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Please pray for Mia

January 20th 2012 9:02 am
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Our beloved friend, Mia, was attacked on Saturday. We didn't know until today. She is still in pain, and needs our prayers. Please, send her all your loved. She is one special pup, and her mom is a wonderful lady.

This is what we know from her mom, Cindy:

This is a post from last Saturday night. Mia is recovering. The drain on her back came out last night. She's on valium besides the antibiotic and pain pill just so we can keep her calm with the dreaded cone. Being blind makes her disoriented with a cone on so we just make her relax. This was a nightmare but it is better now, thank goodness.....

Don't want this to be long because I can go on and on but it's going to go forever and we need prayers, our Mia was attacked while we were on an evening stroll at Laguna Beach, CA where we, usually, like to go. She is home asleep under our watch now. It was sunset. It was mild weather. It was supposed to be a nice stroll. We were heading back to our car. A young Asian man with his friends had a St. Bernard on leash. He got near Mia. We walked away. We stopped later and he said my dog is so nice. Needless to say I said well, my dog's blind, and he might not of understood me and he let his dog get closer. Mia then snarled and the dog got her in it's jaws. It was immediate. I tugged so hard I fell to the ground with Mia on top of me. She screamed three times, literally shrieks, ...she let go of urine on me. I sat crumpled with her on me and screamed get that (deleted) dog away, get that (deleted) dog away. and a few other choice words. We got her home in the "light" and saw some blood. Our vet works late on Saturday so we were there 20 minutes before closing. She had to be put under and they found five punctures. One requiring a drain. Really not good. We got the young man's number. We had numerous exchanges as all this transpired. He lives about 40 miles from us but asked us to stay at the vet so he could drive to the vet and pay. It was almost $500. He was beside himself. He so wanted me to forgive him. I am trying because he did do so much to make this right but I swear Mia is not going nose to nose anytime soon.

Dear brave little Mia, get better soon!


Mom couldn't stay away... sucked back in.

August 24th 2011 2:12 pm
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Every time she tries to get out, they suck her back in!

But her heart knows its the right thing to do.

For years, she volunteered at the Merced County Animal Shelter, going there on a bi-weekly basis to take photographs of the dogs and posting them on Petfinder, answering emails and phone calls, and helping coordinate rescue efforts.

But when Sammy got really ill, she couldn't go any more. She did what she could from home, cropping photographs and posting the dogs, until it became just too much. She dropped out after Sammy and Bernadette passed. She felt she just needed to spend as much time with us as possible.

Well, last fall, she was asked to start posting the dogs again. The person that took over from mom was taking up to 2 weeks to get the photographs done. Not acceptable.

For the past 3 months, the volunteer group has been shorthanded, and Mom decided she would go there and help out. It gave her the opportunity to video the dogs, and get to know them a little better. The descriptions she was getting from the volunteers was very general. (sweet, cute, shy, quiet) but now she's back there, she can really get to know the dogs. And therein lies the problem. She keeps falling in love with all these dogs. She spends hours and hours on the computer trying to find someone to help these dogs. See, the shelter is larger than the old one she used to volunteer with. And for some reason people think that means dogs aren't euthanized. So they bring in dogs and think they're safe. This makes the euthanization rate climb exponentially. We are above 62% right now. And that's down since she started back up again.

And then there's the smell. Every time Mom comes home, she smells like hot dogs! What is up with THAT!?! We don't get them! But she goes to Costco and buys turkey dogs (pre-cooked) and cuts them into bite sized pieces for these dogs. And what do we get? Left alone! that's what! and sometimes we get a foster brought back with her!

Now she's thinking she needs to foster a dog she's in love with again! Dad says "NO!" He says our limit is 5 animals. We agree. Visiting is fine, but that's all.

Mom has trouble sleeping now because she can't get these dogs off her mind. If only she could save them all.....


Darned off leash aggressive dogs!

