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I Am The Mitchell

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The Rainbow Bridge

July 9th 2015 11:44 am
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Today, Mom and Dad and my skin sister Stephanie sent me to the Bridge. To my family - don't be sad. I truly appreciate the fourteen years of love and care you gave me and I consider myself blessed to have shared life with you. I appreciate that you didn't want me to suffer and that you did the right thing, especially since it was so difficult for you to let me go. Know that I am young again and waiting for you along with Daisy, Mandy, Skipper and Cody here at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you and will always watch over the pack that I loved so well.

I will see you again someday!


My Burfday!

August 16th 2010 6:36 am
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Wow, it's my Burfday today! I'm 9! Mommy let me come to work with her. I love it when I get to go to the office and sleep on her chair while she works! She's already given me a peanut butter Bouda Bone (and Daisy and Mac don't even know - cuz they're home and I'm not!)

I love my burfday!

Thanks for all the prezzies and the love!

The Mitchell


Thanks to every pup!

August 18th 2009 10:23 am
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I had a wonderful burfday! Thanks to every pup for the prezzies and the burfday wishes. I'm eight now. Mama got me a new tug of war rope and a squeaky, stuffed toy. I played with those and she put them up so big Mac can't steal them. She only gets them down for me. Cuz I'm The Mitchell, you know?

On my burfday,which was Sunday, we swam and played and got tuna water mixed in with our kibble for a treat. I was so dog tired by the end of the day that all I wanted to do was sleep. Since I sleep with my pawrents in the bed, all was good.

Thanks again pups!


My mom's books

January 22nd 2009 8:55 am
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My mom is all excited today. Seems she and her books (she's an author) got mentioned in an article in USA Today! She's Karen Whiddon and she writes for Silhouette Books.

You can check it out yourself at: ovie-werewolves_N.htm



November 7th 2008 5:59 am
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Today I'm pawing at the keyboard from mommie's work! Yay me! i was so excited when she let me come to work with her! Mac and Daisy weren't happy to be left home. But mom says I'm such a good boy at work and I don't get bored or anything. I'm content just to sleep in the chair at my mom's side.

Hehehehe! Take that, Mac!


Next Holiday, please

November 4th 2008 5:50 am
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Thank dogness this Halloween nonsense is over. Whew. This year, Mom made me dress up as a Rooster - Daisy had to be a monkey - and Mac a devil.

How ridiculous can you get? Come on, lady. We're DOGS!!!!

At least she only makes us wear the costumes to take pictures. I'm very glad for that.

I've heard the next holiday is Thanksgiving. I like that one - no costumes involved and I get to eat turkey.


My Turn

September 4th 2008 2:21 pm
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Today *I* went to work with Mom. I don't know why Mac Macadoo thought it was boring - I love it. Mom let's me sit in her chair with her while she works. There's nothing better than snuggling with my mommy. Maybe Mac is just jealous cuz he's not big enough to climb up in her chair. Haha. Being The Mitchell is pawsome.


This Sunday

August 24th 2008 6:48 pm
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Mitchell - that's me - had a pawsome Sunday. Swam and played, got hugs and petted and loved. Swam more. Chased gigantor Boxer Mac and his frisbee. Sunbathed. Ate a good dinner. Slept. Sleeping now.

A good kind of tired. That's The Mitchell.



August 17th 2008 6:55 pm
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It's Sunday night, and I am tired. I had a great birthday - thanks all you Minis from Schnauzers Rule and Schnauzers Rock for the b-day gifts - I really appreciate them! Also special shout out to Justus - another Gigantor Boxer, who's pals with my bro Mac, but is always nice to me.

I had my first Frosty Paws on my b-day. Yummmm. Got lots of cuddling and love - of course, I always do. After all, I am The Mitchell. Off to sleep now!


My Birthday

August 13th 2008 10:04 am
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Mom keeps saying that Saturday is my birthday. I don't know what this means, but she says it in that high-pitched, excited tone she uses when something good is about to happen. Maybe I'll get gifts and get to play tug-of-war (my favorite)! She says we're going camping again this weekend, and she said something about Frosty Paws....

Seven years old, huh? I guess that's good, isn't it?

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