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Happy It's Over:)

May 5th 2013 12:16 pm
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Mommie should of put an update in my diary earlier but her has been pretty busy with me and everything. Like me said in my last entry me had to have on my footsie, me didn't know what it was called so Dr said me had "a history of severe, chronic, ulcerative pododermatis on my right hind foot. Me also has a more recent history of diabetes as of 3/4/2013" So inorder to treat my toe I had the surgery last Mon 3/29. Mommie got confused with all that was going on for some reason her said my baby her knows it was my 2nd toe silly mommie!!! So, Dr took my toe (amputated) and all the icky tissue and sent it off to the lab.Him was able to "salvage the remaining toes and the central pad" Me taking antibiotic 1 aday and pain med 3 aday. Limited activity 4 wks :( only on leash outside even potty time! Very short walks 5min...Mommie let me go outback and me lay in one of the beds in the sun and napped (her kept leash on and tied it to bench) her was in the kitchen and could see me!! So, gots my other toes crossed me stitches come out on the 13th but still no activity till almost the end of the month....yeah!!!!! Patience mommie says we both have to have and you know mommie's are really, really smart! :) So that pretty much brings you up to what me up to!! Tomorrow back to my (footsie) Dr him gonna check me again and change the bandage and then later this week to my other Dr and spend the day so her gonna be checking my blood levels re: insulin levels.... Me guesses will always be seeing at least one Dr but me luvs them, me been there so often we're like family, so nice at Pet Med all my fur siblings go there and cousins too!! Have a great day and thank you for all the good wishes and prayers..OMD me forgot I was Diary of the Day yesterday boy was me ever surprised me didn't even know it till late last night...we've been a little tired around here!! Catch ya layer.....xoxoxo


Glad Sunday is over!!!

April 29th 2013 10:18 am
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Boy everything was going somewhat alright today...even though I really wasn't that hungry so mommie gave me some special cookies so me got a small dose of my insulin. I went out back and laid in the sun then came in for awhile then went out back again. That's what I like to do so I had come in again and took my nap when I woke up mommie asked if I had to go potty so I jumped up and off I went. Her thought I was walking a little funny with the bandage and then not a minute later the bandage was flopping inside the sock mommie put over it!! Her always puts a sock over my bandage and tapes it with my pretty tape this time pink zebra :) well it was sliding down so she got my on a bed out back and took the sock off. The whole bandage came totally off my footsie I had a little opening at the toe of my toe and a real little opening towards the bottom so she got me in the house. Nest she had to MacGyver(her REALLY good at that) a bandage so... her put a bunch of gauze on the bottom of my foot and (shhh!!) took a sanitary pad wrapped it around and taped it (for cushion when I walk then a few cotton balls over the tops of my toes then wrapped it in bright pink stretching tape. Then came the sock with my zebra tape..:) Then rest of the afternoon went good then dinner came (she called Dr at hospital to see if I could use broth to maybe entice me with my meatballs.. her said a little low sodium broth yah!!!) so her did I ate all my food 10 meatballs=3/4 can of wet food and some dry kibble...her gave me my shot full dosage at 7:25 7 units. Around 9PM her asked me if I wanted to go for a sleep over at Auntie Dawn I got so excited ran to Uncle Cody, Aunt Liv and then to the door I was ready to go. Mommie put me in the car I was looking out the windows with the cool breeze in my face. We got to Auntie Dawns (10 mins) I was lying in the back and Auntie went to get me out and she said I was acting funny????? She was talking to me but I couldn't hear her or look at her..she put me down and I couldn't walk right I was like wobbly....then I stumbled and was lying in the driveway...Auntie was going to get me in the house but I started to convulse and her called Auntie Danielle who came running with honey..her rubbed some on my gums and Auntie Dawn ran upstairs and got my bag and her car keys she backed the car up and I was looking at her like she was crazy..what the heck is going on!!! It happened so fast Aunties Liv came racing over in her car and I was back to normal. I spent the night at Auntie Dawn's and was totally fine all night and all happy this morning.
She took me to the Hospital this morning and spoke with my Dr and they are going to be checking my insulin levels and hook me up to IV's..Dr said it could of been from the excitement or neurological which he doesn't think so since it's never happened before but if we want we could wait a week. Auntie and mommie and even the Dr all thought they were pushing the luck that my toe would blow up again with infection so the surgery is on!!


2013...Hasn't been fun so far...

April 27th 2013 2:09 pm
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Well, it's been a while since mommie has entered anything in my diary. I have a bad foot which I was born with.. I've been to Dr years ago and was told my tendon collapsed and their is nothing they can do for it.. So I get around fine it just looks funny almost like a pancake it's my back foot. Anyway, everything was going ok and then last year I got a sore like thing on one of my toes on my funny/bad foot. So the Dr lanced it and cleaned it up and put me on antibiotics. It finally went away and I was fine for a few months and it came back, so went back to Dr and same thing again. Well same thing again this time went to another Dr and I forgot what she called it but I was taking some high dose meds for awhile and it would do good then act up again. Long story short, the last couple of months have not been fun at all. One morning I wasn't looking good and my gums were really white so mommie called my Auntie and she rushed me to the Dr. Her put me on IV's and I was there all day and they were running test and I wasn't doing good at all. I was transferred to the Emergency Hospital City of Angels and was there from Saturday till Friday...Well,(as of March 4 of this year) I now have Diabetes and take Insulin shots twice a day and am on special food and kibble. I got bored with my can food so mommie rolled them in balls and baked them for a little bit and I luv them... :) My toe had a flair up and has been bandaged for about 6 weeks back and forth to Dr for bandage changes. So, went to the Specialist and this Monday the 28th I'm going in the hospital and they are Amputating my Toe taking all the icky stuff out and the bad skin away then he's going to fuse them together. I'll be in the hospital for a few days then I'll be home :) We hope and pray this will work I'm not sure who is more scared me or my mommie.... 2013 has got to be better right??? I'll let you know later how everything went..... :) xoxox


Am I Dreaming???