May 23rd 2011 11:38 am
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We had a lovely weekend! We went to the mountains and enjoyed the heck out of ourselves! Daddy went fishing early and after Mom vacuumed, she decided to take us for a walk. We went down a steep hill (commonly known as Heart Attack Hill) and then back up the other side, when we were almost at the top an older black chihuahua with a gray face approached us. Mom knew the humans were a few yards back, and wondered why they weren't calling him off. Maybe he was friendly? So Mom said to us, "oh, he's saying hello!" but he wasn't. He attacked Mickey. Yes, he was only half Mickey's size and all, but he bit Mickey hard on the shoulder/neck area. It was a terrible sound! Jenny didn't know what the heck was going on. She growled and barked, so the dog went after her! Was it GNUTZ? This little rotten dog was alone attacking us, and all Mom could do was yell at it, and try to give us our leashes to get away. Neither of us bit it (though we could have), and the humans called it off, and said they were "sorry. People don't ususally walk up this hill". OH, REALLY?! Every time we come here there's some one walking on it, dummy! Mom wanted to spit on the human, IF YOU HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE DOG, KEEP IT ON A LEASH! But she didn't.

Mickey has a tiny road rash on his back paw and is a little gimpy on his left rear leg. Jenny is fine. But we went straight home.

After Daddy came home, we told him what happened. He said, "no more walking the dogs alone. We need to have a dog per person just in case". Well, he was right. We went for another walk later that night. 2 dogs were off leash this time! We had walked past their house, but as we walked back, they charged us, hackles up barking and growling. Mickey started to shake and tried to get away. Daddy gave Mom Jenny's leash so he could get the dogs away from us. He yelled at them to "GO HOME". That made the owners come out of their house. They said, "Oh, they aren't mean. They just want to say 'hi'. Don't act weird with them." WHAT?! Your dogs just attacked us and WE'RE ACTING WEIRD?! Jeepers!

Dad held the dog's collars because the idiot human wouldn't call of his dogs. Mom took us home. Mickey was so shaken he was literally shivering. Jenny was MAD. What is wrong with people? And WHY do dogs want to attack Mickey? Is it because they know he isn't 100%? Or because he is getting older? Or because Jenny would kick some butt if Mom would let her? or maybe not? We don't know.

What makes us mad is now both of us are going to be nervous around other dog. Why don't people think of that? It isn't just the moment it happens but all of the training and time you spent trying to get your dogs to trust other dogs. Especially after they were attacked years ago. We had come so far only to fall back to square one.

Darned it anyhow. People can be so stupid.


Getting rid of hair on your furniture...

January 17th 2011 7:27 pm
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We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. We are all allowed on the furniture.

For the first time today, Mom tried something. We'll start from the beginning for explanation.

Mom was cleaning the sink and had those yellow Platex Living Gloves on. You know, the ones with the long cuffs? Daddy called. She talked to him for a while and when she hung up, her hair got caught in the glove and pulled a bunch out.

That made her think. Would this work for dog and cat hair?

Hmm... here's a cat bed. So she simply rubbed her gloved hand over the hairiest part of the bed and voila! A nice ball of orange fur!
O.k. now how about the sofa? Yup! Worked GREAT!!! The more wirey hair from Jenny was sticking out a bit more, so she got the vacuum attachment and was easily able to suck the last bits up!

Mom was rubbing all over the furniture!! We know tomorrow her arm is gonna be sore, and we have lots of sheddin' to do to catch back up, but for now, it looks nice!
Wonder if she could patent it and make us some $$$?


Sending love to all our pals everywhere

December 3rd 2010 9:16 am
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We got word from a very special pal that they miss reading from us. We are sorry we haven't written for a while. Things are mighty different as of late.

Mom started volunteering for the Merced County Animal Shelter again. She can't go to the shelter, as her heart breaks to easily. But she is given a memory card with a bunch of photos on it, and a list of the dogs and crops the photos and makes up a little story about each dog, and posts them on Petfinder. She does this once a week and posts about 20 dogs a week.

Mom has been sick, too. Nothing serious, just a cold that gave her complications. But she is better now.

