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Life as a princess

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Graduate of MSN!

February 23rd 2008 1:22 pm
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Thats not MSN .. ya know wike MSNBC .. or anyfing wike that !! Thats Maltese School of Nursing !!

I been wite by moms side nursing her back from sumptin called the winter yukies aka.. da flu !!! I been missing given her da usual high volume of da kisses on da nose and sez she dosen't want me to get sick ... !! She forgot i graduated from da Maltese School of Nursing .. BOL !!! So i haf been getting wots of rest .. gotta keep my eye on mom , she's a hard one to keep down when she doesn't feel good ! But don't worry i haven't let her forget a meal or a twip outside ... ya see.. i figure ya got to keep getting all the wite foods and fresh air to help ya get better, asap ! wite !!! Get well Kisses fur me Mom !


Balentine Winner !!

February 14th 2008 5:24 pm
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Me secretary got home tonight and guess what .. Gizz and I won fur the best balentine couple in STAFU !!! WOWS .. wes got a bootyful trophy on our page.. and i won fur the best edited photo in Tiny Paws Cruise ship .... My future mommy-doggie-in-law made me the pic !!!

I wanted just to say how wunnerful it is to feel all the wuv here today !!! so i's gonna twy to writ e a wittle poem to my Gizz

Don't be fooled by the handicap you see
Gizz is special as can be
He has amazing powers that warms your heart
Even thought we are miles apart
Keep a watchful eye upon him
His amazing strengths are just about to begin
Eyes that glisten
people stop to listen
a message to deliver
to those that so endeavor
his smile so bright
brings all so much cheer
he is Gizmo the Great my special dear !

Happy Valentines day ! Gizz !


Balentines is tomorrow!!

February 13th 2008 6:14 pm
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I fink this is my second Balentines Day here on dogster .. and wows .. just wook at the pic on my page of only a small pack of pals i have found to run wif !!! Yep .. all dem cards came from only a few of my bestest pals ! We sure haf awot to woof about !!! I heard de mailman at the door today .. and i flew off the sofa .. i had the pup instinct that it just had to be sumptin from my GIZZ! .. and WOWS .. i's the wuckest gal .. he sure knows how to spoil me !!! I could haf my own fashion boutique!!!! I gots the most bootyful new pink coat,wif hearts stitched all ober it and it has a warm fuzzy collar and lining .... then i got these most hip bows fur my hair ,and a darlin flower headband!! a wunnerful heart scarf, OH and the most bootyful pink scarf wif a bootyful flower wif witttle rhinestones .. oh ! sooo posh !!! and to top it all off .. three charms fur my collar !!! Plus my mom got the most wunnerful note cards made specially fur her wif my pic on dem !!! she sayz they are too special to use !!! she's finking bout wallpaperin da baf room wif 'em ! LOL ! Gizz and Mom we can't fank you enough fur all the wunnerful goodies !!! You are way soo special ! xxxoxoxox Buttercup & Mom

Also i haf to say a special fank you to my pal Oreo .. he sent me the most delicious cookies wif my name on dem ... they were sooo special , and such a prize !!! Fanks Oreo and Mom !!!

Check out all the pics on my page ... you'll see why i'm woofin so much !!!



Jumpin and Celebratin !!!

February 6th 2008 8:27 am
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Yahooiieee.. our dear Little Bella Paige was found and returned home safely to her mommy & daddy !!! The power of the paw !!! Amazing ,the heartfelt compassion that the STAFU group surrounds their members with is amazing. It is the most compassionate group on dogster .... !!!!! We have seen the power of the paw work with so many members .. I am so glad to be a small part of the MAGIC !!! Hugs, to Bella & her family !!!

Westerday was my Gizz's special gotcha day !! Yahooiieee.. hope you stopped by to bisit his page.... there is some amazin pics of him twainin in the hospital . Yep, he's twyin to get certified so he can bisit the sick children in the hospital. Wif his handicap he's bound to make all the wittle children smile ! Check out his new moozic production in celebration of his gotcha day .... and if ya wead his diawry theres a prize !!!!! Check it out ....Gizmo the Great #458895!!!!

One more fing... My dear MDM ( Miss Dixie ) is doin so good wif her therapy ... she's gettin stronger each time!! Now theres awittle fighter !!! She can eben push herself up wif her front paws and turn herself awound .. and she can stand by herself fur a few minutes .. boy she wants to wun wif the west of us .. and pawlieve me she will !!! MAWH ! Buttercup


Bella Paige is Missing !! Please read !