August 31st 2009 6:20 pm
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I don't believe what I heard and what I have in front of me!! Our Auntie has taken us to get our pictures professionally taken twice.. (our fur family keeps growing) and she got her magazine yesterday!! She came over and asked mommie to look at this picture.... I thought mommie was going to fall off the was me!!!! Me... Kallie McKay in BARK Magazine!!! I'm on page 39 (Sept/Oct -No. 56) it's a really, really close the side of my face and eye!!! I'm the advertisment for Amanda Jones she takes fantastic Auntie isn't to bad either!!! :) Anyway, mommie put the picture of me on my page!! I still can't believe it!! And they always teased me when I would who laughing...heheheh Me!!!


Kallie + Mommie = My Day!!

May 30th 2008 4:14 pm
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Well, Sunday my Aunt is taking my Fursister Harley to the Nutts For Mutts-New Leash On Life Dog Show and Festival!! She entered her in a contest "Ball Crazy" boy that was just written for Harley..BOL!! If she got any more ball crazy she'd need a padded room....hehehe! So, it's just going to be me and mommie and a few of our pup pals!! I'm not going because I can't walk around for hours all day. My back leg gets sore (I had surgery when I was a pup and I gots a pin in it) so I'm going to chill with mommie! She's going to throw my tennis ball in the air so I can catch it..(she throws it like maybe 2 feet above my head and right next to me) that's fun. Then I'm going to sun bathe outback for awhile then go out front and see what's going on! Im going to help mommie pup sit my pals and oh yes I have to make sure the laundry is all dry...neat trick you have to lay on them real fast and if there warm then there dry!! *That's before mommie comes back with the rest of the laundry!!! I gotta be fast..LOL Boy is she ever going to have allot of laundry her washing machine died last Monday so the new one is coming Saturday!! Well, I better go see what Harley is getting into now? Big sister work is never done, but I'm mommie's special helper!!

Big Sister....Kallie


They Came!!!!

May 3rd 2008 11:44 pm
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Well it's been a while since I've written anything but the last week has really been exciting and fun!! First last Friday nite mommie and Auntie Dawn and Auntie Liv & Cheryl were all over and we were getting things ready for the big party!! You see it was my cousin Kayden's "1st" B-day and her mommie (my Auntie Dawn) went all out for the big bash!! So, they were doing party bags for all the pups (25 of them) and some for about 5 small humans!! Us pups had to make sure they didn't drop any cookies you know how messy that can get on the floor..LOL So instead of mommie bringing out the vacuum she had four breathing ones here to help.....Harley, Brody, Me and the Birthday girl herself Kayden!! So they got all the bags done and made some cupcakes for the kids and just had to get there early and decorate!! Well, Kayden got a b-day outfit!!! A pink TuTu and a pink Boa collar..she looked so funny but she loved it and ended up wearing it all day jumping around and playing in it!! We had a great time at the party we bobbed for hot dogs that was fun and ran and played!! Then we had cake and ice cream...oh and The Dog Bakery (they are friends with our Aunt) surprised Kayden with her own bone shaped brindle looking cookie named after her for the month!! Pretty cool huh? My B-day is coming up in August...hint hint..mine will probably be a cow!! Mommie put a few pics on my page of the party have to get the rest done. Then our pictures came from the photo shoot our Aunt took all of us too!! They came out really nice mommie said!! Guess what she (the photographer) fell in love with me yup she even took video of just me can't figure that one out but I really felt special!!! Sorry this is so long but it's been a long time!! Bark at ya later!!


I've Been Tagged!! Your It!!

November 16th 2007 5:36 pm
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I was tagged by Mighty Mika! This time though, it's a bit different. Since it's close to Thanksgiving, I have to list 7 different things that I am thankful for. When I'm done, I have to tag 7 of my friends! Woohoo!

I am thankful for (not really in this order):

1. That the Police found me on a really busy corner and I was to scared to run across the street when I was just a litle puppy!

2. Mommie and my Auntie coming to the Animal Shelter and falling in luv with me and my big ears!!! I was 8 wks old and huge ears....LOL

3. For a loving family and a Special Angel "Daddie" watching over all of us!

4. For never having to go to bed hungry and cold!!

5.For my fur family...Harley (pup sister), Annie, Oliver & Misty (kitties), MJ (rabbit), Nitro (Firebelly Toad)

6. For my stuffed toys..that I run to the door and greet everyone with!!

7. That we are all healthy and safe!!!

I tagged:

Shadybear aka Smooshie
Pucco Buster

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