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Life as a princess

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Mom .. da messed up home health nurse

April 27th 2008 4:37 pm
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Wast night mom decided to lay down and take a wittle nap before bed.... i haf to get my night time medswite.. well she told dad to wake her up by 9:00 p.m. so she could gib me my meds ....... Da storms were coming ( which i don't wike at all ) and i was sensing dem .. so i was kind of panting ober mom .. she jumps up and sez what time is it ... 9:05 .. yikes .. gotta get Buttercup her meds... Mom wuns up stairs and get me my three wittle meatballs ( one hafs da pill in it ) .. brings dem to da Princess .. and out i go fur da potty before da storms jit .... when Mom wealizes what she did .. YIKES !!!!! i gave her da morning pill instead of the ebening one !! YIKES !!!! Mom was so upset .. and was worring dat she ober medicated me .... so wif one eye on me all night ... we get up dis morning .. and guess what mom found ..... my morning pill at da foot of da bed !!!Mom gibs me da morning pill in da bed I spit it out wif out her knowing !! ( hehehe) .. so mom lost a whole nights seep worring fur nuffin !!!! Da meds were all mixed up .. but wes back on track tonight ...has any other mom eber done dis .. mom sez next time she'll be sure she's weally awake before she gibs me my meds !!! Geeze ... maybe i need to get new home health care nurse...BOL !!!



April 14th 2008 1:32 pm
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I have to ask .. bet your mom does sumptin wike ... gives ya extra kisses, treats . ..wuvs and says all the sweetest words ...and we roll over .. and kiss them back and wag our tail .. just to be scooped up and either be taken to da groomer or mom does it herself .. ummpf.... whats wif us canines .. we fall fur it eberytime ! Dey fink we are not aware of what dey are up too ... they don't wealize dat wes da smart ones ... cause we always get dat extra tweat after groomin .. and bet ya wike to go right out and roll in da leaves and grass .. or walk right through dat mud puddle .. ummpf .. guess we'll show dem after all !!! Buttercup "da beauty after grooming "


I's been tagged !!

April 6th 2008 4:36 am
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Guess its spring .. da games haf started .. mes been tagged ... by My one and only Gizz, Hollywood and Ringo

so here me goes:

name 4 jobs i have had
1. alarm clock
2.official nose cleaner
3.dinner alarm
4. visiting Babche

4 places i have lived ( Or stayed )
1. my first home
2. on the streets
3. my forever home
4. Kamp Archies

Name four palces you have been

1.Kamp Archies
2. New Jersey ( in rescue)
4.Uncle Smittys

4 places you'd rather be

1. on my sofa
2. at the kamp
3.wif Mom in da car
4. on da big bed

friends i'm tagging

Raja da traveler
Dem Boyzz
Willie Mae


Geeze LOUISE !

March 29th 2008 6:14 pm
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I almost furgot .. my special Easter pressie from my "STAR da GIZZ" came da Monday after easter .. i got da most bootiful handmade bandanne ,weversable with a flower on both sides and a bootiful new spring leash and da cutess wittle pink bunny ... I seepy wif my bunny .. and haf been sportin da bandanne at da kamp .. i just got a haircut and bafh tonight .. so wookin wike a photo shoot tomorrow !! Nitey , Nites .. off to dweam bout my GIzz !


My Fank You List !!!

March 29th 2008 2:16 pm
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Otay... wemember da Name Game ... well here we goes and we sure hope we don't forget any fur !!! Buttercup takes da big breafh .................................

Da Boyzz
Gizmo da Great
Cokie & Marcie
Gizmo, Gordy & Max
Chloe Channel
Sasha Bunny Valentine
The Girls
Penelope Jo
Spring fever Amigos
The Odd Couple
Sienna & Zuki
Zoee & Chloe
Mia , Teddu & family
Chloe, Roxy & olivia

da name game ... shooooo..... another big breafh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

H ollywood
Roxy & Buzzy
Gilbert & Buster
Willie mae

dats da name game .. wahooiieee .. COWABONGA !!!! fanks every fur for making my day special !! 3/28/08 .. Diawry of da day ! MAWH !! .. if my secretary left out any fur out... pawlease forgive her .. ( she's not as sharp as she used to be ..BOL.. but i wuv her .. so mes sticking wif her !!! BOL ) BCUP !



