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Life as a princess

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March 14th 2014 4:42 am
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I just want to say I LOVE YOU and miss you so much ! It is still so cold here .. dad mentioned this morning that he is going to go get me new yard tools tomorrow so i can be ready as soon as the weather breaks to get back out in the yard .. Dad and i are going for a long week-end ,to visit your brother .. and guess what .. Molly will have her first sleep over at the kamp .. we hope she behaves herself and we hope she doesn't fret thinking we have left her ... we will give her lots of love before we go and plenty when we get back .. please watch over Molly when we are gone.. i keep praying for you and Uncle Smitty .. i hope you are together along with Teddy and Reggie ... don't forget to send me a sign ! I Love you Babygirl !

xoxox Kisses, Kisses, Kisses,

p.s. Molly gives NO kisses ! ( well a few on the hand )


Update on Molly

March 6th 2014 4:47 pm
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Hi everyone,
Molly's blood work came back all normal ! Nothing out of the ordinary that would have been an under lying issue for the episode she had. Her urine was a little diluted so they want a first thing in the morning catch just to recheck the concentration , to make sure her kidneys are doing what they are supposed to be doing. just praying this was a one time crazy thing that happened .. She has been acting fine ever since ! AMEN, !

Pat &Angel Buttercup


3/6/2014 Molly had an Episode

March 6th 2014 5:04 am
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Hi everyone.. Our foster MOLLY had an mild episode of some sort on Tuesday morning. I had her to the vet yesterday who says it sounds like a mild seizure.It lasted about 35 seconds and came on very quickly . They took blood and urine and i will get results today ... hopefully there are not any under lying factors.. and hopefully whatever it was will never show its face again ! This is Mollys first blood test .. so at least we will have a base line to go by from now on..I will post later when i get the results .

Pat & Angel Buttercup


3/3/2014 Dearest Buttercup

March 3rd 2014 5:47 am
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Hi my Missy B,
I can not believe it is snowing once more on your garden .. will spring ever get here .. the bulbs i planted in the fall are coming up .. a sign of rebirth.. i can not wait to get it cleaned up and new things planted.. it comforts me ! I miss you babygirl .. i do not think my heart will ever heal as you left a shape that no other pup could ever possibly fill.

Molly is a * PIP* .. as i call her.. she is so the opposite of you.. she will lick my hand .. but i could wait until the cows come home and she will RARELY give a hint of a kiss on my nose . .. but she is a cutie and needed a good home so we are happy to have her... she was supposed to go home on the 16th of Feb. but we still have heard nothing so no way are we calling to see how things are.... actually we did hear that Mollys mom is still in the nursing home and looks like she will not be coming out... so yesterday i went and got a new tag made for MOLLY with my information on it. ..We are going to Florida the end of the month and Molly will stay at Kamp Archies .. so i wanted her to have the correct information on her in case something should happen .

Marielle is doing well .. she has had a few minor hospital days for UTI infections .. but mostly is doing very well. Aunty Carla finished all her treatment .. woohoo !!!! and is doing ok except for her bad back ...but dear LILLY could use some prayers .. she has another UTI infection and isn't eating .. her mommy and daddy are very worried ! We miss Uncle Smitty beyond words.. but i know you two are together watching over us ..

Love you Babygirl ,
Mom .. sending you kisses, kisses, kisses !


2/18/2014.. Dearest Buttercup

February 18th 2014 4:46 am
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Hi Babygirl ,
I missed writing to you last thursday .. but trust me you are always on my mind ! I miss you more than you can ever imagine. .. i can not wait to see the rebirth of your garden this spring .. it gives me much comfort ! i am counting on seeing 2 butterflies this year .. one for you and one for Uncle Smitty .. Heres the update .. Molly is still with us .. i got no phone call.. so please keep praying and keep all paws crossed. Aunty Carla is finishing her radiation treatments this week ! yahooo !!! 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation everyday .. she is finally done on Friday ! Her hair is growing back. We celebrated with a lunch yesterday ! She is more beautiful than ever with no hair .. her dimples and beautiful smile just glow ! Poor Lilly pup keeps them on their toes.. she has to see the cardiologist today as she has now developed a cough .. and she sees the eye doctor for a check up on her eye infection . geeze.. it never ends ..

