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Jenny, Mickey & Wally, watchin

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"Jenny, Mickey & Wally, watchin' for birds and critters"

The portrait is done!!  Kathryn Beals has done an amazing job!!!

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"The portrait is done!! Kathryn Beals has done an amazing job!!!"

The mail carrier, Helen, just drove up our driveway and honked.  What could she want?  The portrait has arrived!

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"The mail carrier, Helen, just drove up our driveway and honked. What could she want? The portrait has arrived!"

This is a sketch of a painting we won while at D/C MAGIC!  This is the artist

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"This is a sketch of a painting we won while at D/C MAGIC! This is the artist's website:"

This is the photo the portrait is from!  Didn

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"This is the photo the portrait is from! Didn't she do a wonderful job?"

Taking a break at Petaluma D/C MAGIC

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"Taking a break at Petaluma D/C MAGIC"

Now that Sammy & Bernie are gone, I now howl alone.  Rest in peace my beloved brother and sister.  I will always love you.

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"Now that Sammy & Bernie are gone, I now howl alone. Rest in peace my beloved brother and sister. I will always love you."

o.k.  We

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"o.k. We'll never be agility pups! Had NO idea what to do here!"

Mickey & Jenny meet Kitai!  DC MAGIC 4/2010

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"Mickey & Jenny meet Kitai! DC MAGIC 4/2010"

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January 1st 2005

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They are all rescues. They are named Sammy, Mickey, and Bernadette. We also consider the feline section of the house part of the crew. So, we have -- link removed -- , and -- link removed -- , too! -- link removed -- is far to dignified for being a Roo... No fun at all!

We call them the Roo Crew because they have the background of being Australian Cattle Dogs, and what animals come from Australia? Kangaroos. Hence, the Roo Crew!

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Please pray for Mia

January 20th 2012 9:02 am
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Our beloved friend, Mia, was attacked on Saturday. We didn't know until today. She is still in pain, and needs our prayers. Please, send her all your loved. She is one special pup, and her mom is a wonderful lady.

This is what we know from her mom, Cindy:

This is a post from last Saturday night. Mia is recovering. The drain on her back came out last night. She's on valium besides the antibiotic and pain pill just so we can keep her calm with the dreaded cone. Being blind makes her disoriented with a cone on so we just make her relax. This was a nightmare but it is better now, thank goodness.....

Don't want this to be long because I can go on and on but it's going to go forever and we need prayers, our Mia was attacked while we were on an evening stroll at Laguna Beach, CA where we, usually, like to go. She is home asleep under our watch now. It was sunset. It was mild weather. It was supposed to be a nice stroll. We were heading back to our car. A young Asian man with his friends had a St. Bernard on leash. He got near Mia. We walked away. We stopped later and he said my dog is so nice. Needless to say I said well, my dog's blind, and he might not of understood me and he let his dog get closer. Mia then snarled and the dog got her in it's jaws. It was immediate. I tugged so hard I fell to the ground with Mia on top of me. She screamed three times, literally shrieks, ...she let go of urine on me. I sat crumpled with her on me and screamed get that (deleted) dog away, get that (deleted) dog away. and a few other choice words. We got her home in the "light" and saw some blood. Our vet works late on Saturday so we were there 20 minutes before closing. She had to be put under and they found five punctures. One requiring a drain. Really not good. We got the young man's number. We had numerous exchanges as all this transpired. He lives about 40 miles from us but asked us to stay at the vet so he could drive to the vet and pay. It was almost $500. He was beside himself. He so wanted me to forgive him. I am trying because he did do so much to make this right but I swear Mia is not going nose to nose anytime soon.

Dear brave little Mia, get better soon!


Mom couldn't stay away... sucked back in.

August 24th 2011 2:12 pm
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Every time she tries to get out, they suck her back in!

But her heart knows its the right thing to do.

For years, she volunteered at the Merced County Animal Shelter, going there on a bi-weekly basis to take photographs of the dogs and posting them on Petfinder, answering emails and phone calls, and helping coordinate rescue efforts.