March 29th 2008 1:58 pm
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Westerday .. when me secretary got up .. she couldn't pawlieve it .. my cute wittle face was on Dogster home page !! DOTD !!! MOM yells .. BUTTERCUPI !!! did you hear dat !! diawry of the day !... who would fink my diawy was interwesting... well actually awot of fur babies !!! OMD !! sooo many fanks to all my special pals that helped make my day special !! .. sooo many pals from STAFU, PDPC, and TINY PAWS CRUISE LINE II!!! They weally know how to make a gal feel special . All da wosettes, special gifts, stars and Congrats .. we can never fank you all enough !!! * Buttercup blushin .. and snoopin around fur more good nooze fur her diawry !* MAWH !! Hugs all awound !!!


Hoppy Easter

March 23rd 2008 5:21 am
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Its Easter morning .. i went fur my early morning walk .. da moon was soooo bright ..i just knew it was gonna be a gweat day !!! I gots pressies in da mail dis week .. OMD !!! Raja Babu .. sent me da most bootiful bright green puppia !!! Its color is fresh as da spring in da air !!! He hafs a gweat paw fur color ! I wook bootiful in it ... moms gonna get my pic up on my page today !!! Than i got a gweat new game to pway , from my udder pal Raja da twaveler. Its "Do you wook wike your dog !! we gonna pway later today .... and i got to open my gift from Roxy F ... i got the most adorable new toy and a doggie picture frame wif a jeweled collar .. my picture is going to be pawtatic in it !!! I fink da Easter bunny was berry good dis year !!! I hope all me pals haf a berry special day wif their families and love ones.. Mes going to da nursing home dis morning to see Babche and take da pictures from our last bisit !!! So HOPPY EASTER DOGSTER PALS !!!


Photos of da bisiting nurse !

March 16th 2008 4:31 pm
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Da photos are up on my page .. stop by and take a peek ... you can see how happy i made da ladies at St. Joesphs ... da power that is with in us is amazing .. just a quick pet or a simple hold can bring such joy to those that have so little .. yep we is amazing critters !!! Buttercup da bisiting nurse !


Buttercup da bisitin nurse !

March 15th 2008 3:31 pm
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My Babche ( grandma in polish) is in St. Josephs nursing home.... I always go wif mom to bisit her .. but i got a call from da activities director , a nice wady named Sharon .. she said i had a special invitation ... that several of da wadies had been asking fur me !!! Mom had da flu so we hadn't been to see Babche in 3 weeks.. da flu left mom wif a nasty cold and mom didn't want to take any germs .... so we went today .... da wadies were all so happy to see me ... Mom got some gweat pics... da wadies might be in da wheel chairs .. but let me just tell you they gots some strong hands.. dey didn't want to let me go ... i eben gave only lady a wittle kiss on the chin... dey were all so happy and it made me feel so good to bring a wittle bit of sunshine to their day !! Mrs. Margaret eben sang da easter bonnet song to me .. we gave her a stand pawvation !!! So now mes sleepin in my favorite spot on da sofa .. WOWS it was a busy afternoon !!!! Buttercup da bisitin nurse !


My Portrait

February 27th 2008 5:29 am
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I was so citied da other day .. mom went to da mailbox and yep .. the nice postman left sumptin fur me ... Mom brought it in and i smelled it all ober.. i needed awittle help opening dis one ... and OH MY DOGNESS!! It wooks just wike me !!!!! My pals Bud & Zeke 's mum Sally made me the most incredible drawing of meself .. Mom !!!! U- has to get a frame .. wish everypup could see it up close and pawsonal... its amazin !!! kind of wooks like its been painted on leather ... we wuvs it Sally , Bud & Zeke... Fanks fur thinking of me ... Kisses, Bcup

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