But as for Mickey & Jenny, the are doing super well! We went up to the snow for Thanksgiving and played and played until Mickeys paws bled! OUCH! Mom put boots on him, but the froze to his feet! That wasn't good! So when we got home she bought some Musher's Secret. Next time we go, we hope this will work to protect his tiny toes.

Jenny has decided she likes to sleep UNDER the blankets between Mom & Dad. It isn't usually until 2 hours after we are all asleep. Then she gets up and uses her left paw to try to pull the blankets back. Mom wakes up, lifts the blankets and Jenny walks under, turns and goes head first. Her head is always at Mom's knees, tail on the pillow. When she gets too warm, she just stands up! BOL! Mickey often tumbles off the bed, as he sleeps at Mom's feet. So, Daddy has half the bed, and Mom gets... well, not much room, but she is snuggled and happy! Only in the winter. Now we know why Mom has those dark circles under her eyes! BOL!

We send all our love to our pals, and miss chatting with you all.

Hugs to you,
The Roo Crew


Saturday at DCMAGIC

April 27th 2010 9:08 am
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Once again, we got Mom & Dad up at the CRACK of dawn! Well, we wanna be ready to play!

What an exciting day it was! Sooo many things! But one thing that made Mom upset; the battery in her camera decided to die. So she didn't get many photos of the fun and games!

We were up and about and see this beautiful lady come by with a smile to light up your spirit! It was Jolanda & Josephine's Mom! She gave Mom a hug and Mom was sooo happy to meet her! And behind her, Mom could see the adorable girls too! We got to meet them a little bit! We were very polite to one another!

So, Mom is gonna type a bunch of stuff now, but can't remember the order it all happened in, so please understand.

First off we met Hershey, the happiest, sweetest boy there! He even won a prize for being the most friendly! He was dancin' on the tables and waggin' his cute brown nubby!

We met George and his Mom, MerryBelle and her Mom, too! They cam all the way from NEW YORK!!! Mom wanted to see them both more, but because of us crazy pups, they were more comfortable not being seen. Mom wishes she'd been able to spend more time with them. Maybe next time!

Giodo's Mom was there. We woulda like to have met the Italian kitty, but understand... besides, he woulda eaten all the mooseburgers! MOL! But his Mom was sooo funny! She got a photo of him, life sized and put him all over the place! Good thing she didn't put him too near us, or we mighta eated him! We have 3 cats, but we eat paper. It woulda been safer for us to have a real kitty! BOL!

Mia was with us much of the time! She even was put in our enclosure off leash! She seemed so comfortable with us, and of course, is our honorary Roo Crew member!
Sadly, Jenny was a bit naughty. Mia heard a bug. See, Mia HATES bugs! One stung her and she had a really bad reaction. So she tried to eat it. Jenny was right next to her, and she though Mia was trying to bite her. Jenny hasn't had anything like that happen before, and her reaction surprised us all. She snapped at Mia. :-( Surprisingly enough, Mia can really stand up for herself! That made Mom happy, but very angry at Jenny. We had to give Jenny a little time out, and though she did it again less than a minute later, within an hour, it was forgotten. Don't you with humans were more like us? But now we want to make a public apology to Mia. Sorry to our distant sisfur! We love you!

We met Lucy in real life! I mean, we feel like we knew her already, but gosh! And her beautiful Mom brought her AND the Dogster Dog. Now, all things being what they are, this "Dogster Dog" looked an aweful lot like one of our stuffed animals, but it MOVED! It did! Jenny about went out of her fur! She didn't know WHAT to make of it! There were all these brave doggies going and getting photos taken with him, but no way! Daddy wouldn't even let us out of the little enclosure we were in, in case we got really nuts! You should see what Jenny does to her lovies. I mean, GOSH!
Shortly after that, a nice man came to see us. His name was Nam. We liked HIM!
Lucy was such a sweet girl! Mickey really took a liking to her, and wouldn't leave her alone! Poor Lucy, was getting harrassed! But she took it like the angel she is.
We also met Casper! Now, Jenny loved him! I don't think his Mommy appreciated it much, but Mom had a hard time keeping her away from him. Mom is still suffering from her neck muscles from pulling us away all day! BOL!

