geeezzeee .. but don't worry i did awot of runnin up and down steps to let 'em know to take a wook at me through the door !!! Then i pwayed a fun game wif me pals at STAFU .. i guessed the ghost that bisited me earlier in the day !!! Tomorrow is a big day .... i am the reigning DOTM for STAFU( the first non" TZU" to be choosen ) and i get to announce the new DOTM .. I'es burstin wif excitiment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stay tuned ................... Did any pup happen to see my boyfriend GIZZ 'S picture in the newly weleased book .. " Hopeful Tails ?" It was published by Borders book store .. check it out if you like.. it is a collection of stories from rescued pets ...... a small portion of each book sold goes to the ASPCA ....... id=56781960&srchTerms=hopeful+tails&mediaType=1&srchType=Key word

so lets help support other pups that need a forever home !!!

Happy Howl-o-ween Pals !!! Kisses, Buttercup



October 23rd 2007 6:49 pm
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YAHOOOIIEEEE !!!! ITS MES BIRDAY !!!! Yep three years ago i found my foreber home ... or rather my foreber home found me ... just 4 days after my daddys birfday !!! Wes both Libras .. and its true wes bof are werry laid back and easy goin !!! Well .. first i want to fank Bear for making me my birfday picture and for Duffy for sendin me a bootyful card ... My Gizmo sent me a special card too .. wows .. it weally makes a girl wag her tail !!! I got so many wosettes, stars and well wishes from all my pals at STAFU , PDPC and TINY PAWS .... they are my extended family .. always there to cheer ya on and always there to lend an ear and support !!! I didn't get any special pressies cause my best gift is my forever home , not to mention my toy basket is ober flowing !!!! and wif my tummy issues me can't hab cake or ice cream .... so mom just stuck to my normal daily routine .. but sung Happy Birfday to me many times, gave me wots of belly rubs and kisses....hey .. is my birfday eberyday ???? I fink it must be !!!!! sweet dweams dogster pals... wuv ya all .... The Birfday Girl !!!!!


The Report is In !!

October 8th 2007 4:51 pm
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Wahooiieee !!! mes got a clean bill of health !!! Dr. T sez what eber mom is doin to keep it up !!! My crystals in the urnine are unchanged, eyes, ears, nose , stool , heart ... eberyfing is just pawfect !!!!!!! eben mes weight ..... ya know how us gals are bout the scale !!!! well..... my weight was just the same !!!!My OUCHIE shoulder is all better from where i got my shot and Dr. T didn't fink we need blood test til April , .. so ies weady to go bisit the wadies at St. Josephs .... i don't know why mom finks we hab to celebrate wif a baf and haircut !!! geezzeee louise !!! dosen't she know its okay for us pups to be a wittle smelly and hab a dirty face sometimes ..... well... mes gonna seepy good !!!!! MAWH !


OUchies .. Its that time of year !!!

September 25th 2007 7:06 pm
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I hab to bisit Dr.T next week fur mes yearly physical .... Thats shots, heartworm check , blood work( to check my liver function ) wisten to me heart murmur .. and ya know .. what us wadies hate the most .. the dreaded scale !!!!! yikes.. i better walk awittle wonger startin tomorrow .. that gives me one week to drop a wittle weight !!!! Oh .. than guess what !!!!!! I was asked to be a wegular bisitor at St. Josephs nursing home.. Thats where mes Babche is .... and there are wots of wadies that had to weave thier fur babies behind .... so ies gonna bisit once a month startin Oct. 17 and put some smiles in thier day and on thier faces ...... we will get pics and all .. so i can share some of the priceless faces on me page !!! Kisses, Buttercup


Back from bacation

September 14th 2007 8:53 am
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Yep .. mes was on bacation at Miss Dixies !!! Mom heard i was a good girl and me and Bambi we true pals !!!! I didn't fink mom was eber comin back .... five days ... WOW dog days thats wong !!!! Mom and Dad went out to Utah to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon & Vegas...they also saw the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead ..... when she heard all this yellwin and screamin .. i was choosen AFF dog of the week ... Mom had to run to the local internet cafe to see for her own eyes.. fanks momma Mary for gettin mes pic up !!!! Mom sez .. Hard to bewieve the technology back in the 1930 to build the Hoover Dam and how bootyful Lake Mead is .... WOWSERS !!!!....what a place Zion and Bryce is !!! Just pawmazin !!!!! Now Vegas??Amazin in its own way !!! .... so sorry mom didn't hab more time to meet Mr. Duncan himself .. but they were only there for one day !!! It is quite the place .. but mom sez too much wealth all in one place .. when our country can't provide health care for our elderly or homes for the homeless and so many people struggle on a day to day bases just to make ends meet .... but she did see Phantom of the Opera .. and it was incredible .. whoever the Phantom is ???? she finks i should know what shes talkin about !!! Is' back to seepin on me favorite sofa and habin mom give me bellwy rubs and kisses !!!! AHHHH .. home sweet home ..nuffin wike it !!!


Nooze on Sophia & Dixie

September 5th 2007 4:28 am
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My cousin Sophia .... is doing sooo much better .. Its a miracle.... she was wunning up the steps westerday and barkin at the neighbors dogs ..... fank dogness she survived the awful ordeal !!!! wes just prayin that she won't hab any side effects down the woad !!!!!

Miss Dixie sees Dr. P today to get her stitches out .... wes gonna twy a Happy Dance ....and pway for good nooze .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry , Hurry Dixie .... we can't wait to see ya walk awound at the kamp wif us !!!! Kisses, Buttercup

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