Kisses to my Angel Girl ,

p.s. DOGSTER IS NOT SHUTTING DOWN !!! so i will continue to write to you !


2/6/2014.. Dearest Buttercup

February 6th 2014 5:42 am
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WOW ! it has beens so cold here.. i can't wait for spring to get in your garden and clean it up and watch the new bulbs pop up ! Your wind chimes have been singing to me.. I miss you so much ! the hole in my heart will never heal .. Molly has helped me so much , but i still feel the void of not having you ! Molly is supposed to go home next weekend .. i still pray every night for a miracle .. so Buttercupi and Uncle Smitty i am counting on you to work some magic up there !

I love you baby girl !,


Jan30,2014 ~~~ 8 months ago

January 31st 2014 5:38 am
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Dearest Buttercup,

It can't possibly be 8 months since you left for the bridge.. i miss you more and more each day .. your smell, your kisses , your brown eyes .. touching your fur .. Molly has really helped me to heal .. but there will only ever be one Buttercup ! You were truly my soul mate .. you and Uncle Smitty .. and now you both are together . Three weeks since Uncle Smitty joined you .. i hope you both are together .. i will be watching for my butterflies this spring and summer .. i bet i will see two together !

Molly is going home in 2 weeks .. i keep praying for a miracle or at the least a BIG snow snow that will delay it. I worry about her only because she is so attached to me . I hope her mommy will be able to care for her. I know she loves her .. but that love has to reflect in the care given. Well, i have to learn i can not control ever situation and what ever will be, will be.

Dad and I are going on a long weekend trip to visit your brother and guess who else we will be seeing .. PUPPERS and her new brother PADDY ! at least we have something to look forward to .

Just another month until dogster closes.. so until then i will write to you my angel once a week.

I love you Buttercupi!
Mom !


Jan. 23, 2014 32 weeks ago ~~~

January 23rd 2014 4:41 am
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Dearest Buttercup ..

it is freezing cold here.. your garden is covered in snow . i can not wait for spring to see the bulbs i planted come up ! It is hard to believe that yesterday was 2 weeks since Uncle Smitty passed away .. the time just goes way to fast. We keep praying for a miracle that Molly will get to stay with us .. she is supposed to go back home mid Feb. ..sooo Buttercup and Uncle Smitty .. i am counting on you both to make magic happen up there and send me a miracle !
Talking about time .. with dogster closing down ... it feels like a part of our family is being taken away.. it will be so weird after 7 years and 4 months not to log onto dogster ! .. but hope to see all our pals on our PDPC FB page !

I am not sure if i will do another pet page in a different pet group .. to be honest.. without Buttercup it just isn't as much fun . ..and as executor of my uncles estate i am going to be very busy with cleaning out his home and all the attorneys and paper work that goes with it .. soo hopefully i will se you on FB .

Love you Missy B !,


Sad day today ! 1/19/2014

January 19th 2014 4:06 pm
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Today we had the memorial service for my Uncle .. i am sure he was watching and was very impressed with how many lives he had touched... i miss him so much but i keep telling myself that he is taking good care of Buttercup ... now i am talking to both of them telling them we need a miracle.. when i got home from the service today Mollys moms son had left me a message ... he will pick up Molly the first week in Feb. .. please everyone .. send up some prayers .. that Molly can stay with us ! We need a miracle !

Pat & Angel Buttercup


Jan.16,2014 Dearest Buttercup 31 weeks ago ~~~

January 17th 2014 4:17 pm
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Dear Buttercup,
I can not believe it has been 31 weeks since you left for the bridge.. Oh Buttercup it is terrible.. Dogster is closing on March 3... i will write to you until the end of February!. We have made so many incredible friends here , they have been so supportive !! we hope we can stay connected in the cyber world !
It has been so crazy here. ... i think you and Uncle Smitty are hanging out together... i keep asking for another sign that you both are together please send it to me .. I know he is taking good care of you just like he did when you both were on earth ! I miss you both beyond words !
We hope all our pals here on dogster will join the PDPC group on FB .. Barb started it today .. so run over and sign up .. we can stay connected that way until we find a better way ! I plan to be on dogster right until the end ,, so lets keep barking and playing for as much time as we have left !

Love you all .. and yes i will copy my diary entries .. thank goodness i have all my photos saved on my computer !

Sweet dreams Angel Girl,
Love Mom !

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