We met Nala, a GORGEOUS girl, and her Mom, Dad & human sister. She did really well meeting us! Her Mom said Nala is partial to BIG boy dogs. Well, Mickey is a small boy dog, and Jenny's obviously a girl. But Jenny insisted on sniffing her hind end. Mom just wanted her to give Nala her space.
Ms. Kristy, Tillie & Joey's Mom, taught Jenny how to do a trick! Can you believe it?! Jenny?! She taught her how to guess which hand the treat was in, and had to paw it to get the treat! Mom is still wondering if Ms. Kristy has magical powers or something! You shoulda seen what she got Tillie to do as tricks! It was amazing!!!! A lot of the day, Joey spent hanging out under a tree with his sister. Mom went over there a couple of times just to give them love, so did Dad. Trust us, they weren't the only ones! If ANY of these dogs wanted to rest, no way! They were gonna get love, like it or NOT!
Reba was hanging out, under a tree, where she felt safe. She had to wear a muzzle, on account of the fact sometimes some dogs just got to wander and it was only fair for both parties. But Mom absolutely fell in love with Reba. She went over to her and borrowed a couple of magical treats from Tillie's Mom. She tried to give them to Reba, but she couldn't chew them. They were too big, so Mom broke them up and slipped them into the slot of her little mouth. Pretty soon, Reba's Mom took off her muzzle and Mom got to love on Reba. It almost made Mom cry seeing how happy she was and how wiggly she can be. It reminded her of how Sammy was when he wore the muzzle... not a happy dog. But better for everyone. Anyway, Mom wore her ACD socks that day in honor of our predecessors.
Bonzer spent the day hanging under another tree. He was such a laid back dog, it was incredible! Jenny almost got him to play with her... doing the play bow and ponking him. We know if they'd both been off leash, there'd have been some big time zoomies goin' on!
Then we met Kitai and his mom, Stacie! Well, Kitai never met a stranger! He was just happy to be there and meet everyone! His Mom got a photo of pretty much everyone sniffin' each other's back ends. (THE DOGS THAT IS!) Human's aren't into that, we guess.
He was cool! Jenny actually got him and Tillie to play a bit with her!
We won some really REALLY great stuff in the raffle! 100 zealies from Dogster, a Catster t-shirt (which Jenny wore for a little while), a bag of yummy treats, a cool tile hand made with D/C MAGIC 2010 on it, and the most touching of all, a gift certificate from Kathryn Beals studios for a 14" x18" portrait! Mom was crying when she won that. But now she has to figure out what she wants done!
There was so much food there, all us dogs coulda eaten too!

About the end of the raffle we had 2 new comers! Jake, who's Mom write the Good Dog Blog, and a boxer named Lilly. Her humans were just visiting the campground and thought they might be able to join in! :-)

We got tons of photos taken, and some group photos, too!

We brought a couple of plastic pools so Bonzer, being from Alaska, wouldn't get too hot, and others could drink if needed. After the fun and games, we asked Nala's dad if he could use it for her, since she seemed to enjoy it so much.

Late that night, Mom & Dad went next door to Satiba's pawrent's site and they sat and talked and talked and talked! Mia's Mom & Dad were there, too, and Bonzer's folks came by, then Tillie's Mom came over and showed us some photos. We just sacked out, cause were were 'sausted!

It was a fabulous time, and we know we'll remember more as we sit and reflect.

It was the best day of our short lives. Thanks to Bonzer's folks, Reba's Mom, Tillie & Joey's pawrents, and of course Dogster for making this all possible!