February 4th 2008 4:54 pm
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February 4th 2008 9:24 am [link to this entry]



Our February STAFU DOTM, Bella Paige is missing. We are all so heartbroken over this. She is a wonderful and supportive pup and her mother Annette is sick with worry, as are we all. This is what she said:
Hi everyone this is Bella's Mom.
This evening when I went out to dinner with my best friend I recieved a phone call that Bella was missing from my mothers house in Orange. I Rushed back to her house while she went around the neighborhood calling her name. I searched and searched all over the neighborhood for about 2 hrs and didnt find her.
She does have her tags on with my phone # to call.
I am soo destryed right now I dont know what to do.

I ask you all to please PLEASE pray for Bella's Return home and her safety. I am terrified and I dont know what to do, I am about to lose my mind.
She is my world and my pride and joy and I cant live with out her.
If you all can please pray for her to return home I would be soo thankful.

STAFU Prayers work.. and I really REALLY need a huge one guys!
Please help me in prayin for my sweet Baby to return home.
I do pray that someone out there with a good heart will find her and bring her back to me.

Annette (Bella Paige's Mom)

This is Bella Paige on my main pic DOGSTER ID #568339. She had just made the Orange County Register's Top 100 in the "My Dog's Face" competition.

Bella is 9 months old and was wearing a pink collar with a gold heart tag.
She is not microchiped... she was scheduled to be this month.

She is gold and white with a white tail and four white paws.
She is aprox 10 lbs and has a black rubberband in her top knot.

Please also light a
candle fur her safe return!

Come home soon, Bella Paige!


Our next stop ...

January 21st 2008 6:00 am
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Can ya guess where Gizz and I are ????? WES in "Begas" Baby !!! Yep ... wes made it all the way to Begas ..... checkin out Ceasars Place .. maybe wes gonna swing by and bisit my pal Duncan ..... Zoom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zoom~~~~~~~~~~~Zoom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ya neber know where wes gonna end up ????? Mawh !


Valentine Tagged

January 18th 2008 4:18 pm
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Otay .. i got tagged .. by Hollywood and Duncan ... so heres my five Valentine wishes ... write your five things and sent your five pals a rosette or a p-mail to let them know so they can play too !

1. my secretary gets a new puter so being on Dogster isn't so painful
2. i get to meet my fiancee Gizmo the Great
3. all my dogster pals that are sick get well
4.i could spent more time in the different groups
5. somehow we could all get to meet .. now that would be cool

i'm tagging:

The Boyzz
Gizmo the Great


Valentines prizes !!!

January 16th 2008 5:43 am
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Guess what i got .................. My wunnerful Gizz sent me a dozen bootyful long stem chocolate roses ( the carob type so it dosen't hurt me bwelly ) .............and he hafs sumptin up his paw ... we's gonna be off on our next stop .... oh i hope i know how to pack fur the next adventure !!! MAWH !


On the road wif Gizz......

January 13th 2008 3:33 pm
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Woohooo,.... Gizz weally surprised me wif a new 55 Chevy convertible !!! off we go to the sounds of " Cruisen" , we stop off at the fountain for a soda and Gizz gave me the most bootyful flower fur my hair ...... than we cruise awong awitttle farther when he stops and carves " I Love You" in the most amazin twee....... than we are off to the woller skating wink after a stop at the Chez Zee Restaurant for a wittle desert !!! Wows .... he sure knows how to win a gals heart...... Our next adventure is in his snowmobile .. he's got the shiftin down pat... so wes off ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!


A New Year has Dawned

January 1st 2008 7:02 pm
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WOWS .. a brand New Year wite before us !!!! and i had the biggest surprise eber !!! Well... i had to turn my crown ober to the marvelous "Sienna " of PDPC .... i was Royal dog of the year fur 2007 .. and now Sienna gets to wear the crown fur a whole year !!!! I was sad and then today when me secretary got time to check my mail .. OMGOSH !!!!! I was DOTM fur Tiny Paws Cruise Line II !!!!! I was truly shocked and so honored !!! WOWSERS !!! ..the first pup fur the New Year !! gotta get me suit cases out .. wooks like me gonna be doin wots of cruisin this winter ..... heck i'm in Miami alweady .. check it out .. Me and Gizz on the beach in Miami ... wes had enough of the white stuff alweady ... ( well Gizz has had awot in Conn. ) so he wescued me and off we flew to Miami !!! MAWH !!!! Check it out !!!

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