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Brodie Bear Wood

YAY another pic in Dogfancy...but not of me...

January 15th 2010 11:12 am
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Hi some of my pals probably remember the pic in dogfancy's Two Words section of me that was in there awhile back. It was of me and mommy's nephew Trent. Mommy was so excited.

Well, she just got an email today that they are wanting to put Cooper in there. He is mommy's mother's smooth my granny's doggie. He's a red smooth dachshund, and mommy took the pic while she was over keep an eye out for him!



October 5th 2009 4:06 pm
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We got a special pawmail today from awesome Tubby! He tagged us for some fun! Here are the rules: Each dog starts with 7 random facts about themselves. The dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diaries the rules & the 7 facts about themselves. Then choose 7 dogs to tag & list their names. Send them a pawmail that they've been tagged or send them a rosette letting them know they've been tagged.

7 Fun Facts:

1- I am named after 'Brodie' Croyle and Paul 'Bear' Bryant!
2- I sleep w/my tongue stuck out!
3- My fave toy is my big tire I got for my bday
4- I weigh about 60 pounds
5- I had 6 brothers in my sisters
6- I love to listen to music
7- mommy is my fave person in the world

I tag:

5-Princess Beatrice



July 18th 2009 4:38 am
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Well, the other day when mommy got her dogfancy magazine she was flipping thru and got all excited. I had just went for a walk and was wore out but mommy came to tell me that I was in the magazine!
She took a pic of me and her lil human baby nephew awhile back and they put our pic in there!!! YAY I was so happy for mommy and I guess this means I am famous, at least for a second!!!

It's in the section called two words!


7 things about me

February 5th 2009 8:41 pm
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Seven fun facts about me:
1-I am very cuddly and love sloppy kisses
2-I am a white bulldog
3-I barely have a tail so I wiggle my butt!
4-I am 59 pounds
5-I love my mommy the best
6-I also live w/ a doxie and a scottie
7-When I am sleepy I DONT wanna move

7 pups I tag:
Baby Girl

Now u all write 7 fun facts and tag 7 other doggies


Tag......."Feeling Blue"

November 6th 2007 9:19 pm
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Hi pals, u have been tagged for a very important reason this time. This isn't just a game it has a very special purpose..........there is a fellow dogster named "Blue" a Siberian Husky that has been missing from his home since May. Please tag at least 5 or more pals and tell them about this to get the word out. Just write a diary entry titles "Feeling Blue" explaining what has happened and include how u would feel if u were lost from your mommy and daddy! Then send the pup pals of your choice a rosette or pawmail telling them they are tagged and to read your diary!!!

"If i got lost from my mommy, daddy, furbrother Bama, and fursister Allee i would be sooo sad. Who would feed me and brush me and give me water and meds? Who would be there to give me butt scratches and laugh at me when i am funny? Who would tell me goodnight and give me night-night hugs???
Who would play with me and bite me and chase me like my sis Allee Oop. Oh, it would be so awful and lonely. I can only imagine how Blue must feel w/out his family by his side. I hope that someone is out there taking care of him, but i will hope and pray that they get this message someway, somehow - so that he could be reunited w/ his family again." -Brodie Bear

Thanks pals.....please pass this along.

PLEASE include this information (ok to cut & paste) in your diary.

Blue, a black and white Siberian Husky (4 year old male, brown eyes, micro
chipped) has been missing since May 8, 2007 from Brighton, MI.
Dogster page:
Website :
Telephone: (313) 550-6095
Reward offered for his return, no questions asked.
Permission and gratitude for cross posting. Thank you!


Diary of the Day

May 24th 2007 11:29 am
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Well mommy just told me that i got Diary of the Day today. How cool is that. I haven't ever won anything before (except my mommy's heart of course)
Just wanted to say thanx to dogster and to all my WONDERFUL pals!!!
Maybe I will get an x-tra treat today! One can only hope huh?
XOXOXO's-Brodie Bear Wood


My Tail of Devotion for Brodie

March 30th 2007 7:18 pm
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Well, Brodie mommy just doesn't know where to begin. For like two years all your daddy talked about was wanting an english bulldog, even before we got your brother and sister, Bama and Allee. I had a ton of reasons why that was a bad idea. Number one- health problems, then there was the expensive price of you guys of course, followed by not knowing if Allee and Bama would like you and knowing how hard it would be to housebreak another puppy. And let's not forget how stinky and messy and drooly i had heard that bullies were. And, to thinK i actually used to think that bulldogs were ugly after they grew up. Well, that stuff is all history since the day we picked up that little 8 pound white ball of joy that i now call "frecklebutt" You are one of the best decisions that me and your daddy ever made. Bulldogs have somehow became one of my top fave breeds with those smushed faces, lil cute tails, and fat bellies. Yes, Brodie u are very stubborn and still not ompletely potty trained at 8 months old, you shed like CRAZY all over everything, you fart and burp right in mommy's face at least 5 times a day, and you leave a puddle and a mess anywhere u chew on a toy or bone, i could go on and on with a list of what some would find disgusting but somehow those little quirks about you makes me love you and adore you even more every day, especially those big ol sloppy kisses u like to give me all the time. You are very loving and devoted to me and i will always cherish you.......... who wouldn't just look at that sweet bulldog face.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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