Friday at DC MAGIC

April 27th 2010 8:58 am
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On Saturday morning, Mom & Dad woke up early, cause we had to do our duty. We were super quiet so we didn't wake anyone.
Jenny was upset because the stickers in the grass hadn't been removed overnight. Poor thing skipped and tippy-toed through it. She HATES her feet to hurt!
We got back to the trailer and Mom gave us a hearty breakfast while Dad took to the shower to get unstinkyfied.
Not long after, we saw a pickup backed into one of the cabins and we spied Tillie! It was funny because we didn't know if we should bug them or let them get settled. Mom was too excited, so we said hello! Poor little Joey was upset and didn't want us to sniff. But we totally understood. We let them get settled and before long, Mia moved into the site right next to us! We made her a sign saying she was an official Roo Crew Member! And she was! She fit right in! Mickey adored her, and Jenny was so happy to see her, too!
Then we saw Bonzer!! OMD! We knew he was huge, but he is exactly like his photos! Super laid back and mellow. Mickey was quite intimidated by him, as he is the largest dog Mickey's ever been near. But what was the real problem was the leash Bonzer was attached to. Mickey is terrified of leashes that drag... so he kinda snapped at Bonzie. We were surprised, but Bonzer took it in stride. Probably thought, GREAT! Spend 8 hours on a plane to come here and get this?? Take me HOME!
We met Sara, who was so pretty. She was driving in and stuck her head out the window! She looked so much like a Boxer, we thought she was a purebred older one! BOL!
We met Alex and Nikki's mom & grandma! So sad they couldn't make it in person, but nice to see their family!
Finally, Satiba and her folks arrived! The moved into the site right on the other side of us!
We all gathered at Bonzer's "kabin" and talked and we got loved by so many humans! Mickey did really well! Well, he didn't kiss on anyone, of course, but he didn't freak out! Jenny got loved on, too!
We got to meet Abbie's Mom, too!
We had some dinner (not much, cause we got lots of treats) and needed a break. So much excitement!
Mia's Mom came over and gave us a very sweet card and a present! 2 gold fish containers! Oh, everytime we see them, we think of our Mia! Mom put our yummies in there. Thanks, Mrs. McNally!
Later in the evening, Reba and her Mom arrived. It was super late, and Reba, being the shy girl she is, asked us not to encroach on her space. We totally respect that, and gave her room. Tomorrow we would let Mom say hello.
So it was off to bed.
The next day was gonna be crazy, so we sacked out.


Thursday, the first day. What a GREAT time! Petaluma, DC- MAGIC

April 26th 2010 12:32 pm
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We got to the campground on Thursday at about 5:30 pm. No other group members were there yet. But by the next day, we saw Tillie & Joey and their humans, Mia & her pawrents were right in front of us, and Satiba (the Bunny) and her folks were behind us!
Then came Bonzer (still a little jet lagged), and his Mom & Dad, and Sara & her Mom!
Alex & Nikki's Mom & Grandma were there, too! Oh, we had such a nice time meeting everyone!
We were pretty good, but Bonzer's tie out leash scared Mickey. Silly boy. It was so overwhelming to meet so many humans & dogs, but we knew it was gonna be o.k.

Mom is going to keep posting on this page, because its gonna take her a while to write it all. But this is all on Friday.

Oooh! Here is the link to our photos in a slideshow format!
Pictures from Petaluma meet & greet!

Or for faster service, you can look at the album.


Gettin' ready to roll to D/C MAGIC

April 21st 2010 2:32 pm
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We're all bathed up and packed and ready to roll! Tomorrow, this time, we'll be on the road to Petaluma for the Meet & Greet for Dogster on Saturday!

While we are a little nervous about meeting the humans, we are super looking forward to seeing everyone and smelling them all!

So, if you don't read from us for a while, you'll know why! Bringing back TONS of photos! Promise!


The Results are IN!

April 15th 2010 9:11 am
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Dr. Klingborg just called! Our results from our bloodwork and Mickey's urine analysis are in!

We are FINE! The ONLY number that was off was both of our CK levels. But that Mom KNEW was going to be high because of our fear and shaking.

Mickey's Alk Phos was down to 89 this time! Wooohoooo!!!

The only test we are still waiting on is Mickey's stool sample. But we're sure that will come back negative!

Oh, HAPPY DAY! Finally, Mom can QUIT worrying about our blood!

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