But when Sammy got really ill, she couldn't go any more. She did what she could from home, cropping photographs and posting the dogs, until it became just too much. She dropped out after Sammy and Bernadette passed. She felt she just needed to spend as much time with us as possible.

Well, last fall, she was asked to start posting the dogs again. The person that took over from mom was taking up to 2 weeks to get the photographs done. Not acceptable.

For the past 3 months, the volunteer group has been shorthanded, and Mom decided she would go there and help out. It gave her the opportunity to video the dogs, and get to know them a little better. The descriptions she was getting from the volunteers was very general. (sweet, cute, shy, quiet) but now she's back there, she can really get to know the dogs. And therein lies the problem. She keeps falling in love with all these dogs. She spends hours and hours on the computer trying to find someone to help these dogs. See, the shelter is larger than the old one she used to volunteer with. And for some reason people think that means dogs aren't euthanized. So they bring in dogs and think they're safe. This makes the euthanization rate climb exponentially. We are above 62% right now. And that's down since she started back up again.

And then there's the smell. Every time Mom comes home, she smells like hot dogs! What is up with THAT!?! We don't get them! But she goes to Costco and buys turkey dogs (pre-cooked) and cuts them into bite sized pieces for these dogs. And what do we get? Left alone! that's what! and sometimes we get a foster brought back with her!

Now she's thinking she needs to foster a dog she's in love with again! Dad says "NO!" He says our limit is 5 animals. We agree. Visiting is fine, but that's all.

Mom has trouble sleeping now because she can't get these dogs off her mind. If only she could save them all.....


Darned off leash aggressive dogs!

May 23rd 2011 11:38 am
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We had a lovely weekend! We went to the mountains and enjoyed the heck out of ourselves! Daddy went fishing early and after Mom vacuumed, she decided to take us for a walk. We went down a steep hill (commonly known as Heart Attack Hill) and then back up the other side, when we were almost at the top an older black chihuahua with a gray face approached us. Mom knew the humans were a few yards back, and wondered why they weren't calling him off. Maybe he was friendly? So Mom said to us, "oh, he's saying hello!" but he wasn't. He attacked Mickey. Yes, he was only half Mickey's size and all, but he bit Mickey hard on the shoulder/neck area. It was a terrible sound! Jenny didn't know what the heck was going on. She growled and barked, so the dog went after her! Was it GNUTZ? This little rotten dog was alone attacking us, and all Mom could do was yell at it, and try to give us our leashes to get away. Neither of us bit it (though we could have), and the humans called it off, and said they were "sorry. People don't ususally walk up this hill". OH, REALLY?! Every time we come here there's some one walking on it, dummy! Mom wanted to spit on the human, IF YOU HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE DOG, KEEP IT ON A LEASH! But she didn't.

Mickey has a tiny road rash on his back paw and is a little gimpy on his left rear leg. Jenny is fine. But we went straight home.

After Daddy came home, we told him what happened. He said, "no more walking the dogs alone. We need to have a dog per person just in case". Well, he was right. We went for another walk later that night. 2 dogs were off leash this time! We had walked past their house, but as we walked back, they charged us, hackles up barking and growling. Mickey started to shake and tried to get away. Daddy gave Mom Jenny's leash so he could get the dogs away from us. He yelled at them to "GO HOME". That made the owners come out of their house. They said, "Oh, they aren't mean. They just want to say 'hi'. Don't act weird with them." WHAT?! Your dogs just attacked us and WE'RE ACTING WEIRD?! Jeepers!

Dad held the dog's collars because the idiot human wouldn't call of his dogs. Mom took us home. Mickey was so shaken he was literally shivering. Jenny was MAD. What is wrong with people? And WHY do dogs want to attack Mickey? Is it because they know he isn't 100%? Or because he is getting older? Or because Jenny would kick some butt if Mom would let her? or maybe not? We don't know.

What makes us mad is now both of us are going to be nervous around other dog. Why don't people think of that? It isn't just the moment it happens but all of the training and time you spent trying to get your dogs to trust other dogs. Especially after they were attacked years ago. We had come so far only to fall back to square one.

Darned it anyhow. People can be so stupid.

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